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Health is directly dependent on nutrition, and nutrition - on the method of cooking. Cooked foods lose all nutrients and minerals, fried ones cause harm and aggravate the ingredients. Steaming is one of the foundations of proper nutrition, which has now become more than affordable.



Steamer - a device for cooking a variety of dishes. Meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, baby food, side dishes, cereals, scrambled eggs - all this can be easily done in one device. Steamer consists of several tiers, a niche for pouring water and a heating element. However, the latter may not be, it all depends on the species.

A steam cooker can be:

  • electric;
  • for the gas stove.

Models for the gas stove are not so diverse, in contrast to the electrical subspecies, but also deserved a good reputation from the hostesses. They represent a stainless steel pot with one or more tiers.

Advantages of a gas double boiler:

  • energy savings;
  • the possibility of cooking several dishes;
  • quick warming up of food;
  • the ability to use the device as a pan;
  • easy cleaning

However, it was not without a minus. So, the gas model should always be supervised.

Electric models are divided into two major types:

  • built in;
  • freestanding.

Embedded models differ in large volume and a huge number of functions. It can not only cook dishes for the whole family, but also provide proper care for the device thanks to the cleaning functions. In addition, the majority of embedded models are connected directly to the water supply system, which means that there is no need to worry about water ending in a double boiler. It should be noted that the built-in appliances are in a high price category, in contrast to the more democratic stand-alone models.

Separate Electric Steamers consist of a water tank, baskets for loading products, a condensate tank, a mechanical or electronic working area. The mechanics consist of a round switch-timer with a timeline. The electronic model has a display on which you can see the cooking time and the remaining time, as well as several buttons with mode changes, which are selected for specific products.

In addition, the types of electric boilers may vary depending on such useful functions as:

  • reminder to clean the scale;
  • automatic shutdown of the device with full evaporation of water;
  • the "fast steam" mode, aimed at maximizing vitamins from food;
  • memory function of recipes prepared in this device earlier.

How to choose?

The first criterion of the model is its size. The volume of steam baskets here ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 liters, and the volume of a bowl for rice and any other side dishes from 0.7 liters to 2 liters. Everyone who wants to buy a double boiler should soberly assess the frequency of preparations and the number of people in the family who prefer food for a couple. So, if only children's dishes are to be cooked, containers with minimal sizes will be quite sufficient.

The next important aspect is power. Modern models are presented in the range from 600 to 2000 watts. It is worth saying that it’s not necessary to chase the most powerful devices here, because the speed of the prepared dishes is influenced not only by power, but also by the availability of useful and high-speed modes, for example, "fast steam".

Mechanics or electronic display - a matter of taste. Both those and other models proved to be the best. The strengths of the mechanics are in the ease of operation, accessible even to a child. The electronic system has more functions and modes.

It is worth saying that the number of modes in most models is 2-3. Models in the high price segment please users with 5-6 modes. The most basic and important are:

  • cooking;
  • defrosting;
  • steam blow to sterilize bottles.

The presence of all the above modes - a sign of a good double boiler. Additional modes often do not find a place in the daily cooking.

When choosing the number of steam baskets, you should also think about the size of the family.. So, two tiers is enough for cooking for a family of three. A greater number of tiers will increase the volume of cooked food, however, will increase the cooking time, because the filling of all containers with steam will be slower.

If you want to save your own time, you can pay attention to the presence of a water indicator. He will not pick up the basket to check the remaining water. Another thing that saves time is the possibility of topping up water during cooking through the hole. In case of its absence, the steamer may overheat, its automatic shutdown. You can add water in such a situation only after the device is completely turned off and all baskets are raised.

Attention should also be paid to the handles at the condensate drain tank, or rather, their presence. Hot liquids will drain as safely as possible.

Material for steam baskets has one of the key values. It can be made of heat-resistant plastic, glass or stainless steel. The last option is the most acceptable and successful, because the food in it for a longer time keeps the temperature. Transparent plastic bowls are very misty in the cooking process, so the desire to see food in the cooking process is not destined to come true.

And, of course, a well-known brand can provide a good purchase. Large firms give all the necessary guarantees, carry out repairs and exchanges. In addition, while maintaining their reputation, companies use only high-quality and safe materials for humans.

Which is better: a double boiler or aerogril?

