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Doors "Guardian"

A reliable entrance door is a pledge of safety and security of property. Experimenting with her choice is a risky and ungrateful business, so it’s better to immediately confide in the option that provides guaranteed protection.

The manufacturer of doors "Guardian" has a time-tested solution and almost a million satisfied customers.


The company "Guardian" for many years engaged in the successful production of entrance doors and related fittings. The result of this work is the perfect combination of steel and style, which is at the same time reliable protection against burglaries and evidence of good taste from home owners.

Doors "Guardian" are the right choice, and this is confirmed by 30 facts:

  • Steel entrance doors produced at a large specialized enterprise closed loop. This means that the company produces all the elements for assembly independently and it is impossible to repeat them in other conditions.
  • All products are certified and complies with state standards.
  • Production company - winner of numerous awardsconfirming high quality products.
  • All doors "Guardian" have good sound insulation. The noise level of sounds penetrating from outside and outside is comparable to the noise level when two-chamber double-glazed windows are closed, that is, at any time of the day, extraneous sounds will not penetrate the house.

  • Thermal insulation - another distinctive feature of products. The inner layers of the seal with thermal break (do not allow the door leaf to freeze through) create a reliable barrier to the path of cold air, and the heat does not go outside.
  • As a heater uses environmentally friendly, non-flammable material. It is evenly distributed inside the door leaf, and not only retains heat, but also does not allow foreign smells into the house.
  • Different door models have different indicators in the column "burglary", but all products are certified as "banking security products". They can be trusted with the most important things without any fear.
  • Availability of quality products - One of the priorities of the company. Doors "Guardian" can be selected in accordance with their financial capabilities from economy or premium segment.

  • Laconic and elegant design is developed by experienced designers. Among the finished models are the doors with the exterior of wood, veneered wood, laminated, painted, plastic panels. Milling, a combination of different materials, laser cutting, mirror surfaces under the protection of shockproof glass, heat-resistant film, forged elements, stained glass, airbrush and much more are possible on the door surface.

Special chic is a special technology of wood aging. It does not matter whether the house is modern, loft or ethnic style, the front door will match it.

  • All entrance doors have a certificate, confirming their fire protection properties and fire safety of buildings.
  • Technical Control Department produces multistage inspection of entrance doors, therefore, products with a marriage never goes on sale.
  • Doors "Guardian" are developed taking into account the improved design features, capabilities of modern equipment and current trends in the field of design.
  • Product warranty period is 5 years., but after the expiration of this period high-quality service is provided.
  • Doors can be ordered according to individual sizes, pick up the "stuffing", trim, color and accessories.
  • The choice of accessories is very variable: bronze, glossy and matte brass, glossy and matte chrome, antique bronze, aged silver, various shades of gold.

  • There is a possibility choose single doors for standard doorways, one-and-a-half and two-leaved for large ones.
  • "Street" side of the door, designed for a private house, covered with decorative panels, stable temperature extremes, heavy rainfall, fading from constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Dust and dirt are easily removed from such a surface during normal wet cleaning.
  • For doors provided unique type of fastening without screws and another fixative. First of all, it provides easy independent installation, and secondly, simplifies dismantle from within when replacing one doors with others. Outside hinges protect 5 powerful bolts, providing protection when trying to "cut off" the door.
  • A number of models equipped with a large mirror on the inside of the door. This saves space in the hallway, visually expands the space and eliminates the need to purchase a mirror in the hallway separately.
  • Interior finish is made of panels., resistant to shocks, animal claws, moisture, household chemicals, high temperatures, including cigarette burns.
  • The Guardian Doors are unique frame and steel sheet construction. The framework consists of stiffeners of a trapezoidal shape (additional protection against drilling and cutting), and the sheets have a total thickness of up to 6 mm.
  • Steel sheets for doors get in the process of cold rolling, which is more complicated and more expensive than warm, but at the same time it has a number of advantages, including the high strength of the sheets.
  • The door frame represents is a one-piece construction, which simplifies the installation process, since it does not require pre-concreting of the opening.
  • Wide metal casing protects the anchor from trying to cut them and allows you to install the door in the openings that do not differ perfect proportions and lines.
  • Door leaf goes deep inside door frame or adjacent to it closely, which does not allow spinning when you try to break.
  • Additional protection is provided by patented lock protection technology and loops from breaking and cutting.
  • If desired, the client installed locks of Italian, German, Swiss manufacturers. With the loss of keys locks can be recoded.

