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Covers Valtery

The cover on the bed plays an important role in the interior of the bedroom. One of the types of this kind of textiles are Valtery bedspreads. What are they and what they are made of, let's see.

About company

Valtery is a Chinese home textile company. Its products have been represented on the Russian market since the end of the last century, and since then they have held leading positions in this category of goods. Among the products manufactured under this brand, you can find bedding from economy to elite class, tablecloths, pillows, and bedspreads.

What are they made of?

Valtery covers are made from several types of materials:

  • Synthetic satin - it is a material consisting entirely of polyester yarn. Its feature is unsurpassed smoothness. The fabric is very dense and durable. It resists abrasion and pelleting well. Carries a huge amount of washings. Products from this matter do not require ironing. It is comfortable to rest on them.

  • Synthetic jacquard - This is a woven fabric, the pattern of which is created using polyester yarns of different colors, the number of tones at the same time can reach ten. Therefore, the drawing does not wash away and does not fade. It has all the features of the previous fabric, but also has a brilliant texture.
  • Softcotton - this is knitted 100% cotton fabric, which is notable for its special softness and ease of care.

Special features

Valtery has a number of positive characteristics:

  • All products are completely safe and comply with the sanitary standards of the Russian Federation.
  • A large assortment of textures and colors will help you find the product according to your preferences.
  • Almost all bedspreads have a base and insulation. This design allows the product to perfectly keep its shape on the bed.
  • Valtery covers do not gather and do not slip.
  • They perfectly absorb moisture, while maintaining the optimum moisture regime. Therefore, to rest on them is not hot.

  • Most of these are synthetic materials that are not a favorable environment for the existence of pathogenic microorganisms and dust mites.
  • Products are easy to maintain.
  • Do not wear out, remain for a long time in its original form.
  • Have gift wrapping.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • Most models are made of synthetic fabrics that do not suit people who prefer natural materials.
  • Synthetics tend to accumulate static voltage and electrify.

Color and texture

Covers Valtery have a huge palette of colors. Here you can find plain products. The tones can be both pastel and deep saturated.

In addition, the covers of this brand may have a completely different ornament: geometric shapes, monograms, flowers. Also very popular are models that depict animals.

Product texture is also different. It is created using several stitch techniques. With the help of the thread on the bedspread formed all sorts of pictures. In addition, a thermo-stitch is applied, with the help of which the cover is glued to the base, forming fancy folds.

The size

The size is very important for the bedspread and must fully comply with the dimensions of the bed. This is due to the fact that the product is too large will inaccurately drag on the floor, in addition, it will not work to make beautiful folds at the corners of the bed. Small bedspreads will not completely cover the mattress, and the look of a sleeping bed will be untidy and not finished.

The company Valtery produces covers of several sizes that are suitable for certain dimensions of a sleeping bed. So, the size of 160x220 cm is perfect for a single bed. In this case, the bed can be without foot and stand in the middle of the room. Size 220x240 cm is suitable for a double bed for two standard size.

For a larger bed, you need to choose a euro-maxi bedcover that matches 230x250 cm.


The range of covers Valtery has a huge variety. Here are some of the most popular designs:

  • "Kelley". This model of a sateen covering of a shaft imitates patchwork equipment. A great option for the design of bedrooms in the style of Country.
  • "Piatto". Plain bedspread with a plaid stitch. Simple design allows you to use this product in almost any style of interior.

  • "Caleigh". The model is made in a classic style. Pastel colors, patterns and stitches in the form of monograms make the design concise, and the shine of jacquard fabric adds chic.
  • "Suse". Softcoat cover. It has a thermostat, imitating a crushed fabric. Monochromatic colors can be pastel or bright saturated colors.

Cost of

The cost of Valtery covers is different and depends on the material and the size of a sample.

So, a product for a one-and-a-half bed of knitted fabric will cost you 2,000 rubles. The cover from sateen of the same size will cost 1600 rubles, the maximum price of the plaid will be 4500 rubles. So much will cost a blanket of artificial jacquard size 230x250 cm.


Valtery covers are mostly positive. The products fully comply with the specifications stated by the manufacturer. This is a fairly high-quality product, the form of which is maintained for many years. Dissatisfaction with the covers is reduced only to the fact that the product is electrified. But this disadvantage is easy to remove during washing, adding a fabric softener when rinsing the product.

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