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Lifting garage doors: pros and cons

Garage doors are a construction whose choice presents certain difficulties for many. Often, owners of garage buildings prefer such an option as a lifting gate. They have their pros and cons, which is desirable to know before you buy.

Special features


Lifting garage doors are those constructions that are opened by means of a mechanism that lifts them. There are several types of lifting gates, each of which has its own specific pros and cons.

The opening mechanism is the following process: the leaf of the gate (one of the features of the gate of the lifting type is the presence of only one leaf) slides up, folding, or simply standing parallel to the ceiling. How the door will be located ultimately depends on the type of gate.

One of the characteristic features of such constructions is that it is possible to mount additional elements in the sash, such as a wicket or window. Both that and other variants are used extremely often. This is due to the fact that often the garage is used not only as a place in which the car is simply stored, but also as a space for auto repair.

In this case, the owner is often inconvenient to open the garage, setting the heavy construction in motion. It is much easier just to use the built-in door, which allows you to get into the garage without directly opening it.

It is worth mentioning about the features of the organization of windows, allowing to put in the garage extra light. Windows are made of glass, always using gratings. Thanks to them, the garage remains protected, and the risk of intruders entering it through the windows is minimized.

Among other things, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is incredibly difficult to install a door of this type. This is due not only to the fact that the design has an impressive weight, but also due to the complexity of the mechanism that sets the flap in motion. Difficulties arise both with systems that are on manual control, and with those controlled by remote control.

The price for lifting garage doors varies, however, it does not particularly exceed the cost of models of another type (swing, rollet and so on). So, the cheapest model can be purchased for 16 000 rubles. There is no upper price limit. It should be borne in mind that the design, custom-made by individual measurements, will be much more expensive.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lifting structures for the garage have both advantages and disadvantages in approximately equal amounts.

Speaking about advantages, it is worth noting the following characteristics:

  • Compact size. The canvas itself does not require additional space for opening in front of the garage, unlike swing gates, for example. Additional space is needed under the ceiling, but even there it is small. As a rule, the clearance for the web does not exceed 20 cm.
  • Simple assembly. Assemble the structure, and not mount it, any newcomer can without problems. For installation directly, you must have certain skills and experience.
  • Possibility to equip the gate with remote control. We are talking about how to open with a mobile remote control, and about the control of a button or remote control mounted in the wall.

  • Ease of Management. Opening and closing vertical gates is much easier than horizontal structures. This is achieved through the use of a special mechanism consisting of springs and levers.
  • Noiselessness During lifting or lowering, a properly mounted device does not make any extraneous sounds.
  • High degree of protection. Some types of gates are characterized by the fact that they are almost impossible to crack. The only way to get into such a garage from the street is to cut through the canvas.

  • Long service life. If the gate is not self-made, but the factory assembly, then manufacturers, as a rule, give them a ten-year guarantee of uninterrupted service.
  • Ease of care. The material used in the manufacture of the leaf blade itself is treated with special compounds that reliably protect it from corrosion and other adverse factors. Thus, all that is required is to lubricate the mechanisms from time to time in order to make their move smoother.
  • Variability of use. You can use the lifting structure and as a street, and as a yard. It is also suitable for installation in single and double garages.

The disadvantages are not so numerous, however, there are some.

The following important characteristics should be taken into account:

  • Limited form. Louvred garage doors can only be installed in rectangular or square openings. This is due to the peculiarities of the lifting device.
  • The inability to repair the canvas. If we are talking about cases where the door leaf is executed as a single blade, rather than a sectional one, then repairing some of its separate sections will not work if it breaks. You will need to buy a new monolithic canvas, replacing the entire version. This feature does not apply to the mechanism responsible for the lifting process - you can fix it.
  • The complexity of installation. As mentioned above, the installation itself requires certain knowledge and it is better to entrust it to professionals.

  • Risk of overload. When the gate is insulated, there is a risk that the lifting mechanism will not cope with the new weight of the structure; therefore, it is first necessary to clarify the weight of the working elements.



By and large, there are only two types of lifting street gates: lifting and sectioning and lifting and turning. With a stretch to the lifting can be counted and winding shutters, shutters. They are also called louvres, since in their working principle they strongly resemble vertical blinds.

Rolling gates will not be considered, as most experts refer them to a very special, separate category, but the first two types should be discussed in more detail.

Lifting and turning

Such folding gates are simpler both in construction and installation. Often you can find homemade options of this type, since it is not difficult to make them yourself. However, it should be borne in mind that self-production is unprofitable from a financial point of view: some materials will cost 25% more money than when buying a finished structure with a guarantee.

The tilt-up version is represented by one monolithic canvas, often insulated. When opening, the whole leaf rises to the ceiling without folding and without bending. It should be borne in mind that while lifting the canvas still protrudes slightly forward onto the street, by virtue of which the gate should be opened, leaving the car 1-1.5 m from the very entrance to the garage.

