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Bosch coffee machine

Each person, waking up early in the morning, wants to drink a cup of strong and delicious coffee. Make it a reality with the help of a coffee machine. It is she who, quickly and efficiently preparing a coffee drink, will charge you with a positive and set the right rhythm for the whole day. To make the coffee really tasty, you need to take particular care with this unit, taking into account all the features and properties.

Distinctive features of technology

German manufacturer Bosch - one of the world's leading brands, pleasing its products for more than one century. The technology of this company, especially coffee machines, has won the trust among consumers. Such units are very simple and easy to use, they have a large number of functions that are easy for the average user who does not have professional skills to understand.

The ease of operation is due to the fact that the coffee machine has self-cleaning T-disks that do not require washing, and you can wash some external parts with your own hands or in the dishwasher.

Another important feature is speed. If the preparation of the usual coffee drink in Turk takes about 7 minutes, then the coffee machine will brew it in 2-3 minutes. This process does not require presence, which is very convenient in the morning, when time is always short.

The coffee machine is very durable and durable, because it is made of reliable materials. This unit consumes a minimum of electricity, which is an essential plus.

The main feature is the production of the drink from both ground coffee and from the grain.

Even the most whimsical critic will appreciate the excellent taste of coffee. It can be noted that the Bosch coffee machine will not only make delicious, aromatic coffee, but also save time for every lover of this drink.



The main task of the coffee machine is the passage of ground coffee through hot water or steam. After this, the flavored drink is made. In today's market there are a huge number of types of such units, differing from each other by the principle of operation and device. It is worth listing some of them to fully understand these machines:

  • Automatic

This type of coffee machine is very easy to use. To brew coffee, you just need to click on the button and set the level of the fortress manually. Then the machine will independently grind the grains, compact them, or let the required amount of water flow through them.

An important aspect is the price. It depends on the number of functions possessed by the unit. Some provide the ability to cook several bowls at the same time, others do not differ at all with similar functions.

  • Built

This type of appliance is not suitable for everyone, since its parts are being advanced, and the coffee machine itself must be masked into a kitchen set, because it has an impressive size. There are also multifunctional devices that will brew several types of coffee at once, which is a huge plus. Such a machine has the following functional features: descaling, rinsing, water supply for brewing not only coffee, but also tea drinks.

  • Embedded

This type is perfect for small kitchens, where every centimeter needs to be saved. It is worth noting that such devices have a wide range of design solutions - both in color and type of design. Each hostess will be able to pick up the equipment just for their own kitchen room design.

The main feature is that they work completely silently, unlike other types. Some models have a compartment for dishes, thanks to which space will be saved.

  • Rozhkovaya

Such devices do not grind coffee, it is poured in ground form into a specific container through which hot water is passed. After that, the tank is cleared by itself, which is very convenient. In this coffee machine can not adjust the strength of the drink. It requires manual intervention.

The speed of preparation of the drink is high. You can independently control the entire cooking process using sensors located on the body.

  • Drip

This coffee machine is quite primitive, since it consists of a heater, coffee pot, water compartment. She prepares only one type of coffee - filtered, which is comparable to American. For preparation, you will need to load ground coffee in a special container and pour hot water. It is fairly quiet and has high performance (despite the usual set of features).

  • Grain

Such coffee machines have a built-in coffee grinder, thanks to which the taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee remains. Some models have a cappuccinator that makes milk foam from the milk, giving the drink a special flavor. It is also important that the residue remaining after preparation is placed in a separate container, which can be easily cleaned.

It should be noted that the cooking speed is not very high. You need to wait until the grains reach the level of readiness - it will take about 4-6 minutes.

What to look for when choosing

In order for the coffee to be truly invigorating and tasty, it is necessary to choose the right device that produces this drink. Should take into account the functional advantages of the machine.

When choosing a coffee machine, you need to look at the manufacturer. The company must be well-recognized and popular, because in such cases you can read a huge amount of reviews and make sure that the decision is correct.

It is necessary to take into account the spatial framework. With a small kitchen size is perfect compact devices.

It is necessary to take into account the amount of coffee drunk. In some cases, you need to choose a more productive model.

When buying, you need to know in detail what types of coffee this or that model produces. Some produce espresso, others only black coffee, and still others, like latte.

