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If you appreciate quality cigars or cigarillos, then they need to be properly stored. For this, a special cabinet for cigarettes has long been invented. This storage space is called a humidor. You will learn about the features of such cabinets and the existing diversity from this article.

Features and purpose

To get started is to deal with the very concept of "humidor". It means a cupboard, a box or even a full room for storing cigars. Its size depends on your needs and capabilities. But in this article it will be about cabinets, and not about boxes or cabinets. The main task of such a repository is to Maintain the necessary humidity inside.

Durable construction keeps cigars in good condition for a long time. It protects tobacco products from temperature extremes and dust. Therefore, they can remain intact for a long time.

A bit of history


The story of the humidor deserves special attention. The correct technology for storing cigars was discovered back in 1907. Alfred Dunhill was the owner of a chain of stores, and decided to slightly change the storage system of tobacco products that were sold there.

Cigars were kept in a strong wooden cabinet with thick walls. Inside the cabinet was kept a container with water, which increased the level of humidity inside. Because of this, such a vault was called the humidor cabinet. However, the ingenious invention was not immediately appreciated.

In those days, it was believed that cigars should be stored in the basement. Then they were raw and cool. But with the advent of the central heating system, everything changed, and I had to look for an alternative option for storing high-end tobacco.


A traditional cupboard for storing cigars is made from quality wood. Previously, only Spanish cedar was used for interior decoration. But over time, the creators have become less selective. Now humidors are made of metal and even plastic. Inside for finishing foam rubber is used.

It is impossible to imagine a high-quality humidor without a full moisturizer. If you buy or create your own simplest design, then as a source of moisture there can be used a simple bowl of water. In more expensive models, the design complements the electronic device. This source of moisture turns on automatically when needed.

A useful addition to this system is a hygrometer. It can be digital or analog, but not always installed. This detail allows you to control the level of humidity, and when it falls, the electronic humidifier turns on.

The cigar cabinet can be divided into several separate sections. This is good if you keep different cigars. In this case, different flavors will not mix, and each cigar will retain its individual taste and smell.

How to choose?

If you do not really understand the issue of storing cigarettes, then you will help simple recommendations.


First, you need to pay attention to the quality of the humidor. The design should be very strong and reliable. Before buying a product, check how strong the fastenings are in it and how well the product is assembled.

Do not buy glued models. Choose a closet with good and securely hidden fasteners.

Although there are options with a curtain, it is still better to give preference to hermetic models. Humidor, which closes tightly, does not allow moist air to leave the cabinet. So you don’t have to refill the moisturizing system so often.

Also ensure that the cooling system itself is in order. If the humidity level inside the cabinet is too high, then the wood or metal deforms over time. In addition, mold can appear inside the cabinet, which is harmful to the quality of the tobacco stored there.

Remember that buying a cabinet for storing cigarettes is better from trusted manufacturers.

Bad and poor-quality products can deteriorate over time, the top cover or door can warp, loops jam, due to which the cabinet will be difficult to open. If finances allow, you can even make custom made humidor cabinet. Such a product will look especially interesting and give the room a touch of individuality.

In addition, you can pay attention to expensive handmade products from brands such as Adorini and Marconi. These manufacturers are pleased with their high quality and unique appearance. These humidors are made from high-quality wood, which is covered with twenty layers of varnish. It is worth noting that before each new layer of varnish the surface is polished by hand.


In addition to the functionality of your cabinet, an important role is played by how beautiful the humidor is. After all, smoking high-quality and expensive cigars is a long process that brings pleasure. The beautiful appearance of the cigarette case also adds a special aesthetic pleasure to the smoking culture.

Look best classic cabinets made of natural wood, covered only with a layer of varnish, but not bright paint. It looks more expensive and noble. To choose the color of the wood stands, focusing on the color scheme that prevails indoors. So, for example, in a bright room a wardrobe made of white wood looks good, and in a bright interior - a dark wooden array.

There are also cabinets made of other materials, for example, from metal or plastic.

Such a humidor will more organically fit into the interior in the style modern

As a rule, cabinets for storing cigarettes are plain, although there is also furniture decorated with carvings or interesting paintings. You can choose a suitable option for any interior.

An important role is played by the size of the cabinet. There are both more compact cabinets for storing cigarettes, and massive and presentable. Focus on your needs and the size of the room in which you plan to store cigars. For small rooms, you should not buy too large closets so that they do not clutter up the space.

The cabinet for storing cigarettes is a beautiful piece of interior that you can please yourself with. Humidor can be an excellent gift for a person who is imbued with the aesthetics of expensive cigars and real men's pleasures. Buy a quality product or create it to order to please yourself or your soulmate.

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