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Solvent P-5: advantages and features of the application

The solvent is a special chemical that can reduce the viscosity of the paint. It can be used if it is necessary to dissolve paints and varnishes based on resins, rubber and other substances capable of forming a film.

Most often, the solvent is a mixture of volatile organic compounds, which include ethers, ketones and aromatic hydrocarbons. Popular solvent R-5 has a complex composition and a wide range of applications, so it is worth considering it in more detail.

Properties and specifications

It cannot be said that the solvent grade P-5 is a universal remedy, but it is used quite widely. The solvent is used in everyday life and in the industrial sector. Remedy with success used for degreasing surfaces, as well as to dilute almost any type of paint.

The main purpose of the solvent is to reduce the viscosity of paints and varnishes. Most often the substance is used during painting work.. When using solvent, paint-coated products become particularly smooth and can last much longer than usual.

Sometimes it is appropriate to use the mixture to remove stains of organic origin. At degreasing of surfaces the expense of means is minimum. The mixture consists of components that make it possible to dissolve many organic substances.

The product perfectly removes paint from tools.. It is enough just to hold the subject with a cloth moistened with a mixture.

It is forbidden to rub the mixture into the base, because it can spoil it. After working with a solvent, its residues are carefully removed with a thick paper napkin.

If any stains are present, the surface should be treated again with a solvent.

The main characteristics of the solvent:

  • the substance has a liquid consistency;
  • the solvent has no color, therefore it is most often colorless or completely transparent;
  • the product does not contain any additional impurities in the form of shock absorbers;
  • the substance is flammable and volatilizes, so it is best to keep it away from open flame, and after use tightly close the lid.

Solvent P-5 differs from solvent 5A in its density, which is why it is more preferable. The shelf life of the solvent P-5 is limited. Manufacturers are allowed to use the product only for one year after the date of manufacture.

Once the sealed package is opened, the solvent will need to be used as soon as possible. Keep the mixture in a dark and cool place, as far as possible from children and animals.

Security measures

Despite the fact that the product P-5 is of high quality, it contains many chemical elements that can cause irreparable harm to health. The composition of the product includes substances such as acetone and toluene, and they are distinguished by their aggressiveness. Also in the composition are aromatic oils, hydrocarbons, amines and ketones, which can cause various skin diseases and even poisoning of the body. If we neglect the means of protection, vapors can irritate the respiratory tract and eyes. Experts say that long-term contact with the mixture can even lead to negative effects on bone marrow and blood.

Considering the danger of contact with the substance and its vapors, for work must wear special clothes, use gloves, goggles and a respirator. Gloves are required to protect your hands. If the substance gets on your skin, you can get a serious burn.

Do not use cloth gloves.. They will not be able to provide the desired level of protection. On the contrary, getting wet, they only increase the negative effect of solvent exposure.

Gloves must be extremely rubber and very dense. Ordinary medical gloves will not work either, since they can simply melt.

The respirator will not allow you to breathe in harmful vapors. Eyes must be protected with special glasses. (they are sold in hardware stores).

It is worth considering that the substance has a sharp and unpleasant odor, may cause allergic reactions. Therefore, if you have any prerequisites for the occurrence of allergies, then you must be especially careful.

Features of use

In order for the solvent to help dilute the viscosity of the paintwork, it is necessary to follow the elementary rules. First of all, temperature is of great importance. The ambient temperature during painting work must not be less than 5 ° С or higher than 30 ° С. It is also desirable that the air humidity during operation does not exceed 85%.

When working with a substance is to comply with basic safety rules. In the room where the work is carried out, it is necessary to create sufficient air circulation or even a draft. Work should be done using special protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.).

Before starting to paint, it is advisable to pretreat the surface with a special primer. Add solvent to paintwork products should be very carefully, slowly and in small portions, stirring constantly. This is the only way to dilute the paintwork to the desired state.

At the same time, it is necessary to stir the mixture intensively, not only when the solvent is introduced, but also after, until a uniform consistency can be achieved.


It is worth noting the advantages of solvent R-5, which make it so popular:

  1. First of all, the mixture is affordable, has a low cost. You can purchase the substance in any hardware store.
  2. The use of solvent does not require any special skills, the process is extremely simple. It is enough to read the instructions that are on each product packaging.
  3. The scope of the solvent is wide. It can be used with any paint and varnish products.
  4. If a solvent is used to reduce the viscosity of the paint, then the coated product dries faster due to the high volatility of the product. At the same time the painted surface becomes more attractive, smooth and shiny.

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