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Floor mirror: beautiful options in the interior

The mirror is an essential attribute of any home. It is difficult to imagine an interior without this irreplaceable subject. Especially expensive and presentable look elegant high mirrors that easily fit into many stylistic directions. Let's take a closer look at these beautiful elements of the interior.

Special features


It is not a secret for anyone that a well-chosen beautiful mirror performs two important functions. First, being near him, you can look at yourself in full growth, prettify and correct makeup, clothes / accessories, if necessary. Secondly, the high and elegant mirror can be a spectacular addition to the interior in any style. These features please not only the fair sex, but also men, because each person looks in the mirror before going to work or a party.

A tall mirror can be placed not only in the corridor, not far from the front door, but also in almost any other room. Most often for this, people choose bedrooms.

If you choose a design in which the frame is made in the same manner as the furniture, then the whole interior will look incredibly harmonious and presentable.

Do not think that such interior items are overweight and bulky. Of course, such models are found in stores, but consumers have a wide selection of mirrors, so you can buy a lighter, more compact model. For example, today mobile designs on wheels, which can be easily rearranged to a new place in a home, are very popular. Their demand is due to the low weight, which makes the mirrors on wheels more secure and maneuverable.

Correctly picked up floor mirror will look organically in any ensemble. Such products are made in various directions, from the modern high-tech to the charming vintage style. Also, buyers can choose for themselves designs made from a variety of materials that have different cost. Especially luxurious and elegant look mirrors in a wooden frame. In search of the perfect floor mirror, you can “get lost”, since their range is simply huge.

Manufacturing materials


As mentioned earlier, modern models of floor mirrors are made of various materials. They can be both cheap and chic and expensive frame.


Floor mirrors with metal frames look stylish and original. They are the perfect solution for modern interiors. For example, it can be a progressive and laconic ensemble in the style of minimalism, hi-tech or loft.

Such products may have painted metal frames. The most common are models with black, gray, brown and white details. They easily fit into the interior and are in harmony with other colors. If you are looking for a more interesting and futuristic copy, then you should look at products with chrome elements. Such mirrors are suitable only for modern styles. In the classics they should not be used.

If you want to buy a metal mirror for a classic or old ensemble, then you should get a luxurious wrought product. These models look just incredible! Particularly elegant and charmingly in the interior look options decorated with artistic forging. It can be intricate weave or unique patterned lines surrounding the mirror insert.

As a rule, forged floor mirrors are expensive, but their stunning design, reliability and durability fully justify the high price.

If the budget allows, then you should pay attention to unsurpassed bronze specimens or products made of precious metals. Such types of mirrors often have a shockingly high price, so not every consumer can afford them. It is recommended to put such models in fanciful or classical ensembles, but for modern interiors it is better to choose something simpler and cheaper.


If you are looking for an affordable and uncomplicated option, then you should look for a suitable mirror with a plastic frame. Such models are cheap and do not require complex care. They can be safely installed even in rooms with a high level of humidity, since plastic is not afraid of exposure to moisture.

As for the design, the plastic options, as a rule, look simple, but aesthetically pleasing. Currently, plastic is a popular material that is easily painted in absolutely any color, so you can meet mirrors with the frames of absolutely any scale in the shops. Such models are lightweight, since plastic itself is a fairly lightweight material. To move such a mirror to a new place you will not have to put extra effort or call someone for help.


One of the most attractive and elegant is considered to be mirrors with solid wood frames. Such models are suitable for many interior styles. With the help of a mirror with a wooden frame, you can give the situation a special chic, as well as draw the guests' attention to the refined taste of the home owners.

Designs made of natural wood can be complemented by luxurious gilding, noble silvering, spectacular hand-carved and even inlays of precious stones. Models of natural materials are quite expensive, and also have an impressive weight, but they will still be considered the standard of style and interior decoration. Often, these products are complemented by carved and curved legs with patterned small details. Of course, these wooden models are not suitable for the modern style, but in the classical or fancy ensemble will be real bright accents, attracting a lot of attention.

However, it should be borne in mind that the designs of natural wood require careful treatment and periodic maintenance.

Wooden frames need to be treated with special antiseptic impregnations, without which natural material can crack, dry out and even acquire small bugs, which will be very difficult to get rid of.


There are several popular and attractive models of floor mirrors. Let's get to know them better.


Such instances are considered classic. Their thoughtful design allows you to quickly and easily change the angle of inclination on your own. Due to this property, the mirror-psiche recognized as one of the most comfortable. In such models, the mirror is fixed on an axis located between the two supports. Often, similar options are issued bilateral, and one of the parties in them often has an increasing effect.

Most often, designers choose exactly psyche in the development of a harmonious interior of a bedroom or a spacious dressing room, in which the reflection in full growth plays an important role. The most elegant are mirrors, psyche oval.

