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Doors with double glazing

For the equipment of the home are increasingly used doors with glass. This applies not only to interior products. Last time they are used and at the entrance to the house.

Special features

Double-glazed doors have several advantages:

  • These products look original, give the room lightness and grace.
  • They transmit light, so they are perfect for rooms where there are no windows.
  • Based on the previous paragraph, you can reduce energy costs, since you do not have to turn on the light in such rooms during the day.
  • The front door with a double-glazed window allows you to see the guest without opening the door.
  • Also, this design will help you see what is happening in your yard.
  • Glass on the front door will allow you to decorate the entrance with potted flowers, to create comfort in the hallway.
  • You can not worry about sound and thermal insulation of the room. Modern glass units perfectly perform this function.

If you are worried about security when installing an entrance door with a double-glazed window, then you should not. Metal doors are equipped with a three-layer hardened material that resists shocks perfectly. In addition, the industry offers armored glass for entrance doors, which increases the level of protection for your room.

There are such doors and disadvantages:

  • Glass, especially if there are children in the house, will have to be periodically cleaned from the fingerprints left by them.
  • If simple glass is installed in your door, it may break when using the product carelessly.
  • If you use a regular plastic glazing unit as an exit to the street, then such a door will require additional protection as a grille or roller shutter.


There are several types of doors with double glazing.

First of all, they are divided into interior and street:

  • The first type, as the name implies, is installed indoors. For the equipment of interior partitions, products with single glass, as well as single-chamber or two-chamber double-glazed windows are used. The last option is used in areas where higher levels of sound insulation are required. Glass in the interior doors can be both rectangular and fancy shape.

Interior doors with glass are swing and sliding. Recently, for the equipment of the entrance to the rooms, sliding structures, which do not require additional space for opening, are increasingly being used, and in the closed state they almost merge with the wall.

  • Street doors are most often used in our weather conditions with double-glazed windows. This design perfectly protects against the penetration of cold into the room, but does not protect against the entry into the room of outsiders, so these doors are equipped with additional grilles inside the structure.

Also for the equipment of entrance doors use a double-glazed window like triplex. This design consists of three glass cloths glued together in one with a certain film. This design is more well withstand shocks, in addition, mounted on the door so that it can not be hooked and pulled out.



Manufacturers most often produce doors of standard sizes, and the glass packer is no exception.

The following dimensions are used for the equipment of indoor partitions:

  • Door leaf height according to GOST 200 cm or 190 cm.
  • The width depends on the purpose of the room. So, for a bathroom and a bathroom, a canvas is used, the width of which is minimal and corresponds to 60 cm. For the entrance to the kitchen, its width corresponds to 70 cm. For the equipment of rooms and living rooms, a canvas of 80-90 cm is used.
  • Double-wing structures are usually composed of canvases, the dimensions of which correspond to a single leaf. The most common of them are made up of 60 cm canvases. But it can be installed and sash different in size. For example, 60 and 80 cm.

Entrance doors have the following standard sizes:

  • The height of the canvas is usually 200 cm.
  • Width is 80 or 90 cm.

Entrance structures are also found bivalve. Here, the size of a single web varies from 60 cm to 80 cm. In this case, the canvases can also be of different widths.

If your doorways do not fit the standard size, do not be upset. Doors with double-glazed windows can always be equipped with door openings that will not be visible behind the casing.


For the manufacture of door panels with glass using several types of materials:

  • Tree. The most common material for the manufacture of interior designs. Doors with glazing made of this material look rich and elegant. But wooden structures are quite expensive, so they are often replaced by imitation, made of veneer or laminated chipboard.
  • PVC Plastic doors are used to exit the equipment to the street or to the balcony. They perfectly isolate the room from cold and noise. Often this design is used for the arrangement of shops. This allows people through the door to see the assortment on the shelves and attracts buyers.

