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Brown tile on the floor: popular shades in the interior

In the modern world there are many options for flooring. But for rooms with a large load, many still choose tiles. The color range of this material is very wide. At the same time brown color is one of the most demanded. The main thing is to figure out how to fit the brown tile in the interior of your apartment and what type of it to choose.

Special features

One of the first varieties of floor tiles was made from ceramics. Accordingly, the original natural color of the products was transferred from the clay from which they were created. Shades ranged in brown-reddish tones. Now, of course, at the expense of modern technology and numerous colors, you can give tiles absolutely any pattern, color and texture.

But brown remains one of the most attractive.

This color is associated with noble classics, monumentality and tranquility. Its different shades in combination with each other will successfully fit into any style and any type of premises.

In general, buyers opt for the dark tile because of it:

  • Resistance to various influences;
  • Long service life;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Easy care.


The tile is divided into many subspecies, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose the best option that meets your specific requirements.


This is a kind of natural material, which is shaped and polished to smoothness. Its fragments are rather heavy, but compared to other types of stone trim, they are easy to stack. This type of finish has the longest service life, is most resistant to defects, resistant to microorganisms, frost-resistant and very durable.

The beauty of stone tiles is that Each piece has its own unique natural pattern.

The disadvantage of stone coating is that such floors are cold. But this can be solved by installing a heated floor. The most significant feature of natural tile is its high price.

There are finishing materials made of granite, marble, travertine, slate, sandstone, serpentine, jade and the most expensive and chic - onyx.


The most famous type of tile material. Thanks to modern developments, this is a popular and highly sought-after finish option for bathrooms, hallways, kitchens and other rooms. It is less durable than stone, but all its other qualities are preserved. Ceramics easier to lay, just enough to cut off the necessary fragments. The selection of shades and patterns is huge. The structure of the tiles can be rough or smooth, glossy or matte.

Porcelain stoneware

Created porcelain tiles with the aim to bring the quality and external advantages of ceramic tiles to natural stone and at the same time keep an affordable price tag. This is a monolithic material, unlike ceramics, manufactured in two stages.

Its main advantage is the variety of textures and colors that imitate the natural pattern of stones, and the ability to conduct heat to complement floor heating.

Shades and textures


There are three main types of patterns on the tile: woodgrain and marbled. In the modern world, an unprecedented popularity and demand are obtained by finishing coatings that imitate natural wood species. They are used for decoration in country houses, and in small city apartments.

In the bathroom it will be interesting to look matte floor under a tree in a gray-brown tones. Oriental style and strict interior emphasize the warmth of this shade.

Marble floors look great in a large bathroom. bright shades of brown with a glossy sheen. Interspersed in gold or amber color will make the look even more luxurious. At the same time, the interior of the bathroom can be designed in classical or baroque style. Carved gilded knobs on furniture, brilliant mixers, mirrors of regular shapes in twisted frames and a crystal chandelier perfectly complement the picture of the palace decoration.

Solid glossy tiles of dark brown or chocolate hue are rarely used for the floor. It is advantageous to dilute such a finish can decorative insert color close to brown. Matt woodgrain tiles will be appropriate in the kitchen, in the hall, and in the bathroom. For rooms where you cook and eat food, it is better to pick warm colors.

Chocolate shades on the kitchen floor will evoke thoughts of coffee, chocolate and sweets. The atmosphere of warmth and comfort will contribute to a comfortable meal and increase appetite.

For the hallway is ideal porcelain. The rough structure of the tiles will make them safe, non-slip, but at the same time spectacular. However, this type of finish is somewhat more difficult to wash, as dirt is clogged in the veins. Therefore, it is better to stop the choice on darker shades. For large halls and hallways, you can cover the floor with a single-tone texture tile of chocolate color or with imitation of a stone.

In cramped spaces, it is better to give preference to light brown color.

Combination with other colors

Brown floor tiles are a common finish, but combining it with other colors is not the easiest thing. In the shops, ready-made collections of ceramic tiles help out, where interesting and beautiful combinations of various shades of brown are already invented.

If you decide to pick companions for the brown floor yourself, here are a few win-win options:

  • Shades from one range of brown color - the most common of all possible combinations. The choice of walls of beige, coffee, sand, cocoa tint, coffee with milk will be a good solution and add to the interior warmth, tranquility and comfort. In this version of the finish dark rich brown floor will be appropriate even in a small bath or kitchen.
  • The combination with white is an effective solution. The shining light color will emphasize the depth and brightness of the chocolate finish. Moreover, the texture can be matte and glossy. If you decide to arrange both the walls and the floor under a dark wood or marble, the white inserts will expand the space, add lightness and airiness to it.

  • Gold is a choice for fans of chic, luxury, wealth and luxury. Of course, all the walls, decorated with gold tints, it is too cumbersome and hard, but the shining decor will make the situation, similar to the royal interiors. The best solution would be a combination of gold inserts with a beige palette.
  • Shades of green perfectly combined with the original color. The color of bright grass combined with chocolate is a bright and positive design. This option is appropriate for both the bath and the kitchen. Pale shades of green, emphasizing the structure of natural wood on imitation brown tiles, will be the perfect decoration for the bathroom in eco-style.
  • Blue tile will give the interior a fresh and trendy style. Deep and rich brown floor highlights turquoise or heavenly walls.

Beautiful examples


The tile imitating dark boards on the floor is perfectly complemented by white furniture. And the highlight is attached to the walls of iridescent mosaic.

The brown fragments in a combination with beige, staggered, will be appropriate in the dark design of a small bathroom. Slightly lighten the overall picture of the panel of light tiles to match the floor.

The dark kitchen in modern style is complemented by an accent in the form of a tabletop and a floor covering with imitation of stone.

The hallway area is well highlighted with a matte warm chocolate shade. Porcelain stoneware spectacularly laid with rhombuses.

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