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Gas lift for bed

The bed is not only a frame, but also an additional place to store things.. Often this feature is provided by internal drawers that cover the supporting surface on which the mattress is located. To access these elements is quite difficult, because you need to lift a lot of weight. To simplify this procedure, you can use gas lift for the bed. These devices are designed to transfer gas pressure to the casing frame.

Basic concepts

The gas elevator is a special mechanism that is used to lift the surfaces attached to it. Many people compare this design with automotive shock absorbers. Externally, the design has the shape of a small cylinder with several latches and a moving shoulder.

This mechanism consists of several basic elements:

  • The cylinder in which gas settles down. Often the tank is filled with nitrogen. It should be noted that the mixture inside is under very high pressure, so it is not recommended to disassemble gas lifts yourself.
  • Oil Damper
  • Piston with rod. These elements are used to transfer force to the external environment.

Principle of operation

Gas lifts come in several forms, but often those used in beds allow you to open the structure upwards.

There are only 2 main types:

  1. Automatic. When the bed is raised, the gas expands, which presses on the piston. The last element in turn pushes the bed up, minimizing the person’s efforts. For braking inside is used a kind of oil gasket. This allows you to make the move at the very end of the trajectory much smoother.
  2. Friction. This design differs from the previous model in the absence of a damper. The gas pressure here is also slightly lower. This allows the structure to be stopped at any convenient position. Beds are rarely equipped with similar elements, since this is practically not necessary.


Gas lifts are unique mechanisms that are used in various fields. Virtually all types of systems operate on the same principle.

There are several technical parameters of these systems:

  • Gas lift can be compressed by physical effort.
  • Systems can operate at temperatures from -30 to +80 degrees. But this characteristic affects the power of the device. A change in temperature of 10 degrees will cause a decrease in this indicator by 3%.
  • The work of the gas lift should not include its movement to the top dead center. This can quickly disable the system. Therefore, it is very important to properly install this design.
  • The rod can move with a maximum speed of up to 300 mm / s. At the same time inside the cylinder pressure does not exceed 160 bar.

Benefits of lifting beds

Gas lifts are installed in different types of beds. Some models are complex transformable systems. In others, the piston is used only to lift the frame on which the mattress rests.

There are several advantages of such products:

  1. Practicality. The space under the bed is perfect for storing things, bedding, blankets.
  2. Strength. Gas lifts not only reduce the load for a person, but also protect the bed frame from rapid destruction.

  3. Simplicity. To activate the mechanism, no significant effort and special skills are needed. This can even make a child.

  4. A variety of designs. This type of furniture is very common in the market, which allows you to select products for every taste and color. You can find both rectangular beds and options with a round bed.

  5. Efficiency. This is achieved due to the fact that you can use the space under the bed as a locker.

Criterias of choice

Many beds are not equipped with similar mechanisms. Therefore, home craftsmen are engaged in self-installation.

If you are going to start such operations, you need to pre-pick the device. You can do this by following a few simple guidelines:

  • First of all, you need to choose the effort that gives the system. Often the compressive force is indicated in Newtons (H). Approximately 1 N can withstand 9.81 kg of weight. But it should also take into account the angle of inclination.

If the bed is large, then this value should be in the region of 200-300 N.

  • Please note that the compression force also depends on the number of gas lifts. In most cases, no more than 2 elements are installed on the bed (one on each side). If you put powerful gas lifts on furniture, it will not always be practical. In this case, it will be difficult to lower or raise the frame.
  • Gas lift length The corner on which it will be possible to lift a bed depends on it. It is desirable to check this characteristic at the stage of selection.
  • Manufacturer. The best fittings are products of German companies. However, many domestic products also have good user reviews.

You should not save on these products, since furniture maintenance and its durability depend on their quality.


Gas lifts are installed on the bed, both during production and after manufacture. The first option is preferable, as the factory models last a little longer.

However, if you develop the installation strategy correctly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, then the design will be just as good.

To solve this problem, you will need to stock up on several tools:

  1. Saw and hammer. They will be needed to assemble the main frame.
  2. Electric drill and set of nozzles of various sizes.
  3. Fasteners. This could include screws, metal corners.
  4. Gas lift

Installation of the lifting mechanism

When planning to assemble a Suspa device, you should familiarize yourself with the main recommendations of the manufacturer of this hardware. The process of gas lift installation can be divided into several successive steps:

  • First going to bed frame. Performing all operations, follow the instructions of the manufacturer. To connect the boards using metal corners. This will strengthen the entire structure and make it more resistant to external influences.
  • When the frame is assembled, proceed to mount the gas lift. The fixing of the structure takes place with the help of special screws, which are often included. Please note that some gas lifts are one-way. Therefore, it is important not to confuse them in some places.

In some cases, the side of the cylinder plays an important role. This characteristic should be clarified with the manufacturer.

  • At this stage, a folding frame is being assembled. In some cases, it is metallic and solid. If the design is made of wood, then it is constructed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The procedure ends fastening gas lift to the top element. It is important to fasten the mechanism only in the open position of the lid.. This will eliminate the likelihood of damage if the shoulder is not correctly calculated. When the whole structure is assembled, it is necessary to start the system several times to check its operation. If the system does not work well, you should reinstall the mechanism.

Installing gas lifts on the bed can differ in many nuances. If you are not sure that you can perform the operation qualitatively, you should entrust it to an experienced specialist. The best option would be the manufacture of such furniture under the order. This will allow not only to choose the size and style of construction, but also to determine the optimal characteristics of the lifting mechanism.

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