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Living room with fireplace and TV

The further civilization develops, the more knowledge and opportunities a person has. This also applies to the arrangement of housing. The fact that a couple of decades ago was almost impossible, today is becoming commonplace.

Dream or reality?

The blue dream of many Soviet people was a living room with a fireplace and a TV. To implement it was impossible, because the main type of housing was communal or small apartments. What kind of fireplace to talk in such conditions planning? But now add comfort to the living room due to the installation of the fireplace has become possible in any living room: in a private house, and in the country, and in the apartment.

Making modern renovation, people increasingly place fireplaces in living rooms. This arrangement has a number of advantages:

  1. The interior of the living room takes on a more presentable appearance, adding aristocracy to it.
  2. Another focus of heat. In the offseason is very helpful.
  3. A fireplace installed in the corner apartments of the upper floors will help to avoid high humidity and dampness.
  4. It is necessary to place a fireplace in the living room, and the room will become cozier.
  5. A living room with a fireplace and a TV will become a place of attraction for the whole family, and contemplation of the fire will help to relax after a hard day.

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Types of fireplaces

By way of placement

To embody different ideas and place the fireplace in any room, there are such types of fireplaces, such as:

  1. Built. It is one of the first invented species and requires a chimney. Therefore, it is being built at the construction stage and is usually installed in country houses, cottages, summer cottages. In the absence of a chimney, a wall of plasterboard for an electric built-in fireplace is installed.
  2. Wall - a classic, very common type of placement of the fireplace against the wall.
  3. Island (panoramic) - the original and modern way of locating the fireplace in the open space of the room, for example, in its middle. There are floor, suspended, even mobile, which is used by designers for zoning a room.
  4. Angular. Perfect for small rooms and different interiors.

By type of fuel

Depending on the type of premises, the capabilities of the owners of the house and design ideas, there is a possibility to choose a fireplace according to the way it functions. Depending on the type of fuel consumed, there are fireplaces:

  1. Wood burning This is a classic type of fireplace that requires a real chimney, a place for logs, therefore it is not suitable for apartments. But in country houses it becomes not just a source of heat, but also a center of attraction for households and guests for its beauty, the music of crackling firewood, the atmosphere of comfort.
  2. Electric. In fact, it is electric heaters stylized as a fireplace. Ideal for installation in any apartment, thanks to the variety of models. Flame imitation is reproduced on the back of the fireplace, which is the screen. Does not require fuel, does not emit combustion products. Simple and easy to use. Modern samples are equipped with a control panel, allowing to regulate not only the heating mode, but also the appearance of fiery languages ​​and even the sound of crackling firewood.
  3. Gas Of all artificial fireplaces more similar to this. Its fuel is natural gas. It is possible to control the power of the flame. Heats the room well, does not give dirt, but requires coordination with the gas service. It is necessary to provide a hood, safe gas supply. Accommodation in the room depends on gas communications.
  4. Biofireplaces work on the biological type of fuel containing alcohol. This is a new generation of fireplaces. Does not require exhaust, some special care, just need to add biofuel as consumption. No dirt, installation problems. A wide range of models, up to the desktop.

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Artificial fireplaces also include a false-fireplace that does not require fuel. Its function is extremely decorative. It does not take up much space, can be made from different materials. It happens mobile or stationary. Decorate false fireplaces in a variety of ways at will (candles, garlands, vases, paintings with painted fire, etc.).

Cozy neighborhood

When there is a desire to have both a fireplace and a TV in the living room, it is necessary to consider options for their placement, taking into account the size of the room and its interior. If none of the objects is preferred, it is recommended to pick them up about the same size, otherwise either the fireplace or the TV will pull attention to themselves.

A very common option is to install the TV over the fireplace. However, many experts do not advise to do so, because the eye will rush between the fire of the fireplace and the screen. And it tires. The arrangement of the TV opposite the fireplace is not very successful either: the reflections of fire will be reflected in the screen, which will prevent quiet viewing of your favorite programs.

