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Mobile floor heating: the rules of choice

Any room needs heat. A feeling of comfort is not so easy to create if the heating system does not cope with the task. For this purpose, mobile heated floors were invented, which are installed in any room without any particular difficulties.

Special features

Mobile underfloor heating is a mat (mat) with fixed heating elements. The design of a heat-insulated floor allows use under various floor coverings (a carpet, a laminate, a tile, a carpet).

The choice of such heating has its own subtleties in the application:

  • Mobility in use is determined by the fact that the size allows you to install it in a residential area with little effort. The size of the floor varies from 1.8-2.8 m in length and 0.6-2 m in width. Weight 0.3-2 kg, so you can independently move to another area of ​​the room.
  • The most economical method of heating. Power ranges from 250W to 560W. Operating time with such data is significantly long - the minimum is 50,000 hours.
  • Resistant to mechanical damage. The heating system continues to operate even if one heating cable breaks, while the heating temperature remains in its original state.

  • Safe to use. The temperature heats up to 55 degrees Celsius. It is necessary to take into account when installing a certain temperature the fact that the carpet can withstand temperatures up to 30 degrees. Due to good grounding, it prevents electric shocks.
  • Electrical cables do not emit harmful substances, and therefore do not pose a health hazard.
  • Performs proper heat distribution. The head is cold and the feet are warm.
  • Warranty from the manufacturer to 7 years.

The model of a warm portable floor consists of the following elements:

  • electrical cables;
  • substrate;
  • heat-conducting outer layer;
  • power supply with wire;
  • thermostat that regulates the heating temperature.

There is no such invention in the world that there are no flaws. Some of them in mobile heating are available:

  • It is forbidden to put massive furniture on heaters. Under the influence of gravity, the temperature rises to a very high level, thereby deforming the furniture, the coating and the film;
  • The temperature sensor must always be open. When covering the mechanism fails;
  • only on the leveled surface the heated floor is laid.



Mobile floor heating is available mainly in 2 types: resistive and infrared film.

The resistive film is a two-layer polymer film, inside which a lot of metal strips are soldered. Strips are located with a step of 1 mm. On the side is the bus through which the power wiring goes.

Heat thermofilm occurs by heating the metal strips, they are transferred to the floor covering.


  • Resistive films are installed only by the dry method, suitable for flooring made of laminate, carpet, linoleum. Use under tiles is strictly prohibited.
  • Strongly subject to deformation and mechanical damage. Do not bend or twist in any way. To avoid damage, it is necessary to cover the film with polyethylene before installing the floor covering.

The mobile heat-insulated floor based on infrared film is very popular. The design of infrared heating consists of a film that is covered with strips of carbonaceous mass. The strips are connected in blocks of 20 pieces. Also produced models with continuous carbon coating.

Carbon paste based on carbon compounds works as a thermal radiator. Thermal energy is directed into space due to the emission of infrared rays. The wavelength ranges from 5 to 20 microns.

Also in the design of the mobile infrared mat includes foil layer, which is able to direct the energy in the desired direction. If desired, you can fix the film heater to the wall.


Infrared floor has many positive qualities:

  • The possibility of cutting strips along the lines between the blocks, which leads to the simplification of the application on the floor surface.

  • High thermal conductivity due to carbon.
  • The effective level of space heating with minimal energy saving.
  • A small amount of anions produced is completely extinguished by the floor covering, thereby not causing harm to health.
  • The technology of mounting the infrared film is only that it is necessary to connect to the network through a grounded outlet.
  • Laying heaters can be under any modern coating (laminate, linoleum, carpet, carpet, vinyl).
  • The time of heating the infrared film is 5-10 minutes.
  • Due to infrared radiation, microbes are destroyed in the air.
  • With the help of a thermostat, it is possible to set the required temperature.


There are some disadvantages of the infrared floor:

  • Hidden contacts in large quantities. Before installation, it is necessary to test the system for functionality.
  • The high price of products.
  • Improper installation techniques can lead to fire.

To use a mobile heat-insulated floor for the main heating, the surface becomes covered with heating materials for 70%. This type of heating in the winter is used only as an additional source of heat.


Manufacturing of a mobile heat-insulated floor occurs in the countries of Europe, in Russia, Ukraine and China. Domestic manufacturers are very popular.

"Thermolux Express"

The leader of the Russian production in the manufacture of mobile underfloor heating is the brand "Thermolux". Heat-insulated floors of this producer perfectly proved on various floor surfaces. A distinctive feature of the models is front cover made of felt.

Thanks to the extended power cord (2.5 m), no additional cable connections (carrying, extension cords) are required. Power models range from 300 to 560 W. The covering is convenient in use and transportation, if necessary with ease it develops in a bag.

Express manufactures flooring models designed for laying under laminate, linoleum and tile. It fits right under the carpet, it is better to use carpets with a short nap. Conveniently located in children's rooms, in which heating is necessary in the central part of the floor covering.

Installation in hospital rooms, baths is recommended. Even minimal radiation is used in medical treatment, has relaxing properties.


Ukrainian manufacturers produce thermal floors, the dimensions of which are 1.8 m by 0.6 m. Such a heating model is suitable for those who need a point-heated surface. Can be installed in the bathrooms. It has an advantage over other manufacturers in fairly low cost of production and less energy consumption.

"Good warmth"

The company produces rugs with dimensions of 80x50 cm. The main advantage of this brand is that it provides a huge range of products with various patterns and varieties of color palette.

"Warm house"

The company "Warm Home" received positive reviews, thanks to the manufacture of the brand Viks. The model is a carpet-carpet with two-sided color coating, which allows installation in rooms with high moisture. Installation takes a few seconds. After all, to install, you just need to lay on the surface and connect to a common network.

How to choose?

The scope of mobile floor heating is quite large. The main purpose of a heated floor is to create comfort in a particular part of the room. The choice depends on the size of the heated surface and heating power. It is also necessary to determine whether the heating will be: basic or additional.

Products must be chosen from world brands that have positive customer reviews. Pay attention to certificates proving the electrical and fire safety of the model.

When choosing an infrared film, follow the recommendations:

  • Contacts must be sealed.
  • The required power for linoleum and carpet up to 160W / sq. m. Under the tile and porcelain tiles choose power up to 220W / square meter.
  • Film thickness must be at least 0.3 mm. The thicker the film, the more resistant it will be to mechanical damage.

  • Rolls 50-100 cm wide are produced. When laying on the surface, the rolls should closely adjoin the adjacent areas. It is forbidden to impose one on another. Based on this rule, the size and quantity of the material should be taken into account.
  • The carbon layer should be applied in a uniform layer and not have gaps.
  • The space between the carbon bands should be transparent or unclear. Transparent made of glue base, and muddy with lamination. The operation of the laminate serves for years, and the glue can deform for several months.

When choosing a resistive film, it is necessary to consider some subtleties:

  • If the choice is on the resistive form of heating, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it cannot be laid under the carpet. In this case, heat transfer deteriorates.
  • Special attention is paid to the area of ​​resistive film placement. Flooring in the bathroom is strictly prohibited. Contact between water and film will result in fire.

In any life circumstances, the first place when choosing a heated floor is the quality of the product. Cheap materials of dubious manufacturers are better off from the list, because the comfort and safety of the whole family depends on the right material.

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