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Choosing a project for a gazebo with barbecue

A gazebo with a brazier will decorate any suburban area, being a functional element of the arrangement of the local area. However, in order for the finished result to please not only with functionality, but also to be aesthetically attractive, you need to be especially careful when designing the arbor during the construction phase.

Features and benefits

Designing gazebos with barbecue is different from the analogs of the traditional classic type. The presence of barbecue makes the extension more hospitable, allows you to make your stay in the fresh air as comfortable as possible. This feature allows the gazebo to easily replace the summer kitchen, because on the grill you can not only fry the meat, but also cook other dishes. However, in order for the structure to meet the necessary requirements of the regulations, the project must take into account a number of nuances.

Initially, you need to choose the right place for future gazebo. It should be at a safe distance from the house, while not being too remote, because the approach to the house should be convenient. You can not build it in the valleyotherwise, after the rain, the approach to it will be in the water.

When choosing a site, the design takes into account the ground, as well as the load level, based on the type of building and materials of construction and finishing.

On the basis of the data, they create a drawing in several projections, on which they mark all the nuances of construction, up to the arrangement of the elements of the internal arrangement.

The option with a brazier implies a special approach to the footage for the construction, placement of furniture, the choice of materials, since in this case it is especially necessary to take into account the requirements of fire safety. Choose the right type of foundation, which will withstand the desired level of weight load, as well as enclosing structures and roofing. Calculate the amount of materials, consumption and cost of the entire structure.

Special attention is paid to the type of mangal design. For example, it can be equipped with a stone stove with a cast-iron cauldron, fireplace, grill or barbecue. Brazier can be not only stationary: at the request of the customer construction may be portable. The choice of variety depends on the material of production, landscape design features, as well as financial capabilities and customer preferences. Mangalna the design should fit harmoniously into the overall concept of stylistics, look beautiful with the situation.

Based on the type of gazebos, a brazier of the right size is selected so that the design fits into safety standards, and besides it there is still free space.

Barbecue should be user-friendly, eliminating the possible risks of injury and fire.

They think over the type of roof that will protect the gazebo from precipitation and gusting winds, the seasonality of the structure, and the construction of convenient paths from the house so that access to the gazebo is comfortable, safe and aesthetically attractive from the point of view of landscape design.

Advantages and disadvantages

Arbors with a brazier have a lot of advantages. They are more hospitable, since the presence of barbecue suggests treats, which means a more comfortable stay inside the building. Depending on the type of the gazebo itself, it can take over the functions of the kitchen, which is especially important in the heat when excess heat in the house is undesirable. Inside this building you can create a recreation area, which will not only eat, but also relax.

The presence of barbecue allows you to use the gazebo as a place for holding noisy parties or meetings in an informal setting. A gazebo with barbecue can be a whole design project, combining the functions of the kitchen, shelter from the weather, a small guest house. The best projects have electricity and heating, they are equipped with mini-bars and even have hammocks in the recreation area.. If necessary, you can create a project on the basis of special programs in the online mode, with which you can cope if you wish.

Projects differ in size and allow efficient use of available space. Other options of buildings with a brazier remind living rooms. At the same time, the fact that the arbor can be performed in a certain style that will look beautiful not only in the exterior, but also inside the building is a positive thing. This can be reflected not only in the form of the structure, but also in its architecture.

For example, they may indicate a certain epoch, differing in the shape of window openings and their design, the extraordinary solution of roofs and the presence of a threshold with a porch. Depending on the type of arbor it can be decorated with landscapingThat brings a special atmosphere to the exterior. In addition, the design allows you to think of outdoor lighting gazebos with barbecue, so you can cook shish kebabs or other dishes in the evening. Besides Composite lighting pergola outside will make it more elegant, will mark the approaches to it from home.

The internal arrangement of such arbors is also remarkable. If there is enough space, they can be equipped with a comfortable sofa and a TV. There is a place for accessories, which allow you to point out the hobbies of the owners of the house, their status in society and a sense of taste. but Not every type of barbecue can be installed in a specific arbor. Often the choice of design depends on the shape of the structure itself.

Given that the shape and size of the barbecue can be different, the design will have to be approached very carefully, since not every type of brazier is suitable for a particular arbor. Besides, will have to think through every type of finishing materialThat will reduce the risk of fire.