It should be noted that the price depends on the functional features with which the coffee machine is endowed. If you need to purchase a device designed for more than one mug, it will accordingly have a higher price, but it will pay back all the positive expectations.

Cups should be made of durable heat-resistant glass. This is very important because the glass may break due to the hot temperature. This cup should have a heat-resistant handle.

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the brewing unit. It can be removable and built-in. As a rule, embedded has the property of self-cleaning. It will not only simplify the task of purification, but will save time.

Additional functions


Many coffee machines are equipped with a huge number of useful additional features that will save time and improve the quality of the drink. These are:

  • Reusable filters

They are provided in the basic configuration. It is these filters that are convenient because they can be used repeatedly, and cost-effective, since they need to be acquired after multiple use. It is worth noting that such filters must be kept in absolute purity, because if they are improperly taken care, bacteria can multiply and cause an unpleasant smell.

  • Calc'n'Clean function

This function is very useful, because after this label appears on the display, the owner of the coffee machine immediately realizes that the device requires cleaning scale and other small particles that can simply break it. Late cleaning can lead not only to the deterioration of the taste and quality of coffee, but also to the inevitable breakdown.

  • Flask

It is designed to collect coffee. The flask must be well sealed with a certain tension in order to maintain the temperature. Depending on how much coffee is consumed, you can choose a flask, different in volume (from 2 to 15 cups). Flasks must be cleaned each month from accumulated scale.

  • Accessories

They are those items that help in the work of the coffee machine and in the preparation of the drink. This, for example, descaler in the form of powder, which does not allow it to accumulate on the walls and impede the process. An equally convenient accessory is a milk frother. When the coffee is brewed, with this item you can make air foam and add it to the drink, giving it an aesthetic look.

  • Control board

She monitors all the processes occurring in the coffee machine, controls the work and controls all actions. This is a very expensive part of the device, in which there are all the basic functions, systems and sensors. Fees also exist electronically. This is a small touch screen or microcomputer.

  • Cappuccinator

Practically each model of the coffee machine has a cappuccinator. It plays an important role as it whips milk into light and airy foam. It is made in the form of separate attachments that come in the kit, or as an autonomous item that must be purchased separately. Autonomous has a minus - it requires care, which takes a lot of time. This function is one of the necessary, it does not affect the price of the purchased device.

Model overview

Most people accustom themselves only to quality coffee, putting drinks of unknown origin away. To help in this will be able to model coffee machines, having a high demand in the modern market. Some of these devices should be considered in more detail and compared.


This brand belongs to the manufacturer Mondelez International, well-proven its products. The coffee machine of this brand provides preparation not only coffee, but also tea, hot chocolate. It has a reasonable price, interesting design, low noise. It is quite easy to use: you do not even need to read the instructions. The manufacturer has provided automatic self-cleaning and auto power off, which leads to energy savings.

If to compare with other models, it can be noted that this device has a scant margin of capsules, but at the same time it differs in a volumetric tank and an interesting design.

Benvenuto Classic Piano

The coffee machine of this manufacturer is very popular because it combines reasonable price, compactness, a large set of functions and durability. In many models, it is possible to control the volume of the poured beverage (by pressing a button). However, it is worth noting that each model has its own characteristics. "Bosch Benvenuto Classic TCA 5309"very high quality, durable, has the function of self-adjusting the strength of the coffee. However, it can not cook several cups of coffee at once (unlike"Bosch Benvenuto B30").

VeroBar AromaPro

This model is very easy to operate. To make a delicious and aromatic coffee, just press the button, and the machine itself will carry out the necessary steps in the preparation of the drink. It will take a few minutes. It is possible to customize, you can make a choice of strength and temperature. In the model "Bosch TES 71221 RW"there is a function of making high-quality coffee drink at the expense of an airtight compartment that preserves the aroma. It keeps the temperature, which is an important plus. A set of functions can be compared with a coffee machine of such a model as"Bosch VeroBar TES71321RW". These machines have a reasonable price and high performance.

TES VeroCafe

This coffee machine is the most popular of all models of the Bosch brand, because it has a huge number of advantages. In other devices it is necessary to control the grinding of grain, model "Bosch TES 50129 RW VeroCafe"It does not require it. It (unlike other models) is endowed with the property of vortex brewing, which is revolutionary, and has free access to the water tank. Inherent advantage is a removable teapot, which is very easy to care for.

