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Straight sofas

In the interior of modern houses, the sofa plays a leading role. It can be an element of the decor of the living room, office, bedroom and even the kitchen. The style decision of the whole room depends on the right choice of this piece of furniture.

Winning option for any room will be a straight sofa. This is a timeless classic, whose lineup is amazing diversity.

Disadvantages and advantages

The advantage of this model, above all, is its versatility. On such a sofa is convenient not only to relax or seat guests. It will serve as an excellent sleeping place, especially if this piece of furniture is equipped with a transformation mechanism.

Folding sofas often have drawers for storing sleeping accessories, which is very convenient.

The advantage of this design is that this element of the interior can be freely placed in the room and rearranged with time, obeying your own taste, while corner models necessarily imply the presence of a non-occupied corner to accommodate it.

It should be noted that straight sofas are of two types, depending on the device berth: along the back or perpendicular to it. Furniture of the first type is perfect for small spaces, as it takes up very little space.

The disadvantage of straight sofas in front of the corner is the fact that when unfolded, they take up significantly more space than in the folded and clutter the room. If the sofa will constantly serve as a sleeping place, it is necessary that before it there are no poufs or coffee tables, otherwise they will have to be constantly shifted.

Transformation mechanism

There are many different options for folding sofas. To buy a sofa and not regret your choice later, you need to have a clear idea of ​​how the sofa will be placed in the room before visiting a store and shopping. It is not only about its size, but also, for example, about the distance of the piece of furniture from the wall, as well as the amount of space that it will occupy.

Below are the most common mechanisms:


In order to organize a bed, you need to raise the seat. Then the back will take a horizontal position. This is a very reliable mechanism that will serve for many years, but it requires a certain effort when activated. In addition, the joint between the seat and back, located in the middle, can cause inconvenience.

"Book" is suitable for those who are looking for a small version. However, it is worth noting that such a sofa will not be able to be placed close to the wall, because then it will be impossible to decompose it.

There is a small compartment for bed linen.


To expand such a sofa, simply lower the armrests. They can be adjusted to your liking. The advantage of such a model is simplicity and compactness. Conveniently, when unfolded, the sofa almost does not take up additional space. Such sofas are often located in children's and teenage rooms, because they are easy to lay out and easy to clean the bed.


This modern design combines the two models described above. You must first adjust the armrests, then lower the seat. There is a roomy drawer for storing bedding. Plus the model is that the backrest and armrests are capable of taking different positions to create maximum comfort. But the transformation of the sofa takes place in several stages and requires effort. On a daily basis, doing these things can be a nuisance.


It differs from the "book" in that it can be placed close to the wall, that is, to save space. The seat rolls out, forming a niche in which the back falls. The bed thus turns out very extensive, as well as linen niches.

The sofa seats are often deep, you may need additional cushions to rest comfortably on the back.


Reminds the previous design. To arrange a bed, you need to raise the seat and cover the small niche with a backrest. The joints are not felt.

This option is especially convenient if there is no carpeting, as it moves apart on weight. It will not scratch the laminate or parquet flooring. But because of the more complex mechanism, such options are more expensive.


The mechanism is actuated in one motion, the seat will automatically slide out and take the right place. It is as safe for the floor as the previous version, and is great for everyday use. However, there is no linen box in such models.


Folds out on the principle of an accordion. When assembled, it does not take up much space, but provides an extensive sleeping area. However, the supporting elements here, unlike the Pumas, slide along the floor and can scratch it. With a fleecy carpet, this option may not be suitable.


In order to decompose such a sofa, you need to roll out the seat and fold back its top pillow. Provides a comfortable place to sleep and is very compact. Its possible disadvantage is the same as that of the previous model.

"French cot"

The bed is hidden under the seat. In order to form it, you need to remove the cushions, pull out the cot and lay it out successively.

Although the result is a vast place to sleep, this option has several disadvantages. The mechanism unfolds in three steps, which is not very convenient and reliable. The mattress is thin due to the design features. There is no storage space for laundry.

"American folding bed"

This is a more advanced model. The bed is under the seat, you need to pull it out, then expand it. Only two sections are laid out, so the construction is more resistant to breakage and suitable for every day. The mattress is very comfortable.


To spread out such a sofa, you need to roll out the bed and squeeze yourself to raise the pillow. This is a good solution for small rooms. Another plus: ease of operation.


The choice of material depends on the color and style of the room.