It is important to consider ventilation in order to reduce the level of burning and its deposits on the floors, which, unfortunately, will not be possible to avoid, because food will be cooked on an open fire. The presence of exhaust is a mandatory factor in the buildings of the closed type.

In addition, the floor will have to spread out of the material of the refractory type, and it creates an additional load on the foundation and requires high-quality material that eliminates deformation and shrinkage during operation.


Conventionally, all types of gazebos with barbecue can be divided into:

  • open;
  • half closed;
  • closed.

The species determines seasonality of use and degree of comfort.

For example, open constructions have no walls and windows, so the fire has to be protected from precipitation and wind with stone or metal elements. These most uncomfortable buildings, and you can only use them in summer. In addition, in most cases, they do not have the original internal design, which can be created in semi-closed and closed structures.

Closed gazebos remarkable in that they imply year-round operation. These projects often have not only a heating system and light, but also a water supply. Covered buildings the most reliable and durable, they are comfortable inside and resemble small country houses, especially if they are equipped with a set of furniture, a mangalan area with a large table and a hood, a stove and have all communications. In such constructions, design solutions with a tandoor brazier of a spherical or jug-like look for cooking various foods are also relevant.

Semi-closed options are structures with one or two walls, as well as railings. They are not designed for year-round use.like warm winter gazebos, however they stop fire from the rain and wind better than analogs of the open type. The garden half-closed gazebo is convenient in that it will not be hot in the summer, and if desired, you can make one wall transformable in order to be able to close the building from precipitation. For example, you can make it out of tempered glass "accordion".

Review of materials

To date, the most popular materials for the construction of gazebos are brick, wood and metal. Stone is used mostly for decoration. Each type of material has its own advantages and performance characteristics. For example, wood is the most common and popular material, it is environmentally friendly, outwardly attractive and does not have a great weight.

Wood is a warm and aesthetically attractive material. Such arbors erected from logs and laminated veneer lumber. However, the array is destroyed over time, needs treatment from rodents and insects, regular painting or varnishing. In addition, wood is a fire hazard, therefore the arrangement of the barbecue in such a gazebo requires the adoption of measures to prevent fire.

Brick and stone are reliable construction materials.. They allow you to build a fairly solid construction, while not burning, resistant to destruction and adverse weather factors. Care for such buildings is not burdensome, the type of arbors of these materials is beautiful. Both stone and brick today allow us to create the best design projects for gazebos with barbecue, while covered.

Such buildings can be supplemented with reinforced glass., if necessary, picking up for him a special film that holds heat. Glazed brick gazebo will allow, if necessary, to arrange guests in it.

The disadvantage of this raw material is its weight, as it will require a reinforced foundation. In addition, you need styling skills, which requires some experience, otherwise the building will not look beautiful.

In addition to brick, stone and wood raw materials, arbors are made of metal. Metal construction is a predominantly open type of buildings. Its advantages are durability, fire resistance and attractiveness, since in most cases the structure is made of forging. Forging goes well with all the materials for the construction of arborsShe brings lightness and lightness to the project.

The disadvantages of such raw materials are its high cost, demanding care.

It is necessary to paint forged laces annually so that the structure looks decent and does not corrode.

In addition, the metal can not protect users from the wind, so more often it is an element of decoration of such buildings. Yes, and make yourself a similar option, not everyone can. For its production requires professional skills.

Planning ideas

The layout of the gazebo with barbecue depends on its shape and size. For example, if it has an octagonal or hexagonal shape, the brazier can be located in the center or near one of the walls. One of the tasks of design is maximum internal comfort, creating an atmosphere of home comfort. In this project takes into account a certain style of interior.

For example, the chalet has a wide overhang of the roof, has voluminous cornices. Inside the rectangular buildings find a place for cooking and dining. Brazier can be surrounded around the perimeter by a table with a stone worktop, placed on one of the planes sink, leaving the entrance to the roaster. You can distinguish between two functional areas of the partition in the form of a lattice or openwork forging.

If this classic rustic style minimalist style, the layout of the internal arrangement can consist of a brazier on the one hand, as well as a table with two benches on the other. A more interesting arrangement is possible with a design project with a stove near one of the walls, in which the gazebo of 8 faces, in addition to the roof, has support columns, wrought-iron barriers and a stone floor. Here it is better to put wicker furniture in the center.

