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LED Wall Lights

LED (LED) lighting fixtures have become part of our lives. Now they decided to equip the premises of various functional purposes - industrial, educational, retail, residential. Attractive diverse design, compactness, stylistic diversity and long service life of lamps of this type determine their competitiveness in the modern market of lighting products.

What it is?

A wall-mounted LED-lamp is a device capable of providing light from different sides due to LEDs, which makes such devices convenient to use. Their other indisputable advantage consists in the minimum electricity consumption. In everyday life, this property of LED lighting devices is very convenient, such as low heat even with prolonged use.

It is important for the consumer to know that either transformers or drivers act as power sources for wall-mounted LED luminaires, while the light diffusers are performed by ceiling lamps made of polystyrene, polypropylene, corrugated polycarbonate or other material.

For the manufacture of the lamp housing is mainly used aluminum alloy.

The listed properties of wall-mounted LED luminaires ensure their high efficiency even when used locally, for example, in the form of sconce hanging on a wall. LED wall lamps have a special reliable mounting system. They are characterized by structural features of the hull, which differ greatly among themselves depending on the manufacturer.

Their ceilings are also diverse: they can be made in any style decision, giving the consumer ample opportunities for decorating the interior of housing.



The popularity of wall mounted LED luminaires is primarily due to their multifunctionality and promising technical characteristics. Compared with other lighting devices, they have obvious advantages in the main number of indicators:

  • work resource (from 50,000 to 100,000 hours);
  • power (compared with a standard incandescent lamp, the power of the LED-lamp should be 8 times less);
  • luminous flux (has a wide range of variation of indicators);
  • power frequency and voltage (with standard 220 V power frequency - 59 Hz);

  • protection class (there is a wide range of functional devices that provide effective protection under a variety of working conditions - at home, in the office, in a dusty room, etc.);
  • color temperature (the range of variation of this indicator is determined within 3000 K-5000 K);
  • efficiency (ranges from 90 to 120 lm / W).

For residential use in residential premises (in apartments and houses), experts recommend using wall-mounted LED lamps with a warm spectrum, i.e., with a light temperature of 3200 K. LED lamps are more suitable for technical premises (landings, garages, workshops) operating in the cold segment of the color spectrum.

According to the testimony of marketers, the popularity of wall-mounted LED-lamps is explained by a number of advantages that are obvious to consumers. These include the following:

  • durability (at a working load of 10 h / day, the average life of the lamp is 25 years, which is 5–15 times higher than that of ordinary incandescent lamps);
  • maintaining the efficiency of the luminous flux and luminous intensity throughout the entire period of operation of the device;
  • durability of elements of LED lamps;
  • effective energy saving;

  • ecological cleanliness (their special utilization is not supposed);
  • operational reliability: durability, vibration resistance, lack of injury risk;
  • lighting clarity (this figure is close to natural daylight);
  • lack of low-frequency pulsations causing visual impairment;
  • the widest range of temperatures at which uninterrupted operation is ensured (-50? C - +60? C);
  • high efficiency, approaching 100% (conventional lamps have an efficiency of about 70%);
  • easy installation

As for the obvious drawbacks of wall-mounted LED lights, there are few of them, and they are mostly private in nature, depending on the specific technical characteristics of the models. Among the most typical and common drawbacks, the most frequently noted are those that are associated with additional, in addition to the expected financial costs. These include the following:

  • powerful LED lamps have a high price for the average consumer;
  • due to the directional light characteristic of LEDs, a significant number of luminaires may be needed to ensure the usual standard of illumination of the room;
  • for technically competent lighting of the premises often requires calculations of specialists, on the basis of which it is possible to optimally determine the number and power of the necessary fixtures.

Despite the fact that the acknowledged disadvantage of LED lamps is their high compared to conventional incandescent lamps, the price, today the consumer has ample opportunity to choose those lamps that fully correspond to his understanding of the optimal ratio of price of goods and its quality.


Wall-mounted LED lighting products are very diverse in a number of parameters. The latter experts include:

  • type of installation;
  • installation site;
  • type of shell;
  • destination device of a certain type.

Depending on the type of installation, recessed and overhead luminaires are different. Recessed lighting devices are used in those structures that are made of plastic or plasterboard. Many modern luminaires are available with a motion sensor, which guarantees not only additional functionality of the device, but also its increased efficiency: in the absence of people in a given working radius of the lamp, the function of its transition to power saving mode or automatic shutdown is triggered.

When selecting wall models, first of all they take into account their specific function in providing additional and spot lighting. The sconces on a flexible leg are considered to be especially convenient, since they allow directing the light to the right place depending on the needs of the user.

Specificity of the type of housing fixtures underlies their division into point devices, ribbons, LED- "panels" and LED- "bricks".