Fabric straight sofas differ in a variety of design solutions. Depending on the color and texture of the upholstery, they can fit into any interior. You can choose a fabric covering so that it is in harmony with the curtains. It will look stylish, especially with a neutral color of the walls in the room. In addition, these sofas are cheaper than leather.

However, it is much more difficult to care for the fabric, especially if the outer covers are not unfastened. We'll have to buy special products for wet cleaning the coating. The sofa can be used again only after it is completely dry. It should be borne in mind that improper cleaning can damage the filler. During this process it is worth being very attentive and not carrying it out too often. Periodically, you can clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner.

It is better not to choose synthetic fabrics for upholstery, since this is fraught with the spread of dust mites. Natural materials of fabric, filler, as well as proper care can protect against this.

Leather is the second most popular upholstery option. In our country, this is a way to emphasize your status, the leather sofa in the living room looks very extravagant.

Leather sofas are limited in color, most often they are solid. They are suitable for a limited line of interiors, for example, in the Oriental style. Also, many have them in offices and reception.

The price does not suit them all. Plus the fact that they are easy to clean, and upholstery retains its original state for many years.

Eco-leather material that has appeared in recent years, which may be a compromise solution. It is eco-friendly and does not emit harmful substances. In addition, it is cheaper than leather, although it is not inferior to her in appearance and is also easy to care for. The range of colors is much wider. Ecoskin and leatherette? not the same thing, they are made of different materials. Eco-leather is soft and pleasant to the touch.

She is not afraid of stains, even light material is easy to clean.

However, it must be admitted that in durability this material is inferior to leather. It can be uncomfortable to sit on in the summer or winter. This option is not suitable for homes where pets are present, as its appearance can be seriously affected by their claws.


Long sofas look ridiculous in small rooms and vice versa. Observe the harmony of proportions in the interior is very important. If the room is spacious, then a sofa 3 meters long can be installed in it. It will comfortably accommodate a large company or the whole family.

In a small bedroom it is better to choose a piece of furniture of more modest dimensions. Let it be narrow and without armrests, fortunately, modern folding mechanisms allow you to turn even a very compact sofa into a comfortable bed.

Even in a modest hallway, you can install a sofa. It can be single, and if it is also combined with a cupboard or shelf for shoes, this will be the right decision. Often, such furniture items have a niche under the seat, in which it is convenient to store umbrellas and other accessories.

Put the sofa in the kitchen? not such an extravagant act as it may seem. They also usually have large niches where you can store food or dishes. With the purchase of such a sofa there is no need for additional kitchen cabinets. In addition, it should be noted that the surface for seating such sofas is much more convenient than ordinary chairs.

Color solutions

The sofa should look harmonious in the room and complement it. The color scheme of this piece of furniture should match the situation around the walls and the floor. Well, if the accessories and decor items in the room are already selected, then you can choose a sofa to match.

Solid sofas are versatile, it is permissible to put them in any room, be it a bedroom, study or living room. In this case, the color depends on both the decor of the walls and the purpose of the room.

Do not forget about the effect of color on human life. It sets the mood and is able to have a certain impact on the general condition.

To create a calming atmosphere in the room for sleeping, you should use soft pastel colors: white, beige, blue, pink, etc. The blue color is very soothing and in large quantities causes drowsiness. In no case should you draw up a study in such colors, then productivity will noticeably decrease.

Sofas with a picture suitable for living room or nursery. Bright colors and bold drawings emphasize the style of the room and create a cheerful, energetic atmosphere. It is important that not only the color, but also the texture of the upholstery organically looked in the interior. You can pick up accessories that will "beat" the sofa, for example, curtains or vases. Cushions can be an additional space for creativity.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the psycho-type person living in this apartment or room. Experts recommend equipping a more restrained and calm atmosphere in the room for hyperactive children. Smooth shapes, such as clouds and calm colors, will pacify them. On the other hand, the moderately bright tones in the bedroom of the phlegmatic will not prevent him from falling asleep, but will give energy.

The color of the sofa in the kitchen can be red, orange or yellow. These colors enhance the appetite and look great.

