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Redmond coffee machines

Under the famous brand Redmond produced almost all household appliances. It compares favorably on the market for similar products with impeccable design, quality and constant innovative developments. The latest development was a remote control system via a smartphone. Such system is applied in teapots and the Redmond coffee machines. In addition, the models of coffee machines have their own unique features and advantages.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Coffee machines of this brand are positioned as the Smart Home series equipment. They are produced in the form of carob and drip types.

These species have their advantages:

  1. Clear Control Panel;

  2. Stylish and modern design;

  3. High speed preparation of the drink. On average, it takes up to 1 minute;

  4. Getting aromatic and pleasant coffee;

  5. Availability cups for heating cups;

  6. Opportunity make cappuccino, as there is a built cappuccinator;

  7. Rozhkovye coffee makers easy to operate and maintain;

  8. Drip Coffee Makers high-tech and easy to use;

  9. Availability functions of stopping the flow of coffee from the coffee machine;

  10. Democratic prices

According to consumer reviews, the disadvantages are:

  1. Noisy coffee making process in some models;

  2. Short cord to connect to the outlet;

  3. The absence of replaceable filters on the drip coffee machine.

Coffee machines of this brand are constantly being improved and new models appear.



The Redmond line of coffee making equipment is represented by several types of coffee machines and coffee makers. Coffee machines of the following models are considered the most popular and reliable:

  • Redmond RCM-1503.

  • Redmond RCM-1502.

  • Redmond SkyCoffee M1505S.


  • Model RCM-1503 is a type of carob that can make two cups of drink at the same time. The device is endowed with automatic and manual mode. You can also choose the temperature mode and the amount of water. The maximum amount of water is 1l.

Electronic control system will help you choose the desired mode, pressure and steam for making cappuccino. The body of the machine is compact, which will allow to place it even in a kitchen with a small area. There is a storage compartment for the cord. The machine itself is made of metal, which is easy to clean with a dry sponge.

The model has an automatic function of overheating and shutdown. The drip tray is removable, which makes it easy to clean.


  • Model Redmond RCM-1502 is a budget version of the coffee maker. It is presented in the form of a semi-automatic model of the horn. This model works only with ground coffee, as there is no grinder. At the same time it has a wide list of beverage preparation: from espresso to cappuccino. The working pressure is four bar, which is significantly less than, for example, in the Redmond RCM-1503 model.

The model as a whole was made for home use, so this pressure is enough to make coffee for a family.

The water tank is small, but enough to make a drink for 4 servings. At the same time two cups can be filled. The presence of a tray for heating cups will allow you to make aromatic coffee. For coffee, it is poured into a special horn, and then the technique automatically prepares the drink.

The metal horn allows you to warm coffee evenly and get a rich aroma and taste. The plastic case is easy to operate and maintain. For his purification does not need special tools.

At the same time, the plastic is resistant to temperature damage.

SkyCoffee M1505S

  • One of the innovative and modern models. is a coffee machine Redmond SkyCoffee M1505S. It has a special control technology from the phone. To do this, you need to download the application to the smartphone and establish a connection with the program of the coffee machine. This allows not only to control the coffee machine, but also to monitor the process and the result of cooking. This model is a capsule type and has a built-in coffee grinder. Therefore, it can brew coffee from both whole and ground beans.

This machine is characterized by quick preparation of coffee, but it also has a strong skimmer effect from the grinder.

Thanks to its fast performance, it is chosen not only for the home, but also for a small office team. There is a mode of maintaining the temperature of the finished drink from 30 minutes (in manual mode) to 6 hours (in remote mode). This coffee machine is equipped with an automatic shutdown mode, protection against overheating and spilling of beverages. With manual control, cooking is done with the button and knob to switch to ground or ground coffee.

The body is made of metal and plastic, which does not require a strong cost to care for it. It is resistant to damage of a mechanical or natural nature. Redmond coffee machines are a guarantee of reliability, quality and flavored drink.

Watch the video: Smart Coffee Maker REDMOND M1508S (November 2019).

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