  • Door eyes have a viewing angle of 180 degrees. Also in the range there are video eyes, periscopic, increased luminosity.
  • Reliable "opening limiter" replaces the door chain.
  • If necessary can install armored doors with protection from all existing hacking techniques.


Protecting a home from unwanted guests is of paramount importance. However, inside the house there are many places that need to be isolated: an intimate zone in the bedroom, a study, a child’s room, a teenager’s room, and, of course, a kitchen with all the flavors that accompany cooking. In accordance with this, there are two types of doors "Guardian" - entrance and interior.

Entrance doors protect the dwelling from penetrations, help to keep warm, do not let in noise and smells and provide an aesthetic view of the house, starting from the threshold.

Interior doors perform almost the same function with the difference that they do not protect the entire house from invasion, but personal space or functional area.

Their advantages:

  • Aesthetic appearance. All models are developed by designers in accordance with the client's requests and the design of the dwelling;
  • The use of environmentally friendly high quality raw materials (oak and pine massif);
  • Wide range of;
  • A variety of sizes and the ability to order door leaf according to individual measurements;
  • Unique designs;
  • Non-standard solutions (very large sizes, irregular shape, individual decor).

Door leafs of oak and pine wood are subjected to different processing processes in order to give the wood a lighter or darker color. The line of models of interior doors "Guardian" today has a small number of positions.

The first half of the collection is made in light shades: bleached oak, ivory, oak, walnut. They correspond to the model "Tuscany", "Royal", "Verona", "Capri". In the second half, the collection is supplemented with dark linen: dark walnut, mahogany, wenge. In models it is "Astoria" and "Corsica", "Naples", "Palermo".


Standard door sizes correspond to door dimensions. The most common types in all price segments are the 980x2050, 980x2100 and 880x2050 mm models.

Single doors do not always fit the size of the opening. In this case, you should pay attention to the one-and-a-half doors or to give preference to the double doors.

Sizes of one-and-a-half vary in the range of 1010-1550 mm in width and 2050-2370 mm in height. Double doors have the largest overall dimensions: 1910-1950 for 2370-2450 mm.

The thickness of the door depends on its "filling" and has no strict regulation. This is the thickness of the metal plus the frame, sealer, lining and decor. Steel in the door "Guardian" is a single-layer, two-layer or three-layer. The average thickness of a single sheet is 1.5 mm, the total index of several sheets is from 3 mm to 6 mm.


The complete door kit includes the following items:

  • Door frame.
  • Door leaf.
  • Inner steel sheet.
  • Three anti-pins.
  • Compactor.
  • Mineral wool.
  • Internal door panel.
  • Two loops.
  • Installation pin
  • The locking system (bolt locks, lever, electronic, combination, cylinder, combined).
  • Accessories (handles, eyes, plates, cylinders, decorative sills, turntables).


Each component of the doors "Guardian" is made of the most reliable materials with exceptional properties.


The basis of the design is a powerful metal grille, consisting of stiffeners. The special trapezoidal shape of the steel profiles makes the frame as durable and resistant to attempts to drill or cut it. The door leaf is complemented by two cold-rolled steel sheets. Maximum strength provides a door frame with a complex cross-section. The area of ​​the castle mechanism is additionally protected by armor plates.

The role of the seal performs a porous rubber profile of a closed section. This ensures the most snug fit of the door curtain to the frame and complete tightness. An additional function of such a seal is to soften the blows when the door is slamming, so it closes almost silently.


The internal space between the sheets is filled with mineral wool or a mineral plate - a material unique in its properties. The strength and structure of the fiber guarantee the preservation of the material for 50 years. Throughout the service life of the mineral wool provides heat preservation in the room and excellent sound insulation.

This material is environmentally friendly, resistant to moisture, fire and characterized by high bio-resistance (protection from fungi, mold, microbes and damp).


Options for interior and exterior are very diverse. For models of economy class often use available, but high-quality and wear-resistant materials - MDF, chipboard, plywood. They are great for painting and veneering.

Powder coating is also common., finishing of vinyl artificial leather, valuable breeds of a tree, a laminate. Business-class steel, metal, and iron canvases are most often decorated with precious wood veneer. Elite doors are trimmed with oak wood, solid walnut, cherry, ash. Frequent glass and mirror fragments, stained glass, drawing, forging.

