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Sofa with the mechanism "French folding bed"

In some cases, the problem of arranging an extra bed is especially acute. There is not always enough free space for its arrangement. A French clamshell can help in such situations.

Features and benefits


French cot - it is the furniture having three options of decomposition and further use. It belongs to the category of triple folding mechanisms. Its design is its main distinctive feature. This clamshell consists of three sections.. In order to decompose it, you must first remove the cushions from the seats, then in front of the clamshell the handle is lifted, which is mounted horizontally. By alternately lifting the support legs, the two remaining parts are laid out. When unfolding, the legs independently fall to the floor and become almost perfectly flat in horizontal position. There is only a slight bias in the foot part.

Another feature and at the same time the main advantage is the possibility of using this piece of furniture both as a sofa and as a full-fledged sleeping place. Just like other types of sofas, this one can be simple or angular.

Since its first appearance, such a French clamshell has attracted a lot of attention, and today it is in demand. And all thanks to its merits:

  1. Compactness. When assembled, this furniture takes up little space.
  2. A possibility of use in two various options. It can be said that this is a transforming cot.
  3. Low cost. Compared with many, even the most compact folding sofas, such a folding bed is much cheaper.
  4. Long service life. Thanks to the use of modern materials such furniture can last for many years.
  5. The possibility of daily use. French clamshells, made several years ago, had a rather fragile mechanism, so their daily use as a bed led to a quick breakdown of the mechanism. Now everything is different due to the fact that the Mixotul transformation mechanism is used, so the layout of the sofa was not only easy, but also safe for the entire structure.

Such features of the design and advantages of the clamshell are generally explained by the materials of its manufacture.


Modern French clamshells of various models are made of the following parts:

  1. Frame. As a rule, it is only metal and is able to withstand high loads.
  2. Lats, they keep on the welded lattice of the frameworks and increase its strength, as well as give additional softness. These clamshells withstand weight up to 200 kg.
  3. Plastic holders lat ensure their tight attachment to the lattice, durability and strength of the structure as a whole.
  4. Polypropylene awning protects armor and hides them from prying eyes. In the very first models of French folding beds used leather awning.
  5. Mattress. In the standard set it is made of foam rubber.
  6. Upholstery.

All materials used have increased strength, durability, they are durable and absolutely safe for human health.


In spite of the fact that today all pieces of furniture can be made not only according to certain standards, but also by individual orders, this does not apply to French cots. In the sale they come in several sizes, depending on the area of ​​the bed.

  1. 70th standard size characterized by a width of the bed on the outer and inner side of 68 * 63 cm and a minimum width of the installation space of 82 cm. This is a single folding bed.
  2. 80th standard size French clamshell requires 92 cm of installation space and has a width of berth 78 * 73 cm. This French sofa is also single.
  3. Size 90 - this is the width of a sleeping bag 88 * 83 cm and 102 cm of the installation area.
  4. 100th standard size already requires 112 cm of installation space, and the width of its outer and inner sides of the frame 98 cm and 93 cm, respectively. French clamshells of this size can already be considered a full-fledged double option.
  5. Size 120 needs a free installation space of at least 132 cm, its width along the frame is 117 * 113 cm. Double folding bed.
  6. Frame width 130 size is 128 * 123 cm, and the free installation space can not be less than 142 cm. Folding beds of this size also belong to the double version.
  7. Size 140 It is also considered a double bed and is characterized by a frame width of 138 * 133 cm, the free installation space should be 152 cm.
  8. 150 standard size can be installed in a space of not less than 162 cm, its width along the frame is 148 * 143 cm. This standard size of a French folding bed is three-person.

Absolutely all the varieties of French clamshecks released today for sale are made in accordance with these frame sizes.


