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Figured ceilings: modern ideas for interior decoration

The figured ceiling is the ideal solution for creating a unique design design. Advanced building technologies allow the use of such decorative elements in both residential and public spaces. Beautiful curly ceilings, as well as their modern ideas for interior design contribute to the creation of the most comfortable and stylish space, taking into account individual wishes.

Features: pros and cons

The original figured ceiling can be not only decoration of an interior, but also its functional addition. Such designs belong to suspended and tension systems. Each figure, created with the use of drywall, has one or several levels, which determine the overall complexity of the design. Almost all curved plasterboard ceilings have their pros and cons, which must be considered in the process of interior design.

Benefits include:

  • Affordable price material and ease of installation. Practicality and ease of care will not cause inconvenience during operation.
  • The ability to quickly create lighting. The presence of several levels in one design allows you to create the required level of lighting with the use of lighting devices made in different styles.
  • The ability to visually expand the space. A particular model of the figured ceiling makes it possible not only to visually expand the territory, but also to divide one room or room into several zones.
  • Masking obvious irregularities and communication. With the help of drywall constructions it is possible to hide visible defects in the form of cracks, irregularities, electrical wiring or ventilation pipes.

Disadvantages are:

  • Great weight. Since drywall is characterized by a sufficiently large weight, the mount should be as correct and reliable as possible.
  • Instability to moisture. With an increased level of moisture in the room or after flooding, the figured ceiling quickly deforms, losing its original qualities.
  • Inadmissibility disassembly after installation. After the completion of repair work, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the created gypsum ceiling. That is why, starting to design ceilings with curved structures, it is necessary to decide in advance where the lighting devices will be located, and how communications will be installed.

All these positive and negative sides should be taken into account in the process of creating curved ceilings. After all, a professional approach is the key to the most effective results.

Types of designs

Plasterboard ceilings occupy high positions in the rating of use compared with conventional plaster or paint. Each sheet resembles plywood, the middle of which is filled with plaster. Figured ceiling structures are divided into three main types:

  • single level;
  • simple;
  • complex.

Single-level ceilings are most often used as a leveling element of the surface. Basically they are rectangular structures, even corners of which give the room a certain elegance and rigor. The rather simple design of these elements of the decor makes them not only an interior decoration, but also an excellent basis for mounting additional levels on the ceiling. This option can be safely applied in rooms with almost any height.

Simple ceilings consist of two or three levels and can be made in the form of frames, diagonals or certain zones. Here, each new level is fixed to the previous one and represents a single composition. Most often they are found in rooms with high ceilings, where there is a need to create a unique and original design of the space.

Difficult ceilings are characterized by significantly complicated structures, the creation of which requires a lot of time and effort. Such a ceiling can be made in the form of one or several beautiful figures installed on the second or third level. Chic appearance of such products gives the atmosphere of aristocracy and aesthetic beauty. A room in such a decoration looks really stylish and modern.

For multi-level plasterboard ceiling structures, the most sought-after figures are:

  • rectangles and squares;
  • ovals and semicircles;
  • waves and curved lines;
  • flowers, plants and patterns.

In some cases, when installing a figured ceiling in the central part, wallpaper or stretched canvas with a pattern imitating stars, clouds or other elements of a suitable design can be used.

The type and color of lighting is chosen based on the features of the drywall construction, as well as the purpose of the room. It can be either a regular chandelier or spotlights, complemented by LED lighting.

Design Ideas

This or that design figured ceiling directly depends on the purpose of the room. For residential buildings and apartments have their own design ideas that differ markedly from those intended for use in public spaces. The right combination of colors and professionally selected lights make each figure combination truly stylish and unique.

It is worth noting that a beautiful plasterboard ceiling can be a good addition to almost any stylistic direction in design.

Figured ceilings are most often used in such styles as minimalism, baroque, hi-tech, classic and empire. For each of these areas there are certain features that must be taken into account in the process of choosing the appropriate design.

Despite its simplicity, style minimalism considered one of the most popular. Its characteristic features are asymmetric elements, which are harmoniously combined with bright colors. Curly plasterboard ceilings in this style are distinguished by a light color scheme, the contrast can be yellow, red or pink tones. The ceiling in this design design looks quite light and airy and gives the room some freshness.

Properly selected elements of the backlight can create a beautiful play of light, making the design more saturated and attractive.

Design in style baroque attracts with its originality, in which a certain excess of details reigns. Creating a figured ceiling in this direction, it is worth adhering to the central idea so that the overall composition has a presentable and complete appearance.

Professional designers recommend to make shallow levels, focusing on the central part of the structure with the help of lighting and stucco.

The color range of products can be quite diverse, but the best solutions will be white, blue and golden hues. The ceiling in such a palette looks both elegant and luxurious.

Rational and strict style high tech allows you to maximize the use of imagination, experimenting with clear or sharp lines, harmoniously complemented by abstract images. The color scale of such figured ceilings includes white, gray and golden shades. Their cold and faceless appearance is best suited for offices and kitchens, where there is a need to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Classic style It is considered quite modern, as it harmoniously combines laconic forms and symmetric lines. As a decor, geometric figures, thematic drawings, flowers or beautiful patterns are actively used here. The color scheme of these figured ceilings consists of white, beige and coffee shades. For drywall constructions in this style it is appropriate to use painting, which makes the overall composition more interesting and rich.

