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Desk in solid wood: features of choice

Furniture items are durable goods. That is why the process of choosing a specific model requires time and careful assessment of many factors. Knowledge of the features of the product, its quality and price characteristics, manufacturers and the specifics of production, modern style trends is the basis on which the main criteria for its selection.

Special features

The traditional popularity of writing tables made of solid wood is due to special characteristics that are inherent in it:

  • High strength, and hence durability. Such a desk is often used by several generations of owners;
  • Environmental friendliness. Tree, unlike, for example, from artificial materials does not emit unpleasant odors and does not harm health, because the texture of the material is a natural composition, in which there are no harmful impurities;

  • Aesthetics and beauty of such products no one doubts. Wood is a relatively malleable structure for processing, allowing you to create beautiful carved forms and decorate products in a stylish manner in accordance with the overall interior design. And varnished wooden surfaces for a long time retain a pleasant look.

However, the tree reacts to moisture and may mold. Therefore, wooden surfaces are covered with special protective compounds.

It is also important that the cost of wood products is relatively high, which, however, is offset by the durability and prestige of this furniture. There are various types of desks from the wood massif, which are classified according to various characteristics. If we talk about classic models, then the purpose is to allocate desks for office, office and tables for schoolchildren:

  • For cabinet tables As traditional products of this class are characterized by massive dimensions (up to 2 m long) and the fundamental table top. Comfort, convenience and pronounced stability are their main qualities. Spacious drawers have, as a rule, nearby and equip with locking devices. The dimensions of the seating area make it possible to arrange a solid and comfortable chair. The durability of such tables is high, because in their manufacture are usually used hardwoods - cherry, beech, oak, walnut. The performing design of such tables is very diverse and may contain carved decorations, inlays, as well as a leather covering of the table top.

  • For office desks the factor of functionality is more important when “everything is at hand”. These tables are made from less expensive woods. Structurally, they can be executed in different forms, for example, corner tables, in the form of the letter "g" or "p", which is again determined by their functionality and placement features of each product. Often, these tables have additional furniture - various niches, space for a computer, desk and floor drawers, shelves. The basis for the manufacture of this type of desk are less expensive types of wood, for example, pine. Product design, as a rule, businesslike, laconic, with matured color range.

  • The main criteria for selection desks for the student their functionality is also important, and it is important to consider the age and height of the child. The location of the student at the table should not cause feelings of tension and discomfort. A school desk usually contains drawers for student items, the drawer is located on the right or left of the desk. Tabletop should be spacious. The life of the school desk can be significantly increased if it has an adjustment in height, that is, is made for growth. Writing tables located in the bedrooms should be in harmony with their interior and the color scheme of the space of the rooms.

For example, if Provence style dominates, then it is appropriate to use the light shade of the table with a laid-back carved pattern; for bedrooms in the style of art deco fit the dark color of the table with glossy surfaces. Today on sale are often represented desks that have an unusual, non-standard form. These include the table-console, table-bureau.

  • Console table appropriate if there is a need to save space, it is a relatively adequate replacement of a large desk in a functional sense. The peculiarities of such tables are small dimensions, due to which these tables can be placed even in the hallway, where you can put the phone, put a notebook or other necessary items. Tables-console are executed in different style options and can be with carved drawings, patterns, various decorative fragments.

  • Desk Office - a product with an unusual design and a long history. The idea of ​​such a table was implemented in the era of classicism. With relatively small sizes, this product is extremely functional and convenient, since it perfectly implements the idea of ​​"everything is at hand." The top of the product is foldable, behind which there is a convenient place to store various accessories. It is convenient to place such a table in different rooms, since it does not take much space, and its style characteristics are diverse and may also contain elements of artistic decor.


The quality of wood products in general and, in particular, the appearance of the desk, its aesthetics directly depend on the quality characteristics of the wood species from which it is made. However, as well as its cost, but because this question is far from idle. There are several groups of furniture that are divided according to the characteristic used in the manufacture of wood species: from exotic species, from valuable species, from solid wood, and medium soft wood. Soft wood in the manufacture of furniture is practically not used.

So, mothers:

  • Exotic group It is represented by durable plants such as amaranth, eucalyptus, bakuta, wenge, iron and mahogany, suar, teak, yatoba and others. The wood of these trees has a high strength due to the characteristics of the fibrous structure of the material, which is not very susceptible to deformations, and for this reason the furniture made of it can stay in wet or dry conditions for a long time without damage.

  • Group of valuable woodIt is subdivided into hard and medium soft wood. From the domestic varieties of hardwoods emit acacia, beech, birch, hevea, oak, cherry, elm, walnut, larch, cherry, ash and others. Furniture made of such wood is durable and can be used for centuries. For example, in conditions of high humidity, larch, which does not rot, can serve as a relatively inexpensive and practical domestic material for tabletops.
  • In the production of desks is used not only the wood of these species, but also veneer from which to create a special artistic drawing. Such inlays, for example, tabletops, can be done exclusively by professionals.

