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Bath projects with a rest room

The relaxation room in the bath has become as important as the steam room. When bathing procedures alternate exposure to high temperature saunas with intervals to restore the body between entering the steam room. A rest room is designed to make these breaks comfortable. When planning to build a bath, you should definitely allocate a room for recovery.

Professional advice will tell you how to choose the right project.

Special features

Projects of a bath with a rest room can be divided into three groups. The first group is traditional one-story baths. They are built from capital construction materials with low thermal conductivity, have a standard set of rooms: there is a steam room, a shower room, a rest room, a waiting room, and sometimes a terrace.

The recreation room is located on the ground floor next to the steam room and the washing room and combines the functions of a changing room. This is the most convenient option, which allows you to maintain the optimum temperature in all rooms, as the stove heats evenly all adjacent rooms with steam supply to the sauna section.

This layout allows you to place the furnace in the steam room, which is not always convenient, and in the rest room.

The stoker is at a comfortable temperature, and it is also easier to scavenge after kindling. Modern, technologically advanced, long-burning stoves can have a glass screen that allows you to admire the play of the flame while relaxing, creating a pleasant fireplace atmosphere and giving lively warmth to the room's inhabitants. A simple layout, however, includes everything needed for bath procedures, has a large variation in area.

The minimum area of ​​the building - from 16 square meters. metersthat is convenient for small areas, the maximum - at the request of the owner. This option does not require large capital investments due to the energy intensity of heating.

The second group includes projects with a rest room located in the attic or on the second floor. It will require the construction of the second floor or roof insulation, which would entail additional consumption of materials, the foundation will need to be strengthened to increase the load carrying capacity. This option is convenient for a small area of ​​the building.

On the ground floor there is a dressing room, dressing room, steam room, washing room. On the second - a rest room with or without a balcony. Space allocation will be required for a flight of stairs. Beautiful spiral staircase can decorate the interior of the bath.

The third group of projects - with the imposition of a rest room on the terrace. This layout is convenient for summer use. During the cold season, the terrace will need to be glazed and a heating system will be designed. However, this arrangement of the rest room gives a lot of room for the embodiment of design solutions.

A panoramic view of the landscape adds aesthetic pleasure to the moments of relaxation.

The choice of planning depends on the seasonality of use of the bath. For year-round use the first and second group of projects. In the summer, it is enough to have a rest room under a shed with flexible glazing made of film or polycarbonate for a budget option.

Of great importance is the availability of free space on the site, and if it is not enough, then raising a rest room to the attic will be a good exit. The heating of the second floor during the cold season needs an air or water circuit.. Installing a long-burning stove with a convector on the ground floor can solve this problem.

Placement of the bath on the site must meet the standards of fire safety and ease of use. The windows of the rest room is desirable to focus on an attractive view.. It's nice to see beautiful landscapes in front of your eyes, not a fence or a neighbor's barn.

It is advisable to choose an elevated area for good ventilation and water drainage.. A spectacular addition can be the proximity of an artificial or natural reservoir.

Particular attention is paid to the materials for the construction of baths. Traditionally, preference is given to natural wood in the form of a timber or rounded linden, aspen, cedar logs.

Pine is more affordable, has a beautiful pattern of knotted wood fibers and is a popular bathhouse in the country. Its disadvantage is the porous structure of wood, which greatly changes its performance from heat and high humidity, therefore in a steam room and a shower pine it is necessary to sheathe a batten of hard wood, and for a rest room, a pine with its pleasant smell and aesthetic appearance will be the best solution.

Brick is more expensive material, but it has the best indicators of durability, resistance to temperature extremes.

Budget construction can be erected from foam blocks. Building a bath of blocks can be done by hand, even without special knowledge.

The interior is sheathed with a block house, trimmed with tiles or natural stone.

The decoration of the rest room suggests following a certain style, depending on the design, finishing materials are selected.

Subtleties of design

Designing a bath by yourself is an exciting experience. For this you need to stock up on paper, pencil and ruler.

For a family of 4-5 people and a few guests, a 6x6 meter sauna with a loft is considered the optimal size.. On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, a steam room, a shower room with a toilet, a rest room or a living room. The lounge can be added with a kitchen, and the second floor is reserved for leisure and additional places to accommodate guests or family members. The entrance area of ​​the second floor with an area of ​​18 meters can be occupied by a studio or a billiard room. Behind it are two symmetrical bedrooms or rooms for children of 9 square meters. meters

The functional bath significantly expands, and for this you do not need to build a large house. Compact layout with a bathroom satisfies the needs of the average family in a country holiday.

With terrace

A sauna with a terrace is an excellent option for summer meals in the open air after bath procedures. Barbecue grill can be placed on the site in front of the bath or enter the grill area in the veranda space. To do this, the size of the terrace should be increased so as to ensure free access to the roaster and to avoid the smoke of the dining table and windows.

The minimum distance between the stove and the table must be at least 2 meters. The brazier is put ready metal or build a stone grill of brick with a chimney. For such a mangal erect a separate foundation, which is taken into account at the design stage.

The floor of the terrace should be made of paving slabs or sandstone, if the terrace is open. The wooden floor is also used for the glazed terrace.. Glazing is made of sliding aluminum or plastic frames. Plastic frames are used for warm glazing. Lightweight aluminum structures protect against bad weather, but the temperature inside the enclosed space will be only a couple of degrees higher than outside.