Spotlights, directional light, LED "panels" and "bricks" are widely available today and have a variety of design solutions. For household needs, you can easily pick up a round or square, on batteries or with a control panel wall lamp, which is often sold in a set with a switch or with backlight.

LED strip lights are long flexible strips with LEDs built into them. The tape can be white, red, blue or black. The last one is a ribbon on a black backing.

Today, these LED strips are in high demand: they are used to decorate lights in the kitchen, bathroom, entrance groups of country houses and cottages, etc.

Naturally, home lamps also differ in their purpose, which is reflected both in their design and technical features, and in design. For example, in bathrooms and kitchens, special LED devices are used, which have moisture-proof properties and are equipped with a tempered, carrying temperature drops, canopy.

Currently, many consumers are interested in linear lights. At the same time you need to know that the linear LED-lamp has a local purpose: it is effective in the event that you need to emphasize some element of the decor of furniture or interior.

No less interest of consumers cause rotary LED-lamps. The originality of this type of product consists in the fact that one or several sources changing the direction of the luminous flux can be located in the luminaire housing.

Swivel models have different types of fastening: some are built in, others are fixed using the surface method.

Manufacturers Review

On the eve of the shopping trip in order to select suitable LED lamps, consumers usually begin to be actively interested in the rating of well-known manufacturers, trying to find the best option for themselves.

It should be noted that specialists who study the market for LED lamps are considering domestic manufacturers, Chinese companies working on the Russian market and well-known foreign companies as its main suppliers.

Those buyers who do not think about the financial side of the product are often recommended by experts to purchase lamps of such world-famous brands as Philips and Osram. Philips lighting products are based on a combination of modern healthcare requirements and the latest advances in lighting solutions. As for the German company Osram, it is considered one of the main developers of intelligent models of lamps.

If the purchase price is of paramount importance, it is wiser to find a less expensive, but certified model. Among domestic manufacturers, LED products of the companies enjoy well-deserved popularity. ASD, Gauss, "Optogan". The quality of the lighting equipment they produce is confirmed annually by experts from independent laboratories in Russia, China and Europe, and the prices are quite affordable for the domestic buyer with average incomes.

It should be noted that at present, LED products are in high demand; Italy. Italian lamps are striking in their diversity, luxurious decor, original design and impeccable ergonomics, combined with advanced technological solutions.

In order to obtain up-to-date objective information, experts recommend that before purchasing LED lamps, carefully study the top-lists of manufacturers, consumer reviews and expert reviews.

Application Methods

Wall-mounted LED luminaires have a wide range of applications, but are not intended to be used as main sources of light. They are effective:

  • in local illumination;
  • when placing additional accents;
  • when decorating the room.

Traditionally, LED devices are used for indoor lighting of a house (both rooms and utility rooms, especially the kitchen), to equip an apartment with light sources, decorate a mirror, highlight a picture or other object of art. Among car owners, large-size wall-mounted garage lights are in high demand.

LEDs for the bathroom are extremely convenient and functional: for their manufacture waterproof material is used, and at the same time they provide bright light without any pulsations. The range of such devices is very diverse, which allows them to be used for zonal lighting of bathrooms.

How to choose a tape?


Today, LED tapes, which are recommended by experts for lighting various rooms: bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, are in high demand. They attract both with their technical characteristics and the possibility of using non-standard design solutions.

Choosing a diode tape, you need to pay attention to it:

  • color spectrum (monochromatic, multicolored);
  • brightness;
  • type and power supply unit;
  • degree of protection;
  • manufacturer.

Single-color LED strip can have a white, blue, red or green glow. Ribbon multicolor can change the color of its glow, obeying a special control device. Multicolor ribbon is not suitable for main lighting, its purpose - decorative lighting. In contrast, monochrome LED strip is indispensable for high-quality lighting of work areas in rooms of various functional purposes.

The brightness of the LED-lamp depends on the power of its LEDs, therefore, with an increase in its dimensions, the brightness of the LED increases. In this case, it is necessary to take into account not only the size of the lamp, but also the density of installation of the LEDs on it, i.e. the total number of LEDs per 1 m of the lamp. The range of fluctuations in this parameter is large: from 30 to 240 units.

How to connect?


As a rule, wall-mounted LED lights are easy to install. Prior to installation, you need to select a suitable place for mounting the device and prepare the necessary material for this. Next, you should disassemble the case, remove the base of the lamp and fix it in the holes drilled in the wall beforehand. After this, it is necessary to reassemble the lamp.

When deciding which wall lights to give preference to when decorating your home - the incandescent lamp or LEDs will not be superfluous to remember that experience convinces people best. And the practice of using the most expensive LED-lamps indicates that any product from this series, which has fully developed its life, will be cheaper than an incandescent lamp.

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