Below are a few basic color schemes that look the most advantageous:

  • Monochrome design. This is a popular option in minimalist interiors. The sofa is matched to the color of the walls or a slightly different shade. Suitable for quiet rooms.
  • Bright walls, neutral sofa. To emphasize the color of the walls, a piece of furniture of a contrasting, but neutral color is selected. A white sofa will always fit. Such a designer find is very stylish and protects the room from being overloaded with color.
  • Color stain. In this situation, everything is exactly the opposite. Neutral walls are complemented by a bright sofa, which helps to add color accents. Trivia and paintings or posters in tone will complement the design.
  • Bright with bright. For those who love an active lifestyle, a similar, fresh design option will suit your home. The use of contrasting shades of walls and furniture provides ample space for creativity.

Color combinations

Without the right combination of colors it is impossible to arrange a room so that it was nice to be in it. They have a great influence on the creation of a certain mood in the room.

So, a red sofa will look good in a neutral interior. This passionate color is capable of creating a romantic atmosphere in the room, but also disposes of energetic action in the work environment.

Yellow sofa color looks great with gray, blue, green and purple. Yellow color fills the room with joy.

An orange sofa and blue, purple, gray, green or blue walls are the perfect combination. This color scheme will appeal to optimists and creative people.

The sofa of green color can be combined with red, yellow, brown and blue flowers.

Blue sofa looks good with yellow, red and purple flowers.

Purple sofa will look good in lilac, orange, beige, lavender or gray interior. Purple is the color of luxury and wealth.

Strict gray sofa color dilute lush purple, red or yellow rooms.

The brown sofa will give the room coziness and looks good in combination beige, cream, yellow, orange, green, pink, lilac and blue.

An extravagant black sofa can only be used in spacious rooms to avoid excessive gloom. Looks great with red, yellow, turquoise and lilac flowers.

Popular models

In order to correctly select the most suitable furniture, you should familiarize yourself with common models, to learn their pros and cons. Such an action plan will help later not regret the purchase.


On the couch of this model, you can accommodate a large number of people, and when unfolded, it turns into a full double bed. There is an option with a side wall that can replace the coffee table. Easy-to-use withdrawable mechanism suitable for daily use. There is a roomy box for linen.


This is a minimalist sofa bed without armrests. The model will be appropriate in any interior. In picking two low pillows. Under the seat are two underwear compartments. The sofa guarantees a spacious and comfortable bed. Even the child will cope with the folding mechanism "Eurobook".


The design of the quilted sofa with the Pantograph mechanism on the metal frame is laconic. Such design is reliable and convenient in operation. When unfolding the mechanism it turns out a comfortable double place for a good rest.


This model is made of eco-leather chocolate color. It has a presentable appearance and will look good in a spacious room. When actuating the withdrawable mechanism, a spacious berth is obtained. The clamshell joints are not felt and guarantee a peaceful sleep.


This model looks luxurious and impressive. It can easily fit the whole family or a large company. Comfortable armrests, upholstered in eco-leather, allow you to lean on them in a reclining position. The sofa has a folding mechanism "dolphin" and a solid frame made of natural wood.


This impressive piece of furniture will be an excellent complement to the spacious living room. The base is made of metal frame, which will use the sofa for many years. A double bed for sleeping is able to replace a full bed.

"New York"

The mechanism "Puma" does not require practical efforts when unfolding. Functional armrests, tables can be attributed to this sofa options for the living room. This is a very stylish piece of furniture. In addition to the magnificent fabric upholstery, which looks advantageous in different lighting options, there are three pillows available. The overall impression of the interior depends on their color design.


Comfortable sofa with a deep seat. In the unfolded form is able to provide one and a half bed. The advantage is wooden armrests, the color of which varies. The box for linen is not provided.


The simple design of this model is successfully beaten up with a bright color of decoration and contrasting pillows. Linen boxes are provided.


Folding sofa equipped with a mechanism "Dolphin". Genuine leather upholstery that breathes and does not stick to the body makes it a cozy element of the living room setting. The upper part of the armrests of this model is decorated with wooden inserts, which not only look good, but also protect from pollution. An orthopedic mattress will please lovers to sleep well.


Very stylish youth option. It is possible to both sit down a group of friends with ease, and to rest alone with a book and a cup of tea, which is convenient to put on the rack.

Спинка дивана комфортна для спины за счет пружин-змеек, которые обеспечивают лучшую поддержку позвоночника.

Большие габариты дивана способны обеспечить спальное место даже в собранном виде. Матрас же способен заменить двуспальную кровать.

The frame is made of timber and plywood.