VeroCafe Latte

It has a built-in ceramic coffee grinder with a wetting function, which literally reveals the aroma of the grains, the adjustment of the strength and the built-in cappuccinator. Coffee machines of this series have one minus. Water is fed through the opening for milk. If before this coffee was served with milk, and now without it, the tube can absorb the residue. Models of this series "TES51521RW"and"TES51523RW"do not differ much. They have a cappuccino maker with a drain pipe, heated cups and a compartment set aside for sleeping ground coffee.


The basis of this series of coffee machines is the same in almost all instances. However, in the model "Bosch TES 55236 RU Verocappuccino 200"there are some features. It is presented with a manual cappuccino maker, thanks to which the fluffy foam will remain on the surface for a long time. The coffee machine is provided for distribution into two mugs at once. Thanks to the introduction of the screen, adjusting the fortress and portions, it has become much easier to use than its predecessor"Bosch TES 50129".


Among the models in this series can be noted "Bosch TCA 5201". It has a fairly compact size, built-in water tank, which is very convenient, a special tray for collecting drops and a dispenser that does not allow spilling out the prepared drink. It is equipped with temperature control and wetting of the grains. The model is very easy to operate and is endowed with automatic washing after each cooking session aromatic coffee.

Venezia Collection

With the help of special technology, coffee machines from this series make the drink rich and refined. The fact is that coffee beans are in constant contact with water, and through this, all substances that give a special flavor are extracted from them.

Apparatus series "Bosch TCA5608 Benvenuto Venezia Collection"has such a feature as automatic removal of unnecessary accumulations and water. With each new preparation, there is no remaining water in the drink. This model has a menu in Russian, an automatic descaling function and a water filter.

Caring for appliances


Each equipment needs careful and timely care. To avoid damage, it is necessary to carry out work on the removal of pollution. There are various types of coffee machines, but the processing is similar. It is necessary to wash the parts in contact with milk and remove the accumulated scale with various powders or special tablets. It is worth noting a few principles of processing such coffee machines:

  • Parts of the device should not be placed in the dishwasher. It is better to rinse them under running water (with a regular or special cloth).
  • The coffee machine has a tray located at the very bottom. It must be cleaned with a large head and a brush. It is necessary to pour the accumulated water to avoid breakage.
  • If you have a capsule coffee machine, the holder for these capsules can be washed in a dishwasher. This is the only exception from the first paragraph.
  • It is necessary to wash the brewing unit every month.

  • With the help of a certain solution and hot water, it is necessary to remove accumulated scale 1-2 times a month - to carry out the decalcification process.
  • The container with the filling coffee grounds must be cleaned in a timely manner.
  • If the coffee machine has a cappuccinator, you need to run a solution with water through the tube 3-4 times - and so clean the tube from the milk residues.
  • The main mistake is the infusion of boiled water, which can cause scaling. It is impossible to remove the parts when the device is running, it may cause damage.

Compliance with these simple rules can increase the service life of the purchased device for many years.

Customer Reviews


When buying any equipment you need to read not only the characteristics of the purchased device, but also reviews of people who have already bought it. It is almost impossible to find negative reviews about the manufacturer Bosch. The products of this German brand are distinguished by their original design, high quality technology and a large number of functions.

Coffee machine is very popular among customers "Bosch TES 50129 RW". It has a ceramic coffee grinder, which works silently - this is a huge plus. It has cups that have a maximum height. The water tank in such a device is located on the side, it does not need to be removed, you can easily pour water from any vessel.

When brewing coffee, you can adjust the strength and temperature. Inherent advantage is that this model notifies of every mistake made. To avoid mistakes, you need to fall asleep coffee only before it is cleaned. So you can avoid falling asleep coffee.

The second place in the ranking is taken by the model "Bosch TES 51523 RW". Owners of this coffee machine mark simple use. You can make aromatic coffee at the touch of a button, in just 40-50 seconds. In this machine, the milk tube is automatically rinsed. It is possible to prepare two cups at once.

The machine of this company is easy to use - you only need to fill the grain, pour water and press the power. This coffee machine can easily make a delicious coffee drink, because it is endowed with a large number of functions, features.

Watch the video: Servco: Bosch Built-In Coffee Maker (November 2019).

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