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Plinths for stretch ceilings: varieties and decor

Skirtings or fillets (in German means "notch") for suspended ceilings are an insignificant, but very important piece of furniture. The plinth perfectly masks the attachment joints, and is also a decorative element, with the help of which the ceiling and the whole room look beautiful and have a perfect, finished look.


Mounted ceiling fillet very quickly and practically without dirt, which necessarily accompanies any repair. Galteli help quickly and effectively to avoid problems that arise when solving interior problems. In fact, this is their difference from all kinds of plugs, which are inserted into the existing joint between the wall and the ceiling, hiding it a little.

For all models that offer construction stores, you can apply a variety of characteristics and purpose.

Often, buyers are wondering why these excavations are needed. Of course, you can do without them, but then the design of the room will not be completely finished. When installing the ceiling can be made mistakes that successfully hide the protrusion. The great advantage of fillets can be considered the possibility of using the room lighting with small shelves for LED strip.

For a classic-style setting, a wide ceiling cornice that perfectly matches the sketch of stucco molding is perfect, and in the living room, designed in high-tech style, narrow, strict fillets for framing a stretch fabric will look great. When selecting a pattern on baguettes, one should not forget that the difficulty of fitting the corners depends on the complexity of the patterns on the models. Smooth fillet is easy to install, without being distracted by the details.


Ceiling skirtings differ in the types, shape and materials from which they are made. Be sure to remember that not every plinth is suitable for mounting a particular ceiling leaf. If you choose the wrong model, the consequences can be very serious and unrecoverable - the design can fall apart, or the canvas and the protrusion will not be combined with each other.

Today widely used foam products, polyurethane fillets and decorative elements made of plastic. Finished plastic corners significantly reduce the time of sizing baseboards. In addition to these, there are also connectors, as well as plugs. The varieties of models include flexible, soft, rigid and elastic products.

Foam foam is made from extruded polystyrene foam. Glue for such a protrusion must be chosen very carefully, since the solvents that are part of this adhesive can damage the texture of the strip. One of the features of this product is the painting of the plinth, and in any colors and shades.

There are versions of this material in the form of smooth, embossed and multi-tiered models. The latest options are the most popular and are involved in modern interiors.

Multicolored rubber fillets also belong to the moldings - they play the role of insertion in the joints of the ceiling. The most commonly used in the repair of colors in white, red, blue and brown shades. Installation of these moldings can easily be made by any skilled owner, without resorting to outside help.

Polyurethane varieties include curvilinear moldings.They are also called flash plinths. They are indispensable in situations where you want to make the ceiling in several levels that differ curvature. Of course, this molding is much more expensive than other products, and this is not its only drawback - heavy material may sag under its own weight over time, so you need to pay attention to this. In addition, the installation of such complex models of ceilings takes much more time, but the result justifies itself. Otherwise, these elements are practical and easy to use.

Dekomaster is the most popular combined type of fillet. It can be both flexible and durable, and therefore suitable for interior work.


Currently, the quantity and quality of the materials from which baseboards and moldings are made are undoubtedly much better and better than in the recent past. With the help of simple and affordable materials you can achieve great results.

The most popular materials for the production of eaves, which are used in the tension structures, are:

  • Styrofoam;
  • polyurethane;
  • PVC

Wooden and plaster fillets are almost not used because of the complexity of mounting mounts. And yet, different segments of the population set themselves such baseboards. Prices of wooden plinth of spruce and mahogany differ between themselves, as they differ in quality. Wood is considered an expensive material that aristocrats prefer to acquire, as wooden models give the room a refined and pompous look.

Consumers prefer these simple patterns and durability to simple baseboards. Considering that such baguettes also look aesthetically pleasing, they are simple and easy to clean and superstable to multiple damages.

To emphasize the sophistication and individuality of the style of their home, some users use stucco and plaster. Not just skirting is made of plastic gypsum, but works of art.

Advantages and disadvantages

The attractiveness of foam plinths consists of the budget cost, unlimited choice of design solutions and ease of installation. They can easily repeat stucco and plaster elements. Due to lack of flexibility, the effect of temperature drop or improper selection of glue, the product breaks easily and changes its shape. Products from foam does not bend, which greatly complicates the installation process. But with insufficient bending of the ceiling surface, such a model of the plinth may well fit.

