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Blender steamer

Baby food should be as healthy and healthy as possible, so mommies always prepare fresh food before each meal. To facilitate the regular cooking process you will help a modern and versatile steamer-blender. The features of this kitchen equipment and the advice of other moms of her choice can be found in our article.

Features and benefits

Many mothers doubt whether they need a double boiler. After all, today there are quite a lot of technical innovations, and just the eyes diverge from the abundance of technology. But it is the double boiler that is definitely a useful and necessary apparatus.

The main advantage of this technical innovation is that when food is processed with steam, all the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements are stored in the finished dish. So the food for the baby turns out as healthy and healthy as possible.

The blender double boiler allows to save a lot of time, after all you will not need to shift products from one capacity to another. Everything will be cooked with mashed in one container. Yes, and wash the dishes you will need much less.

Another useful feature that this technique has is auto power off. When the cooking process ends, it turns off by itself, which means you can do your own thing at a time when food is prepared for the baby.


The blender double boiler is a very convenient invention. But the developers went further, surpassing all the old practices. Blender 2 in 1, which can cook food for a couple and immediately grind it, is complemented by other new features.

For example, a soup cooker with steamer function allows you to cook both hot and tasty soups and cold cocktails. At the heart of this blender is a special bowl with a heating element. And on top is a basket for cooking a couple. So, you can make both the first and the second and the cocktail with one smart blender.

Such technical innovations like the 4 in 1 steam cooker, which does almost all the work for you, make the life of a modern woman much easier.

Device and principle of operation

Let's see how a simple blender with a few extra features manages to cope with so many tasks. It is quite simple to use a blender - you need to fill the bulk tank with clean water, and put the cut food into a special basket.

On a special panel you should set the cooking time and let the products boil over a couple. When this process is over, the blender just needs to be turned over and turned on the chopper. In just a couple of minutes, you will receive a uniform, tasty mash, which you can immediately give to your baby.

All products are processed at different times. So, for example, hard fruits like pears and apples will be cooked in five minutes. Berries and citrus fruits are preferably steamed for at least ten minutes. Fish and vegetables are cooked for about fifteen minutes. Potatoes, legumes and meat are cooked in 20 minutes. But in general, of course, remember that everything is very individual.

Steamer blender allows you to cook several types of products. First of all, it is, of course, a variety of vegetable and fruit purees. It opens a huge space for experimentation. You can mix a variety of fruits, berries and vegetables, getting an unusual flavor combinations.

You can also use the individual functions of this technique. That is, use it exclusively for chopping minced meat or vegetables, or cooking tasty and healthy food for a couple.

How to choose?

In search of the best steamer worth paying attention to several parameters at once. First of all, it is, of course, quality. The technique must be strong enough to withstand different loads. Try not to buy cheap steamers from obscure firms. Most often, in their manufacture not the best materials are used, and such steamers live no more than a few months.

The simplest advice when choosing - focus on the reviews. If the steamer gets a lot of good reviews on open reference services, or it was personally recommended to you by friends who checked the quality of this particular model in everyday life, then you should take it. Do not rush to buy what you see first. Let the purchase of equipment, especially expensive will be truly thought out.

When choosing your kitchen assistant, pay attention to all sorts of additional features. So, some steamers allow you to defrost food or reheat ready-made. Convenient is the function that allows you to keep food warm for a long time.

And for newly-minted mommies sterilization function will be useful. This is the easiest and most convenient way to sterilize children's cups, plates and bottles.

Top Brands Rating

The best and most modern steamers blenders can be found in leading brands. Now we consider several proven brands that provide a good selection of really high-quality products.


Very good steamer produces brand Oursson. Their steamers are very convenient and technical. On the control panel there are several modes at once, but they are all simple and clear. So, for example, exposing the mode of "mashed potatoes", you will get a tastier dish, without making virtually any effort. Steamer itself will determine the ideal time, which is necessary in order to boil the potatoes and chop it into a gentle mashed potatoes.

Such separate modes are for vegetables, meat, fish and even soup. The only negative point is that porridges are badly boiled in this steamer. This is noted almost all in their reviews. For cooking simple rice or buckwheat you need about an hour. But in the more modern models of Oursson, of course, they are corrected.


This brand is also very good. High-quality equipment they get so strong that you can even take it with you on the road.

So, even if you eat somewhere to rest, you can not worry about what to feed your baby these days - you can even prepare delicious mashed potatoes for him, and healthy vegetables and meat for yourself for a couple.

Beaba Babycook Solo

Babycook is an American manufacturer of equipment. They have blenders steam cookers of high quality and convenient to use. The most striking example is the Duo model. As you can guess from the name, you can understand that with this steamer you can cook two dishes at once. This is possible due to the fact that the blender has two bowls. Each of them is supplemented with notches, which allows you to determine how much water should be poured into the bowl.

In this steamer you can cook a variety of dishes, as well as reheat them. Cooking kasha becomes possible only after buying a separate container for cereals.

Another nice bonus is that a convenient carrying bag comes bundled with such a blender / steamer. This greatly facilitates travel with a double boiler.


This option is ideal for those who are looking for the most budget option. Such a blender double boiler will cost you a few hundred rubles. But at the same time, you will not be disappointed in quality.

Also, despite the low price, the double boiler is complemented by a large number of functions. This allows you to cook different dishes, delighting yourself and your baby with new flavor combinations every day.

Petit terraillon

Good reviews can be found on the equipment from this brand. Inexpensive steamers are pleasantly pleased with their quality and cope with all tasks.

So this technique fully meets the expectations of the buyer.


This brand is very popular among domestic buyers. High quality and durability are combined with a huge range of functions. The only problem is that from such a large range it is difficult to choose something that is right for you.


As has been said many times, reviews are just the factor that helps to see all the disadvantages and advantages of the product that you like. The blender steam boiler receives positive reviews mainly from mummies. This technique is really very convenient, and allows not only to save time, but also from a very early age to teach your baby to healthy and healthy food, steamed.

A huge number of functions makes it possible to cook different dishes. But, as can be understood from the reviews, not all of them are used in everyday life. Therefore, if you want to save a little, then before you buy, think about why you need a double boiler and buy equipment that only knows what you really need without overpaying for extra modes.

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