  • Most widely used breeds of medium softnesswhich are represented by pine, spruce, pear, cedar, maple, linden, alder and other plants. This wood has a pliable texture, rich in color, convenient and easy to process, which explains the relatively low cost. For example, products made from pine are almost twice as cheap as products made from natural oak.

Colors and decor

In the process of implementing color solutions, whether it be an office or an apartment, it is important to take into account that the color range of various woods has a rich spectrum of various color shades, the variability of which has numerous tonal ratios. Even one breed can have dozens of different shades depending on the conditions in which it grows, is stored or processed. For example, a fresh cut of a wenge tree has a golden brown tint, but later its color changes to a pronounced dark brown. Thanks to the amazing classic chocolate color with beautiful veins, there is even a special term. "color under wenge".

It is important to know that almost any wood material also changes its color after processing with different compositions (varnishes, oils, etc.). However, some tree species change color slightly, while others - to a large extent.

By tradition, tree species are divided into three groups according to light, dark and red colors. Light in turn are divided into subgroups with shades: whitish, pink, grayish, yellow:

  • The first group includes spruce, oak, beech, ash, maple, birch, hevea, larch, yellow acacia and other plants.
  • To the second - maple, cherry, alder, pear, sweet cherry and others.
  • To the third - products from walnut, ash, acacia.
  • By the fourth - Karelian birch, pine, chestnut, boxwood.

Light breeds look great in the interiors of living rooms, kitchens, hallways. Pink wood is widely used in the manufacture of furniture for bedrooms.

Dark ebony, wenge and stained oak possess. Such furniture, as a rule, equip large rooms with interiors in bright colors.

Cherries, kempas, padouks and a number of other plants possess red color of the texture. Products from them look elegant.

Teak, eucalyptus, walnut, rosewood, merbau and other plants have brown color.

Wood is aesthetically perceived with wood carving, various inlays and decorations that can be made even for a folding model. The beauty of the pattern and wood texture is unique and unique, no synthetics can reproduce it. Such furniture can decorate almost any interior.


The choice of a desk involves consideration of the dimensions of the product. In this sense, the question of its typical parameters is relevant. A small single-bed table (for example, for an office) in its standard version can have overall dimensions of 1300 × 600 × 760 mm. The length of the desk usually varies in the range of 1-2 m. The most popular sizes: 1x1 meter or 1.2x0.8 meters. Height - about 70 cm.

If the desk is made to order, then the wishes of the customer are a priority for the contractor. It is assumed that the customer before ordering made all the necessary measurements, taking into account the features of the interior, as well as the characteristics of a particular consumer of products (for example, a student).

Often the artist is invited to the office or apartment for a qualified consultation, placing an order and performing the necessary measurements.

Manufacturers Review

In the recent past, the majority of companies producing furniture made of natural wood, was represented mainly by foreign firms. Today, Russian manufacturers are working quite successfully in this market segment. Among them are the furniture factory. Reverto from Tambov (products made of precious wood, mainly from oak), Saransk furniture factory Orimex (structures from solid oak), as well as the company "Alliance XXI century" from Vladimir (products from solid oak).

Small-scale production of furniture in Russia is practically not developed, which is caused by the high cost of production, personnel problems and the high cost of the final product.

Today, furniture products from Belarus, Malaysia and Indonesia are in great demand in Russia. The last two countries are mainly engaged in the production of tables from exotic plants and more often red wood. Masters from Belarus make products from oak, ash, beech and hornbeam. Polesye factories are traditionally known in Russia for a long time and produce good quality products:

  • Table "Milan" (Belarus) from the oak massif of the factory "Pinskdrev". Dimensions - 1894x924x778 mm. Cost - about 100 thousand rubles;
  • Another well-known manufacturer from Belarus - the company "Belfan" - produces the popular table from the oak massif "Marseille-039". It has a convenient add-bureau. The cost of the product is about 99 thousand rubles.

Stylish ideas in the interior

Modern design models are developed in several directions:

  • Futurism. Presented desks original forms, made of modern materials. However, desks from traditional wood in this context have quite a stylish and futuristic look;
  • Classic design feeds on the ideas of the past. The newest furniture design options are being developed as analogues to the old royal interiors, tables for military campaigns, aristocratic bureau and secretaries of the nineteenth century;
  • Mixing different styles and directions follows the path of developing projects of original tables. For example, they combine classical elements and a glass tabletop of the original form.

In spite of everything, classics (the use of wood massifs, carved legs, facades made of valuable wood species) is always in fashion. So, now you can define a system of criteria for choosing a desk:

  • Harmonious combination with the space and interior of the room;
  • Reliability and durability of natural solid wood;
  • The color palette of the product should not distract from the solution of working problems;
  • The materials used must be environmentally friendly;
  • Optimum overall dimensions and necessary quantity of boxes;
  • Smooth and practical tabletop surface.

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