Some masters advise to paint the material immediately before mountingas well as after installation. For such fillets you need to buy only a special glue. Do not forget about the fire hazard, as this product is one of the combustible materials. Polyurethane models are very flexible, durable and durable, do not absorb moisture at all and are heat-resistant, they are not afraid of mechanical damage, but are heavy and not as cheap as other types of products. Rubber is added to some of their varieties to achieve certain shapes.

The durability of such products is tens of years. These models can be of any color, various types of patterns and embossments or be completely smooth. They are usually glued only on the walls, while other types are allowed to mount on the wallpaper. Their length in finished form is about two meters. Make them by injection. PVC plinths with ease of installation and inexpensive price easily break and poorly tolerate sunlight, but have a large selection of colors. Well imitate stone, wood and other materials. With a small weight, you can carry out installation yourself.

High strength is noted which prevents damage to the product. The price is fixed between the budget and the road and is at the same time affordable. Due to the fact that the product does not bend, it is not possible to work on uneven areas. Material processing is carried out with a hacksaw, while working must be done carefully and slowly. Material made of wood is now extremely rare due to its poor practicality, because it is difficult to fasten, because it is a heavy material, and it does not adhere well to glue. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire additional tools for its mounting.

The tree is subject to decay and mold propagation as a result of temperature changes. But with the help of several layers of varnish such trouble can be eliminated. Solid wooden products will give comfort and originality. If you choose a material of expensive wood, the interior will be filled with the spirit of romance, inherent in the style of Provence. An alternative to wooden products is plaster plinth, which will help to create an individual design of the home. The material is quite eco-friendly and durable. To complete the ensemble of gypsum structures, you can pick up the sockets and beams in the kit. The disadvantages of the invoice are its high cost and lack of durability during installation.

Decor options

To perform intricate and original projects, manufacturers have developed a number of specially designed baseboards that support the level of popularity of tension surfaces. Sometimes it happens that in the process of work it is required to visually enlarge the ceiling, to give it some lightness and weightlessness. In this case, small elements of the decor play an important role: the lighting, which is mounted on the plinth with the help of shelves and gaps. Some types of plinth have a reflective texture, which significantly increases the coverage of the entire area of ​​the room.

When fixing the ceiling baguettes between the wall and the ceiling there is a small distance, for the filling of which inserts and plugs are used, which are decorative options. Without the caps, the plinth does not look quite nice, because, in fact, these small elements smooth all corners, which has a very positive effect on human perception. A variety of colored elements of the decor allows you to select plugs to match the ceiling, and the elasticity and strength simplifies their installation.

The decorative border on the slats helps fasten the insert. For this, a small fillet is mounted on the protrusion provided for in the construction, and a tension canvas is also attached there, which is very convenient and practical. To fit, the decorative element needs to be machined in the corners, cutting off the excess, which means that such an insert can be easily dismantled, and if necessary, it will be installed in the same place. It is possible to install such an insert only with a flat surface, otherwise all the defects of the walls will be visible. With the endurance of these conditions, it will look more interesting and more than impressive.

Having little experience in fixing such a border, you can carry out these works without attracting specialists, and thereby significantly reduce the cost of materials and work in general.

Which is better to choose?

What kind of models still choose, depends only on the imagination and the ability to listen to yourself and your desires. Always be aware of the purpose of the room and temperature conditions. Kitchen baguettes are selected from materials that are simply cleaned and do not change their color over time, that is, do not turn yellow.

Skirting boards on a glue base may have a non-narrow surface from 30 to 50 mm. When mounting the plinth to the profile, the width of the part that adjoins the surface cannot exceed 25 mm. Quality skirting should be both durable, flexible, inexpensive and not overweight the ceiling design.

