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Provence style tiles: interior design features

Provence is a style that designers and ordinary people like. The reason for the popularity lies in its features: the rooms, decorated in the Provencal style, are conducive to pacification, relax, create a feeling of comfort and serenity. To recreate in your apartment interior in the style of Provence, it is not necessary to be a professional. This tile will show this style well, but it has its own characteristics.

Style features

Provence got its name from the region in the south of France, from where its history began in the 17th century. Due to its geographical location in this area is mild and sunny climate. Houses more often make out in light tones. The interior, decorated in the Provencal style, has its own characteristics:

  • The light colors of the walls and the ceiling (white, beige, ecru, cream, sand) are inherent in it.
  • Furniture or individual details of the interior can be colored, but the colors should be dim (in priority muted, pastel colors).
  • Metal parts in the interior (household items, kitchen utensils and plumbing) should look aged, for example, the colors of brass and copper.
  • The style is characterized by wrought-iron furniture or its individual elements (forged legs of a table and chairs, cabinet frame elements).
  • Must be a lot of textiles. Fabrics must be natural (in the priority linen, cotton, canvas, knitted items are permissible).
  • Furniture material must be natural. It can be various breeds of a tree, a stone, ceramics, straw, a wattled rattan (texture imitation is allowed).

Where is it used?

Ceramic tile style of the French province can be used in the design of different rooms. The choice is made on the basis of their own preferences: due to the widest assortment presented by modern trademarks for sale, you can choose the types for each room, including the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, bay window ledge.

This is a fairly durable material that can decorate the surface of walls and floors for many years without the need for adjustments. Consider the main types of premises.


The use of ceramic tiles in the kitchen space is a must. This type of lining is easy to clean, it is not subjected to deformation under the action of temperature, resistant to chemical and organic substances. It is in the kitchen space that the style of the French countryside is more often embodied, using a finishing material for a kitchen apron or as a floor covering. For laying the apron in the tone of the kitchen set use small size tiles.

Color must be chosen so that it harmoniously complements kitchen cabinets. It looks interesting combination of monophonic wall tiles, elements with patterns and borders. The patterns used are the themes of plants, bouquets of lavender, olives, sketches of village life.

Be careful with ornaments and pictures: if there are a lot of shades, there is a risk that the interior will be overloaded with details (this is a sign of bad taste).

Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles for the kitchen floor - a good option for decorating the room. Cleaning the kitchen will be much faster, there is no doubt about the durability of porcelain stoneware. Before buying, make sure that the surface of the floor tile is anti-slip and textured. If the floor is lined with smooth glossy tiles, injuries cannot be avoided.

You can opt for an imitation pattern of floor tiles under a stone or wood. If you want something more refined, it is permissible to repeat the pattern of the apron tile in the finish of the floor covering. In addition to the apron and floor tile can be on the working surfaces of the kitchen. It is important to use impact resistant materials. For such surfaces, glazed tile is better suited: it is less susceptible to external influences.

Another piece of furniture where tiles can be used is a hood. For Provencal style, it is usually chosen as a dome, then trim the edges with tiles. This is done only for decorative purposes, the tile does not have any functional load in this case. In the homes of true connoisseurs of the interior in the style of Provence you can find dining tables, the surface of which is decorated with tile.

Sometimes this decor can be seen in the design of the window sill. If you can not find a tile with the desired ornament or decor, there is a win-win option - photo tile. Any high-quality image can be applied to its surface. This product is quite popular because it allows you to embody any, even the most daring ideas.


A tiled bathroom is comfortable, beautiful, functional. The tile is not afraid of moisture, and its bathroom is more than enough. The rules for choosing a tile for the bathroom are the same as for the whole Provence style as a whole: avoid bright colors, powdery shades with the effect of aging are preferable.

Remember one of the basic rules: light color expands space, dark, on the contrary, reduces. If the bathroom in your apartment is not more than 6 square meters. m., choose a tile of light cream shades. This refers to the decoration of the walls and floor.

If you want to add color to your bathroom design, choose green and blue shades, avoid juicy and neon tones. You can decorate the surface with olive, mustard, marsh, celestial, cornflower-blue tiles. Perfect for decorating the bathroom lavender shade, powdery pink tone. Successfully fit into this room tile composition with a combination of monochromatic background and tile with a pattern.

Many manufacturers produce ceramic tiles for the bath in separate collections, which have everything you need:

  • plain tiles for walls;
  • tile with a picture or texture;
  • curbs;
  • floor tiles.

At points of sale of such collectible tiles, sellers have special programs for calculating. Design project you will do for free. This will allow you to buy the required amount of lining, taking into account the small margin on scrap, which is possible during transportation or cutting.

Living room

The tile in the living room is more often used for flooring. In this case, take care of laying the heating cable, otherwise the coolness of the tile will have to escape the carpet. If the living room has a fireplace, it can be decorated with a mosaic. You can decorate one of the walls with tiles. For these purposes, choose the texture under stone, brick, wood, flower ornaments or sketches of rural life.


The presence of tile in the bedroom is not as popular as in the kitchen and bathroom. But if you are a big fan of ceramics, you can use it as a wood or stone flooring, with and without ornament. An interesting solution would be an imitation of tiled carpeting.


Despite the abundance of suppliers of ceramic tiles, tiles in the style of Provence are not all brands. We note several manufacturers whose products are in demand among buyers. Among them are Russian and foreign companies.

"Face Fashion"

Fase fashion ceramics is a newcomer in its segment. It produces various models of ceramics, including low cost and elite varieties of tiles. Pay attention to the series Provence, Lavender, Bread, Tea time: the color scheme conveys the atmosphere of a French village; there are cute themed decors in the collections.

Global tile

Another newcomer, confidently gaining the sympathy of consumers. The company produces materials for facing walls and floors at affordable prices. In collections with interesting names everything is foreseen (from borders to wall panels). Patterns, ornaments and palette deserve attention if you decide to recreate the style of Provence.


This tile is produced under the control of the Polish brand in Russia. To translate your ideas, high-quality porcelain stoneware is presented; many suitable options can be found in the catalogs of this company.


The catalog of this Russian plant presents the widest range of tiles for any premises. The combination of "price-quality-cost of delivery" will make the repair and not go broke. In the assortment there is a material for every taste.

Kerama marazzi

This brand has a decent selection of ceramics collections. Each of them contains the entire set of elements. For interior design in the style of the French province, you should pay attention to the series "Karaoke Provence".

Useful tips

When choosing a tile for one room, refrain from the simultaneous use of glossy and matte surfaces. For lovers of original solutions fit in the style of patchwork (work from the rags). Composition made in this technique is ideal for laying an apron in the kitchen or mosaic in the living room. When buying a bathroom tile, pay attention on indicators of resistance to chemical attack.

If you want to recreate a corner in the style of a French village in your apartment or house, ceramic tile will be a good choice of finishing material. Tile manufacturers have created beautiful full-fledged collections suitable for arranging any type of premises in the spirit of Provence.

The most difficult decision that will be in front of you is to choose one thing. To simplify the selection, you can consult with the seller.

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