Lifting sectional

This gate can rightly be called folding. They consist not of one cloth, but of several connected to each other. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, the sash slides off strictly upwards, not coming forward, as a result of which you can drive up to the garage close to the garage, without waiting until it opens.

On the other hand, the fact that the canvas is not monolithic, makes it less burglar-resistant, so the lifting-sectional variety is less reliable than the lifting-turning.

Both folded and monolithic varieties can be further strengthened with the help of special profiles. Manufacturers take into account the fact that the winters in Russia are extremely harsh, so there is always the possibility of further warming the gate so that they do not freeze.

In some cases, in the presence of a lifting sash, it is impossible to heat the garage, so the insulation is just what we need.

Principle of operation


In order to imagine how the process of raising and closing the sash is carried out, it is necessary to consider a scheme that demonstrates it visually.

For the operation of such gates a system of special drives is used. They set in motion the flap itself. Please note that the drives are not ordinary, but reinforced. This is primarily due to the large weight of the canvas, as well as the frequency of operation.

There are several types of mechanisms used:

  • pivot arm;
  • hydraulic system;
  • counterweight system.

Each type has its own characteristics. The hinge mechanism is used more often than others. This is due to its simplicity and clarity, as well as the fact that its installation can be done even by a beginner. The hinge-lever system is well suited for home use.

Counterbalances installed on the doors, which are subjected to increased exploitation. We are talking mainly about industrial, production facilities, as well as all those places where extremely heavy gates are used. It can be garages for buses, fire departments, and other similar objects.

Hydraulic mechanisms are the most expensive of all.However, they are the most comfortable. Management of such gate, their closing and opening is possible. Independent installation of elements of such a system is possible only for professionals, and independent production is generally impossible. A kit for a hydraulic device can only be purchased at a specialty store.

Any gate can be equipped with automatic electric drives, responsible for opening them. Thus, the management of the doors is facilitated, the physical effort necessary to open the garage is minimized. However, such measures affect the price. When equipping the structure with a remote control function, it is worthwhile to foresee the possibility of a mechanical opening, so that if the electricity is turned off, you can get into the garage.

Standard sizes


If we talk about the standard dimensions, then you can decide only on the typical height of the garage doors themselves and on the height of the lifting-section type panels. This is due to the fact that the width of the sash varies greatly, depending on which garage it is purchased for. There are single garages, and there are double garages and this greatly affects the width.

The height of the panels in the construction of the overhead sectional doors is on average 50 cm. This height is due to convenience: firstly, there are not so many seams in the canvas, and secondly, strips of this height easily bend and go to the ceiling without deforming.

The height of the leaf leaf is usually 2.3 m. Such a dimension is considered standard for garages, the height of the ceilings in which rarely exceeds this figure. The size of 2.3 m takes into account the amendment to the storage of the canvas itself when folded, equal to 20 cm. Therefore, even opening the gate, it will be comfortable to be in the garage, because the height of the ceilings in this case will be 2.1 m.

If the gate is equipped with a wicket, then its dimensions are also typical. It is worth noting that such structures will differ from those typically adopted due to the fact that they are regarded as for utility room. Thus, the dimension of the door to the garage, cut in the door, will be 60x190 cm or 70x190 cm. Both options are acceptable. The final decision on the width of the door remains for the manufacturer.

As for the windows, there is no standard for them, because glass inserts are often used for decorative purposes. Glazed impregnations can be twisted, of complex shape, and not just rectangular.

If your garage is different from the standard one (for example, it was done individually according to a design project drawing), then it is strongly recommended to carry out the garage doors to order.

This is due to the fact that this is the only way to find the best option that will protect the building from penetration as well as possible. In addition, exclusive gates will look most advantageous, since they can be styled as an existing exterior.


Both foreign and domestic suppliers present their products on the market. Based on the reviews of the owners of garages who bought these or other gates of lifting type, a rating of the most popular companies was made.

  • "LegProm". Russian company, well proven. When installing this option, it is possible to equip the gate with an automated opening system. Also, users note a long warranty period: the manufacturer promises that the gate will withstand at least 25,000 opening and closing cycles.
  • Sibars. Representative from Russia. The Sibars sash is initially equipped with an electric drive, which facilitates the operation process. One of the additional benefits is the thickness of the web. Sandwich panels that are used in production vary in thickness from 40 to 60 mm.
  • Zaiger. The Swiss factory produces high-quality models, which, however, are expensive. The minimum gate price is 26,400 rubles. The gates are also insulated at the factory, therefore the thickness of the panels used is 53 mm.

Judging by the reviews, the quality of insulation is very good. The gates perfectly withstand Russian frosts.

