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Round tables in the interior

No apartment or private house is complete without a table. This piece of furniture is multifunctional, and it is placed not only in the kitchen, but also in the bedroom, living room or children's room. Today there are a great many tables of various shapes, but elegant round models deserve special attention.

Variety of designs


Nowadays, the choice of round tables is greater than ever. You can choose the appropriate option for every taste and budget. Recently, multitasking products with various mechanisms and functional designs have become very popular.

Such models have a number of features for which modern consumers are so fond of them. It is worth getting to know them closer:

  • For the premises of a modest area is ideal functional folding table. For this model does not need a lot of free space. When folded, this furniture seems to be very compact and neat, but if you expand it, you will see a spacious and comfortable table top, behind which you can comfortably seat at least 5 people.
  • A good alternative to folding is considered sliding models. Such furniture may have different designs, but most often there are products in which one half of the table top is folding.

  • Mobile and comfortable to use are tables on wheels. Such models are often located in the living room, and it can be not only an ordinary apartment, but also a studio. Many consumers choose the options on wheels, as they can be moved to another place at any time, without exerting extra effort and without causing damage to the floor covering.
  • Folding is popular table-book. Often, such models are purchased for small rooms, as they have a non-bulky appearance and small dimensions. When assembled, the dimensions of such tables extremely rarely exceed a small chest of drawers or cabinets. Today in furniture stores you can meet mini-tables books, which are complemented by wheels.

  • The trend of recent years is fashionable. table with a rotating middle. Such furniture will not only update the interior design, but will certainly attract the attention of your guests. Most often, spinning options are made of artificial or natural wood. Using this modern and original furniture, you do not need to cook several servings of salad or snacks for friends and relatives at once, because all the food can be simply placed on a moving catwalk, from which each person will get what he wants.
  • Very popular with modern buyers enjoy swivel round tables. In these designs, the tabletop is rotated at a right angle, and the upper part is lifted. After these manipulations, you can safely lower the underframe of the furniture.

  • Synchronous-sliding are round tables with a mechanism called "butterfly". To decompose such furniture, you need to pull over one edge of the tabletop, after which it will disperse in the center and disperse. To do this, you just have to get an additional element from under the table base and place it in the free space that appears.
  • Very convenient to use are height-adjustable tables. Such designs can have not only dining, but also computer models. Working for them is very convenient, since you yourself can make them high or low at your discretion.

In many adjustable instances the possibility of changing the angle of the table top is provided. As a rule, such constructions are made on a strong metal frame, which will not fail even after many years of use.

Also round tables can have various supports. The most common products are on four legs. These models are quite stable. If you are looking for a more original and sophisticated version, then you should take a closer look at the small round tables on one dense leg.


The diameter of the round table depends on the number of seats:

  • 3-4 places - 90-100 cm, 120 cm.
  • 5-6 places - 120-140 cm.
  • 7-8 places - 140-180 cm.

The smallest are tables with a diameter of 60-80 cm (for 2 persons).


Modern round tables are made of various materials. Let us consider in more detail the distinctive characteristics of each model.


Eco-friendly and durable are designs made of wood. This sturdy and attractive material can bring notes of warmth and comfort to any interior. The leading positions in the modern furniture market belong to the models of oak, rattan, pine, birch, hevea, alder and walnut. Recently, unique products have become very popular. of slab. In such designs, the tabletop is a solid piece of wood with a natural shade and pattern. This furniture belongs to the category of "eco".

Also worth highlighting the original wicker tables round shape from rattan. Similar options look organically in the conditions of country and private houses. They can be placed not only in the dining area, but also on the veranda or near the pool, complete with rattan chairs. But such products need regular care.

In order for the wooden table to last for a long time and not lose its presentation, it should be treated with special impregnations that will protect the natural material from drying out and cracking.

Laminated chipboard, MDF, plywood

Laconic tables made of materials such as chipboard, MDF or plywood are more affordable. Such raw materials are quite durable and often imitate natural wood, but it is much cheaper and simpler. Copies of plywood and all can be made by hand.

It is worth noting the fact that inexpensive chipboard is a toxic material, because it contains formaldehyde adhesives.

Such substances are dangerous to human health, therefore, experts recommend a little extra and buy safer products from chipboard "E-1" class or veneered options.


Thanks to its sturdy construction and reliable fastenings, metal tables are the most durable and durable. Such models do not require special care and look very attractive, especially if they are complemented by properly selected metal chairs. Cast iron tables with wooden tops look original. Most often, such models are located in street and indoor cafes. As a rule, they are heavy.

If you want to choose a fashionable option for the interior in a modern style, then you should familiarize yourself with chrome tables, and in more refined and elegant ensembles, elegant looks best Forged table.

The choice of the best option depends on the style of the room.