A sauna with a brazier and panoramic windows on the veranda will become a place of attraction for the family after work.

With swimming pool

The benefits of bath procedures will increase many times with the arrangement of the pool or font in the rest room. The pool is located near the shower.

The pool bowl is made of concrete and finished with tiles.

The tile is chosen to match the overall decoration of the rest room. Oriental flavor will give a floral ornament and mosaic. For the bath in the Russian style suitable stone, brick and wooden sides.

In the one-storey baths often design the complex from the terrace with a font under a canopy. The font is made of wood and placed on a wooden platform in the open air..

In the Japanese version, the heating of the font is equipped with electric heating elements that are built into the housing. Combining a recreation area with a bath, a ready-made frame is installed for summer swimming or a stationary pool is erected, sun beds or beach chairs are located nearby.

The reservoir may have a strict geometric shape or be close to the natural form. In this case, the coast is decorated with pebbles and plants: the host, astilba, cereals. Bathhouse with a swimming pool on the terrace is closed from prying eyes with a hedge from flowering shrubs or vines on supports.

For an integrated recreation area requires good lighting, as it is used in the evening.

Illumination of the territory with electricity is done in the presence of communications, a more economical option - lighting with LEDs or torches on solar batteries.

Small room

Small baths can not boast a large set of rooms, so often in the rest room have a shower. In the decoration of premises with such a planning decision, it is necessary to take into account the increased humidity and select the appropriate materials: tiles, plastic panels, natural or artificial stone.

The shower must be fenced off from the rest area with a partition made of glass or plastic so that the spray does not interfere with the rest.

Furniture is preferably purchased from moisture resistant materials. Proper selection of finishes will make using the shower comfortable, and being in the rest room will be comfortable.


The design of the rest room is determined by the style chosen. For finishing the bath is better to choose natural materials that are resistant to moisture. It is convenient to keep all the rooms clean, if the space is not filled with unnecessary objects, and the surfaces are easy to clean. The design of the rest room is determined by the style chosen.

Rustic or Russian style

The direction involves the use of natural wood for covering walls and floors. Wood is treated with special compounds against the fungus and covered with oil or wax. The natural color of wood gives the interior a light tone that visually increases the space.

It looks interesting to use in wall cladding unedged boards, which are cleaned of bark and polished. The room acquires brutal features.

This low-cost finish serves for thermal insulation and aesthetic accent.

The walls can be sheathed with coniferous clapboard, decorated with carvings.

The furniture in such a recreation room is made with their own hands from solid pine or they get ready-made and complement the decor with relief images on wood with a bath theme. Log walls look beautiful as a symbol of traditional Russian culture. For budget options use a block-house made of plasticimitating different wood species.

Scandinavian style

The optimal combination of functionality and simplicity. The finish is dominated by white with brown or black design elements..

The main material is wood and glass. All colors are calm, everywhere a geometric theme can be traced. It is appropriate to use a natural or artificial stone, originally looks like a panel of wood cuts. The whole environment is practical and durable.

Chalet style

One of the most picturesque interior design options for the rest room. The center of the composition is the fireplace and the landscape outside the window. It is better to install windows for a better view..

The decor of the room is conducive to conversations and quiet pastime. Comfortable furniture, chairs with armrests, hunting trophies and paintings with scenes of hunting are hung on the walls. In the design of the chalet style are widely used parts made by burning wood, which add solidity and rusticity to the interior. Wood and stone are the main materials for finishing the chalet-style lounge.

Minimalism and hi-tech

Fashionable modern styles in the design of the bath are represented by these directions. The emphasis is on ergonomics and functionality, natural materials become the main decoration of the interior.

The color scheme is very light - white, beige, steel combined with transparent glass surfaces and untreated concrete or masonry. White modern plumbing, equipped with the latest technology, creates an energetic and comfortable climate in the rest room.

Japanese style

Bath in this style is laconic and severity. The focus is on the choice of wood for the floor, as the seats are low or are located on the floor. It is desirable to paint the walls in the color of papyrus paper. Decor and pictures contain sakura blossoms or mountain landscapes. The most minimal setting.

Of great importance is the organization of light and the creation of a comfortable environment for meditation and mental rest.

East style

It has a long history of hamam or Turkish sauna. You can try to reproduce the soft bliss of a relaxed rest after bath procedures at home with the help of ceramic tiles and mosaics with floral patterns.

An indispensable attribute of a recreation room is a swimming pool.

Its sides are laid out with small tiles, furniture can also be decorated with mosaic tiled patterns. Smooth lines, Arabic motifs in the design, bright colors, large comfortable sofas with lots of pillows are the distinctive features of oriental interiors.

Classic style

This style became a universal solution for the design of a beautiful interior with budget funds. This is an uncomplicated and intuitive finish.

Here, historical objects of peasant life and comfortable modern furniture will be appropriate.

Beige palette, open fire will make this room a pleasant place for evening tea after a bath.

Examples of finished buildings

Sauna with barbecue terrace and swimming pool.

Bath with terrace and attic with a balcony.

The complex of baths, gazebos for barbecue and swimming pool under a glass roof.

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