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Sizes of children's blankets

Sleep is necessary for the child primarily for the healthy development and maintenance of activity during the day. In addition to the duration of sleep, its quality is also important. Sleep is influenced by many factors, one of which is the quality of the baby blanket and the correct size of it.

Special features

The most important parameters for a baby blanket are high thermal conductivity, the ability to pass air, retain heat, hypoallergenicity and, of course, size. Before the birth of a child, many parents do not even think about it and buy the first available baby blanket in the store, and they do it in vain. Also very often, future moms and dads pay attention only to warmth, materials and design, forgetting about such an important parameter as size.

Of course, size is not the paramount parameter when choosing a blanket for a child. But it is also very important. We will try to list all the possible problems that arise after buying a blanket of an unsuitable size:

  • A blanket with the wrong selection can continually slide out of the crib. If it turns out to be more bold, there is a chance that at night the blanket will simply slip from the bed, leaving the child to freeze.
  • Often purchased a blanket simply does not fit the crib. It either does not fit or is too small. As a result, this, of course, provides a lot of inconvenience and does not allow the baby to sleep peacefully and soundly at night.
  • It can be very difficult to buy a duvet cover for a custom size blanket. Therefore, it is worth considering this moment right away and purchase suitable underwear right away.

The size of a baby blanket is always very important, and his right choice will allow mothers to be calm, knowing that their children sleep soundly.



Of course, there is no uniform standard size for children of all ages and parameters. All the babies are so different, besides, they grow and develop every year, and in the case of very young children, even every month. Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that from time to time a blanket for your baby will have to be changed, because it is very important for his peaceful sleep and health:

  • Blanket for a newborn should be an average size of 80x120 cm, since the size of the crib for a very small child is about 120x60 cm. Just in case, given that often children throw off their blankets during sleep, you can purchase a larger product. 110x140 cm is perfect to fill the bed with the ends of the blanket if necessary. Then you can be sure that the baby will be warm and comfortable all night.
  • By purchasing a blanket for the summer season It is worth paying attention to the size of 80x100 cm. This is a small size, just appropriate in warm weather.

  • On discharge from maternity hospital you need to buy a blanket in size from 90x90 cm to 100x150 cm, 160x100, 100x160 cm. Usually, this blanket is chosen for its beautiful appearance, which is not entirely correct, because the main thing is comfort for the mother and her baby.
  • For walks during the winter and in late autumn, it is worth buying a blanket with dimensions of 100x140 cm or 160x120, 150x115 cm. It is convenient to carry a small blanket when you are on a wheelchair.
  • Continuing the theme of the smallest, It should be noted that the most common sizes of blankets for the smallest ones are 90 by 120 cm, 100x120 cm, and for a child of 3 years or 5 years, blankets of 100x140 cm are suitable. It can be used up to school age. When it becomes a little baby, you will have to think about acquiring a new, one and a half blanket.
  • Teenager a blanket about 150x200 cm in size is needed - it is almost an adult scale.
  • In addition to all the above parameters, there are other, not absolutely normal sizes. For example, this is a square 100x100 cm, as well as atypical 100x118 cm, 100x125 cm, 100x135 cm. Their diversity in the market allows parents to find exactly what suits their son or daughter individually.



Today, children's blankets are made from a variety of materials, differing in price and quality. Most of their manufacturers strive to ensure that these products are as comfortable as possible, warm and safe (that is, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly), and also not harmful to sleep and the health of the child.


The gentle and soft flannelette blanket is made for both adults and children. The most popular option is among parents of very young newborns. This material has a long history; most of us still had our own parents wrapped them in bike products. But nevertheless, the bike still has not lost its popularity and relevance:

  • Firstly, This material and blankets from it remain popular due to their naturalness and environmental friendliness. But there are also other advantages to the tale. First, it is lightness. There are babies so small in their weight that blankets from other, heavier materials will not suit them. With the bike, there will be no such problems.
  • Secondly, flannelette blankets are very soft, gentle, pleasant to the touch. They have no lint that could irritate the child, and such a product will not hinder the movement of the child.
  • Thirdly, for baby's health, flannelette blankets are also completely safe and harmless. Bike is a 100% natural material that cannot cause allergies, rashes or breathing problems. Such a product will not allow the child to sweat, as it is able to "breathe."

But this is not all the advantages of a flannelette blanket. It is very warm, so it is suitable even for cool weather. It is easy to care for it, it is easy to erase any stains from it. The flannel is durable; it can be used for years.

