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Sofa without armrests

No modern interior is possible without upholstered furniture. After all, thanks to her creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. Of course, the highlight of any interior can be called sofas without armrests. They are not only beautiful, but also functional. On furniture without armrests it is very convenient to rest after a hard day's work.

Features and benefits

Someone will say that a sofa without armrests is an ill-conceived design decision, but for someone it is a convenient place to rest. This furniture is often used instead of beds, and armrests can create certain inconveniences. The most common model is evrodivan - it does not have armrests, and its dimensions are quite compact.

This unusual and beautiful furniture will perfectly fit into any room, regardless of its area. The undoubted advantages of such models are:

  • Compactness. The folded version has a small size, but the disassembled is a full-fledged sleeping place.

  • Boxes for linen. Almost all sliding sofas have one or more spacious drawers, through which you do not need to think where to remove the bedding.

  • Unusual shape. Sofas without armrests come in various shapes. Each person can choose the right furniture for his interior.

  • No solid edges and corners. This is very like parents who are looking for furniture for the nursery. After all, such a product will be for the child and a place to sleep, and a place to play, but at the same time safe.

  • Modernity. This option can add relevance and refresh any interior.

A sofa without armrests will be a great solution for those who are looking for modern and high-quality furniture for their home.


In any furniture store you can find a huge number of sofas without armrests. Each model is good in its own way. Many items come with decorative pillows that adorn the furniture. Compact models look great in rooms of any size.

Soft sofas differ in a design and the sliding mechanism. But there are other differences. For example, regardless of the sliding mechanism, you can find a product without pillows. Such models are very original, look stylish and concise. The role of pillows is performed by the back, they are made quite soft.

Models with a high back are most often purchased for permanent sleep. When such a sofa unfolds, it turns out a large and comfortable bed.

Ottoman sofas and corner sofas are not the same thing. Models with an ottoman have a small continuation, on which you can stretch out to your full height and relax without fully folding the sofa.

The form

Many supporters of the classics believe that the product without armrests can not completely replace the usual sofas.

  • The most common form of this upholstered furniture is slipper. This is the most common straight sofa that fits perfectly into a small room. These sofas have built-in pillows. The indisputable advantage of such models is their short length. In the folded state, the dimensions of the sofa are small, but you only need to expand it, as soon as you have a full-fledged sleeping place. But in some models there may not be a compartment for bedding.
  • Corner sofas located in the corners of rooms, as a rule, they are leaned against the walls. Their sizes are also compact, so you don’t need to worry that this model will occupy the entire usable space. All sofas have a compartment for storing clothes.
  • Island sofas have a slightly rounded shape, so they can not be placed along the walls or in the corners. These models look great in the center of the room.

Sofas without armrests do not look cumbersome. Due to the absence of unnecessary details, they make the interior more light and elegant.

Transformation mechanism

The transformation mechanism, which is also a folding mechanism, is a structural element, thanks to which furniture can take various forms. For example, to make a sofa bed from a small sofa or from a rectangular model angular.

When buying furniture, it is important to choose the right mechanism, since the lifetime of the entire product depends on this, and provides ease of furniture transformation. In addition, you should take into account the dimensions of the resulting berth.

To date, there are many types of mechanisms. Knowing what their features and differences, you can choose the necessary option. So, the main mechanisms of unfolding:

  • "Book". This is a classic mechanism that came to us from Soviet times, which over time became more sophisticated and of higher quality. Of the advantages can be noted compact size, budget cost, the presence of a volume compartment for bedding. The disadvantages of this mechanism are: the small dimensions of the sofa in the unfolded state, it can not be put directly to the wall, and to expand it, it will take effort. Models with a similar mechanism are not very wide, even when unfolded, this fact should be taken into account when buying.

  • "Accordion". Also very popular mechanism. When unfolded, the sofa is an even, seamless place to sleep. The advantages of this model are: ease of folding, a wide place to sleep and rest. Disadvantages: for decomposition, you need a lot of space, the mechanism must be monitored and lubricated in time, the sofa will not withstand a large load. If you decide to purchase a model with a similar mechanism, then remember that no objects can be placed in front of it, as they will interfere with the unfolding process.

  • Withdrawable. Also a very common type. Sofas with such a mechanism are great for everyday use. The bed is quite wide and long. The advantages are robust construction and easy transformation. The disadvantage is the low location of the bed.

  • "Dolphin". This mechanism is typical for corner furniture. It allows you to get an even and high place to sleep, its size depends only on the size of the model itself. Plus will be the ability to use every day, the presence of a roomy compartment for bedding, easy to fold and practically does not require additional space. As such, this mechanism has no disadvantages, one need only remember that it is necessary to monitor the integrity of structural elements.

  • "Pantograph". He is "tik-tak" or "puma". The mechanism for direct sofas. Advantages of this type: suitable for daily use, reliable, there is a compartment for storing bedding, it can be placed anywhere in the room. Cons - the cost of the mechanism is large enough, so the sofa will be expensive, the seat is wide enough, so you need to use pillows to sit.


A sofa without armrests is a soft comfortable product designed for relaxation. Such products are created with any folding mechanism, and there may be special pillows in the package. When choosing a sofa should take into account many factors, one of which is upholstery material. Consider the most common ones.

  • Textile. This is the most common type of upholstery material. It allows you to choose furniture for any interior. There are a lot of types of fabrics and each of them has its own characteristics.

