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Modular sofas

Modern people make quite high demands on the surrounding furniture. It should be practical, compact, comfortable, stylish and beautiful. That modular sofa meets all these requirements in full.

What it is?

A modular sofa is furniture that consists not of one whole block, but of several at once. Depending on how exactly the component parts are fastened together, such furniture can have two varieties.

The components of the sofas are attached to each other by special modules, which, if necessary, can be easily separated and assembled to create a new taste.

Such sofas are in great demand not only because of their appearance, but also a number of important advantages. They can be with or without ottoman, with armrests or with pillows replacing it. There are a lot of variants of such sofas today.

In general, modular sofas are a new kind of furniture of this type, which allows for the most harmonious, economical and beautiful furnishing of rooms of any kind, size and purpose.

Features and benefits

The main feature of these modular sofas is their design. But besides her, they also have a number of advantages compared with regular sofas:

  • The ability to change not only the appearance of the furniture itself, but also the interior of the entire room as a whole. Due to the mobility and uniqueness of such sofas, each time, depending on their mood, they can turn into something new, and with their change, the external perception of the whole room will change. This advantage has both modular sofas, transformers, and sectional sofas.
  • A variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Modular sofas can be large and small corner or straight, single-color or multi-colored. Such a wide variety of models allows you to choose a great version of furniture for every taste, color and wallet. You can buy a straight, corner, U-shaped or even a semicircular sofa modular.
  • The ability to install such furniture in the premises of any area and with any interior. Not every sofa has such a versatility of the room. Modern modular sofas can be installed both at home and at work. If you correctly approach their choice, they will not only fit perfectly into the overall design of the room, but can also become its highlight.

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  • Affordable cost. A wide range of models of various sizes allows each person to choose a sofa at a suitable price for him.
  • The ability to use modular furniture This type as an extra comfortable bed.
  • If the number of modules that make up the furniture does not suit you, if necessary, you can increase or decrease their number. Many brands create one large-size sofa, and if a client wishes, they remove certain modules from it.
  • If you are not satisfied with the upholstery material or its colors, you can always order the option you need from the manufacturer. This feature is considered one of the main advantages of modular furniture.

Another feature of modular sofas is that their sections can be used separately from each other. If the sofa belongs to the category of transformers, and even is a corner model, then it can be used as a rectangular sofa and corner chairs. To do this, simply separate the sections from each other.

In order to appreciate all these advantages and advantages of modular sofas on their own experience, you need to properly approach their acquisition.

How to choose?

Criteria for choosing such furniture vary depending on the purpose for which purposes and where it is purchased. Our selection tips will help you get the perfect modular sofa for your home living room, office, and even a cafe or a small cozy restaurant.

For living room

Modular sofa systems for the living room should be selected according to its size. If the room is small, then the dimensions of the blocks should be small, and even better if you can get an angular sofa. Color, in principle, can be any, but designers advise to purchase furniture that has green, brown or beige color. They best fit into the interior of almost any room and may well become its main decoration.

If you need a sofa with a berth, then an angular model is also suitable. After using the sliding mechanism such a sofa turns into a comfortable and free bed.

Upholstery material should be durable, dustproof. It is advisable to immediately purchase additional covers to protect the fabric.

If you plan to use the sofa for its intended purpose and do not plan to change its appearance in the future, the sectional modular sofa will be the most preferable and cheap.

When buying any kind of modular furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the structure, good stitching of the seams on the upholstery, high-quality connection of the modules to each other, ease of installation of the blocks if necessary.

The ideal option for a small living room or apartment is a frameless modular sofa. It is made according to individual sizes, can be of any dimensions, easily transformed into several different pieces of furniture, and is lightweight. Such furniture will be very relevant not only for installation in the living room, but also in the nursery, especially if it is small.

For office

Modular convertible sofas fit perfectly into the office interior. Preferably, they were leather - this will help emphasize the efficiency and status of not only the office itself, but also its owner as a whole. If the furniture is installed in the reception or rest room, it is better to choose rectangular models. For a meeting or interview room, U-shaped modular sofas will be the best option.

Dimensions of such office modular furniture directly depend on the place of its installation. High models are preferred to be installed directly in offices and general conference rooms, but low models are better suited for rest rooms or reception rooms.

Here, the rule is that the smaller the room space, the smaller the dimensions of the furniture should be as relevant as in the first case.

For cafe and bar

If the furniture is purchased for a bar, then it is preferable to purchase compact rectangular modular sofas. They may be angular, U-shaped or rectangular. It is desirable that their upholstery was leather, and the height is about 80 cm.

It is necessary to acquire a modular sofa for a cafe considering its general style. If inside the cafe a classic interior, the best option would be a sectional modular sofa upholstered in velor or suede. For modern cafes, transforming sofas are also suitable, maybe even frameless. It all depends on the general style of the interior.

It will be easier to make a choice if you know exactly which types of modular sofas are offered today by modern manufacturers of this furniture.


Modular sofas today have two main types: with a hard or soft frame. In the first case, the modular sofa is called sectional. The buyer chooses the parts in advance to create it, and then in production all the blocks are combined into a single monolithic structure. Such furniture got its name precisely because of the possibility of buyers to choose the blocks to create a sofa.

In the second case, the modular sofa is transformable. Its parts are all or some of them can be independently removed or interchanged, since it consists entirely of individual modules. In this case, it is possible to regularly change the look of this furniture with your own hands. Such sofas in most cases are presented in furniture stores already in finished form, but if desired, the buyer has the opportunity to order additional blocks for him or refuse any parts.

