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Red Square Armchairs

In professional eSports there are no trifles: mice, keyboards, monitors, headphones, and even such a trifle as a mouse pad can cause victory or defeat. In eSports, a fraction of a second often determines whether or not a character has time to perform a particular maneuver, or whether a team will climb the pedestal of a game Olympus.

A good player's reaction is impossible with an improper and uncomfortable fit, therefore a computer chair is the same tool that forges victory, as does a computer device.

Red Square armchairs are professional models for those who are not used to losing. They are comfortable, have orthopedic inserts and a flexible system for adjusting the positions of the backrest.

Red Square Company is a domestic manufacturer of gaming computer peripherals (China assembly), which is focused on the Russian player features. In his arsenal, three lines of chairs, which differ in price and functionality. In this case, each gaming line is not better or worse than the other, they are simply different and are aimed at different tasks and requirements of an athlete for a comfortable workplace.


"Red Square Comfort"

"Red Square Comfort" can be purchased at an estimated price of 14,900 rubles, which is quite affordable for a gaming chair, because a standard manager's chair, which is not distinguished by a thin "tune-up" to the user's needs, costs more. The line "Comfort" is a comfortable, reliable, strong armchair for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Not only gamers can use it., but also those who love a catchy enough and moderately aggressive design.

The chair has no frills in the form of adjustable positions of the backrest, armrests, which rotate in different directions, pillows for the neck and waist. However, it is collected on the conscience and all the components are in no way inferior to higher-end models.

The seat frame is metal, the stand is plastic, but the height adjustment system is not pneumatic, but gas-lift. True, the rise of the seat is not carried out with such a scale as in the top models, only from 50 to 53 cm from the floor. The wheels are made of double nylon, they are durable and do not leave marks even on the most demanding flooring.

The armrests, trimmed with eco-leather fixed, but they are provided with comfortable lining in tone to the decorative elements of the finish. The seat has a width of 63 cm, but soft edges are not provided along the edges. The shape of the seat takes into account the anatomical structure of the pelvis, so sitting on it is really comfortable. Here the manufacturer did not flinch, calling the line "Comfort". Generally, worthy chair that fits its price rangeand in some moments even surpasses it.

This piece of furniture can withstand weight up to 110 kg, has a two-color upholstery made of durable artificial leather in combination with textile inserts and foamed polymer as a filler. The chair has a headrest and armrests, adjustable height and angle of the seat.

The model is presented in four colors - white, red, yellow and blue.

"Red Square Pro"

The gaming seat "Red Square Pro" at a price of 21,900 rubles is focused on the gaming target audience, it differs from the basic version in a large number of adjustable positions. A special feature is the elongated back, which supports the spine of its owner from the sacrum to the neck.

Inside this line there are several models that differ only in design and have the same technical characteristics. We should start with the fact that the frame of the chairs in this category is made of metal, but the crosspiece is made of high-strength plastic, which withstands the 130-kilogram user not only in a sitting position, but also in a reclining seat.

The package includes specially reinforced double rollers in the amount of 5 pieces.

The seat is 66 cm wide (without taking into account the two supporting sides) can be adjusted in height from 44 to 54 cm from the floor, which allows you to feel equally comfortable both for users with small stature and for real "basketball players." The height adjustment system is gas lift of the third class, which ensures a long service life, smooth lifting and lowering, preventing spontaneous lowering during a sharp landing on the seat. True, the height of the backrest is 88 cm, so if a short person uses the chair, he will not reach the standard head restraint. The manufacturer took care of it and made removable headrest with elasticand put in the kit lumbar cushion.

The system of 2D armrests provides for their adjustment both in height and in the horizontal plane. At the same time, the armrest fastening system is durable and does not loosen with time at the base. The most interesting is that in these models the armrests are made of plastic and do not have soft attachments, as a more budget series.

In addition, the seat is equipped with a swing system, in which the position of the backrest is constant. Rocking chair mode can be disabled. The back does not have a certain position of inclination "in the groove", it can be fixed in any comfortable position.

The difference between the models is in the design of the chair, which differs not only in the color of the inserts, but also in their shape and stylization for different game genres. Some models look like racing cars, some - like the captain of an intergalactic ship.

"Red Square Lux"

The chair of the "Lux" series, according to the manufacturer, is the pinnacle of the evolution of the gaming chair. As befits a top model in the gaming chairs of this brand, luxury equipment offers the user a certain number of options in the field of comfort.

All seats in this category have a filler "with memory" (polyurethane foam, which remembers the shape of your body and reduces the load on the spine. Used in space industry and in orthopedics). The seat adjusts to the position of the body, softening due to exposure to heat. As you change your posture, the filler cools and straightens. Therefore, the back and tailbone do not experience stress during long gaming battles.

The angle of inclination of the backrest is 180 degrees, that is, the chair unfolds in a horizontal position, which together with the filler allows you to use it for quite a good rest between rounds of the game. In this case, the maximum allowable weight of the player is 150 kg.

The armrests have a 4D adjustment system. This means that they can be adjusted for themselves in height, in tilt back and forth, and also in tilt to and from themselves. That is, during the game, you can create yourself a support from two sides in the position that is needed at the moment. At the same time adjustment can be made with one hand.

Height adjustment is 7 cm, this is the maximum possible value for seats of this class. The crosspiece of the support is made of metal, not plastic.

The depth of the seat is 53 cm and the width is 50. At the same time, the width of the backrest is more than 57 cm, this is necessary so that the shoulders do not hang down the edges in the reclined position. The package includes two pillows with a memory effect (for the head with an elastic band and for the waist with velcro).

Gamers reviews

Someone notes that the chair creaks, and does not creak in external nodes, which can be lubricated, but somewhere inside the mechanisms during any movement: turning, bending the backrest, wiggling mode. This sound does not add comfort. However, it is not clear why the user did not try the chair on the spot in the store, did not check all the nodes and did not swing. Another user complains that the assembly did not have two screws to fix the armrests, which is very offended. In addition, the paint on the armrests keeps unsteadily and creeps quickly.

Someone has doubts about the material of the cross and worries that it will quickly break. Unanimously noted speed of assembly, in general, it is 15 minutes, despite the fact that the main difficulty arises when attaching the armrests and the backrest.

The majority of users note very comfortable pillows, comfortable seats and a back on which the spine relaxes. Allocate as plus and two openings in a back for placement of shovels

An overview of the Red Square PRO Series Play Chair is below.

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