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Mixer Tips

A mixer is an indispensable thing in the household, even if you do not cook very much. This appliance reduces cooking time and makes you freer. There are so many models and additional accessories on the market that it is extremely difficult to understand what exactly you need.

Features and benefits

Very often the mixer is confused with a blender or it is believed that since there is one device, then the second is not needed. This is mistake. All models can whip and mix, but only a high-quality mixer can make a good dough for baking.

Mixers were created in the XIX century for beating eggs. Thanks to their form and way of working, they could do this work very effectively. Therefore, this technique is not made in order to grind, but rather to beat high quality. Nozzles on it move slower than on a blender, but in terms of whipping it has no equal.

In addition to all of the above, the mixer can whip cream and cream. Due to the structure and speed of the device, it does it quickly and efficiently. For the Soviet mixer, it was not new to make cakes or milkshakes.

In addition, there are many nozzles that are included or purchased separately. We will talk about them today.

Types and purpose

The purpose of the nozzles for the mixer is quite obvious: different forms of nozzles are responsible for different dishes and, accordingly, can prepare these dishes with greater efficiency. Butter or cream can whip and blender, but the result will be so-so, because such a device is not intended for this.

  • Nozzle for mashed potatoes. Most often it is round, with protruding lines or pins. With this device, mash is obtained air and light and without any additional effort.

  • The mixer with a blender nozzle. If you already have a mixer, but do not have a blender, you can simply buy this nozzle. With it, you can grind no worse than with a real blender and the device will become a kind of “two in one”.

  • Nozzle shovel. It can also be used for mashed potatoes, but its main function is the preparation of shortbread dough. Therefore, if you are a fan of cooking something like this, you should consider it. It is made with a special thread to cope with the case more efficiently.

  • Paddle, otherwise known as the scraper. Such nozzles are needed specifically to prepare mousses. It churns the mass to such an extent that it becomes thick and is ideal for any kind of mousse.
  • A whisk is needed, including, in order to whip eggs or separate proteins. In addition, with the help of it is quite possible to prepare delicious cocktails or thick sauce. The whisk is quite functional, so it allows you to whip more cream for any kind of baking.

  • Spiral nozzles for dough, having a hook at the end. These items are made specifically for thick dough, which is not so easy to stir other devices. Replacement metal parts are usually available for such attachments. The only drawback is that even with the help of such devices, the dough has to be stirred for quite a long time.
  • Nozzle "guitar". This is a special device with blades for mixing and whipping dough. With it you can cook profiteroles or eclairs - the dough will be airy, and the result is very tasty.
  • Nozzle "bison" is the only one here that is not related to cooking and food. It is used for mixing cement and other heavy materials. Hence the name - the nozzle is strong and powerful, can mix what others can not cope with.
  • Nozzle with meat grinder. This nozzle, for the most part, for stationary mixers. Sometimes it comes with a vegetable cutter and chopper, for particularly convenient work in the kitchen. With such nozzles, your mixer will easily turn into a food processor by its functionality.

Optional accessories

The chopper goes to the blender both as a nozzle and as a separate bowl. It happens in the form of a glass with a lid. The main function of this device is to grind. It will be useful for chopping ice or other solid products. In the event that the lid or knife breaks in you, you can always order new ones in the stores, you only need to make sure that they are the same company and fit in size.

You can also purchase a special disc holder for the blender, which helps with installing the selected disc for shredding or rubbing. You can additionally buy a knife for splitting ice, if you need exactly this function.

It is also possible to purchase a device for cutting into cubes separately, as well as a measuring cup, if the one that is included in the kit is broken or does not fit in size. Additionally, you can buy and grater for products.

How to choose and which ones exist?

There are only two types of mixer: manual and stationary. Manual It is cheaper, but it takes the hands, as it must be kept while mixing the mass while pressing the button. This is not very convenient, as the hands get tired and numb.

Stationary The mixer is more expensive, but it's easier to control. Here you just download the contents into the bowl and set the settings, and then you can go and do your own thing - the machine will do everything for you. Such models have less process control, but more freedom. So when choosing you need to focus on your own tastes and preferences, as well as how often you cook.

On the nozzles in the kit you need to pay special attention. Here it is important to understand why you need a mixer. For example, if you do not bake yourself, then you hardly need hooks for the dough or the nozzle “guitar”. In case you like mashed potatoes and cook it all the time, a nozzle for it can be a useful acquisition, as it not only speeds up the work, but also makes the dish more tasty. A huge plus of tips is that you can pick them up for your own needs.

Many devices already include a certain number of nozzles and they do not need to be bought separately. For example, the supplement for Zepter includes not only the whisk and beater, but also a convenient meat knife. But Kenwood stationary mixer has in its reserves a lot more items. Here and a different form of mixer, and a whisk, and a special basket for steaming. Therefore, before choosing a mixer of this model, it is worth considering whether you need all these tips.

For non-food purposes, there are electric SDS mixers that mix building mixes. Their nozzles are diverse, but most often this is a spiral object made from sturdy steel, which is the easiest to mix the contents.

At mixer Kelli and Scarlett in a set there are only two nozzles - a nimbus and hooks for the test. This is good if you are just starting to cook and do not know yet what exactly you will do.

There are a lot of Tefal models, everyone knows this company. She has both simple machines, and those who have a large set of nozzles. Also, nozzles can be bought separately. Different beaters, a grater with a knife, a blender head, and so on. Now, if you need any function, you can simply buy the necessary part for it.

Zelmer offers its users a variety of models. Among others, there is a grinding disc and self-locking shoulder blade.


By the nozzles are all treated differently. Someone they seem comfortable, and someone considers them a waste of money. There is no dispute over the beneficial qualities of the corolla and the fact that stirring and whipping is much easier and more effective than with their hands. Corollas Scarlett and Tefal have proven themselves best.

A lot of controversy over the addition to mashed potatoes. Some people like it very much, especially the one that Kenwood makes, and someone is more comfortable and tastier to do everything by hand.

Dough hooks also cause different reactions. A few people broke hooks, it was in cheap models. Others say that their device has been working without problems for several years and has never let them down.

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