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Podium in the bedroom

Each of us dreams of the original unique interior of his apartment. with many stylish and ultramodern ideas, but often we are faced with the problem of lack of space in the rooms. However, in the case of a fairly small area of ​​the room, you can come up with a very convenient and very unusual solution - to install a podium in the room under which the bed will be placed.

With this design, you can divide the room into separate zones in a very interesting and unusual way. Thanks to this idea, you save a lot of space, because the area above the podium can be used to organize the workplace, and if this is a children's room, then there is a play area.

Another big plus of this solution is that you can easily design a podium at home with your own hands.


There are two ways to install a podium in a room with a berth:

  1. It will be located on the structure;
  2. Will move out from under the design.

In the first option, you have the opportunity to organize a place for storing things under the podium. It is very convenient to arrange there separate boxes in which you can store bed linen, clothes and other personal belongings.

In the second case, the bed during the day will “hide” under the structure, and at night you can roll it out with a light movement and get a full spacious berth. On the podium you can equip a separate area for work or leisure. This option is just perfect for small apartments.

When planning the podium in the bedroom do not forget about such important rules:

  • Podium must not block the passage from the door to other areas of the room;
  • The design must be as strong as possible sustainable and completely safe, especially for children;
  • The decor design must blend harmoniously with all interior items of the room;
  • Install this design is best in apartments with high enough ceilings.

Retractable beds

The podium, under which the pull-out bed is stored, is a hill above the floor level, hollow inside. The bed is constructed on wheels, which will effortlessly roll out the bed from under the podium.

This option is especially good in the interior of a very narrow elongated room. Using the bed-podium, you can adjust the shape of the room, making it more square visually.

On the surface of the structure you can install shelves for books, a computer desk and other items necessary for a full-fledged workplace. And also in this area you can arrange a children's play area.

If the podium has a sufficiently large width, then in addition to the bed under it will also be able to arrange boxes for storing personal belongings.

Under the bed

The main advantage of this version of the podium is the ability to create a spacious storage space under the surface of the structure. Using the built-in drawers, you can completely abandon the installation of bulky cabinets in the room.

In rooms with high ceilings, it is possible to install a structure with a height of up to one meter, and even a small storeroom can be equipped in the resulting niche.


The surface of the structure can be safely decorated with various coatings, for example, carpet, linoleum, laminate, ceramic tile or parquet.

Choose the coating that will be harmoniously combined with the overall interior design of your apartment. However, it is still better to opt for non-slip coatings - this ensures complete safety of the structure.

It is best to choose the color in the same range as the other elements of the room. However, it is possible on the contrary, to make a bright accent and highlight this zone - it will be original and stylish.

The podium in the bedroom, which you can install yourself - a great solution that will allow you to update the interior of your apartment, make it stylish and modern. And besides this, this design is convenient, functional and, most importantly, saves space in small rooms.

Watch the video: BUILD - Podium Bed (December 2019).

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