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Porcelanosa Tiles: Pros and Cons

Spanish Porcelanosa ceramic tiles have a unique design and high quality performance. Such material can be used not only for the kitchen or bathroom, but also for the refined design of living rooms, hall, living room. The original wall products have undoubted advantages, but they are not without certain minuses, like any building material.

Special features

Porcelanosa Grupo is a leading producer of ceramic products in Europe and around the world. She produces both wall and floor products. Types of tiles delight their diversity.

In assortment:

  • classical and technical ceramics;
  • practical high-tech tile;
  • Parker collection of high quality porcelain stoneware;
  • porcelain wall material;
  • rectified seamless coating.

Despite the ever increasing tendency to use large tile formats, Spanish manufacturers produce coatings of any size. By the way, large parameters are justified by the fact that they look great in living rooms due to their integrity and creation of solidity.

Speaking about the surface of the product, it can be shiny, mirror-smooth and matte, have a relief texture. Ceramics imitates any materials, including natural - stone, wood.

The main material is white clay with a high degree of porosity, the second layer is a glazed surface. Such a product is produced by mono-firing technology and is highly resistant to mechanical stress, detergents.


Wall ceramics from a famous brand allows you to completely change your understanding of the design of residential, public and office space:

  • it is safe for internal work and operation, as it does not contain harmful components, all elements of the composition are natural;
  • it is easy to care for the finishing material, since the coating withstands even aggressive household chemicals;
  • Each piece is distinguished by its ideal form and identity - this allows easy installation with minimal joint sizes.

According to its characteristics, the product is distinguished by:

  • low moisture absorption;
  • high strength;
  • refractoriness;
  • low slip;
  • durability in use.

Based on the complexity of production and the cost of natural components, high-quality and reliable Spanish tile has a very reasonable price.

It is worth noting a large selection of imitations of natural stone in the collections of Porcelanosa. These are slate, marble, basalt, quartzite, onyx and malachite. This choice allows you to create the original traditional and Mediterranean decor, to implement bold ideas in the style of a loft or country.


The disadvantages of ceramic products are mainly related to rectification. Seamless canvas looks perfect on the walls, especially if it has a unique texture. In addition, the absence of seams eliminates the appearance of mold, fungus and the multiplication of bacteria, the accumulation of particles of debris and dust. For this, the final processing of the edges of ceramic products is carried out on production - the material is virtually devoid of chamfers and for this reason it fits closely.

So seamlessness is achieved, but at the same time the use of edged ceramic granite is complicated:

  • Wall cladding requires a professional approach. The master does not have the ability to maneuver, and any inaccuracy will affect the appearance.
  • In ordinary tile joints protect the material from temperature changes and displacements. When laying a monolithic coating requires a certain temperature, so there is no question about the warm floors or additional heating systems.
  • If the surface of the walls is not even enough, the curvature is inevitable, since the rectification fragments cannot have exact geometry. Because of this, the front horizontal surface of the monolith may be distorted.

In such cases, recalibration or the assumption of narrow joints between the plates helps. In the rest - the Spanish tile can be considered perfect in all respects.

Actual models

Every year, Porcelanosa’s collections of wall materials are replenished with new products that meet the wishes and demands of buyers from different countries.

The most popular models of the season:

  • Tile with geometric patterns, striped. The similar ornament perfectly looks in any room, the tile is more expressive, than executed in one tone. Products with horizontal stripes makes a small room more spacious, visually the ceilings look higher. Contrast stripes perform a decorative function, draw up borders, divide the area into separate zones. The format of such material may be different.
  • Gres tile - ceramic granite. This type of coating is more durable and durable than ordinary ceramics, and can be successfully used for facing the bathroom, kitchen, other rooms with a negative effect of moisture, steam, high temperatures.

  • Covering a natural stone. Slate tiles have a shiny surface and are made in gray-brown tones. The marbled material is used to create a cozy hall, kitchen, luxury bathroom - presented in milky-white and pastel (physical) shades.
  • Travertine wall plates - Another kind of successful and stylish coverage. The material has beautiful light and darker sand and beige tones, penetrated by parallel veins, and although the natural pattern is systematic and anarchic, it gives it even more attractiveness.

Today, the manufacturer has produced mosaic blocks with which you can build original panels, as well as fragments of photo wallpaper. Innovation is the production of tiles under crushed stone, imitations of metal - smooth and embossed. Such coatings are made in a classic and modern format, in modern style.

Recognized collections

The production of tile coatings leading manufacturer is carried out in many directions.

As a result, there are new items that meet the taste and demand of numerous buyers:

  • Classic style always remains in fashion, and therefore products on marble will decorate any interior. In this respect, porcelain stoneware under the natural stone from the collection is universal. Porcelanosa venezia. The wall covering has a format of 45x120 cm. It affects a variety of colors - gray, tobacco, chocolate.
  • Collection Porcelanosa jersey successfully combines traditional and modern motifs, combined with minimalism. Mosaic tiles under the "wild" stone are made in black, white, gray and mixed colors, giving it a special chic and originality.

  • Design material under the tree Porcelanosa chelsea harmoniously fit into the interior of the living room, fireplace room or office. The room will always look luxurious thanks to deep, rich and lighter brown tones and special texture.
  • For modern design of any room suitable trendy product from the series Porcelanosa persia with hexagonal ornament. Rectangular segments of unusual texture can enhance the decoration in the style of modern, techno and high-tech.

At the moment, Porcelanosa company offers not only the purchase of finished products, but also manufactures products to order, taking into account the wishes and requirements of the client. An innovative, natural high-quality tile from Spain will ennoble any room and make its interior unique.

Watch the video: Par-Ker Ceramic Parquet by Porcelanosa Makes Your Life Easy in Style! (January 2020).

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