The best way to arrange these items will be their installation on different walls, perpendicular to each other or on the same line. The sofa and chairs are placed in front of the TV or in a circle by the fireplace, if space permits. Then the household will be able to choose a place according to their preferences.

If the size of the living room allows, you can select a special area for the installation of a fireplace and furniture (soft chairs, a small table). The remaining pieces of furniture are arranged so that they do not interfere with the free movement of the room and correspond to the basic design idea.

The choice of interior

It is necessary to choose a fireplace under the style of the living room of a house or apartment. Classic wood fireplaces are only suitable for summer houses and country houses. In urban apartments install artificial fireplaces, most often electric. And regardless of its type, the interior of the living room and the fireplace itself can be decorated in any style:

  1. Classic requires finishing with natural materials. These include wood, stone, cotton fabrics, leather, fur, woolen and linen products. Widely used by various designer, made by hand, accessories; multi-level ceilings, large windows, massive mirrors, paintings. A lighting solution is being devised, dividing into different zones is possible, thanks to the placement of a large number of floor lamps, lamps, chandeliers, even candles. Dim quiet shades of color are selected. often the presence of carved patterns and stucco. The decoration of the fireplace is dominated by natural stone, marble.
  2. Provence. It is typical for him to take the leading place to the fireplace. This is the style of rural life, its thoroughness, uniqueness. The basis is the use of furniture made of wood, natural finishing materials (stone, brick, wood, fabrics), neutral colors. Provence style is inherent in naturalism, simple geometry in outline. Everything should be solid, massive, but diverse and not heavy. This also applies to the finishing of the fireplace, which should be the center of the composition, standing out for its brightness and color.
  3. English. Creates an aura of aristocracy, solidity, comfort. Distinctive features are wide openings with massive doors, chic chandeliers with candle-shaped lamps, the presence of stucco, a large number of textiles (rugs, curtains, carpets). In finishing, preference is given to natural materials, rich shades of color from golden beige to dark green and terracotta. Fireplace helps to create an atmosphere. The English fireplace is decorated with natural stone, a couple of soft, massive armchairs and a small table are placed next to it. A chic look is given by a wrought-iron fireplace set and a mantelpiece, lined with original objects, including figurines, an antique clock, an ashtray, and a smoking pipe.
  4. Modern Each piece of furniture has a specific function. Fireplace artificial, built into the wall, does not attract much attention. Preference is given to a variety of false-fireplaces with a clear geometry.
  5. High tech. Fireplace can be the most bizarre form. For decoration use modern materials: refractory glass, steel, plastic.

Due to the variety of modern models, the fireplace can be chosen for any style of interior. Modern living room does not accept models of wood, because they bear the patina of antiquity.

A wooden fireplace will fit well into the living room, where there is parquet, laminate, suitable furniture. To give a room a zest, a wall with a fireplace is decorated with color shades that contrast with the main background, choose finishing materials of a different texture.

Electric and false fireplaces are often installed in drywall boxes to focus attention on them. Natural stone is preferred for facing: marble, onyx, granite, travertine, shell rock, limestone, sandstone. A separate decoration can be a mantel with pleasant or memorable things for the owners. It can be figurines, flowers, vases, photographs in beautiful frames, books.

Basic installation principles

Before installing the fireplace and TV, you should familiarize yourself with some rules: the fireplace is not recommended to be placed at the outer walls, since to warm the street to nothing. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select the location for the fireplace. You can not lay mats by the fireplace, regardless of its type. The same applies to the placement of furniture. The television must be at a sufficient distance from open flame.

For small living rooms, gas, electric or biofireplaces should be selected. To save space ideal angular placement of the selected model.

The room must have good ventilation and be regularly ventilated. Be sure to take into account the dimensions of the purchased fireplace and their compliance with the footage of the room where it will be installed. In order for the fireplace to fit perfectly into the living room interior, it is necessary to think out the decorative elements for its decoration. This also applies to TV.

Whatever type of fireplace is chosen, it will surely bring warmth and comfort to the house, create a favorable relaxing atmosphere.

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