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Chandeliers in the interior of the bedroom

The correct chandelier in the bedroom should have a number of necessary characteristics. The quality of sleep and rest depends on properly selected lighting, so it is necessary to approach the matter wisely. Ceiling lights in the bedroom are of different types and styles.

Special features


Bedroom - the most intimate room at home. The selection of lighting in this room should be approached very seriously.

Despite the fact that it is necessary to create a sufficiently bright light, it should not unnecessarily blind and shoot down a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

The main distinctive feature of chandeliers for the bedroom is the need for them to match the inner world of the owner, in other words, the chandelier in the bedroom should be like. If this is not the case, neither the perfect stylistic composition nor the color will save the situation, and it will be difficult to relax in such a room.

Chandelier should be combined with the style and decor of the room. If the bedroom is made in the style of "Provence", it is definitely not worth buying a modern "high-tech" model. Decide on whether the chandelier will act as the main accent or perform the role of a delicate addition.

If there are other lamps in the room, try to choose a ceiling model so that it fits with them. It looks harmonious and beautiful, regardless of the room, but for the bedroom, this harmony is most important.

It is also important to choose a chandelier, equipped with a dimmer. The ability to adjust the brightness is extremely important for sleeping interiors. Recently, the need to recognize and the presence of an additional switch next to the bed, so as not to have to get out of bed.

Options for bedrooms often provide a light switchboard. Most of the time can be white, and when it’s time to go to sleep, just turn on the blue light and a small bedside light bulb. So, under the influence of properly selected lighting, the body gradually relaxes, becoming sleepy.

Pay attention to the material. A suitable chandelier for the bedroom should not be made of toxic substances, since the person spends a third of the day here, and the harm to health will be irreparable. There are no more restrictions for the bedroom, it is possible to buy a lamp both from plastic, and from fabric, and from crystal.

You should not choose bright models, it is best to limit yourself to a muted color palette.

The chandelier should not distract from sleep, on the contrary, its task is to promote good rest.



On the modern market there are quite a few varieties of chandeliers. Ceiling lights are recessed, overhead and suspended.

Suspended models are the most popular.especially for bedrooms with high ceilings. Hanging models offer a large selection of different designs: it can be a single fabric lamp shades, and original bundles of lampshades.

Do not associate overhead model with hospitals and schools. Modern options with euroframe are no worse than suspended ones that cope with the decorative role, at the same time they take up less space and are even suitable for installation on low ceilings.

This can also be attributed crystal chandeliers with a variety of pendantsoften chosen for bedrooms due to their solemnity and frequent irrelevance in other rooms. They, like pendant lamps, require the presence of high ceilings, as the bulky crystal model will draw attention to itself and “eat” the surrounding space both upwards and in breadth.

For bedrooms, choose overhead chandeliers - bush, occupying a much smaller space. Bush refers to the overhead model, but they are made of a much larger diameter, because of what they look appropriate only on the ceiling of a spacious room.

Recessed ceiling lights are used in cases where creating sufficient lighting with the help of chandeliers alone does not work.

Depending on what kind of atmosphere you need, a lamp is also chosen.

The airy forged model with fabric shades will perfectly fit into the classic interior, and the unusual fan chandelier - into the industrial one.

Please note that chandeliers are used for more classic styles. with an odd number of bulbs: three-horned, five-horned and so on. For modern stylistics it is customary to choose even numbers: two-lamp, four-fermented, six-pointed.

Actual styles

The bedrooms are decorated in a variety of different styles, and choosing a few of them is quite difficult. In a fashion and premises in the classical style, in baroque, and in modern. It is worth a little more detail on each of the following:

  • For bedrooms baroque choose pompous large designs with many exquisite details. These include crystal lamps and bush chandeliers. It is advisable to choose iridescent coating with gold leaf, they emphasize the majesty of the entire interior.

  • Chandelier in classic style is represented by a multi-track suspended construction with fabric shades decorated with a fringe or edging. The number of ceiling lamps depends on the size of the bedroom: for small rooms, only three are sufficient, and for impressive ones, seven-arm structures are often chosen.

  • Bedroom in modern style "loft" Requires the installation of an unusual chandelier. This could be an interesting “spider” design that allows you to illuminate the largest space, or a bunch of several Edison bulbs suspended without the use of ceiling lamps. For long narrow bedrooms it is appropriate to use track chandeliers.