Beautiful and elegant curved ceilings in the Empire style attract attention with its smooth and rounded lines. The color palette is dominated by calm pastel colors that perfectly emphasize the shape of the plasterboard construction. Professionally selected lighting gives these products a special beauty and elegance. The room, complemented by such a stylish element of decor, is characterized by natural beauty and disposes to a pleasant pastime.

Each model of the figured ceiling made of plasterboard is able to highlight all the advantages of the overall style of the interior. The right combination of colors and shapes will allow rooms to look always elegant and unique. After all, such structures make it possible to turn an ordinary ceiling into a real work of art. The main thing is to make the right choice.

Tips for choosing

Curly ceilings can be a great addition to almost any room. Beautiful ceiling decoration is considered a sign of good taste of the owners and a bright element of the interior. That is why the choice of one or another model of the figured ceiling should be taken with great responsibility. There are certain tips for choosing drywall constructions for each room that make this process much simpler:

  • Kitchen. With the help of the figured ceiling, the kitchen can be made not only functional, but also beautiful. It is recommended to make a choice in favor of the classic options, the range of which surprises with its diversity. The color palette should be chosen based on the color of the furniture and the floor. The minimum number of decorative elements is the key to creating a truly practical and aesthetically attractive kitchen.

  • Living room. Original and unusual look curly ceilings in the living room. This room is considered to be the ideal place for the most daring and creative design solutions.

It is very important that the overall design has smooth transitions from one part to another. The color scheme also should not be sharp transitions, while using both light and dark shades.

  • Bedroom. To create a figured ceiling in the bedroom, it is best to choose pastel colors, smooth shapes and soft lighting. Romantic atmosphere will create delicate patterns or flickering lights. You should not install bulky chandeliers and gloomy elements on plasterboard ceiling structures. The ideal solution for the bedroom are ceilings with the image of a starry sky or air clouds, although there are images in the form of bright floral arrangements.

  • Children's In the nursery, it is important to keep a maximum of free space. Here it is necessary to give preference to natural shades, the choice of which depends on the sex and age of the child.

It is recommended to completely eliminate the presence of massive figures on the ceiling, since they negatively affect the psyche of children. It is much better if the ceiling in the nursery is made in a lightweight form, creating a feeling of coziness and comfort.

  • Corridor. It is the corridor that makes the first impression about the house as a whole. Therefore, it is important to make it as beautiful and stylish as possible. For this, single-level or two-level figured ceilings in bright colors that will make the overall design more interesting and original are perfect.

Even the smallest private house or small apartment will look modern and extraordinary, if we supplement their interior with beautiful curly ceilings. A seemingly ordinary attic will change noticeably with the presence of a curved plasterboard construction on the ceiling.

A wide variety of design options, the right choice of colors and type of lighting contribute to the creation of truly unique compositions in the form of the final chords for a particular interior.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The presence of shaped ceilings in the house makes it original, individual and more attractive. Modern technologies make it possible to translate into reality the most extraordinary design ideas, creating a unique ceiling composition of drywall. Each option has its own purpose and is distinguished by its individual design.

Curly ceilings on children's themes look beautiful and bright. It can be designs in the form of the sun, flower, cloud, zigzag or other motifs from children's fairy tales. Such amazing elements of the decor give the room comfort and create a cheerful mood. In a room with a similar ceiling decoration, children feel comfortable, maximizing their activity.

Curly designs on the ceiling in the form of wavy and smooth lines make the bedroom more elegant and attractive. Also here it is important to use different geometric shapes. Such a design does not lose its relevance over the years and is considered one of the most sought after. A touch of romance will give the ceiling in the shape of a heart with an unusual lighting, conducive to proper rest and relaxation.

This drywall composition is an excellent solution for the bedroom, as it is associated with the most pleasant feelings and emotions.

Refined and original look curly ceilings in the form of a specific ornament and geometric shapes. Stylish patterned ceiling can become a real interior decoration and its bright accent. Plasterboard ceiling compositions in the form of flower petals give the room some mystery and freshness. Smooth, wavy lines on the ceiling create a sense of calm and peace. All these options are ideal as a decor for the living room, making it as comfortable as possible and inviting to receive guests.

Curly designs with large geometric figures look laconic and stylish. Their strict design perfectly complements the spectacular lights, creating a positive mood. Such models often serve as an adornment of corridors and halls due to their restrained and original design. Such amazing elements of decor are always appropriate not only for large areas, but also for smaller rooms.

Properly decorated ceiling will always be in harmony with the decoration of the walls, as well as other interior items.

Each model of these decorative elements is the personification of aristocracy, elegance, aesthetics and uniqueness. The house, in which curly ceilings are installed, will always have an unsurpassed appearance, attracting attention with its incomparable beauty. Such wonderful drywall constructions are characterized not only by their original design, but also by their functionality, practicality and long service life.

Beautiful figured compositions can become a kind of visiting card, because their stylish and truly beautiful appearance is impossible not to appreciate.

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