As a rule, when installing the mounting profile, the manufacturer has already provided for mounting the baguette, and this option is undoubtedly the best. Such options are included in the set of tensioning fabric systems, thereby making the purchase of materials much cheaper, and flexible and elastic polyurethane is a good bonus to the purchase. When installing the LED tape, an important point should be taken into account: the installation should be made at a distance of 7 to 10 cm from the ceiling in order for the ceiling space to be illuminated along the entire perimeter. The entire installation of the tape may take no more than one day.

If the owner has not decided what type of product to choose, then you should buy the one that is easier. and acceptable for the price. Since the fillet is not glued to the ceiling, it is preferable to use a material with a wide part that will fit to the wall. It is always necessary to make a choice in favor of productive materials.

Mounting features

Before you start installing the ledge to the ceiling, it is important to determine the height of the plank and texture. The number of products is selected based on the area of ​​the room. With all this, it is important to understand that the narrow version looks neater, as the whole structure, because the tension surfaces visually conceal the height, and the room looks small and cramped.

Immediately before fastening the fillets you need to take care of the construction tools. You will need a tape measure to measure the modules, a mounting knife, a putty knife for applying putty, a simple construction pencil, a steel bar with a hacksaw for metal, dyeing threads to check the correct location of the material and liquid for them, as well as a stepladder and clean rags.

Before attaching the fillet to the stretch canvas, the walls must be cleaned of debris and dust, leveled, carefully walked with a primer and thoroughly dried. It is allowed to stick on the wallpaper only a foam fillet, whereas under the polyurethane version you need to prepare a wall. The same rules apply for painted surfaces. Again, due to the thickness of the product, the paper may not withstand, and the structure will fly off before it can be grabbed.

Ceiling baguettes for tensioning cloths are preferably painted with water dispersion paints. and mixtures based on latex and acrylic. Products will look beautiful and aesthetic. If the ceiling fillet is to be painted, then this should be done right before the model is glued to the tensioning structure. In other words, the ceiling will have to be covered with plastic wrap so that paint stains do not spoil the ceiling.

There are two options for fastening the slats. The first way - the products are glued to an unpainted surface, without wallpaper, the second - to glue directly onto the wallpaper. For bonding using rubber glue "Titan" or mounting glue "Liquid nails". The second option is better, since the protrusion does not need to be supported and wait for the glue to set. In addition, the advantage of liquid nails is solidity when filling joints, as well as the possibility of aligning the walls relative to the ceiling, so as not to repeat the uneven contour of the wall with the projections.

You can begin to attach the material from any angle, but first, using a mortar and knife, it is necessary to cut corners and try on the wall. After fitting the adhesive is applied to the bar and pressed tightly to the surface. Then the other strips are glued in the same way. The joints between them are filled with remnants of glue, and the excess is carefully removed with a clean cloth. The whole process does not take much time and is carried out in a short time.

Useful tips

When performing mounting filing ceiling fillets, you must adhere to some rules:

  • For a good fit of the projection with the wall, the surface must be cleaned from dust and primed. Before decorating the wall with wallpaper, they are most likely to be glued on after fixing the baseboard, as it will be best mounted on the wall than on a paper base. If, however, the wall is treated with water-based ocher, it is better to take this action before gluing the material, always waiting for the paint to dry and then the primer mixture at the joining point.
  • When buying a plinth, it is advisable to take into account the configuration and styles of the stretch ceiling decoration. Sticking and fitting the plank in the corners with no work experience is a laborious process. In order not to spoil the material and not be disappointed, you should entrust this work to the masters.
  • If the purchase of more similar in color and texture of the plinth was not found, then it should be painted. Such work is carried out before it is glued to the wall, otherwise you can accidentally ruin the canvas and the structure with paint. Glue must be selected according to the type of baseboards, as not all adhesive compositions are suitable.
  • It is undesirable to buy wide moldings, since for their good aesthetic appearance large space and high ceilings are necessary. It is also worth noting that the materials from which these fillets are made are usually heavy, and installation will certainly be tedious.

Taking into account all the suggestions above, you should always have your own opinion and not be afraid to try - then everything will work out. Regardless of the purpose for which this indispensable decorative element is intended, whether the owner wants to simply hide irregularities and flaws or change the interior of the room, the ceiling plinth for stretch ceilings will undoubtedly become the very “highlight” that is so often lacking.

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