The most important advantage of this blanket is a very low price with excellent quality (about 400-500 rubles). Any family will be able to afford it, and buying such a product will not hit its budget. In addition, designs and colors in the shops you can find countless.

The most common dimensions of a flannelette blanket are 80x100 cm, 90x100 cm, 110x125, 100x140 cm.


Down blankets are quality and comfort in one bottle. It is easy to say that it is one of the most pleasant and cozy among many other varieties.

Immediately it is worth noting that a quality down blanket can not be cheap. This can hardly be called an advantage, but you always have to pay extra for high quality. If such a blanket is cheap, it means that low-quality fluff was used in its manufacture.

It is better to avoid such types of goods, because they will not be able to positively affect the child’s sleep, and even worsen it, like the baby’s health.

As for the warmth, the duvet keeps the warm temperature very well. This is important for the comfort of the child during the cold season, especially in winter. Moreover, such products are quite light, even under the condition that they are filled with a large amount of fluff. For a child, they can create the effect of a light and weightless cloud, which makes sleep even more cozy, comfortable and sweet. No other kind of blanket can boast that.

Products from down are very durable. Their service life is about 20 years. However, they require care quite thoroughly. Firstly, it is undesirable to lie on the blanket for a long time, because from this it can lose its thermal stability. Secondly, it is required to periodically shake up the blanket to prevent the formation of lumps of fluff. Thirdly, it is necessary to air the bedroom premises regularly.

Another drawback - this type of blanket does not suit those children who are allergic to down. For them, it is better to purchase, for example, a product made of synthetics. Then problems with rashes on the body and difficulty breathing will not arise.


The next kind of blanket that is worth mentioning is a cotton. It is very popular in our country. However, you can understand why. First of all, let's say about the pros. These include an affordable price, high-quality thermal insulation, hypoallergenic and high moisture absorption. Unfortunately, this ends all its advantages.

Despite the fact that cotton blankets are in demand, they have more minuses than pluses. Such a thing is not suitable for those people who do not like heavy bedding. Undoubtedly, children from heavy weight blankets will be uncomfortable and uncomfortable. In addition to all this, the cotton filler lacks ventilation. A child lying under it can easily overheat.

Cotton wool very quickly absorbs odors and moisture. For moms, taking care of such a thing will be much more difficult. There is a high probability that inside the blankets there will be small insects. For a child, it is very dangerous! But worse than this is a great flammability. The smallest spark can ignite a blanket filler.

Of course, a quilt has a very low price. Therefore, one should not expect high quality and long service life from it. Moreover, you should not buy such a product for a child, because it is dangerous and very uncomfortable.


An unusual option - a blanket of bamboo. It is made from bamboo yarn, which has the amazing properties of a heat insulator. The advantages of bamboo blankets are many. To begin with, due to the special fibers of this material, the products come out completely not thick and rather light, which makes them more comfortable. As mentioned earlier, bamboo blankets are able to retain heat well, although they are most often used in the warm season.

For a child, such a thing is good because it is anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial. In addition, bamboo fibers are able to pass air well. They do not require particularly careful care, which allows mothers to reduce the number of worries. The only thing that needs to be done regularly is to whip up and air the blanket, but this does not take much effort. Washing is carried out in delicate mode.

By its softness, a bamboo blanket can even be compared with a silk blanket, while at the same time it is much more profitable at a price.

This is the best option for children with allergies.


The next look is a woolen blanket. It is one of the best and highest quality of its kind, as it saves heat very well and is very comfortable and soft. Wool blankets are divided into several varieties - this is completely wool, wool blend, camel wool, llama wool, Kashmiri goats, sheep.

The advantages of such products can be listed for a long time. First of all, they retain heat very well, and they are also soft and pleasant in sensation, which makes sleep calm and comfortable. It is easy to care for such a thing, because it does not collect dust on itself and various insects like ticks never appear on it. It is also antiallergenic.

Woolen blanket is able to absorb moisture. This improves the so-called sleep microclimate, which is so important for children. Useful for children with circulatory disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, allergies and asthmatics will be blankets made of camel's hair. In addition, they can help cope even with pain in the head and teeth.

Blankets made of llama wool can have a positive effect on the child, because their fibers are covered with natural wax from wool. They have anti-allergic and anti-bacterial effects.

Sheep wool is the finest snow-white material. It is pleasant to the touch, has excellent structure and elasticity. Things made from this type of wool usually last a very long time.

Plaids are also made of wool, which each parent of a small child will be comfortable to keep with them when walking with a stroller or, for example, on a long train or car ride.


