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Floor lamps in the interior: how to choose?

Any source of lighting in the room is able to make it lighter and more comfortable. A floor lamp is an element of the interior that can bring a feeling of comfort and tranquility to any room. About such a device in a comfortable chair or on the couch, you can relax after a working day, read a book or go about your business. In order for this piece of furniture to make a room truly cozy and at the same time stylish, it is important to know how to choose the right floor lamp and what to consider.

Types of lamps

Now there are a large number of lamps, they all have a different type of design. The most common of these are general lighting devices, that is, ceiling lights or chandeliers.. There are also local lighting products, which are sconces, portable models of chandeliers and floor lamps. All lamps can be different depending on where they should be located. There are ceiling lights, which usually have a fairly large size and are the main lighting of the room.

The second option is wall lights, which are necessary in order to place light accents and highlight a separate area in the room. They are mounted on the wall. As a rule, the role of such lamps perform sconces. There are also double, that is, wall and ceiling lights. Such a double device can be installed both on the ceiling and on any wall; everything will depend only on your choice. There are also table lamps, which have a small size design. They can be moved from place to place and thus create additional lighting in the room. Usually they are used for work.

There are also floor lamps. Usually these are floor lamps. They are necessary for the decor of the room, as well as to create additional lighting. As a rule, floor lamps are a kind of decorative design element of any interior. A floor lamp is usually placed in bedrooms or in living rooms, and they usually choose the angular location for them, since a high corner floor lamp can make any room visually wider and more spacious.

Outdoor floor lamps are of different types. The first of these are models with a lamp shade. This is the most traditional type, which is a product on a high leg, decorated with an elegant cap. It is this functional detail of such a lamp that can make a floor lamp very beautiful and create a soft diffusing light. Usually it has a conical shape, but there are more unusual products.

Also isolated and separately decorative floor lamps. They, first of all, perform not the function of a lighting device, but rather play the role of a decorative element of a room. With their help, you can focus on any part of the room. Usually they are selected in such a way that they form a single ensemble with other interior items. Such floor lamps have an unusual design and look very stylish and unusual.

Decorative models can be very diverse in design. They may include several lamp shades at once, or they may not have this functional part at all. Some unusual products are made in the form of a vase or sconce. There are also small portable floor lamps, which are very convenient to use. With their help, you can organize a cozy place to rest in any part of the house, they are great for reading books. In this design, there are, as a rule, two lamps that are capable of creating high-quality background lighting. Such devices are great for handicrafts.

Floor lamps are also divided into types depending on the type of management. The most popular are devices with a switch. They have an on / off button, it is very easy to control them. Typically, these products have a universal type of lighting, the brightness of which allows you to engage in any business. Their light is usually not too bright, but not too dim. There are also floor lamps with dimmer. These are the most universal models that allow you to change the brightness of the light, depending on the preferences of each household. This device can be used by several residents of an apartment or house at once, and each of them can adjust the brightness of the light individually for themselves. You can lighten or darken such a floor lamp depending on what you plan to do. It can be darkened if the main lighting is on or, on the contrary, to lighten when reading a book.

Modern and functional models on the remote control are very convenient. Such products are perfect for those who have a floor lamp in the room located away from the bed or chairs on which you plan to relax. So you can turn on and off the device, as well as change its brightness, without getting up.

Selection rules

In order for the floor lamp to harmoniously fit into the decor of the room and was not only decorative, but also an important functional element of the room, you need to follow some rules for choosing such a thing. It is necessary to be attentive and attach importance even to the most seemingly insignificant parameters, such as the power of the device, its type, design, as well as the direction of light. Not everyone takes into account the power of such a device, because it is just an additional source of light, but this is not true. This lighting device must have a power rating corresponding to the area of ​​the room in which it is located.

In the medium-sized rooms, classic models are installed with lamps ranging from 50 to 100 W, so you can create a comfortable atmosphere and optimal lighting in any room, regardless of its purpose. Moreover, such devices install both classic incandescent lamps and newer LED bulbs that can save energy. Usually LED bulbs have more power and are able to give a brighter light, so such models are most preferable for wide premises. It is also important to consider the size of such a product. The floor lamp should not be too small or too large, it should be proportional to the size of the room.

The height of the floor lamp also plays an important role. Unusual floor lamps from a height of about 200 cm can be purchased for rooms with high ceilings, and floor lamps of about 1.5 meters or less are more suitable for classic rooms.

When choosing this item, it is also necessary to pay attention to its functionality. So, there are very convenient inclined devices that you can turn in the right direction, directing the light up or down. A hanger floor lamp is also very functional, since it performs two functions at once - it serves as a standard lighting device and you can put clothes on it when there is no time to disassemble it.

Bending floor lamps are very comfortable. Usually they have a flexible rack that allows you to customize it in exactly the way you want. A flexible device can be made higher or lower, deploy it in any direction.