  • For style "Provence" chandeliers similar in design to classic ones are selected, but absolutely different in terms of colors. It is necessary to choose a light floral pattern for the ceiling lamps, and a white or cream color for the base.
  • For bedroom in style minimalism You can choose a single lampshade made of fabric, and the frosted glass canopy. Distinctive features are the absence of patterns, geometric accuracy of forms, the choice of colors in the black and white spectrum. The base must be made of wood or a single cord, in the second case it is worth making the cord as inconspicuous as possible.
  • For Scandinavian style fit minimalist chandeliers, but it is best to give preference to forged models with imitation candles instead of light bulbs. It is desirable to complement this design with crystal pendant drops in order to deepen the dramatic effect. An alternative is the choice of a simple wicker rattan ceiling. It is suitable if the bedroom has a rather small area.

Popular colors

Fashion is favorable to the use of almost all colors, so when choosing, it is necessary to proceed from the characteristics of the sleeping room. First of all, the chandelier for the bedroom should not be very bright, it is best to give preference to neutral muted tones.

The most popular are white chandeliers.

This is largely due to the fact that they can be chosen for any interior, ranging from baroque to high-tech. An additional advantage of white color is its ability to add roominess, lightness and height to the room: if the bedroom ceiling is not high enough, a white ceiling lamp is the best choice.

Among other colors worth highlighting:

  • Transparent glass ceiling lamps are often found along with white ones, since they are equally suitable for any room, depending on the shape and color of the base. They are perfectly combined with metallized bases (silver, bronze, gold-plated), and with color (black, white, bright).

  • Lilac tones have a calming effect on the nervous system, tune a person to a good rest and a deep restful sleep. It is best to choose lilac shades on a silver base. This combination makes a fascinating impression.

  • The same soothing effect gives a green chandelier. If you supplement it with white floral motifs, you get the perfect lighting device for an eco-friendly interior. It is not necessary to choose a pure green color, pistachio is better suited for a bedroom.

  • Purple chandelier looks unusual and often acts as a color accent. Violet color is mainly used in the combined bedroom offices, as it stimulates the performance of the brain.

  • A black chandelier is a pretty daring choice. Basically, black as the main color is chosen in the men's bedroom style "loft". You can choose a black lampshade, you just need to pick up a bright light bulb. The transparent crystal chandelier in the black fabric cylinder looks unusual.



Chandeliers for bedrooms are made of various materials, including natural and artificial. The materials are divided into those of which the bases are made and those of which the ceiling is made.

For bases, metal is most often chosen. Low-cost typical bases of various forms are produced from aluminum. Due to the lightness, aluminum chandeliers can be attached even to suspended ceilings.

Wrought iron models are often handmade and extremely expensive.

Prices are at the same level for designer factory lamps. Their main advantages include durability and prestige, but such options often weigh an incredible amount. Various coatings are used: bronze, brass, gilding.

Chandeliers on a wooden base are used in some styles: classical, "provence", "country". Usually it is suspended ornate models on a carved frame. They are made from traditional precious woods (walnut, cherry) and from exotic (cork, wenge).

Ceilings are made of fabric of different density and light transmittance, frosted and transparent glass, crystal, wood, plastic. Depending on the style of the room, as well as the type of lighting that needs to be created, the material is also selected. Some matter (plastic, wood, many types of fabric lamp shades) cannot be used for framing high-power lamps, as they can melt or ignite. Be sure to check this when purchasing.

The most popular are glass ceiling. They are well combined with any material of the basis, well pass and disseminate color, have a wide color palette. The glass can be easily applied patterns: lines, bubbles, flowers.

Manufacturers Review

The greatest confidence is captured by European manufacturers with a long history, recognized throughout the world. These include representatives of many countries: Germany, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and many others:

  • Czech Republic produces crystal from the XVIII century, and by now the quality and sophisticated design only pleases the buyer. The industry of the country is focused mainly on the production of luxury models.
  • German chandeliers are a little inferior to Czech in refinement, but not in quality. You can find both affordable models and exclusive luxury models.

  • Spain offers bold design solutions that distinguish chandeliers from this country from other European models. Prices also range from reasonable to fabulously high.
  • Italy is the world leader in the production of the most fashionable designs, one can say that the Italian masters set the tone for the entire industry. The most expensive chandeliers are attributed to the Italian ones.

  • On a par with Europe, chandeliers from Turkey hold the lead. They are of good quality, but the price is much lower. Large selection of designer models allows you to find something for every taste.
  • Chinese chandeliers have been practically driven out of the market, since their only plus is low cost. Do not buy such models, especially for the bedroom. Often they are not subject to the necessary certification.
  • Russia, alas, lags far behind Europe in quality but not in prices: the cost of Russian products is slightly lower than foreign ones. The scarcity of choosing various fashion models is frustrating.