The best method of planning is zoning, which are reflected in the plan when drawing up a drawing.. This will make it possible to understand the amount of space needed for each functional area, thereby introducing a clear organization. If there is enough space in the gazebo, it can be divided into the dining and guest areas.

When there is a lot of it, the space is taken to a recreation area, games. For example, you can place a billiard table, a children's play corner and even a sofa inside it.

Sometimes the arbor resembles a dining room. If the brazier is installed in the center of the octahedral structure, around it you can place benches with a table.

It is better to separate the 2 zones, because it will be hot when cooking, which will bring a certain amount of discomfort. You can make a small terrace in front of the entrance. This will allow mobile plastic furniture to be installed on it in order to enjoy rest and meals outside the gazebo.

An interesting project can be created with one blank wall by placing a brazier next to it. In this case, below the other supports, you can build a railing and perform masonry. It is better to put the shop close to the wall, and next to it is a table. Opposite the barbecue you can install another shop to be able to admire the fire or just relax in the open air.


The parameters of gazebos with barbecue are different and depend on the desire and financial capabilities of the customer. If there is not much space left for building, there is barely enough space for a barbecue, a bench and a small table. For example, with the parameters of mangalnoy arbor 3.5x2.5, 3x5 m You can fit a barbecue near the wall with a tabletop, and fill the remaining space with a table and chairs.

The standard option is a 4x4 m project. It allows you to organize the space rationally, finding a place in it not only for meals, but also for recreation. Here the table can already be round, and along the wall with a brazier you can complete the design with a sink.

If a even more space is allocated for the gazebo (for example, 5.3x5.4, 6x6 m), one of the walls can be arranged under the cooking zone, placing in this place a sink, a cauldron, a rybnitsa, a brazier and a cooking table. Free space can be filled with two sofas and a large table. Instead, sofas can be installed inside the mobile plastic furniture, which, if necessary, can be taken out on the street for greater comfort.

Sometimes more space is allocated for construction (6x8 m). For example, such a gazebo may include a full-fledged dining room, a rest area and a spacious mangal area.

Independent construction

To build a gazebo with barbecue at the dacha, you can do it yourself, step by step performing each stage of construction. First, calculate the total number of materials, determine the place and outline its contour. For example, the basis can be taken octahedral construction of brick. The foundation is poured in using sand and straining cement with frost-resistant properties for concrete.

The foundation must be solid and reinforced.

Then you need to lay the walls of the building, using a mixture of refractory type. The pergola entrance should look at the entrance to the house. Spread 8 rows of bricks around the perimeter: it will be fences. Then they perform laying, building supports, and then they are engaged in truss system from the array. Construct a wood crib of brick, then firebox and tabletop.

At will do a niche for dishes. For cauldron need a plate. This may be an option with removable rings. After making the base for barbecue spread tabletop of fireclay bricks. Then they organize the chimney and form a channel for the smokehouse, the rows are reinforced with wire. Then they are engaged in the stove arch, laying out the walls and at the same time checking them through the level. In this case, the rear wall can be extended outside the contour.

When laying it is important to observe the accuracy of the work, since inaccuracy will affect the quality and aesthetic appearance of the structure.

Then install smokehouse doors, finish laying arches over the brazier, stove for cooking and stove. After perform the jointing. Above the tiles you can fix the grid of stainless steel. It is useful for dishes, drying berries, mushrooms. It remains to sew the roof, bring water to the sink and put the floor covering. For stable traction pipe is better to do three-channel.

Beautiful examples for inspiration.

Finally, you can see interesting design projects:

  • Option semi-closed type of brick, solid and tile.
  • Semi-closed gazebo made of stone and timber with a massive roof.

  • Arbor closed type, adapted to a cozy living room.
  • The construction of the octahedral shape with the addition of reinforced glass.

  • The original stylization in the form of fanzy, located near the reservoir.
  • Option with a cutting table, storage space for wood, a cauldron and a Russian stove.

  • Laconic solution of wood and glass. Placing the barbecue in the center of the building.
  • Example with the location of the bar and an additional place for meals.

  • A semi-closed structure with a mangal design area, in which a complex oven with a tandoor, a barbecue can be placed.
  • A stylish decision to decorate the barbecue inside the gazebo closed.
  • Small but cozy gazebo with barbecue, set on the table in the center.

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