If you plan to move this device from place to place, it is better to give preference to models on wheels. You can easily transport the device from one part of the room to another without damaging it, especially its lampshade. For those who are not comfortable looking for a switch on the wire near this device, manufacturers have provided models with a foot switch - you can easily turn off the device by stepping on the necessary button. There are also convenient models with remote control. Usually they are equipped with a brightness control function, so you can create any kind of lighting by making the room brighter or, on the contrary, darker, more intimate.

If you are not interested in the functionality of this device, but its external components, the perfect solution for you will be devices with openwork wicker lampshades, which have interesting decorative design elements. A woven floor lamp looks very stylish and interesting, some appliances are decorated with lace and ribbons. Also very elegant looks floor lamp with crystal pendants. He will make the interior of any room more luxurious and will be able to emphasize the high social status of its tenants.

In addition, usually such products are selected in the kit to the main lighting device, for example, to the chandelier with pendants.

It is also customary to place floor lamps by the bed and in the nursery. In this case, you need to choose a special children's models. Usually, these are brighter devices that have an interesting lamp shade. It can be decorated with unusual contrast prints, drawings in the form of animals, birds, cartoon characters. Such devices will delight any kid, he will not be afraid to sleep alone in a room next to such a floor lamp.

For the bedroom, it is better to purchase a mounted floor lamp, which can be placed above the bed. Such products allow you to create a diffused soft light, and so you can read while lying in bed. Also very comfortable are the floor lamps, the lampshade of which is directed upwards with light. This is an unusual device that allows you to create accent lighting. You can make an additional highlight of any beautiful piece of interior, whether it be family photos, antique clocks or a picture that adorns the wall.


The most popular are floor lamps in the classic style. The classic device is a high lamp with a long leg, which is decorated with a woven lampshade. Usually these are rather large devices that organically combine high-quality natural materials, such as natural woven cloth, wood, and even paper. Such products do not have bright elements of decor, they can be decorated with braid, fringe or tassels.

Very unusual look floor lamps, made in the style of loft. Such products have a minimum of unnecessary parts, they are made of wood, metal, paper. Typically, such products are made in black, maroon, brick, dark gray shades.

Looks beautiful floor lamp in retro style. Such products can have massive decorative elements, such as openwork carving, metal elements. Retro lamps with watches look very unusual. As a rule, these are products on a massive stand made of wood or metal, into which the watch mechanism is embedded.

Unusual and are models in the style of Hi-Tech. They are complemented by functional elements, such as, for example, tables for books. Such products are distinguished by the severity of the lines, but they look very sophisticated. These devices are usually made of glass and metal.

Very elegant look floor lamps in the style of Provence. Usually it is beautiful and delicate in design products, which have a wooden or metal leg, covered with light paint. The coating can be artificially aged, which can give charm to such a lighting device. Usually the lamp shade of this product is made of cloth or thick paper. These lights look very elegant and romantic and are made in pastel colors.

Popular colors

The most classic is a brown or beige colored floor lamp, as it is capable of creating warm lighting. Usually such items are purchased for living rooms or bedrooms, as they can make any room more comfortable. Also, warm lighting can create a yellow floor lamp. Such a device can be a bright functional element of any room. Green, red or blue lamps look very bright and stylish. Such devices are selected for one of the interior, made in the same color. Red products are combined interior, decorated in bright colors.

White, blue or pink floor lamp looks tender in the interior of light rooms. Such products made in pastel colors will make staying in the room more comfortable and lighting brighter. In the room, the interior design of which is dominated by dark shades, as well as the combination of black and white tones, you can install a black tall floor lamp. It will look very luxurious and unusual and will undoubtedly become a highlight of this room.

Violet or turquoise floor lamp looks very bright. Typically, these products are combined with the design of the room, decorated in lilac, white, as well as in some bright colors. A peach floor lamp will look very tender in a bright room, and an orange light fixture will be a brighter solution. Such a device may have a light background on the lampshade, but will be decorated with bright red floristry.

Exquisitely and subtly looks product with a burgundy shade. It can be decorated with interesting monograms or openwork patterns. Such furnishings are more suitable for decorating rooms in a classic style, and in color it goes well with emerald interior details. Another elegant option is a floor lamp, decorated under wenge. These are products with a beautiful design imitating natural wood.


For the manufacture of floor lamps and use a variety of materials. As for their legs, it can be made of wood, plastic or metal. Metal or copper floor lamp is reliable and durable. The device looks very nice on a bronze stand with a woven lampshade. Forged lampshades are a luxurious option, and forging may have the most unusual design.

Beautiful are the models on the leg with a bird. Such forged products are very durable and reliable, but they are distinguished by their original design.

For the design of the lampshade using different fabrics, plastic, paper, rattan and even glass. Crystal looks in Tiffany style elegantly. There are also elegant glass models, for example, a floor lamp with Murano glass shade. Usually such products are quite expensive. A glass floor lamp requires special caution from its owner - it must be very carefully transferred from place to place, but usually these are fairly large, non-transferable models.