  • Leather. This refers to genuine leather, eco-leather and even leatherette. Modern production allows to obtain very high quality material. It can be any: frosted, patterned or imitating other materials. When buying such a sofa should be remembered that it will require careful maintenance and will not tolerate any covers.

  • Suede. These sofas are very pleasant to the touch and create a feeling of comfort. However, this furniture will also require special attention, since the chamois must be well cared for so that the appearance of the furniture longer retains its presentable appearance. If you buy a sofa for permanent use, it is better to pay attention to dark models.

  • Velvet and Velor. These upholstery is with a fluffy texture. These models will look great in complex interiors. Such a sofa will add elegance and luxury. And the fabric itself can be absolutely any colors and patterns. Dark tones look most advantageous.

  • Jacquard. This material has a complex pattern, durability and long service life. This is a practical and versatile material that is suitable for any furniture. You can complement the interior with pillows in contrasting shades.

  • Silk. This is a very expensive material, which is very rarely used as upholstery. Despite its subtlety, it is a very durable fabric. At any temperature in the room on such a sofa it will be pleasant to sit. If you decide to purchase just such a sofa, then it is undesirable to use it constantly, even if it is of a somewhat decorative nature.

  • Flock. This material is known as artificial velvet. It is pleasant and gentle to the touch, and at the same time durable and wear-resistant. A sofa with such upholstery is perfect if there are animals in the house, as it is not afraid of claws. Flok does not require special care, we can say that it is a universal material.

  • Tapestry. This is not just a fabric, it is woven fabric. It is quite heavy, but it does not require special care. Sofas with such upholstery are best suited for classic interiors.

Knowing the information about each type of upholstery, you can easily choose the appropriate furniture for yourself.


To make the purchase only joy, you must take into account the overall dimensions of the sofa. After all, it may be that the furniture simply does not fit into the free space.

Small straight sofas can save space in the room. A narrow piece of furniture does not take much space when assembled, but in the unfolded it will serve as a full-fledged sleeping place. In the sliding models there are boxes for linen, usually their depth is 80 cm

Different manufacturers produce compact models of various sizes. For example, one company produces a 140 cm long double sofa, and another - 190 cm.

Furniture in the nursery should be chosen wisely, because the child will not only sleep on it, but also play. For such rooms, sofas 120-160 cm long will be optimal.

Remember that the model you like in the store should not occupy the entire free area of ​​the room. The most common length of sofas without armrests is 170 cm. However, there are also large models, whose length reaches 195 cm.

Where to put?

As a rule, sofas are purchased for sleep and rest. Depending on the destination furniture can be purchased in the bedroom, nursery or living room. Bedroom furniture should be comfortable and comfortable, it should be nice to sleep on it. The same applies to the furniture in the nursery. But the guest sofa will not be used very often, so it is enough to purchase a small compact piece of furniture.

Is it comfortable to sleep?

Many people doubt whether it is worth buying a sofa without armrests, because they are not sure that it will sleep comfortably. However, reviews of those consumers who have already purchased such furniture, can reassure anyone. Many people have already appreciated the quality of this piece of furniture. In their opinion, it is even more comfortable to sleep on such a sofa, since the armrests do not interfere and do not create inconvenience. Folding models allow you to get an extensive bed without backs or other additional elements.

To sleep was strong and healthy, when choosing pay attention to the filler. It must be of high quality so that the sofa retains its original shape and is comfortable for sleeping.

How to choose?

When choosing a folding sofa without armrests, special attention should be paid to the materials from which it is made. It is desirable that the frame was made of metal, and the filler was polyurethane foam or spring. But such models will be expensive. Another factor that is also desirable to keep in mind is the place for which the sofa is purchased. Agree that models for office and home will vary greatly.

Compact sofas "Lyudmila" will look great in the country or in a small room. All sofas have a drawer for storing bedding.

Stylish sofas "Olga" able to breathe new life into your living room or bedroom. Furniture meets the highest standards, and the folding mechanism is simple and easy. In the unfolded form of the resulting bed is located on metal legs

On the sofas of economy class should pay attention to those who are looking for inexpensive compact furniture for country houses or reception in offices. When choosing, you should pay particular attention to the upholstery material, since these sofas should serve a long enough period, and the load on them is assumed to be significant.

Sofa without armrests "Marcello" suitable for those who prefer to sleep on a whole and wide canvas. Since there are no armrests in this model, the sleeper is not limited by anything, which means you can use this area to the maximum.

When choosing a special role and upholstery plays, not only the type of material, but also its colors. However, it happens that the favorite sofa is still good enough, but does not fit into the updated interior. In this case, come to the aid divandeki on the sofa. These are special covers that are able to refresh any interior. Thanks to them, you can come

If you have already decided to purchase furniture, it is better to go to a special store, since there you can inspect the sofa from all sides. It is better to avoid shopping on the Internet, as the picture in the catalog may be very different from the purchased goods. But if, after all, you decide to place an order via the Network, then carefully examine the sofa delivered to you.

Knowing which parameters to turn your attention to, you can easily choose a good sofa on which it will be convenient to rest after work and sleep. Before you make a purchase, carefully check it on the above parameters, it will help to make the right choice.

It seems that choosing a good sofa without armrests is very simple, but in reality this is not always the case. This furniture serves as an additional place to sleep and rest. Compact sofas will help to make your rest more comfortable.

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