Fleece is a synthetic polyester knit fabric, very warm and pleasant to the touch. Usually clothes are made of it, for example, sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves, but also blankets are made of this type of material. Many people believe that no synthetic fabric is able to "breathe", and therefore harmful to infants. But in the case of fleece, it's not at all like that. Fleece "breathes" due to the fact that when creating the coating itself, a large number of pores are formed, which ensure the penetration of air into the material during operation.

This material has both advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the pros. First, the fleece retains heat very well and the child will not freeze with it during the cold season. At the same time, in the summer and the warm spring, the fleece will create a feeling of pleasant coolness and will not allow the baby to sweat. Secondly, the fleece blanket is very comfortable and pleasant to the touch, as well as light and almost weightless. With him, the child will always be very comfortable.

Thirdly, it is very easy to care for such fabric as fleece. It can be washed in a washing machine, and it dries quickly. No need to fight annoying pincers and moths. Fourth, this thing has a rather long service life.

But even this seemingly perfect blanket has its drawbacks, and quite significant ones. For a start it is worth saying that this material is completely unsafe. It is very flammable and also electrified. On it often the formation of the pellet occurs, that is, it quickly loses its beautiful appearance and quality.

The quality of fleece is directly related to the number of fibers in the material. It is recommended to choose such products in which the number of fibers is from 225 to 300 per cm. A satisfactory result is from 190 to 225 per cm. It is not recommended to purchase fleece with the amount of fibers from 190 and below, it is of poor quality.

Often, a fleece blanket is purchased for newborn babies.

The main thing is not to choose deshivinu to the detriment of quality and always remember the safety measures in the operation of things.


Silk blankets are the highest quality bedding. It comes from China. Now silk is becoming increasingly popular in Russia and the world due to its unusual properties and high quality. Apart from the fact that silk is a soft, light, pleasant material, it is able to maintain a uniform temperature in bed at any time of the year (although for some reason many people believe that silk blankets should be used only during the warm season).

Silk never creates a greenhouse effect. It is very durable and durable. It will be the best option for children who are allergic to fluff, feathers and other similar fillers. A special substance in the composition - syricin, helps to resist the development of mites and other insects inside the product.

Silk is a quality material with a lot of advantages. It is perfect for children of all ages.


Synthetic blankets are made from modern materials such as an ecofiber, holofiber and synthetic winterizer. For many parents, the very word "synthetics" may seem daunting, because it is considered to be the most natural materials of the highest quality. But this is not always the case, and very many synthetic blankets are no worse and in many respects even better than those made from natural materials, such as down, wool, silk.

The three main advantages of products made from synthetic fibers are high hygiene, hypoallergenic and environmental friendliness. If a child, for example, due to intolerance to natural materials, needs to find a compromise, they will be a synthetic blanket. Everything else, the price of synthetic products is usually not very high.

The most famous synthetic material is, of course, a synthetic winterizer. But it is by no means the best, since it is badly breathable, badly spoiled by frequent washing, and after all, children so often dirty clothes and all things around.

For children, holofiber is much more suitable. The main difference from the padding polyester is that it practically does not absorb moisture. He will be able to serve much longer, remaining the same quality for quite a long period. Also, it is much easier to care for holofiber, it is easy for washing and dries quite quickly.

Artificial down substitute is an eco-fiber, eco-friendly filler.

It will help protect products from dangerous ticks. Ecofiber can be called orthopedic, as it very well maintains its own form for many years. For a growing body, this is especially important. This material is completely safe and does not spread combustion, unlike, for example, the same fleece.

Care ekofayberom quite simple. This becomes very important when the hostess is mainly concerned with the child, because then washing, cleaning and everything else goes into the background. It can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius. After washing, you need to squeeze such a blanket well and leave to dry for a while. This whole process does not take much time.

On this long list of basic types of children's blankets ends. In general, the materials of this type of product are very, very diverse both in price and in quality, comfort and other parameters. Thanks to this, it will not be difficult for any parent to choose the right product individually for his child.

How to choose?


Несмотря на то, что всем нам всегда хочется постараться найти товар, который был бы дешевле и выгоднее, экономить на детском одеяле никак нельзя. Ведь от его выбора зависит не только здоровый, комфортный сон малыша, но его здоровье и безопасность.

As mentioned above, each material is able to have a different effect on the child. Allergy-free children will benefit from one thing, while babies with problems with the musculoskeletal system are different. When buying, a parent must pay attention to whether his son or daughter has health problems, allergies, as well as his height and weight, so as not to lose his size. If this is taken into account, the child will always sleep well and sweetly.

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