Fashion Design Solutions

Now designers present the most daring and unusual solutions, original models. The high designer lighting fixture on a long leg with a small shade looks very stylish. This is an extraordinary solution that will fit into the modern interior of the room. Tall models can be on a long curved stem, and it can be decorated with a beautiful weave, it can be bypassed by a delicate rose on a long stem.

Also now, in addition to round and conical, designers offer square and rectangular ceiling lamps. This lampshade is different from the classical design and is more suitable for interior decoration in a modern style.

Also, some designers present portable devices that have a small but thick leg and a rather wide lampshade for their size. Some small lampshades have an open type of lighting, they can be oblong in shape - they look like candles. Such a lighting device looks very unusual and stylish. It fits perfectly into the design of any classic room.

Some designers present a hanging floor lamp-spotlight, which is able to create bright lighting that you can direct in any direction. These are ultramodern products that are distinguished by their functionality. More classic and unusual are models with a fringe. As a rule, their lampshades are decorated with beautiful tassels or as if flowering threads. They usually have woven ceiling lamps that create soft, subdued light.

Some masters create whole masterpieces. The leg of such lighting fixtures is a whole sculpture. So, there are models "The Eiffel Tower"which have a stand in the form of this famous landmark. Some unique products have an ancient design and a large metal clock is embedded in them. Usually they are installed in the living room. Modern models with shelves on which you can put threads and other elements for needlework, as well as all the necessary things, are very comfortable and functional. Such functional products can be both large and small, and they can also have several shelves.

Manufacturers Overview

Quality and fashionable lighting are from Italian manufacturers. They represent whole works of art, are distinguished by the quaintness of forms and interesting design. Their design is filled with the atmosphere of sunny Italy, so this product can be the highlight of any room. Very famous Italian manufacturers of floor lamps are Masiero, Voltolins, El Fabbian, El Torrent, Modo Luce and many others. All of these brands offer a variety of models of these devices that can be put in the bedroom and living room, in the nursery, or even in the bathroom.

Luxury floor lamps presents a brand originally from Spain called Mirada de Cristal. Most models have ceiling lamps made of exquisite crystal. They are distinguished by a beautiful coating and elegant design and are able to make a luxurious palace from an ordinary house.

Ещё один очень известный оригинальный производитель - Berliner Messinglampen. This German brand creates lighting fixtures in contemporary Art Nouveau style. These products are made from a luxurious combination of brass and glass. They look very strict, but at the same time luxurious and solid, and are suitable for both the decoration of rooms in a traditional style and for modern interior designs.

No less popular brand Orion. It represents a huge number of the most diverse in design fixtures, including floor lamps. As a rule, most models have a classic design, some of them decorated in modern style. These are very high-quality and beautiful products that can be selected for every taste and wallet.

Among Russian manufacturers, the brand is very popular. "Aurora". It offers all kinds of fixtures that are affordable and have an unusual design. These are both metal and wood products, as well as inexpensive plastic models.

Examples in the interior

Lighting devices must necessarily match the interior of the room in which they are located. This is necessary so that you can create a cozy atmosphere in the room. Such products together with the furniture should create a single and unique ensemble. In no case should they conflict with large accent elements of the interior. In the living room, decorated in a classic style, you need to pick up traditional-style floor lamps. If you have a classic leather sofa, then a product with gold leaf or other golden decor is perfect. And the leg of such a product must match the color of the upholstery of the furniture.

If your room is installed universal gray furniture of large size, a floor lamp, made in pastel colors with silver decorative elements will be a great addition to such an ensemble. In the living room is better to put a large floor lamp made of wood. Such a product can make the room more comfortable. In the bedroom it is better to put more miniature products. For such a room is perfect tabletop floor lamp. If you still decide to install a floor model, then it will be very convenient to put it near the bed, since this option is perfect for reading books. Also, lovers can read a modern lamp with a shelf.

For a classic bedroom with bedside tables, it is better to purchase two identical table lamps. Such bedside devices will create a single ensemble and make the bedroom very comfortable. Also for the bedroom, you can pick up items with a fabric shade. They look more subtle in this room.

As for the modern design rooms, in this case, metal products with high legs are perfect. So, models called fishing rods are very functional. They have a long curved leg, thus you can direct the light of these devices in any direction. Also, the floor lamp should be in harmony with the room not only in its style, but also in its color design.

In no case, such a lamp should not merge with the wallpaper.. This is very important because this item is decorative and therefore must be accent. If you want to match it to the color of the wallpaper, it is better if it is a little brighter by 2-3 tones. Try to pick up floor lamps with lampshades, which are decorated in the same colors as the largest item in the interior room. Usually a floor lamp is selected under the upholstery of upholstered furniture. This is already a classic, and such an ensemble looks very harmonious.

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