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Juicer angel

Juicer - an indispensable thing in everyday life. If there are small children in the house, no store product, even the highest quality, can replace a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice, which is so useful for a baby. If the body is weak and requires vitamins, only with the help of a juicer can you make a stunning vegetable or fruit mix, natural and without preservatives, which can fill in the missing trace elements and beneficial substances.

The range of this popular household appliances in specialized stores is so wide that it is extremely difficult to make a choice in favor of a particular model. But there is a win-win option that has a lot of advantages - this is the Angel juicer. It has so many advantages that other similar devices and their analogues simply remain in the shadow, despite the technical innovations and price features. So, what is so special about this device?

Special features

When a device processes fruits, vegetables, or berries to produce a juice product, there are several technological steps during which the quality of the beverage may suffer.

For example, the details of the juicer heat up during acceleration. Accordingly, the temperature is transferred to the product, the oxidation process takes place, during which the natural juice loses its quality properties, losing vitamins.

But in this model, which is considered one of the best, the heating does not occur, as does friction. Because the screw model has the lowest speed of grinding units - only eighty-two turns in one minute. Due to this feature, the juice does not lose its vitamin value, it remains “alive” and therefore very useful.

Another reasonable plus in the work of this amazing household appliance is the smallest metal mesh with a minimum carrying area. It prevents seeds, peel residues and other small particles from getting into the finished product, which have nothing to do with juice as such. In the process of processing, the raw materials are practically not in contact with air, thereby not allowing the oxidation process to be activated.

What can be recycled

The list of fruits, vegetables and berries for processing on this wonderful juicer is significant. It will help to get fresh and healthy drinks not only from traditional oranges and apples. With its help, fruit and berry drinks, fruit fruit drinks, and vegetable mixes can be served at the table. It will easily process beets, carrots, tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, pumpkin. She can do plum, apricot, strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry, grapes, exotic fruits and berries.

The manufacturer has taken care to prepare the product from any vegetable gift even with pits, the juice can be made from fresh greens, pine needles, grain seeds, it will help to get almond juice. At the same time, the device is so easy and convenient to handle that even the most inexperienced hostess, who used the juicer for the first time, can cope with it. The design feature removes all unnecessary residues in the form of oil cake, producing at the output only a juice product - free of impurities, seeds, peel.

Have you ever tried almond milk? If not, then this is the time, because this unique delicious drink can be prepared at home. Take a handful of almonds and give Angel the opportunity to process the nuts. The resulting drink can be consumed in the form that is available. And you can add sugar, vanilla, finely chopped raisins or dried fruits to it and the benefits of the drink will increase significantly.

Principle of operation

In fact, the mechanism is very simple. Two screws, made of high-quality metal, rotate under the influence of electricity. Aggregates are spinning towards each other, thus it turns out two ingredients - cake and finished drink.

The juice first passes through a special nozzle, namely - the smallest mesh, without missing residual particles. Reviews of this device are only the most positive: comfortable, practical. Using it in everyday life, owners share their impressions, noting the spin on three levels.

It is worth paying attention to the efforts of the manufacturer. The author of this technical piece is the famous Korean firm Angel Co Ltd. It has been presenting its products in the consumer market for more than thirty years.

Its specialists assemble a household appliance manually, taking into account the scrolling of each screw and bolt, studying the external characteristics of the finished product and its technical properties. Those who have already used this model, enthusiastically speak of its power - after all, it is almost four horsepower.

Guaranteed quality ensures uninterrupted operation of the units for at least three years. At this time, and the guarantee is given. In general, the life of Angel juicer is up to twenty years.

Her wear is extremely low. The manufacturer notes - in the manufacturing process uses a special type of steel, which is used to create surgical instruments.

It has high power and significant advantages over other similar household appliances. The design is designed so that the finished juice is more than twenty, or even thirty percent, rather than using other models of juicers.

Should I buy

If you want to get yourself an indispensable assistant for the kitchen - this will be the right choice. A quality product with high power and technical characteristics will take a worthy place in your kitchen. Easy handling is complemented by ease of maintenance - after use, this design is sufficient to rinse with warm water or disassemble into parts and give to the "massacre" dishwasher.

It does not take much space. And another important plus is a decent price. Yes, some believe that for such money you can buy more than one assistant, who will prepare the juice. But whether it will serve the same way as Angel, whether it can guarantee the quality of the juice - these issues are not even worth discussing.

Watch the video: Angel Juicer 5500 7500 8500 (December 2019).

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