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Studio apartment design: modern ideas

Housing in the form of a studio apartment has recently become very popular. Therefore, many residents are concerned about how to make the design of such housing. Thanks to the combined space for the flight of fantasy, more space appears, and modern designers offer the most daring and unexpected solutions to decorate a small apartment.


Modern design ideas of the studio are based on the main principle of the design of small combined rooms. This principle consists in competent zoning of space. It is very important that despite the absence of walls, the kitchen, the resting place and the work area are demarcated from each other.

This is done very simply with the help of a variety of items and furniture: a wardrobe, bar counter, translucent curtain, aquarium, etc.

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The cooking zone in any apartment is one of the most important and attractive places, so its design should be appropriate. For the cooking zone, choose kitchen furniture of saturated colors. As for the lighting in the kitchen in the studio apartment, the spot lighting in the form of small lamps or built-in lamps above the working area and eating place, respectively, is ideal.

Separate the kitchen area in the combined space can be using the bar as a partition. In this case, you not only delimit the space, but also get the perfect table for seating guests.

A small kitchen area does not need small details, so give preference to closed cabinets so that all small things are hidden from view. The finish in the kitchen should be presented in the form of a glossy surface, so the ceramic tile will fit into the cooking zone perfectly, both on the floor and on the walls.

Living area

For the rest area it is worth choosing the most light shades of furniture and wallpaper. To make a practical and at the same time cozy living room, give up the congestion in the interior and use only the most necessary.

Want to isolate yourself from the kitchen? Then feel free to turn the sofa back to the cooking zone. Next to the sofa you can put a small coffee table. Best of all transparent, as it is most suitable for small spaces. In front of the sofa, a plasma TV mounted on the wall will look very harmonious. No bulky bollards!

In the living room there should be a lot of light and the beloved standard chandelier will cope with this very well. As for the living room wallpaper, choose canvas with a soft and cozy texture. Silk-screen printing on the walls looks very nice in the small living room. This will give a special touch to the place of rest.


The most desirable and comfortable place in any home. Therefore, it should be arranged in calm pastel colors. Gray and milky shades, as well as the color of natural wood, look very good in the sleeping area.

The zoning of the bedroom is done in many different ways: a mini-wall made of plasterboard, a mobile textile screen, a wardrobe, etc.

It looks very original area for sleeping, located on a special podium and covered from prying eyes by a circular canopy. The top of the perimeter can be distinguished by small chiseled lights to maximize the space.

Modern ideas

Regardless of the size and layout of the room, it is very important to create a harmonious and stylized space in your home. If you want that your studio apartment was a reflection of your life and any interests, then you just need to arrange your personal space in the style that is closest to you.


The word loft literally translates as loft. This is the style of decorating an apartment from America at the beginning of the last century. At that time, many workers lived in attics in order to save, and as the decoration they had the most minimal household items and furniture. Based on this, it is easy to imagine how a modern loft-style studio apartment can look like: rough brick walls, wooden ceilings, minimal furniture and the lack of bright color accents. The minimalist style is ideal for small rooms of 13-15 square meters. m

Currently, this style of adherents is becoming more and more. Initially, it was claimed by western bohemians, but now, in a loft style, anyone who appreciates simplicity and comfort can decorate a studio apartment.


Home comfort for the majority consists of various decorative gizmos and rustic-style simple and cute furniture. Provence is notable for delicate colors, abundance of textile gizmos, patterns, carved furniture and other similar nuances.

Since the "Provence" implies the presence of various trifles, then in a very small kitchen-studio this style would be inappropriate. For a rustic and romantic design, a room of 22-23 square meters is suitable. m

The photo-example clearly shows the distinctive features that give the style of Provence. These include:

  1. A variety of pillows on the couch;
  2. Textile tablecloth on the coffee table;
  3. Classic photo frames with black and white photos on the wall;
  4. Kitchen drawers with clear glass;
  5. Wooden shelf above the cooking zone, lined with a variety of things.

The overall picture is complemented by the color design of furniture, walls and ceilings, in which milk and light brown colors predominate.

High tech

The most functional and practical style for lovers of modern technology. Differs in the absence of small decorative details The hi-tech style in the studio apartment is metal and plastic furniture, which is arranged in a certain geometric order. It is not surprising that the top view of the room in a modern style looks like a drawing.

It is best to disassemble the high-tech style on the example of a photo. Simple, but at the same time very cozy modern kitchen design - the studio, which has an area of ​​24-28 square meters. m. Designed in light brown and beige tones. The bar counter-partition did a great job with the zoning of the apartment, and the original ceiling lights visually expands the space.

The minimum of details, right angles and rectangular shapes, minimum of color and lack of contrast are all indicative of the high-tech style in this example.

Art Deco

One of the most sophisticated and "rich" styles in the design of an apartment studio. His popularity came in the 20s of the last century and was a symbol of glamor and luxury. Currently, few people can afford this style: mostly art deco preferred by wealthy and famous people.

The distinctive features of the glamor style are natural and expensive fabrics, black, white, purple and emerald shades in the design of walls and furniture, mirrors and glossy surfaces.

Vivid examples of luxury art deco in a small studio apartment:

  1. Maximum black and white tones, soft sofa, the prevalence of natural wood at the heart of the furniture and the original glass chandeliers.
  2. Bright apartment-studio in shades of brown looks very expensive and cozy at the same time.

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Photo ideas for inspiration

Despite the mass of a wide variety of styles, most prefer to design their apartment based on their own desires and capabilities. Let's look at and analyze a few modern ideas in the design of a studio apartment with a different area:

  1. Very interesting combination of white, gray and yellow. The stylish design combines elements of modern and hi-tech (kitchen set of metal and plastic, glossy surfaces of the lockers, unusual chandeliers) and home comfort (photo frames, large sofa, soft terry rug).
  2. Modern and very comfortable studio apartment. The small interior combines white kitchen furniture with elements of plastic, metal and stone. The glossy floor and dull ceiling are also milky white. A wooden dining table, a soft sofa with cushions and various decorative pieces in the form of shelves, wall mirrors and photo frames make a cozy small apartment.

See and be inspired to create your own unique apartment design - studio.

7 photos

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