On stand

No less popular today floor mirrors on a comfortable and stable stand. Such models have different designs. One of the most popular and sought-after are multifunctional copies, complemented by bedside tables, drawers or shelves on which you can place a lot of different things. The model of the models on the stand is in many ways similar to psyche products, however, in them the mirror is attached to the frame as tightly and securely as possible, therefore it is not possible to change the angle of inclination.


Currently, many designers in their development are turning to fashionable additional structures, since they can be used to make real works of art. Such mirrors do not have legs, but simply lean against the wall. For these models are made amazing frame, complemented by original decor. These copies look great in a stylish living room or bedroom.

If you want to give the room a special style and charm, then you need to purchase a rich antique mirror that holds many secrets and mysteries.

Screen Mirror

This is another popular model that is in great demand among the modern buyer. Such structures are used not only to decorate the interior, but also to separate one functional space from another. This technique is simply necessary for small apartments and studios in which several zones meet on the same square.

Make-up room

The most striking and original is the dressing room mirror, surrounded by large light bulbs. Such options often have small shelves for jewelry or cosmetics. Such multipurpose mirrors are made both on a rack, and are simple - added.

Fitting room

Dressing models largely repeat the mirror psiche. They are used both in stores and in home interiors. They often have straightforward folding structures, with which you can adjust the height of the mirror and its angle of inclination.

Currently, the range of floor mirrors is greater than ever. Each buyer can choose the best option.

If you are looking for a multifunctional design, then you should buy a thoughtful model with a clothes hanger, cabinet and shelves, and if you are looking for a concise copy, then there will always be a beautiful model with a harmonious frame for your home (without unnecessary elements).


Beautiful floor mirrors look organically in many ensembles. Consider some of the distinctive features of products belonging to different stylistic areas:

  • Classic. In the classic interior it will be ideal to look at a large luxurious mirror with a wooden frame and baguettes, complemented by carved patterns. The legs in such a product can be elegant and curved.
  • Baroque, Empire, Rococo. In these pretentious ensembles is worth having luxurious mirrors with expensive frames. These can be natural wood, bronze or precious metals. Mirrors, complemented with silver and golden paint, as well as pompous ornaments and relief patterns, will look great.

  • Vintage. For an interior in such a style, an antique, antique or antique-styled mirror will be the ideal solution. It may have scuffs and even small cracks that look good in a vintage ensemble.

  • Provence. In this charming style you should use a mirror with a frame of pastel or white color. It is advisable to refer to wooden versions with a pronounced wood structure.

  • Loft. In the interior of this style, you can use a variety of mirrors, from vintage to modern. It is also permissible to place make-up rooms with perimeter lamps.

  • High tech. The interior in this modern way is worth adding a mirror with a plastic or metal frame. Preference should be given to concise models. They may have shiny surfaces or be painted in contrasting colors.

  • Minimalism. This stylistic trend also applies to modern trends. For a minimalist environment, it is recommended to buy concise and restrained mirrors, devoid of large decorative details, patterns and prints.

Choose simple designs. It is not necessary to purchase expensive options.

  • Country For country-style country, it is better to choose mirrors with wooden frames, and they can be slightly "battered" and poorly treated. Similar details look great in rural ensembles. The texture of the tree should be noticeable, it can be seen various cracks, knots and other natural "prints".

How to choose?


Thanks to the huge range, the floor mirror can be chosen for every taste and budget. But how to choose the product for a particular room in the home? Consider in detail:

  • In a small space is worth having a compact mirror. Large models will be the best solution for spacious areas.
  • Floor mirrors are most often bought. in the hallway. In such conditions, it is not necessary to have too large models, since these rooms rarely have large footage. The ideal solution would be multi-tasking designs with hangers and small shelves.
  • For the nursery rooms are recommended to select models of positive and cheerful colors. For example, mirrors for girls can be painted in "sweet" pink or coral shades, and for boys - in blue or purple. It is advisable to purchase copies of soft rounded shapes.
  • In a cozy bedroom It is worth buying an elegant oval mirror with a frame of inconspicuous shades.

Beautiful examples in the interior

In the luxurious interiors with stucco and embossed lines on snow-white walls look fancy mirrors with impressive dimensions. For example, it may be a tall model with a golden frame, embellished with a raised detail at the top. It will look great in an ensemble with a dark ashen parquet and a white soft sofa.

In minimalistic and laconic ensembles, simple additional structures made of inexpensive materials look organically. For example, it may be a floor model with a black metal frame. It should be placed in a monochromatic white room, and next to a metal dark chair and forged black decor element.

Fans of bright contrasts can arrange a large mirror with a wide dark frame in the snow-white corridor or hallway. Beat it with a black metal lamp and place a small tree in a white pot next to it.

A dark Gothic mirror with a carved frame will look good in a loft style. It can be mounted near a brick wall. Put a black chair next to it on a chrome leg, classic silver lamps as a decor and lay a black fluffy carpet on the light floor.

A white mirror on a black metal frame will look organic in a spacious bedroom with a brown wooden floor. Add a beige double bed and laconic white bedside tables. The window in this room is better to complement the translucent white curtains.

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