Today, competition between a steam cooker and aerogrill is becoming more acute. Their functions are similar, which means that there is a reason for reflection when choosing the right device.

The main differences of a double boiler from aerogril:

  • in a double boiler you can cook several dishes at the same time, in the aerogrill - one;
  • the convection oven is able to dry, bake, fry, steam, smoke meat and fish, the double boiler is the best in cooking with steam;
  • the cost of a double boiler with a large number of modes corresponds to the cost of aerogrill of the middle class;
  • convection oven is able to replace the oven and microwave.

Speaking of similarities, it is worth saying that each of the devices can easily prepare a healthy dietary meal for the whole family. The best option here must be determined individually. For example, when buying a set of household appliances in a new apartment, you can save on the purchase of an oven and microwave using convection oven. With all of the above and the desire to cook simply and easily for a couple, the best solution would be a classic steamer with several baskets.

Top models


It is rather difficult to compare models of different price and functional classes, so a reasonable solution would be to subdivide the best models into groups.

So, among the boilers of the democratic class in the range of 900-1300 rubles are allocated:

  • SUPRA FSS-201 with useful shutdown function in the absence of water in the tank;
  • Ladomir 502K - inexpensive model with two spacious tiers;
  • Smile SC 1703 - the best model in terms of cooking speed and the number of simultaneously cooked dishes.

Despite domestic production, the Ladomir model stands out in this price range. It has a water quantity indicator, two 2.5 liter bowls and a mechanical control. Despite the power of 400 W, simple meals and baby food in this device conquer with their benefits and taste.

SUPRA and Smile are also mechanically controlled and easy to use. Each of them has a timer that limits the cooking time to no more than an hour. Capacities of 800 and 750 W expand the cooking possibilities of various dishes.

Turning to more powerful and versatile devices, models are highlighted:

  • Tefal VC 3008;
  • Braun FS 5100;
  • Zauber X-570.

The latter, it should be said, with a capacity of 9 liters has a cost in the range from 2,000 to 2,500 rubles. At the same time, the model has an electric control, a steel case and transparent bowls made of impact-resistant plastic.

Tefal and Braun have a cost much higher. The price of 8,000 rubles determines a good power from 850 to 900 W, the possibility of washing the device in a dishwasher.

However, it is difficult for these models to compete with professional and highly functional devices, the cost of which in most cases exceeds 10,000 rubles. Model BORK F700 stands out among its fellows, thanks to steam baskets, located next to each other. This factor allows you to simultaneously cook dishes of the same complexity. In addition, the water tank 4.5 almost nullifies its full evaporation.

Note that the baskets at the same level require considerable space, which not every kitchen has. The compact professional model PHILIPS HD9140 has been created for just such small premises. Shutdown in the absence of water and all the useful features are included in this electronically controlled device.


Often, young mothers become users of the steam boilers, because it is then that there is an urgent need to prepare vegetables and fruits for the fragile ventricle. And as recommended by moms, if you do not want to spend the entire family budget for the purchase of ready-made baby food and mashed potatoes, it is really worth getting this useful device.

Users note the complete disclosure of each ingredient when cooking. Potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and other ingredients play the stew in a completely different way than with standard stewing. Someone has such a distinction and separateness to taste, to someone the opposite.

Cooking in a double boiler becomes for many discovery and joy. However, the owners of three baskets of steamers of most brands note the uselessness of the upper basket, because the food in it is cooked very slowly and tediously. Often, after cooking the lower tier, the upper basket is moved to the floor below.

Perforation or the so-called "holes" in the baskets also cause mixed emotions. On the one hand, they help the food to be cooked evenly, but on the other hand, they easily get clogged up and deliver a lot of trouble to the hostess. Young mothers are especially dissatisfied with this factor, because every minute counts with the child.

Many women still remain faithful to the models for the gas stove. The ability to hide such a double boiler in the closet and get it only when necessary saves space, and cost saves the budget. In addition, such a model does not expect something magical, and the ability of a couple to prepare food justifies itself by 100% percent.

Summarizing reviews, it can be noted that low-cost models of electrical devices remain in priority. They are available and simple, able to become an indispensable assistant for a maturing baby. However, lovers of healthy nutrition and adherents of a healthy lifestyle are satisfied with professional devices.

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