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Hand blender Viva Collection

Like a kettle, microwave, food processor or meat grinder, manual, submersible, with different nozzles and functions, blenders have become an integral attribute in the kitchen of the modern hostess. In competition, manufacturers of these devices are trying to follow not only the needs of customers, but also current trends. For example, the hand blender Viva Collection of a well-known company Philips has an award for its environmental friendliness.

Philips care for nature


Philips green eco-label on the package says that this device:

  • saves electricity,
  • packed in a box exclusively from recyclable materials,
  • does not contain and does not emit harmful and toxic substances,
  • must be recycled.

Like many blenders, it has "blender" advantages compared to other kitchen units:

  • multifunctionality;
  • compactness;
  • speed in cooking.

Components and specifications

The minimum, standard equipment for the 650-700W Philips Viva Collection Hand Blender includes:

  • immersion nozzle (needed for making soups, mashed potatoes, baby food, sauces and other homogeneous dishes);
  • chopper (for the preparation of minced meat, mousses, processing of solid products);
  • whisk (necessary for whipping cream, eggs, batter);
  • glass (corresponds to the size of the immersion nozzle, mixing and beating products in the glass passes without splashing).

Different configuration, there are options with additional accessories:

  • nozzle for mashed potatoes;
  • an ice pick;
  • a small grinder for processing nuts, chocolate and cheese.

In Viva-blender from 16 to 25 speeds, plus each device is equipped with a button "turbo". It is suitable for processing and solid products, and any other. The presence of different speeds allows you to control the process of grinding and mixing, as a result - it is very easy to get the desired consistency.

The manufacturer promises that the titanium knives will last longer, and the special shape of the submerged "foot" (wave-shaped) will prevent splashing, the XL volume chopper will allow you to mix and grind even more products.


The data gives the impression that this blender is versatile. Reviews of the owners who tested it in the case confirm this. Of the main advantages are:

  • Soft handle and button (comfortable to hold);
  • availability of special nozzles for mashed potatoes;
  • quiet operation of the unit at all speeds;
  • availability of speeds and turbo mode;
  • nozzles for splitting ice (lovers of cocktails with crushed ice are especially pleased, note its ease of use);
  • a whisk (causes delight, since it actually replaces the mixer);
  • high speed (crushes nuts, meat and ice in a matter of minutes);
  • high power (suitable for chopping ice, chopping nuts and other solid products).

Of the minuses:

  • A variety of nozzles (those who did not stop at the minimum configuration, complain that, on the one hand, a lot of nozzles - this is versatility, and, on the other hand, it takes up space in the kitchen);
  • the fragility of components (on the manufacturer's website there are reviews that knives quickly fail, the cover for the shredder);
  • insufficient power (some people have pieces of food after mixing, and the blender does not cope with the processing of fish).

Responses are contradictory, some even exclude each other. Do not forget that a lot depends on compliance with the rules of operation. In most cases, the technique ceases to serve due to improper use.

And, despite the choice, in favor of the Philips Viva Collection blender or not, use the tips below. They will help to get maximum pleasure from friendship with any blender.

  • Wash immediately after use.

The longer the products dry on the blades, the harder it will be to wash them. If, nevertheless, the food has dried to the blade, pour over it with very hot water and then use a soft sponge.

  • Mix in large quantities.

Immersion blenders work best if you mix enough products. Avoid "small doses" and shallow dishes. For best results, make sure that the blender head is completely immersed in the product mass.

  • Move and rotate.

Move and rotate the blender to get the best result - if you mix in a special blender glass, drive up and down; if you are blending a large pot of soup, rotate in a circle, and up and down.

  • Cool hot dishes before mixing.

When cooking hot dishes, always first remove the dishes from the stove, then let cool for 10-20 minutes, and only then proceed to mixing. No hot spatter burns guaranteed.

Watch the video: Philips Avance Collection Hand Blender with Recipes (November 2019).

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