The advantage of this model is a wide selection of upholstery options. With taste, the chosen combination of different patterns and textures will create an indelible impression and perfectly complement the interior. Elegant pens and strict pillow designs will appeal to fans of the classics. Built-in drawers for linen will save space. The folding mechanism "Evroknizhka" easy to use and forms a smooth sleeping surface without joints.


Strict design and upholstery made of genuine leather make this model ideal for a personal account or office space. However, the coldness of the sofa compensates for a comfortable orthopedic mattress and quality materials. The mechanism "Book" will not allow to put this piece of furniture close to the wall, so it is better to choose it for spacious rooms.


This cozy sofa is made in modern style. Tapestry and eco-leather upholstery is durable and resistant to dirt. Special attention should be paid to the wide wooden armrests, which can be used as mini-tables.

The frame is made of solid wood, the transformation mechanism is “Book”. The bed in the unfolded form is spacious enough for one person. There is a built-in linen box.


Stylish and modern sofa of this model will decorate any home. Moreover, it is very convenient. When unfolded, it has a queen size mattress. A simple roll-out transformation mechanism can be used every day. Not only bedding, but also, for example, seasonal clothing will easily fit in a niche for linen.

Design features

Some sofas are presented in variations that are worth paying attention to.

For example, there are models without armrests, which have become very popular in recent years. They look more modern. It is best to install such models in the bedroom, since their construction in the unfolded form is as close as possible to the bed or sofa.

In some cases, the usual armrests are replaced with mini wooden tables. Such models will look great in the living room. Sometimes these covers are folding, and under them are arranged niches for storing bed linen. It is worth paying attention to such models, as additional storage boxes will always be useful in everyday life.

It is useful to find out how the manufacturer is willing to change the standard sofa set. You can often install in the armrests shelves or mini-bar. This is done in order to maximize the ergonomics of the model and make it a means of self-expression.

If we are talking about the material of the frame and the basis of the sofa, it is better to give preference to models of metal frame. They are lighter and more durable, and are cheaper than models from wood.

If possible, get better models with orthopedic effect. It is provided by mattresses with an independent spring unit. For backs it is played by snake springs. These spring designs are very durable and do not deform for a long time.

Where to put?

Due to the functionality and variety of design solutions, the sofa is often chosen for the bedroom instead of a bed. Mattresses of modern folding sofas with orthopedic effect provide a full healthy sleep. Many sofas are equipped with spacious drawers for storing bedding. This will appeal to those who live in small apartments, as they help to save space.

Sofa with a berth will organically fit into the living room. It is ideal for one-bedroom apartments and studio apartments. If the sofa is properly positioned, it will perform not only its immediate function - to be a place of sleep and rest, but also to participate in the room zoning. This piece of furniture will separate the living area from the non-residential area, if you turn it back to the kitchen. Then there is no need for a screen or other partitions.

In addition, a folding sofa can help out if it is not possible to equip a separate room in the bedroom for guests.

Small straight sofa can also be put on the kitchen. This will be an unusual and bold design technique.

This piece of furniture can successfully complement the balcony, turning it into a lounge area. If the balcony is located on the sunny side, you need to remember about the burnout factor. Fabric upholstery will lose its appearance in a year or two, even in the middle lane. It may be worth buying a cover or blanket to protect it from this.

How to choose?

Considering the purchase of a sofa, you should familiarize yourself with different models, and not only very fashionable ones, such as a sofa without armrests or in modern style, but also with classic time-tested options.

Do not neglect the convenience of a bright design, especially if the sofa is purchased home and will serve as a place to sleep. On this piece of furniture should be a pleasure to rest. A good choice is a model with an orthopedic mattress and back, which relieve the spine. Too soft sofas are not able to cope with this feature.

The choice of the sofa also depends on what role it has to play. If the house like to receive guests, it is better to choose a more dimensional four-place option. In addition, you need to pay attention to the upholstery. Sofas made of leather and imitation leather of dull colors will be easier to bring into proper form if something is spilled on them.

If the sofa will often fold out, you need to try it in the store and make sure that the mechanism will be convenient in the future. Among the variety of options you can find the perfect one for everyone, but for this you need to not be lazy and try at least a few options.

Not everyone will be comfortable every day to lay out a sofa with lots of pillows. It is better to select such options if it does not constantly play the role of a berth.

Economical options for modern sofas are almost no way inferior to elite models. In the variety of models presented today, you can choose an option for any design and wallet.

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