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Inverter refrigerator

It is difficult to imagine a kitchen without such a technique as a refrigerator. It is the most used technical installation in the house, therefore, it is necessary to choose such equipment especially carefully.

Not so long ago, invertors replaced linear motors. In the article we will consider the features of the operation of the inverter technology of refrigerators.

Principle of operation

Inverter technology implies smoothness in its work. Such an actuator differs from a non-inverter one in that there are no sudden on and off during the operation of the compressor. It is turned on at full power once, cools the refrigerator's chamber to the desired temperature, and then simply maintains the set temperature by reducing the engine speed. This is the main difference from a conventional linear compressor.

Linear compressors are used for a very long time and differ from the inverter. Linear compressor, cooling the camera to the desired mark, is turned off. When the temperature rises, it turns on again. Constant switching on and off is the fundamental principle of operation of refrigerators with a linear compressor.


The fundamental difference in the operation of the two types of compressors gave the inverter a number of advantages.

  1. Enormous energy savings, because there are no sudden jumps - switching on and off the engine. Electricity saving is 10-20% compared to refrigerators equipped with linear compressors.
  2. High wear resistance of parts of the device, since the smooth operation does not overload the engine.
  3. Many people know the sound of the included refrigerator, often causing discomfort. Inverter refrigerators have no such moment, therefore low noise level is an additional important advantage of such refrigerators.
  4. Maintaining a constant temperature in the chamber, regardless of the number of openings and closings of the refrigerator door, allows you to further preserve the freshness of the products.


Despite the enormous amount of advantages, inadequate refrigerators still have disadvantages.

  1. The high price compared to refrigerators with a linear motor. Although, having a high economy in terms of energy consumption, inverter models ultimately justify the difference in cost.
  2. Power surges, which in some homes are not so rare - a real scourge for inverter compressors. For some models of this type of equipment, it is even necessary to purchase special equipment to protect it from power surges. Some models are already produced with special protection.

How to choose?

Pay attention to the dimensions of the refrigerator and its internal volume. If your family consists of two to four people, then an average of 250 liters should be enough.

The number of chambers in the refrigerator can vary from one to six. We used to see refrigerators with two cameras - freezing and refrigerating. In a three-chamber installation, a freshness zone or a quick freeze zone can be additionally provided.

The choice of location of the freezer depends on your convenience. The defrosting chambers can be manual, drip (for the refrigerating chamber) and the No frost system. The No frost system will allow you to forget about such a problem as defrosting, as it prevents the formation of frost on the walls by blowing air.

The optimum noise level ranges from 21-56 dB.

Refrigerators of class A and B are considered the most economical. There are also models with energy saving class A +, A ++, A +++. With each increase in benefits, the energy saving class rises by 10%.

Depending on the climatic conditions in which the equipment will function, the classes are normal N (о t + 16 to +32 С), subnormal SN (from +10 to + 32С), subtropical ST (from +18 to + 38С), tropical T (from + 18 to + 43С).

Additional functions solve various problems. Fan cooling ensures uniform temperature in all compartments. The "Vacation" mode will allow the refrigerator to be brought into an economical mode when leaving.

The freshness zone is a separate compartment where it is good to store greens, vegetables and fruits due to high humidity.

The mode of a shock freezing allows to freeze instantly products, having kept, at the same time, a maximum of useful substances.

Antibacterial coatings and carbon filters combat unpleasant odors.

Features of Sumsung models

The manufacturer of equipment Sumsung has a large variety of inverter refrigerators. The price run for such models is quite large, from 25,000 to 200,000 rubles. This range of prices is characterized by the difference in the volume of the freezing and refrigerating chambers, the location of the freezer. The control and availability of the display also affects the price, so refrigerators with mechanical controls and the lack of a display are cheaper.

All inverter models of this manufacturer are equipped with a No frost system. The consumption class of such models is A +.

More expensive models are equipped with, as a rule, touch controls and LED lighting. They have such functions as cleaning the air in the chambers with the help of a deodorizing filter, Power Freeze (quick freezing), the control lock function and others.

The noise level of such models is only 38.5 dB. The difference with conventional models is 10%.

The company provides a 10-year warranty for this technique and promises consumers high durability of their products and build quality.

Overview of popular manufacturers

Today inverter refrigerators produce several manufacturers. These include LG, Atlant, Bosch, Samsung. Let us consider in detail each model separately.

Since the financial capabilities of each of us are different, consider the options for such a technique with respect to different price segments.

Low price segment.

  • Model Samsung RB33J3301WW pleases consumers with quiet work. The refrigerator is equipped with built-in protection against voltage surges. In general, the equipment meets consumer expectations regarding price / quality. Based on the reviews, the refrigerator is made soundly. The price for such a model is about 40,000 rubles.

  • Fridge LG GA-B489ZECL also pleases users with silent operation. The dimensions of the refrigerator, based on consumer feedback, allow you to store a large amount of food. The No frost system works well. The price for such a model is approximately 39,000 rubles.

  • Model Atlant XM 4425-030 N opt for having identical features in more expensive models for a much lower price. Consumers say high wear resistance technology. And in general, satisfied with the expectations regarding the price quality. The price for this model is approximately 28,000 rubles.

  • Bosch KIS 87AF30 - a refrigerator that, according to consumers, copes well with its functions. Energy class - A ++. Among the shortcomings, users noted the relatively high level of noise.

Medium price segment.

  • Spaciousness and stylish design attracts buyers model Samsung RB41J7761B1. Metal cooling technology allows you to quickly restore the desired temperature, with frequent opening of the refrigerator door. Consumers are pleased with the presence of the All-around Cooling function, due to which you don’t need to guess on which shelf to put the product so that it doesn’t deteriorate, as the temperature is the same in all compartments. Among the shortcomings, users noted that the refrigerator has a very marking surface. The price for such equipment is approximately 70,000 rubles.

  • Fridge LG GN-M702HMHM like people who make large stocks of frozen food. Since the freezer of this model is quite roomy, based on the reviews. It also has a backlight. Antibacterial seal and hygienic air filter protects products from germs and mildew. Cons - different temperatures in the compartments of the door. The price is approximately 86,000 rubles.

  • Refrigerator model Bosch KGN 39SA10R, according to consumers, combines the best quality equipment from different manufacturers. It combines high functionality and cutting-edge design. The price is approximately 56,000 rubles.

High price segment.

  • Model Samsung RF905QBLAXW. In general, reviews about the model are quite good. The vast majority notes the good capacity of the refrigerator. It is also equipped with an ionizer, which allows you to fight microbes. Among the shortcomings, users noted the large weight of the refrigerator.

  • Model Bosch KAN 58A55 attracts consumers with its stylish look. Many people acquire it only because of the availability of this quality. Some users complain of frequent breakage of shelves. The lack of air ionization grieves consumers, because the price for such a model is quite high and ranges from 119,000 to 180,000 rubles.

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