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Unis primer features

Priming compositions solve several problems at once: they simultaneously make the surface smoother, improve the adhesion of the base and the material applied on top of it, which reduces the consumption of the same paint and makes it stronger.

Unis primer has a number of nuances that must be taken into account.

Special features

After priming such a mixture can be applied:

  • cement mortar;
  • gypsum mortar;
  • varnish;
gypsum mortar
cement mortar
  • paint;
  • enamel;
  • drying oil

It is allowed to use strictly in rooms with normal or low humidity levels. The recommended air temperature during priming is not lower than +5 and not higher than +30 degrees.

On 1 square. m. will have to spend a minimum of 100 ml of the composition, with 10 liters of the mixture is processed on average from 60 to 70 square meters. m. There is also the option of 5 l containers; in both cases, the universal primer should be stored no more than 1 year after purchase. After finishing, a layer of soil will reliably protect the substrate not only from moisture, but also from a number of aggressive substances.

drying oil


On the Yunis primer, only favorable reviews come in, as these mixtures, as consumers note, are easily diluted with water and can be applied without any problems. Any initial surface that can be trimmed with such compositions is much better in its qualities. It is possible to apply such means both inside and outside - treated surfaces will not crumble or crack. Facial finishing material will retain its properties for a longer period of time than when applied directly on the untreated substrate.

Primer can plaster and gas silicate blocks, foam concrete, plaster, and under the same plaster, self-leveling floors or paints and varnishes, this mixture fits perfectly.


"Eunice" waterborne primer The base is formed by a polymer dispersion and special additives, primarily antiseptic and reduce the formation of foam. Soil penetrating deep into, is able to provide reliable retention of finishing material on foam concrete, iron (steel), cinder concrete and limestone. They say about deep penetration because the liquid passes 0.2-1 cm deep into the surface.

"Concrete Active" - This is a product for a concrete base that can be applied to stone surfaces. Drying time is exactly 2 hours. The primer can be stored for six months, and it should be applied in the amount of 300 g per 1 sq. M. After processing, even such an unstable type of coatings as heavy structural plaster will remain stable on the surface.


Primer for interior work is not suitable for improving the properties of street surfaces of the facade and terrace. The base is required to degrease, remove organic contamination. There should not be shedding - the strength of the substrate is very important. An important advantage is that the lining can be made shortly after application. Not only brushes are suitable for work, but also spray guns, rollers, spray systems.

Priming of dusty surfaces is unacceptable.. Porous bases should always be covered with several layers, if necessary, the technology allows diluting the Eunis soils with clean water. Any type of these priming mixtures is packaged in such a way that deformation is completely avoided under the conditions of transportation and storage.

A bucket with a capacity of 10 liters is enough to lubricate about 30 square meters. m. walls in one layer. Drying it when the air is heated to 19 degrees and a relative humidity of 60% is about 3 hours. Any mixture can not be used outside with a humidity of 76% and above.. It is possible to work all year round in heated rooms, the level of humidity does not matter.

So, the primer from the company Eunice shows itself from the best side for a long time. You can use this material in preparation for the finishing of walls quite widely. If you follow the instructions, it will not disappoint consumers.

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