Even such a primitive, at first glance, version of furniture, like a French clamshell, is today manufactured and implemented in several varieties:

  1. "Toulon. This folding sofa is available in all sizes. A distinctive feature of this model is not only the possibility of using it as an extra bed, but also the possibility of using a folding bed as a chair with a drawer. In this case the berth is liquidated, and a box for storage of things is installed in its place. Available in various color variations.
  2. "Spartacus" - This is a French clamshell of domestic production, which first appeared 12 years ago. Two varieties of this model, the Spartak and Spartak 1, are on sale. The difference between them lies in the bed. In the first case, this is the usual welded mesh with metal thin rods, and in the second case it is a special polyurethane mattress. In addition, the length of the bed in "Spartacus 1" is much more.
  3. "Louise" - This is another model of the French folding bed. It is the most modern, in addition to the sleeping area has an already built drawer for linen. Folds out just like all French folding beds. It is characterized by high durability and convenience.

By and large, all models of French folding beds are very similar to each other: they are made on the same standard sizes, have one layout mechanism. The differences between them are in the date of appearance on the market, the manufacturer and some technical nuances.

Where to put?


To fully appreciate all the advantages and convenience of this furniture, it must be properly installed.

In principle, this furniture can be installed not only in any room, but also in any part of it. It all depends on what size was purchased clamshell, whether it is straight or angular, and for what purpose it was acquired.

If the sofa was purchased as a bed, it does not matter whether it is angular or straight. It is necessary to make sure that there is enough space around it for its transformation and there is still enough space for them to have free access to it. It is best to place the clamshell in this case in the center of the room, in the extreme case, in the corner. But this is in cases where the planned daily use of the French sofa as a free bed. If this furniture is purchased in case of unexpected guests and its rare use and transformation is planned, then the specific installation site does not matter much. The main thing is to make sure that there is enough free space for its further unfolding.

If a french cot It is acquired as a usual sofa and its transformation into a bed is not planned, it is necessary to establish it depending on the room. So, in the hall it is best to install it in the center of the room or in the corner in the event that the folding bed is angular.

In the children's room, such a sofa should be placed opposite the desk or in the corner opposite the entrance.

Buying a French cot for the kitchen, it is better to stop the choice on the corner and place it, respectively, in the corner. This will save space, and if necessary it can always be expanded, moving the dining table.

The French clamshell is a versatile piece of furniture that can be installed in almost any room and in any part of it.

How to choose?

Going to the store for shopping, you need to remember a few basic selection criteria:

  1. Cost The price of the same sofa from different manufacturers may differ significantly from each other. Therefore, it is recommended to determine in advance the maximum cost you are willing to pay for it.
  2. Brand fame. When buying a product from a well-known manufacturer in a company store, the risk of running into a fake and low-quality goods is much lower.
  3. Build quality. Here, the mechanism of folding the sofa deserves special attention. It should work clearly, easily, not stick and not force you to make strong efforts. You should be able to decompose the sofa quickly and easily.
  4. Frame base. There are two options: an awning-lattice base and frame grid with additional pipes. The first option is more comfortable and soft, so such a folding sofa for everyday use would be more comfortable. The second option of the clamshell has less softness, but greater strength.
  5. Mattress. It is not always sold complete with a French cot. Therefore, it is very important to decide whether you will purchase it separately for your taste or whether you will be content with what the manufacturer offers.

Based on these basic selection criteria and your desires, you can easily select and purchase a truly high-quality and durable folding bed in accordance with your wishes.


French clamshells receive only positive feedback. Despite the abundance of various options for sofas, this one is in great demand. As the main advantages, buyers note the possibility of simple and quick transformation of a sofa into a bed, its practicality, abundance of sizes, ease of installation and space saving. Many buyers especially note the strong and reliable construction of such sofas, which prolongs their lifespan. In addition, the French clamshell can withstand a very large weight. And even with its daily use as a bed, it does not break and does not bend.

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Another advantage of this furniture is its cost. Compared with conventional sofas with similar functions, such a folding bed is cheaper, and its quality is no worse.

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