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Carved stretch ceilings: design features

The carved ceiling is understood as a tension structure consisting of two or several canvases, with at least 1 of them characterized by the presence of artistic cuts. It can be different patterns in the form of flowers, futuristic images, geometric shapes and much more that will look original when the paintings are located on different levels.

Apply's special design technology has become a solution for those who want to see an extraordinary and unusual design on their ceiling. Installation of the carved stretch ceiling is a beautiful and affordable design option that will look original in the interior of the room. Reviews such ceiling coverings are mostly positive.

Special features


Stretch ceilings, which have a carved shape, are made of two or more paintings. The first canvas is a background and is a monotonous flat surface. The second canvas can also be monophonic, but in a different color. It must be cut the necessary shapes. As noted earlier, these can be flowers, circles, ovals, drawings, and more. In this situation, you can show your imagination and create. The main thing, when choosing the color of paintings, keep in mind that they harmoniously looked with each other.

Patterns are cut on the canvas with the help of special laser equipment. For this, a special technique is used, where it is only necessary to develop a layout in the program, and the machine implements your idea.

So that the figures do not diverge when using the ceiling, when creating holes, their edges are melted.

To install a similar canvas, use conventional baguettes, which are located one above the other. In some situations, use special 3D profiles created for carved ceilings. It is important to note that it is much easier to work with profiles, since they are focused on use when creating such structures.

Cut-out ceiling coverings rarely require repair, since their production is at a high level.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tension structures of which multilevel systems are made, characterized by many advantages:

  • The carved surface is distinguished by its ability to absorb noise. Sound waves that have fallen into the holes of the canvas are damped and transformed into thermal energy.
  • The film, which is used to create a stretch ceiling, is completely safe for the human body. It is antistatic and consists of non-combustible material.
  • You can make the installation yourself, following the instructions. This can be done quite quickly and without much effort.
  • Stretch ceiling allows you to hide existing defects of the ceiling surface, as well as hide communications.
  • The material used is distinguished by excellent moisture resistance, which is extremely important in rooms with high humidity and in case of possible leakage.
  • The construction market offers a huge range of canvases that can be of different colors and with all sorts of patterns.
  • Regardless of the type of stretch ceiling, the carved surface will look great with it. You can opt for a multi-level ceiling, soaring models or canvases decorated with photo printing.
  • Tension structures are characterized by a long service life. They retain their original appearance for a long period of time and do not sag.
  • Care for such structures is minimal. You can use dry or wet cleaning.
  • Stretched carved ceilings are universal. Will optimally look both in public places, and in living rooms.

To the negative side of this design is its relatively high cost. You can buy a carved canvas for 1000-2500 rubles per 1 square meter. It all depends on how complex the design was chosen. In this case, the standard film stretch ceilings cost about 300 rubles per 1 m2.

Another drawback of this ceiling is the fact that when installing it decreases the height of the walls, so you should not use carved structures in low rooms.

Design features


Apply a similar ceiling can be in different interiors. Complicated patterns and ornaments on the canvas will look attractive in a room that is decorated in oriental style. The high-tech stylistic direction will be underlined with large round holes in the ceiling. Symmetrical images will look most attractive if there is a chandelier in the center of the ceiling. To create the backlight of the main background, you can use today's popular LED strips and spotlights.

This type of ceiling finish allows you to:

  • implement various design ideas;
  • create beautiful multi-level designs;
  • create systems with the effect of volume.

The newest design method is artistic 3D punching on the ceiling. This design will complement the room with chic and make the space original. With the help of standard cutouts, you can create wonders on the ceiling that radically change the atmosphere in the room.

As a rule, this technique of ceiling design is used in offices, but such images will look attractive in the design of the house. By using a glossy film, you can visually enlarge the room, making its interior more light and airy.

Highlighting patterns and additional lighting

It is possible to install lighting devices not only outside of a design, but also in it. Today, the range of sources of lighting is extremely diverse. There are luxurious classic chandeliers, a comfortable LED strip in use and various spotlights. Using the correct installation of these devices, you can visually increase or decrease the height of the room.

It is necessary to decorate a room with the help of lighting when installing the ceiling, since after installing it, it will not be possible to change something.

The creation of stylish carved ceilings provides for its initial development on a computer, where the places where the lighting will be located are taken into account. It is of two types:

  • outdoor;
  • internal (more diffuse).

Using the backlight, which is fixed on the carved ceiling, you can create a 3D effect. If a matte finish was used for the base, and gloss was used for perforation, then using the LED strip installation you can create a three-dimensional effect.

The ceiling of the carved type, which is decorated with the use of LEDs, will look attractive in any room. In the evening, such lamps will radically change the situation in the room. In addition, the tape with LEDs are characterized by many advantages, including:

  • excellent flexibility that allows you to give the tape any desired shape;
  • diodes are characterized by a long operational period, capable of serving up to 10 years;
  • this option is the safest lighting, because the tape will not cause a fire or deformation of the stretch ceiling;
  • the presented lighting option is very economical, since the diodes require a very low amount of electricity;
  • LED ribbon brightness similar to standard bulbs;
  • the width of the tape is relatively small, so that after its installation the ceiling level practically does not fall;
  • wide range of colors, which in most cases can be controlled. There are tapes that are purchased with the remote control option. This will allow you to play with different shades - from white to deep blue.

Remember that any room should have high-quality lighting, but in a situation with a tension ceiling, it also creates a certain atmosphere. Experts prefer LED strips, but you can consider other options.

Functional side

Carved stretch ceiling, in addition to creating an interesting design that adorns the room, is able to perform other functions. For example, you have installed ventilation, but you do not want to see its exits. In this situation, you can place them above the tensioning canvas or in the ceiling ceiling. This way the grille will not be visible, however air will circulate in the room. The same situation is with different wires that can be hidden with the ceiling.

Of course, the creation of a special type of coating is the main goal of creating such a design, but the carved ceiling, together with the right lighting, can visually enlarge the room.


This is a new technique, using which you can create original ceilings with impeccable design. The traditional style Apply is carried out through the use of a matted or glossy base for the canvas. This is a kind of background layer that will be visible through the decorative cutouts. In the future, one or several levels of the stretch ceiling can be installed, which is supplemented with cuts of various shapes. In this situation, it all depends on your imagination and creativity.

For the manufacture of cloth for the carved ceiling manufacturers use high-quality durable material. It is able to serve a long period of time, retaining its original properties.

Installation features


Before you start installing the carved ceiling, you need to lay all the necessary communications. This includes the electrical wires that will be required for the installation of lamps, chandeliers and ventilation. Further, the places where the fasteners will be installed should be marked.

In order for them to be at the same height, use the building level.

Attach the carved cloths can be different methods:

  • Activating profile Apply 40, which is used when installing an LED strip. This method provides for the location of mounting profiles 40 millimeters from each other. The thickness of the structure will be 120 millimeters.
  • Method Apply 0where both canvases are located closely.
  • Apply 8where the removal is 8 millimeters, and the ceiling height will be equal to 30 mm.
  • Using standard profiles for a tension type construction it is possible in high rooms or when forming a multi-level structure.
Apply 8
Apply 0

Regardless of the type of baguette used, the whole canvas should be mounted in the inner groove, and the carved canvas into the one that is closer to the wall. When installing the ceiling, the air in the room should be heated to increase the elasticity of the material.

Carved ceiling designs are very popular today. They can be installed in different rooms and allow your interior to look more attractive and beautiful. In this case, such a ceiling finish is a practical solution.

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