  • Alutech. The company from Russia produces high-quality gates that belong to the premium segment. This also affects the price, which begins with a mark of 35,700 rubles. The gate is equipped with a special mechanism that guarantees a tight fit of the sash to the opening. EFFECT: complete absence of gaps and cracks.
  • Doorhan. The Russian manufacturer has proven itself well. The presence of additional parameters for adjusting the brackets makes the system extremely convenient, but at the same time there are a number of requirements that must be met for successful installation of the structure. The door is fully automatic. Judging by the reviews, automation works fine.

  • "Korn". Closes the rating manufacturer "Korn" from Russia, famous for the abundance of color and design solutions of its gate. This company specializes in the release of sectional spring models. Product prices, too, can not be called low, but buyers say excellent value for money and quality.

DIY assembly and installation


To carry out the assembly and installation yourself, you need to make some effort. If the assembly as such problems should not arise, then the installation will have to tinker. This is especially true of the gate-section type. First you need to arm a drawing gate. If you buy a finished model, the drawing is attached to the assembly instructions. If the gate is made by yourself, then the drawing must be done. To do this, you must remove all measurements from the garage opening, including its width, height.

It is also necessary to check whether there is enough space on the ceiling to find the canvases there while the gate is open. It must be borne in mind that the dimension of the lintel for successful installation should be 90 mm.

There is a simpler option. When all measurements from the opening are removed and the dimensions are clear, a suitable finished drawing is selected, after which it is simply copied. Here are some suitable options.

To perform all the work you will need the appropriate tools, including:

  • mounting levels;
  • hammer;
  • marker or another option to mark the place for drilling or fastening;
  • drill and drill set;
  • set of screwdrivers;

  • welding machine;
  • circular saw or grinder;
  • set of wrenches.

Once everything is ready, you need to decide on the material, as well as the drive system that will be used. You also need to think about whether the gate will be equipped with automation. If yes, then it should be borne in mind that for the installation of the electric drive will need experience, special knowledge.

It is better for an amateur to avoid such a difficult task, because the system is expensive, and if the work cannot be done, repair will also be expensive. Making the gate with your own hands is unprofitable, since both monetary and labor costs will be clearly higher than with the purchase of a finished structure, so it is more rational to buy the factory version with a warranty and install it.

Selection of materials

Despite the apparent lack of diversity, the overhead garage doors can be made of different materials, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Metal is always taken as a base, however it can be veneered with wood. It should be borne in mind that a solid array can not be used in the design of the gate. This will additionally weight the already heavyweight construction. It is better to prefer clapboard.

For wooden gates, it is necessary to have a special impregnation, which will provide protection for wooden panels. It is worth remembering that wood is a rather “capricious” material that is unstable to various external influences. Temperature changes, high humidity, constant mechanical effects can quickly spoil the original appearance of the tree, as well as adversely affect its heat and sound insulation qualities. Если вы знаете, что условия в гараже неблагоприятные для дерева, лучше от его использования отказаться.

If we talk about the material for insulation, then the choice is small. Often prefer either mineral wool, or polyfoam. Both that, and that well protects from heat losses and drafts, however polyfoam is more preferable, as it has the smaller weight. In addition, the sash, insulated with foam, will be thicker, therefore, it will be harder to crack.

However, the foam is unsuitable for the overhead sectional doors due to the fact that the sash will be too thick and the load on the mechanism will increase. For folding models use mineral wool, which copes with insulation, while giving the opportunity to keep the thickness of the panels at the proper level. As you can see, the choice of material is one of the difficult steps that needs to be done extremely deliberately. Evaluate all operating conditions, also do not forget about your wishes to the appearance of the structure. Then it will turn out to choose the option that best meets all requirements.


Before proceeding with the installation, it is worth checking the set of components. You need to make sure that everything is in stock. A set of certain elements varies from model to model, but it is extremely important to check the quality of the guides and springs. Both elements are responsible for the reliability and safety of the structure, and this is of paramount importance, because no one wants to harm the sash itself or the car.

To install the gate yourself, you need to arm yourself with the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Start with the manufacture of the frame. First of all, it is necessary to weld a U-shaped frame of reinforced profiles. Angles must be strictly 90 degrees.
  • Frame try on the opening. The required penetration into the floor screed is 2-5 cm. This is done to ensure that the construction holds as well as possible. The frame is fixed on the opening with anchor bolts, and all the gaps and gaps between it and the opening are processed with foam.

  • Upper guides are fixed to the ceiling. It is extremely important to perform this work as efficiently as possible, since it is the guides that are responsible for the smooth operation of the whole mechanism. Using a level, check the quality of fastening: the guides should be fixed exactly.
  • Next comes the turn of the brackets. They are welded to rails. It is necessary to fix the brackets, taking into account that a small gap is necessary for unhindered opening of the blade. This is especially true of the gate-tilt type. The brackets are complemented by rollers.
  • After that, the leaf flap itself is fitted to the frame. If it passes freely through it, the frame is permanently attached. Particular attention should be paid to the joint of the web and guides: here the gaps should be as small as possible.