Accessories are also diverse. Among the simple options are brass and chrome door handles. More expensive and complex options are made in the form of carved or forged products from bronze, silver, galvanized metal in the color of gold.


The variety of finishing options provides a wide range of colors.

Decorative metal exterior trim is performed in noble colors: graphite, gray, blue, burgundy, brown. Overhead are provided overhead panels in contrasting light colors, as in the models "City" and "Emir".

There are among the model models there are more daring solutions, for example, "Empire" and "Tower", painted in red, emerald green, blue and other bright colors with the use of contrasting finishes. Relevant against the background of dark, soothing colors overhead volumetric elements of metal: "Flame", "Art", "Green Phantom".

Juicy combinations are presented in models with a pattern ("Megapolis", "Crystal"). Landscapes and urban motifs ("Venice", "Castle". "Old Town", "Jazz"), scenes taken from flora and fauna ("Wolf", "Lions", "Panther") look more restrained and noble.

Beneficially differs from most options white door. Not the most practical color, but this is his chic.

In addition, white is good in and of itself, and as a background for decorative elements. It looks great airbrushing, forged patterns in gold and bronze shades, bulk metal elements, stained glass windows.

Stained glass patterns in combination with laser cutting and metal finishing - a luxurious door decoration. Beautiful and popular patterns on glass - this is "Mask", "Goodwin", "Byzantium", "Oasis", "Talisman".

Stand apart are models with natural wood trim. Oak or walnut panels after treatment with special solutions acquire luxurious shades: rosewood, mahogany, dark walnut, wenge, teak, mahogany, cherry. Bright palette is presented in the following colors: light walnut, pear, pine, beech, alder, pink oak, bleached oak, beeswax.

Popular doors "Guardian" with wooden veneer or panels: "Naples", "Italy", "Senator", "Acropolis", "Venice", "Narcissus".

Model overview

In the manufacturer's catalogs there are several typical models of entrance doors:

For apartment

The line has a little less than a dozen options, marked from "DS 1" to "DS 9" in accordance with the degree of protection.

"DS 1" is the most simple, but reliable metal door with 1 sheet of metal and solid-leaf door leaf. This is a practical choice, having good thermal and noise insulation performance, wear resistance and the highest class of protection. The door is resistant to shocks and attempts to apply power loads.

"DS 9" provides impeccable protection of the room and maximum comfort premium. Two steel sheets, solid beamed canvas, stiffening ribs and a closed door frame guarantee not only 100% protection, but also high-quality thermal insulation and absolute protection against extraneous sounds. All other models in terms of reliability and comfort vary within the capabilities of these two options.

For a private house

As well as a collection of standard models for installation in an apartment, the entrance doors to the house are marked with the sign "DS" with a serial number corresponding to the degree of reliability and comfort. As in the "apartment" line, in the "home" of them 9, but there are two additional parameters: high-quality insulation and sealer, the outer door cover, resistant to humidity and temperature extremes.

Outdoor with thermal break

Continue a series of door leafs for the house model for installation at the border "street-house". There are only two specialized doors for cold and harsh climatic conditions - "DS 6" and "DS 10". The thermal insulation system in the design of these doors is designed in such a way that freezing of the door block and the formation of frost on the door are excluded. At the same time, rigid foamed polyurethane copes with the task alone, without requiring additional efforts to improve thermoregulation at the door installation site.

With enhanced anti-burglary protection

When the house has what you need to take care of, as the apple of your eye, you should pay attention to the doors "DS 3U" and "DS 8U".

They are distinguished by the highest classes of burglary resistance due to the design features:

  • The exceptional rigidity of the door leaf due to the three sheets of metal, stiffeners and horizontal profiles;
  • Composite insert to protect the fabric from eruption;
  • Unique locking system with multipoint locking on three sides and anti-detachable labyrinth.

In addition, they perfectly muffle extraneous sounds, retain heat and have a presentable appearance.

With a high level of noise insulation

To "turn off" the sounds of the outside world, which should not penetrate into the house and retain heat indoors indoors in any weather, the manufacturers of the Guardian doors produce models with soundproofing and thermal insulation systems of premium class.

Internal and external opening

Depending on the appearance of the main entrance and the convenience of homeowners, you can choose the doors that open to yourself, that is, to the street or the stairwell, and from yourself, that is, inside the room. You can also choose the right and left-sided placement of the door leaf in the opening.

When choosing doors that open from themselves, it is important to consider that the interior of the room must be reflected in the appearance of the door leaf.