Sectional models or, as they are often called, office ones, because of their inability to transform, are usually used as an ordinary standard sofa, less often as a sleeping place. They have a presentable appearance and really fit into the room with any interior design.

Modular transformers are in high demand today. Due to the fact that it consists of various poufs that can completely replace each other, such furniture can be easily turned into a plush bed, a few chairs or used as a regular sofa bed. Usually for such a sofa-transformer, additional round pillows are attached, which usually play the role of additional armrests, and in some modern models they are part of the poufs.

Transformers are also attractive because their puffs are very soft, and if the sofa itself is semicircular, then after folding it turns into a cozy round bed that will appeal to both adults and children.

Both types of modular sofas are divided into two groups depending on their immediate purpose: office or home. Models of these two types differ from each other in size, shape, appearance and color of the upholstery. Office modular sofas look more serious and solid, and for their upholstery usually do not use bright and conspicuous fabric. In most cases, these sofas are made in the Italian manner - restrained, elegant and stylish.

The sofa transformer for the house can be made in any style: east, Asian or modern. The color of its upholstery depends on the desires of the customer: it can be both classic dark tones and bright and catchy. Modern models can have one common color or puffs will be multi-colored. Increasingly, colors such as violet, orange, red or green are used in their manufacture. It is such an extensive color scheme allows you to install furniture in any room and be sure that the interior as a whole will look harmonious.


Modern modular sofas are presented in a wide range. You will find the most popular and popular ones in our short review:

  • "Montreal" - it is an elegant, comfortable, stylish and modern modular sofa convertible. It consists of seven different blocks, has a sliding mechanism, which allows, if necessary, to use it as a full bed. The frame of coniferous trees, filler made of polyurethane foam, make this furniture comfortable and reliable in operation. The big plus is that the buyer can independently choose the upholstery material: microfiber or mat. Optionally, you can also purchase such a transformer with a linen box or without it.
  • "Venice" - This is also a sofa convertible corner model. It consists of five separate blocks, which can be used both collectively and individually. By purchasing such furniture, you can disassemble it into blocks and fully furnish the entire room. The sofa frame is wooden plywood, as well as needles or larch. The packing is made of flexible polyurethane foam without the use of mechanical springs. The upholstery material is double velor and eco leather. A feature of such an angular modular sofa transformer is its installation on special decorative legs.

  • "Chicago" - an excellent modular sofa with cushions with the Dolphin layout mechanism. It belongs to the category of sectional furniture. When ordering, the buyer can choose a model with right or left ottoman, as well as upholstery fabric - matting or microfiber of various colors. At the same time, such a sofa can be bright and colorful or one-color in a simple style. When unfolded, the sleeping area is quite spacious.
  • Modular and comfortable sofa "Senator" - This is an angular sectional sofa, which consists of a canape, three armchairs and a narrow corner seat. If desired, the buyer can be provided with additional corner modules or armrests. Upholstery material, like its color, the buyer chooses on their own.
  • "Sofia" - another modular transformer of five blocks. This furniture does not have armrests, so it can be fully used as a sleeping bed. Stylish and beautiful design, a variety of options for upholstery materials and colors allow you to buy such furniture in any room. The frame is wooden of coniferous wood, filler is synthetic, the upholstery material is absolutely possible.
  • Modular sofa "Boston" U-shaped form will not leave anyone indifferent. Due to the fact that the seat and back have no transitions to each other, and consist of a single mechanism, while sitting or lying on such furniture will not cause any discomfort. The sofa includes 4 sections, one of which may have a sleeping place when ordering one. The big advantage is the fact that when you unfold the sofa, all the backs and armrests are removed under the seat independently. All materials used in its creation are absolutely safe and durable.
  • "Ibiza" - This is a modern and, perhaps, the most compact version of the sectional sofa. It consists of two mechanisms: removable armrests and a sofa bed. Simple but stylish appearance, compactness and convenience - this is what this furniture has. The upholstery on the sofa fabric, from a dense dustproof material. At the same time it can be both color and monochrome.

  • "Napoli" - This is another 2.4-meter modular sofa-transformer. In the maximum configuration, it includes 8 elements, in the minimum only 3 sections. This sofa attracts unusual ways of using it, even when it is not decomposed, when using an extra pouf on rollers this furniture can be used for comfortable sleep. The frame is wooden, the upholstery is either leather or fabric, the filler is polyurethane.
  • "Raphael" - sofa modular corner in the style of "Provence". Ideal for living room. The body is completely made of solid birch and pine wood. Upholstery fabric is only the choice of the buyer. This sofa belongs to the sectional category and is very much in demand among residents all over the world.

The place of production of all the above models of modular sofas is Russia. All of them have established themselves as high-quality, comfortable, practical, modern and durable. In our country, quite a few factories and plants are engaged in the production of this type of furniture, for example, "Engagement", "A lot of furniture" other.


Owners of modular sofas, regardless of their type, reviews about their furniture leave only positive. They note the profitability of their acquisition, the ability to install in any room, as well as the ability to use such furniture in various ways.

For most buyers, a powerful argument in favor of acquiring such modular furniture was the ability to independently choose the color and fabric of the upholstery, as well as the purchase of additional modules if necessary. An important advantage, according to them, is also the possibility to choose the dimensions of such sofas and whether they have a berth and linen drawers. After all, someone gets just a sofa, and someone a sofa bed. This is more true for Ikea furniture.

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The owners of small premises leave the most positive reviews of such sofas. According to them, it is this furniture that allows for the most compact, but at the same time harmoniously furnish the room. Most of the parents who bought such furniture for their children insist even that such a sofa is the best solution for the children's room.

Negative reviews about such modular sofas almost never occur. This means that this kind of furniture will be very popular for a long time.

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