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Polaris coffee machines

The right morning must start with a cup of perfectly brewed coffee. Lovers of this invigorating drink will certainly agree with this. Today, no one will be surprised by the variety of models of coffee makers. For home, you can pick up as a multifunctional coffee machine, and a simpler model. For such a mug, such a smart technician spends quite a bit of coffee, water, electricity and time. The Polaris coffee machine is made by an international brand with domestic roots. Today, the line of products is quite wide.

Among the various techniques can be found and various coffee makers and coffee grinders.

Rozhkovaya model


The PCM 1516E Adore Crema coffee maker from Polaris was named “Product of the Year 2016”. For one cup of delicious coffee this carob device will spend just a minute. In order to make a gentle latte or espresso, or maybe a cappuccino - you just need to pour water into the device and pour ground coffee. The pressure of the pump in the horn is 15 bar, which is enough to prepare an aromatic drink at home or in the office. One more advantage of this model is the heated cups: you can not worry that the drink will cool down if you do something distracting.

This machine is able to create a strong milk foam. All thanks to the steam tube and cappuccino machine. To prepare something new, unusual, but always tasty will help the intuitive electronic control system. It is possible to prepare several mugs of coffee at once, since up to 1.2 liters of water can be poured at a time. Easily take care of the device will help remove the drip pan, equipped with a stainless steel grille.

The filter of the Polaris coffee makers and, in particular, this model can be washed in usual water from under the crane.

The filter is completely autonomous. One of the advantages of this model - the pump that creates pressure of 15 bar, is made in Italy. On the operation of the device, the amount of water and the included features will tell a special light. Steam power can be adjusted independently.

A budget option

For home ideal drip coffee maker. There is a device in the Polaris model line PCM 1211 Black / Green, which will require from the family budget no more than two thousand rubles. The device immediately attracts attention with its appearance. It is very neat and with the original color solution - black and light green.

This device is able to maintain a constant temperature of the prepared beverage, so you can not rush to drink coffee.

In the configuration there is an anti-drip system. The capacity of the water tank is 1.25 liters, so you can prepare a treat for several people at a time. Together with the coffee maker there is a plastic spoon for the correct dosage of ground coffee and varying the strength of the finished drink. On the operation of the device, the amount of water will inform the light indicator and the measuring scale, together with a transparent tank.

You can remove, remove and wash not only the filter, but also the container in which it is located. This greatly facilitates the maintenance of equipment, allows the technology to serve longer and better. Glass teapot looks neat and stylish. It allows you to see how much the drink is already prepared.


Model PCM 1516E Adore Crema buyers praise for the excellent combination of price and quality. This is an ideal option for arranging a home coffee shop. You can quickly make a fragrant espresso or tender foam on latte and cappuccino. Another advantage that coffee lovers who use this device say is the ability to regulate the strength of the drink. Included are stencil drawings with which you can easily feel like a real barista.

Consumers of the PCM 1211 Black / Green model call the fact that disposable paper filters are not required, as there is a strainer. This saves money. The coffee maker fits perfectly into the interior of both the city apartment and the country house. Buyers in their reviews write that it is beautiful, neat and functional. As a result, you can quickly prepare a delicious hot drink.

This model allows you to brew even tea leaves.

Those who tried to make tea in a coffee maker, noted that the drink is obtained rich, with a tart taste. The case of the device is made of plastic, it does not create any foreign odors when used. The device is quite strong and can withstand frequent use.

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Watch the video: wega polaris coffee machine programming (November 2019).

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