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Artens mosaic in modern interior design

Mosaic as an interior detail has been used for quite some time, since ancient times. She gave the room a special chic and was a sign of the owner's wealth. Puzzles gathered in various patterns and depicted gods, great battles or images of rulers. What now is a mosaic in the interior, which pattern is better to choose, we will take a closer look at the example of the Artens brand, which is engaged in the production of mosaic tiles for various rooms.

Special features

Modern mosaic tiles can be glass, marble, ceramic or even stone. This clutch is easy to use and durable.

Of the obvious disadvantages - the high price, time-consuming process of laying, as well as a special material for bonding - special glue. Sometimes a mosaic can just pall. In this case, to remove it or redo it will be very difficult. But in comparison with the result that can be obtained with a reasonable approach to the choice of pattern and styling, these things are relegated to the background.

What is Artens?

The Artens brand hides the French manufacturer Leroy Merlin, as the rights belong to it. This company has several franchises, so production is carried out in several countries and several factories. Manufacturing techniques and the range of tiles everywhere remain original.

Mosaic is not the main product of this brand. Most often, the name Artens is associated with laminate, but the brand also established the production of slatted ceilings (supporting elements for decoration), sliding doors and their component parts, decorative wood, marble, and stone panels.

Mosaic characteristics

As a rule, the main material for manufacturing these mosaics is glass and glass mass. Mosaic tiles from these materials have the lowest price in the entire catalog. The size of such tiles is 30x30 cm, and the cost is no more than 80 rubles per piece. Such copies are purchased for bathrooms. They are strong, durable and do not require careful maintenance.

Most of the mosaic product range consists of glass variants, since glass is the most practical and easily processed material. Products from this material provide a wide space for imagination and design. Glass can be given any color. It has a glossy shine associated with purity and order. Such material does not require special care, does not react with aggressive chemical compounds.

An important and special place in the assortment is occupied by mosaic panels made of slate. As a rule, the color of these tiles is beige or beige-gray. Most often they are already assembled in a pattern. Such parts are used as add-ons for rooms with a special design. The masonry is often installed in the center of the room, giving the room the spirit of the Middle Ages or antiquity. The advantages of such panels (in addition to the aesthetic appearance) are strength, durability, noble matte surface.

These panels are eco-friendly coatings. They are made without the addition of aggressive chemical compounds, so do not emit anything during operation.

Another interesting branch of the production of mosaics are wooden elements. These Artens products are made from natural wood.

Customer Reviews

Mosaic panels can be placed in any room. The main thing is that it harmonizes with the interior. But in the domestic market it has become so common that mosaic is most often purchased for the bathroom or for kitchens. Much less often - for other rooms.

Buyers point out that often the photographs in the catalog may differ from the actual tile pattern. Moreover, it is explained that the drawing does not look worse or dim, but just looks a little different. Another disadvantage is the high price of most models. Consumers really like the rich selection of patterns and colors, as well as the abundance of different effects attached to Artens tiles. The Vidrepur model is popular with customers and also has broken sales records. Its cost ranges from 250 to 300 rubles per tile in different stores.

Touching on the topic of wooden coatings, one can notice that customers praise the easy and fast laying process, which in case of unforeseen situations is easily removed.

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