Size does matter when it comes to the non-standard width of the doorway, which is often found in old houses, cottages and rooms with high traffic for transporting bulky items.

Since even strong hinges are not able to withstand the weight of the door leaf, whose width is twice the standard, it is better to use double-wing models. In addition, they are more practical in terms of delivery and installation.

With their design features, the double doors are not inferior in burglar resistance, sound and heat insulation abilities, and the appearance of single and half doors.


The optimal solution for rooms in which it is necessary to comply with the regulations on fire safety requirements.

Combustible materials are missing from the door design. Mineral wool and fire-resistant drywall are used as filler. Thermal sealing tape provides additional protection from smoke and fire. Door fire resistance limit - 1 hour.

With window and forging

The product of engineering at the intersection of functionality, safety and high aesthetic qualities. A rich choice of decorating windows and wrought iron elements helps to create a stylish and original door for any room.

Impenetrable glass is additionally protected by a decorative forged grille, while the door's ability to heat and sound insulation is maintained at a high level, as is burglar resistance.

The maximum effect is achieved by using a double layer of mineral plate or cotton and a triple contour of the porous sealant.

How to choose?

Specialists of the company "Guardian" recommend when choosing an entrance door to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • The door frame is the basis of solid construction. It must be of high quality, stable, preferably all-metal, so as not to allow the door to sag.
  • The thickness of the metal in the design of the door leaf provides heat and sound insulation. The thicker the layer, the higher the quality, respectively.
  • Processing the inner and upper sides of the product has an important function of protecting against negative factors. The best coating is considered to be anti-corrosion.
  • It is important to have not one lock, but an integrated system, as well as the presence of additional protection, which will not allow uninvited guests to enter the house.

  • Hidden loops are the best option. First of all, it is harder to get to them to make an autopsy, and the second it looks more neat and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The door should be equipped with trim which will give the finished appearance of the product.
  • A door peephole should be installed on the door, the most convenient for viewing from the height of growth of all households.
  • The colors and decor of the door to the apartment or house are ideal, if they echo in style and appearance with the interior design of the room;
  • If a typical model does not fit, the appearance of the door and additional elements can be discussed with the designer, ordering, for example, a stained glass door or veneered finish with a mirror on the inside.

Small details are the key to success, so it is important to choose the door according to the following parameters:

  • correct form and high rigidity of the structure;
  • door leaf thickness not less than 1.3 mm;
  • fabric welding seams are not allowed;
  • the presence of stiffeners and the second metal layer;
  • the door frame is supposed to be thicker than the door leaf;
  • street doors to a private house must be treated with a protective agent;
  • The outer doors of the street-to-home designation are the more reliable the higher their thermal insulation class.


The reliability of the design and the long warranty period, during which any defects are eliminated by the service, eliminate the need to make repairs with their own hands. The main problems in the operation of the entrance doors are urgent repairs or replacement of the locking mechanism, elimination of skew, cleaning up metal corrosion, restoring upholstery, and replacing accessories.

All the above actions are carried out strictly according to the instructions from the user manual, and the parts to be replaced must be 100% consistent with the original ones.

How to disassemble?

Dismantling the door "Guardian" - a complex process that requires professionalism and good physical preparation. It is better to perform work in pairs and act in stages.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • Insulating adjacent surfaces with paper or film (dismantling is a dirty procedure, and the film will protect the wallpaper and the finish from fine dust).
  • Preparation of tools: fomka, trowel, screwdriver.

  • Protect your eyes and respiratory tract from dust; it is advisable to wear gloves on your hands.
  • Elimination of all decorative elements to provide access to the door frame.
  • Removing the door leaf with hinges.
  • Dismantling the door frame.
  • Removing the door frame from the opening.

When the procedure is completed, you can install a new door.


Experts in the field of repair and design appreciate the doors of the Guardian company. Numerous reviews from experts reveal all the new advantages with the advent of more modern models, and the high level of sales confirms that the quality and reliability of equipment exist not only in words.

Especially note the quality of the materials used, the uniqueness of the design, providing maximum protection and comfort of the owners and their private property.

The opinion of buyers also forms a positive presentation of the entrance door of the Guardian. They are recognized as reliable, high-quality, meeting aesthetic qualities. Particularly pleased with the heat and sound insulation, frost resistance and the formation of frost on the exterior doors for the house, the possibility of developing an individual design.

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