Which one to choose?

To choose the right chandelier for the bedroom, you need to focus on the features of the room itself:

  • For a small bedroom with low ceilings, the multi-beam overhead chandelier is the best choice. It does not take up much space and perfectly illuminates the entire area of ​​the room, so the installation of additional lamps is not needed.

  • In the bedroom-living room It is recommended to choose a pompous majestic model. Since the room is planned to receive guests, you must show them a decent atmosphere. It is best to choose a suspended ceiling lamp: it almost always looks solemn. Crystal multi-tiered design will be an interesting option, if the height of the ceilings and the style of the room allows.
  • For multi-tiered plasterboard ceilings you need to choose not so much a bright chandelier, as appropriate to the entire interior. The lack of lighting can be easily compensated by adding sconces, spotlights or LED lighting. Pay attention that heavy constructions are not suitable for gypsum ceilings: there is a risk that such a chandelier will collapse along with the ceilings.

Where should be?

The classic location of the chandelier is in the center of the room, but in the bedroom it is appropriate to place it directly above the footboard. If the chandelier is bright enough, you may not need a lamp to read.

If several chandeliers are selected, you can hang them symmetrically opposite each other.

Four overhead lamps, arranged in a diamond-shaped manner, will perfectly illuminate the whole room and will look unusual and interesting.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Despite the fact that many designers discourage the use of large lamps on sloping ceilings, in the interior of this bedroom lampshade-dandelion looks more than appropriate. It is not installed right in the middle of the room, but closer to the rest area organized in the same room.

Interesting chandeliers, fans are suitable not only for rooms with high ceilings. Picking up the diameter of the required size, you can successfully use it in a relatively low room. The bedroom in rustic style is beautifully complemented by a lamp, it is the only unusual detail in the whole room.

The bedrooms welcome the use of chandeliers not only in the classic sense. Such a wreath is perfect for a room in a modern style, acting as a bright accent. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of colors: bronze mounts and frame exactly repeat the shades of the environment.

Soft chandelier- "spider" for a small bedroom style "loft" - classics of the genre. Despite the small size of the room, the pendant lamp does not look out of place due to the correctly selected length and diameter of the pickup placement. Black wires do not catch the eye against the gray ceiling, but only emphasize the drama of the interior.

For ecological style It is not always necessary to choose lamps from eco-friendly materials. In this case, a plastic lamp is chosen, the design of which resembles the horns of an animal or a bare branch of a plant. The lack of illumination is compensated by spot LED illumination on adjustable illumination.

Pendant lights do not have to be placed under the ceiling. If they do not perform the function of the main lighting, you can replace the floor lamps on the bedside tables, thereby creating a soft diffused lighting in the area of ​​the head of the bed.

This technique will not leave anyone indifferent because of its unusual nature.

Waybill bush chandelier not always pompous. This retro interior is skillfully complemented by a lamp that repeats the pattern on the accent wall. Unusual lighting created in the room is muted, despite the presence of a reflective surface at the head of the bed; The role of bedside lamps play suspended modern chandeliers.

A fabric lampshade over the crystal chandelier does not surprise anyone, however, the reception does not get worse. Unusual ambient light created by this design requires additional fixtures (pendant or point). The main chandelier is always located above the bed, as if pointing to the main component of the entire interior.

Ceiling torches upon closer inspection, it turns out to be quite an interesting detail of this whole bedroom in style. modern. The dark golden color of the base exactly repeats the shade of the curtains, as well as the white shades - white tulle. The chandelier is not the leading item, it only complements the existing composition.

The combination of a lot of lampshades of the same shape, but with different ornaments looks fresh and interesting. Hanging them at different heights by one group, the designer turned this element of the interior into a stylistic center. At such trifles easily lingers attention.

For the classic style, it is typical to use fabric shades of neutral tones on refined thin bases. In this case, the color of the base is chosen in the same shade with the wall, and the ceiling lamps are made of the same material as the decorative pillowcases on the bed.

Notice how the chandelier echoes with the rest of the lamps in the room, while not duplicating them.

Paper lamps are practically not used in bedrooms because of their fragility and ability to easily ignite, but there are exceptions to all the rules. This chandelier looks more like a work of art than a lamp shade. Installing on a reliable basis of such a light construction added spice to the whole interior, however, the chandelier looks a bit cumbersome in this small bedroom.

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