Expensive and elegant in many interiors look stone tables. The material can be both artificial and natural. With the help of such furniture, you can give the interior a special luxury and pay attention to the excellent taste of the home owners. However, most often such models are not cheap, especially for chic marble options.

These tables can be arranged in fanciful and pompous ensembles, as they have a unique elegance and rich design.


Plastic round tables are the most affordable. Products from this inexpensive material will serve for a long time, without causing any trouble. Plastic is not subject to rotting or cracking.

But do not have plastic colored tables in direct sunlight. In such conditions, the material may lose color saturation.


Glass round tables are distinguished by their sophisticated and attractive appearance. Such models look especially harmonious in modern interiors. It is necessary to treat glass options as carefully and carefully as possible so as not to damage the fragile material.

Also, these countertops need to be cleaned more often, as they are branded, and they easily leave fingerprints, spoiling the look of the furniture.

At the modern furniture market there are not only stone, metal, wooden or glass, but also spectacular ceramic and models decorated with colored tiles. Today, consumers can choose the right option for the interior of any style, whether it is exquisite classic or shocking avant-garde.

Shape benefits and care

Round, semicircular or oval tables have an elegant and neat design. With the help of such furniture you can soften and add sophistication to even the simplest or most rude interiors. In addition, it is worth noting the awkward appearance of such furniture. Especially it concerns attractive folding or sliding models.

However, not every round table can be conveniently positioned against the wall due to its not angular shape. For these purposes, it is better to purchase the original corner table, which will be used as comfortably as possible.

Depending on the material, round tables require different care, however, virtually any model can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. It is better to do this more often, since on the countertops (especially in the kitchen) there are often traces of dishes.

If you want to update the design of the old table, then only the restoration will help you. To do this, often polished coatings or hauling upholstery materials.

Modern design solutions


Round tables look organically in many stylish interiors. Below are a few modern design solutions:

  • Both well-polished and neat, as well as coarse models of tables, fit perfectly into the “attic” loft-style interiors, since this direction is a mixture of details inherent in different styles.
  • Beautiful interior in the Scandinavian style can be complemented by a round table of cool or snow-white hue. In order for an ensemble with such furniture not to seem too "cold", it should be diluted with wooden brown chairs and bring decor in warm colors (chocolate, soft green, cream).
  • The classic style provides for the presence in the interior of natural and high-quality furniture. In such an ensemble, it will be nice to look at a wooden table with carved details and curved legs. In addition to the classics, this interior is suitable antique table, varnished.

  • The airy Provence style can be supplemented with a beautiful light or pastel table made of natural wood. Floral decoupage can stand on the tabletops of the olive products.
  • In the vintage style, the most ancient (antique) or artificially aged table will look most harmoniously. It can have exquisite wrought-iron elements or wooden details of elegant forms.
  • For the interior in the modernist direction, you should look at an elegant round table with supports of perfectly correct shapes and lines. They can intersect with each other, forming a geometric composition.

  • Charming light brown version will look organic in a gentle interior, made in neutral, bright and soothing colors. If you complement it with suitable upholstered chairs, the set will look especially attractive and cozy.
  • A luxurious table of fashionable wenge color is best placed in rooms with light wall decoration. Against such a background, such furniture will effectively stand out and attract attention. You can put a tile or laminate of dark chocolate, dark gray or light color on the floor. In such color conditions, the wenge round table will look most harmonious.

  • A sensual red table is recommended to be placed on a contrasting background in the room. For example, it may be white, beige or even dark walls. In no event should such furniture be left unsupported by decorative elements or other objects of a red tint. For example, you can use glass or plastic vases on the shelves or live flowers of similar colors.
  • You can transform the interior and breathe life into it with the help of an original table with photo printing. However, such models are recommended to be placed only in those rooms that are decorated in calm and inconspicuous colors, otherwise the overall image of the interior will become too colorful.

How to choose: recommendations

Selecting an elegant round table, you should consider the following nuances:

  • Such furniture can be purchased both in the kitchen and in the living room, hallway or bedroom. For the latest options, it is recommended to buy models of compact or medium size (transformers will suit) sizes, since they will not interfere with the passage in the rooms, but unobtrusively complement the existing interior. For the corridor, especially if it is narrow, a mini-size model is ideal.
  • In the living room will look great neat darned table. As a rule, put such furniture in front of a soft corner or on the side of the armrests. You can arrange on both sides of the sofa two tables with round tops and put on them lighting fixtures, vases of flowers or decorative trifles.
  • A solid and large table for several people will be suitable for negotiations. It can be round or oval.
  • The furniture should have good quality. These characteristics can boast the products of famous furniture brands from Malaysia, Germany, USA and Italy. Such models are expensive, but they serve for a long time and look great.

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