  • Performed welding work. Stitches are cleaned.
  • The sash is insulated by laying the material, which is sealed on both sides with iron sheets. Next, the leaf is degreased, primed and painted or decorated with clapboard.
  • The canvas is installed in the guides. Springs are adjusted immediately. Remember that their task is to fix the sash. They should not pull the canvas down. It is important to ensure that the springs are not too rigid.
  • In conclusion, set the accessories: pen, latch, locks.


It is much easier to operate the gates equipped with an automatic electric drive. It takes less physical effort, and you can open the gate without leaving your car, which is important for most of the year.

It will be possible to adjust the automatics independently only if you are a professional electrician or you already have experience of similar work. The wiring system is quite complicated, it requires connecting directly to the house wiring. You will also need to equip the remote control. It can be both stationary, located on the wall, and portable.

Many owners mount two of these options at the same time, complementing the system with the possibility of manual opening. Such a decision is made in order to maximize convenience.

The most expensive equipment option relates to a hydraulic drive. Here it is possible to mount a system operating at maximum speed. Such gates are also called quick-lift. If it usually takes 3-5 minutes to lift the canvas, then in these systems the time for raising and lowering the sash is halved. This is extremely convenient, especially for those who are always in a hurry somewhere.

To equip the automatic control, will require additional funds. On average, such work requires about 30% of the cost of a garage door, but the final figure remains individual. It is worth weighing the pros and cons, before you decide whether to equip the gate with automatic or not. In some cases, automatic control is not so necessary, as it seems, at first glance, and the rejection of it allows you to save significant funds.

If you still decide to make automatic control, pay special attention to the fact that all electronic components are of the highest quality. So you minimize the risk that the wiring of the whole house will burn out due to a short circuit and protect yourself from possible expensive repairs.

Adjustment and validation

To adjust the gate, it is necessary to open and close it several times.

At the same time, attention should be paid to the following:

  • the presence of extraneous sounds;
  • smooth lifting and lowering of the canvas.

The mechanism must be completely silent, otherwise it can be concluded that the installation was not completely correct. The simplest thing you can do is lubricate the mechanisms. Perhaps the problem lies precisely in the lack of lubricant solution on the components.

The second option is more complicated. The reason for the lack of a smooth stroke may lie in the lack of lubrication mechanisms, in the wrong adjustment of the springs or in excessive weight of the canvas. If the first and second reasons are quite simple to eliminate, then too much weight is a more serious problem. It is necessary either to facilitate the flap itself, or to retrofit the lifting mechanism on the basis of a heavier structure.

You can strengthen the gate at the stage of installation. This is negotiated with the manufacturer from whom the design is ordered. As a rule, professionals all count and deliver a complete set of standards. If, however, problems arise during operation, then you need to contact the office of the manufacturing company — such cases are guaranteed, and you should be given a free consultation, possibly with a home visit by a specialist.

You can try to adjust the mechanism with your own hands, but it should be borne in mind that any attempts at self-repair are regarded as mechanical damage. If during your intervention you make it worse, you will have to do the repair again at your own expense. It’s safer to seek professional help right away.

Operation Tips


Experts share several recommendations as to How to make the operation process as simple and pleasant as possible:

  • If during installation there is an alternative - drilling or welding, then choose welding. With this approach, the frame is more securely fastened, because there are no additional holes.
  • Also pay attention to the size of your garage. Installation of lifting gates is possible only when the height of the opening is not less than 230 cm, and the height of the panel (the distance between the top edge of the opening and the ceiling) is not less than 90 cm. This is due to the design feature of the lifting garage door.
  • The canvas should not be heavier than 100 kg. In other cases, an enhanced mounting and operating mechanism is required.

  • If possible, equip the structure with stoppers. They are equipped for security purposes, as they do not allow the door to squeeze a person standing in the doorway or damage the vehicle.
  • Pay attention to modern decorative solutions. Garage doors can not only be painted so that they are in harmony with the interior and the surrounding landscape, but also be decorated with windows and glass inserts.
  • If you use the garage as a repair shop, as well as an additional entrance to the house, equip the gate with a gate or door that allows you to get into it without fully raising the sash. So you will save time, and also you will not subject a shutter to excess loads. However, it should be borne in mind that such a decision reduces the burglar resistance of the garage, so that it is necessary to additionally install an alarm system and take other measures to enhance safety.

Thus, a garage with a lift-type gate is a modern ergonomic solution that repeatedly improves the quality of life of the owners, providing reliable protection for their cars.

In this video you will find instructions for installing the drive for garage doors.

Watch the video: Lift Master Chamberlain MyQ Automated Garage Door Opener Review with Pros & Cons (November 2019).

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