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Countertop Refrigerator

The kitchen is the place to which hostesses treat with special trepidation, therefore the design of this room is thought out with special care. Creating a perfect interior, special attention is paid to household appliances, so that it blends seamlessly and does not stand out from the general ensemble.

The refrigerator is a very important household appliance, without which it is impossible to do in the kitchen. So that it fits perfectly into the thoughtful style of the room, the manufacturers have developed special models of refrigerators that are built in under the tabletop.

Special features

This household appliance is small in size. quite compact, low and does not take up much space, excellently located under the table top.

Usually such built-in refrigerator consists of only one chamber - refrigerating or freezing, therefore it is called single-chamber. True, there are types with two small compartments, one of which is used under the freezer.

Trendy models of low refrigeration equipment may have a special department Bio Fresh.

By adjusting the humidity and setting the optimum temperature, the provisions in such a cell are kept fresh 3 times longer than in conventional models.

These small refrigerators have mechanical or electronic controls.

The main functions of such household appliances:

  • rapid cooling;
  • quick freezing;
  • defrosting in automatic mode refrigeration or freezing department. This low built-in refrigerator will be an excellent solution for the kitchen, which is distinguished by very modest parameters.

Built-in refrigerators are extraordinary sizes, for example, narrow models, so they are easy to place in any corner of the kitchen under the countertop.

Main advantages

The refrigerator, built-in under the tabletop, has several advantages over the similar free-standing model:

  1. Allows you to create custom design in the kitchen, where all the elements are a logical complement to each other and are not out of the big picture.
  2. Save precious space in a small kitchen.
  3. Less noisy than usual types of such household appliances.
  4. Save electricity, as for the manufacture of the refrigerator, built-in under the countertop, materials are used that increase thermal insulation, thereby reducing electricity costs.
  5. Differ in increased capacity compared to conventional types of refrigeration equipment.
  6. Widely used not only for the kitchen, but also for offices, hotels, bars.
  7. Comfortable in operation.


Depending on the cooling systems of the refrigerating or freezing chambers, they distinguish the following types of refrigerators:

  • Classic drip system - condensate is collected on the back surface in the refrigeration section. Minus - the need for a defrost procedure, which you should definitely do once a month for the device to work well. The main advantage is rather low cost.

  • No Frost Models - frost is not formed in the freezing areas, and the inner wall of the refrigerating chamber always remains dry. The main advantage is that there is no need to constantly defrost this device, the cameras are cleaned automatically.

The disadvantage is the high cost, especially compared to the classic look.


This home appliances is a special type of built-in refrigerators, it is used exclusively for the storage of alcoholic beverages.

Wine cabinet (the second name of this type of equipment) allows you to save all the properties of wine.

Distinctive features:

  1. It has special horizontal shelves. for storage of bottles, which are located at a slight inclination so that the corks do not dry out.
  2. Horizontal placement helps distribute more bottles of wine.
  3. The presence of a special carbon filter, which eliminates this device from the formation of an unpleasant odor, as bad "amber" can cause irreparable damage to the refined taste of expensive wines.
  4. Possess increased stability to vibrations.
  5. Differ in roominess - The range of bottles that can be placed in the wine cooler varies from 18 to 253 bottles.

There are two types of wine racks:

  • Monoteperature - In this model, you can set only one temperature. Used to accommodate only one type of alcohol.
  • Multi temperature - allows you to set several temperature regimes. This type is more suitable for storing various types of wine, such as white, red and sparkling wine.

With drawers

Models of built-in refrigerators can be equipped with drawers - this is both a stylish and functional model. In these boxes you can store fresh fruit, snacks or drinks.

Due to the fact that the drawers are pulled out, this household appliance is very convenient to use, since all the contents are immediately visible, you just have to pull out the drawer. It can be embedded in the work area, so that the necessary products will always be at hand.

These small, compact and simple models can be equipped with a glass door to easily find the right product without opening the device, just look through the glass.

Usually, such built-in refrigerators consist of two chambers, which differ in different temperature conditions, so one of them can be used under the refrigeration and the other under the freezer. DThis function allows you to simultaneously cool and freeze provisions.

The boxes are very spacious, so even large containers can be stored there, for example, bottles of milk or ice cream containers.

If there are not enough drawers, then you can place a regular low built-in refrigerator next to it. This home appliance stores products that deteriorate quickly, and other provisions are scattered across the drawers.

Drawer models are discreet and concise design., therefore, ideally fit into the kitchen, made in a different style


The process of installing refrigeration equipment is not very complicated, but in order not to experience difficulties during its operation, it is better to entrust this procedure to a specialist. After all, the warranty period of operation will not be extended if the installation was carried out in violation of the rules.

Main installation requirements:

  1. It is not necessary to have such a household appliance to another built-in technology, that is, you need to leave some space between the walls of the oven or microwave oven.
  2. Do not install the refrigerator under the hob.
  3. Dimensions of the niche in which the device is mounted, must exceed its size. Between the side walls and the cabinet case you need to leave some free space, the optimal value is up to 7 centimeters.
  4. You can not put this technique on a solid bottom.. To ensure ventilation, there is a grille below.
  5. Rear wall of the refrigeration unit should not touch the wall.

Popular models

Not every manufacturer boasts an assortment of low embedded refrigerators that easily fit under the worktop.

Let's look at popular models that have received a lot of positive feedback.

Bosh Kur15A50

It has only a refrigerator. The main advantages of this model:

  • good internal volume - 141 liters;
  • due to its compactness it saves space in a small kitchen;
  • available instructions;
  • the presence of antibacterial coating on the inner walls;
  • there is an opportunity to move the door;
  • quiet operation

The main disadvantage of such a household appliance - the lack of a horizontal grille for placing bottles, there is only a plastic section on the door, which is removed.

Libherr UIK 1424

A great option for a small apartment, as in this model there is a section both under the refrigerator and under the freezer.

The main advantages of this home appliance:

  • small sizes;
  • no need to make holes for ventilation in the tabletop;
  • shelves differ in convenience and comfort;
  • on the door there is avtodovchik;
  • there is an overcooling function;
  • quiet operation

Main disadvantage - the need to defrost the freezer compartment in manual mode.

Zanussi ZUA 14020 SA

This model is equipped with one refrigeration department.

Main characteristics:

  • consists of 3 main shelves and one shelf on the door;
  • automatic defrost mode;
  • the presence of a transparent plastic box for vegetables and fruits;
  • there is a bottle holder and an egg tray.
  • the door of this device is outweighed.

Gorenje RIU6091AW

The total internal volume of this device is 144 liters, it belongs to the energy-saving class A +. The main advantage of this model is retractable shelves that provide easy access and view of all the products that are placed on them.

Three shelves are made of durable tempered glass, each of which can withstand a weight of up to 22 kilograms. Side LED lighting will allow you to find the desired product in the evening without turning on the light in the kitchen.

Hot-Point Ariston WL 24

Wine cabinet, equipped with mono temperature. It can accommodate up to 24 bottles of wine.

Main advantages:

  • clear glass allows you to use this device to showcase expensive wines. This glass surface does not transmit ultraviolet radiation, so you can not be afraid for the safety of the drink;
  • equipped with a system that protects the device from condensation;
  • there is a system that protects the bottle from vibration;
  • has independent interior lighting.

Even a small kitchen can be equipped with a stylish model of a refrigerator that is built in under the countertop and enjoy the same style of the room. Thanks to the functionality and ergonomics of such household appliances, you can easily store all the necessary products that will always be at hand.

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