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Ceiling lights in the bedroom

Ceiling lamps in the bedroom should maintain maximum comfort for vision, help to relax the body before bedtime. In modern stores there are a large number of devices that vary in power, form, cost. After reading this article, you will learn how to choose a lamp that is ideal for your apartment.

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Space dimensions

Remember a simple rule: the smaller the room, the more compact should be the lighting devices. You should not buy large hanging chandeliers for a modest bedroom the size of just a couple of square meters. It is better to install several small spotlights in such a room. Then the room will be light enough, but the size will not hide.

If your room has very low ceilings, then get the ceiling in which the lights are turned up. So the light will be gently diffused and provide excellent visibility, harmony. Otherwise, the stream of light will be directed to the floor, and there will be little benefit from such a device.

General interior style


Since the lamps perform not only practical, but also a decorative function, their appearance should be combined with the design of the room, complement and decorate it.

In order not to miss the choice, choose concise transparent lamps or devices of neutral colors. This option will perfectly fit into any interior, will not provoke a dissonance.

This universal rule is especially useful for those whose bedroom is made in a mixed style.

If you prefer the direction of high-tech, you should look at the lamps of non-standard geometric shapes. Devices can be made of plastic, metal or glass. For lovers of Provence or Country style, ceiling lamps and chandeliers with wrought iron elements, fabric ruffles, mesh, wicker and so on are perfect. When the room is decorated in dark colors, lamps of unusual bright colors look great with stained glass or other decorative elements. If you like flowers, get beautiful lamps in the shape of your favorite plants.

These tips will be useful to those who choose a classic chandelier as a lighting device. If you prefer the built-in lights, then it is much easier for you - this option will successfully fit into any interior.

8 photos



Many are accustomed to thinking that light can be of two types: warm and cold. Depending on this, it is more white or yellow. However, modern manufacturers of LED lamps are not limited to a couple of shades. Light in its characteristics is:

  • cold;
  • warm;
  • matte;
  • bright;
  • color;
  • scattered;
  • diffuse.

Bulbs of their type are also different:

  • halogens;
  • LEDs;
  • neons;
  • incandescent lamps.

Each type of light bulb has a different shade. For example, incandescent bulbs are yellow. Neons - bluish tint. Different types of lamps and the intensity of lighting varies.

  • You can install in the room flickering, diode, neon lamps with special color filters and reflectors. You can provide in your own bedroom lighting of any color: from light blue to bright crimson. Combine different shades, turn on your imagination. So your room will look even more stylish and unusual.
  • If you really like the color purple, but can not afford such lighting, for fear of its impracticality, then you have nothing to worry about. Just make the light bulbs in several rows, alternating the classic color with a favorite shade. You can set different switches for each shade - it is very convenient.
  • Now you can create a real starry sky on the ceiling. If you have suspended ceilings or suspended ceilings, then be sure to try this option. Every night you will fall asleep, watching the amazing sparkling stars.


It is very important to correctly position the lighting devices around the perimeter of the room so that they are as functional as possible.

Many people prefer to install ceiling lights throughout the ceiling, providing general illumination of the same power. However, it would be much better to select individual lighting for each zone.

Special attention should be paid to the working area. Of course, the bedroom is needed for rest, but the modern rhythm of life dictates its rules to the person. Often you have to work even before bedtime or early in the morning.

Take care that there is a large amount of light in this area. Your eyes should be comfortable when you are reading or sitting at a computer. Remember that poor lighting can seriously impair your vision, take this matter seriously.

It is also worth considering the location of the ceiling lights in the zone of a mirror, cabinet or dressing table. It will be very convenient if such bulbs are independent of the main lighting. So you can get ready for bed or get ready in the morning without disturbing your loved one.

So now you know a lot more information regarding the bedroom ceiling lights. Consider these tips, and you can create in the room a unique atmosphere of comfort and convenience. If you doubt that you can independently choose the right lighting, you should turn to professional designers. Experts will tell you the most successful options that are suitable for your apartment - you will not be disappointed in the results.

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