Metal structures are usually made of two types of material:

  • Aluminum. This material is most often used for the frame of sliding structures. Also, aluminum doors are used to exit to the terraces and balconies, but they have low thermal insulation, therefore, they have practically not been used for these purposes lately. Also, if such products are used to go outside, they need extra protection. Double-glazed windows strengthened lattice or protect roller shutters.
  • Steel. Iron doors are commonly used for exit equipment. Steel structures with double glazing will perfectly protect the room not only from noise and cold, but also from uninvited guests.

When buying such a door you should pay attention to the thickness of the metal. It must be at least 1.5 mm. Look good paintings, whose windows are decorated with wrought iron elements.

How to choose?

The choice of the door depends on several factors:

  • Her design should fit the style of the room. Whatever design you choose, whether outdoor or indoor, it should fit perfectly into the room. It is unlikely that heavy massive doors with decorative carvings will fit the hi-tech style, and for classic designs - canvases with bright colored glass. Products with forging are definitely not suitable for minimalism, but in the brutal rooms, decorated in medieval style, would be quite appropriate.
  • You should like her. Do not buy a product that you do not like in advance. You should not hope that by installing it, you change your mind.
  • Entrance doors also require that they maximize their security functions.
  • In apartment buildings entrance canvases should provide excellent sound insulation. Often, neighbors make noise in doorways, so that it doesn’t bother you, specify before buying a product how this design will protect you from this adverse factor.

  • If the front door leads directly to the street, then it is very important that it has an increased rate of thermal insulation. Here it is advisable to use structures with thermal break. They perfectly tolerate temperature drops, prevent the passage of cold into the room.
  • To protect the entrance to the terrace should use plastic construction with a grid. This will protect the premises from thieves.
  • You can order entrance or interior doors for your home according to your individual sketch. This will give a highlight to the room, but will cost quite expensive.

  • But exclusive models can be found in design workshops and at a reasonably reasonable price. This concerns abandoned samples. These doors are usually custom-made, but not withdrawn for any reason. They are given almost at cost, so they will not be so expensive, and you can easily afford them.
  • If you have decided on doors with double-glazed windows that you want to install in your home, you should read reviews about the manufacturer of this product. Do these products perform all the functions in full, is the glazing really secure, and only after that make a purchase?

How to insert?

Installation of doors with double-glazed windows is better to entrust to specialists, but if you decide to do this yourself, here are some tips:

  • The front door, especially if, opening it, you get directly into the street, it is better to install when the temperature in the room and outside of it approximately coincides.
  • Before installing interior canvases, the product brought from the frost must lie in the room for a day in order to accept the temperature of the room.
  • The box is installed first, well foamed, then the door is hung and closes while the foam hardens (about 8 hours).
  • Then a handle is installed on the canvas, the box is closed with a casing, and it can be fully exploited.

How to regulate?

Adjustment of the door is carried out using hinges. Modern hardware allows it. It has special bolts that allow you to change the position of the canvas both vertically and horizontally. To do this, loosen these fasteners, adjust the position of the product, then tighten the bolts.

Older loop patterns are almost impossible to adjust. In this case, you have to remove the door, twist the hinges, then return the canvas back.

Double glazing replacement

Sometimes there are such cases when glass replacement is required - it has broken or deteriorated:

  • If you have a single glass, the procedure for replacing it is easy to do yourself. To do this, you need to order the glass of the required size and texture, remove the fixers that hold the glass, remove the broken and install a new one, then fix the slats back.
  • If your door is equipped with double-glazed windows, then replace it with the company that manufactured this door. Usually in their price lists there is such a service. To do this, you need to contact the representatives of the manufacturer in your region, order a new glass unit. After he enters the warehouse, a specialist will come to you, who will replace the glasses on the spot.

Options in the interior

The windows in the door structures are now at the peak of popularity. They facilitate massive products, bring additional light into the interior. This is often used by modern designers. Here are some examples of the design of doorways such products.

A canvas with a lot of small windows with frosted glass in the English style will decorate a country house. And the hallway will be filled with diffused daylight.

An oar design with a wooden salary and a huge double-glazed window that opens onto the terrace will help to merge with nature, sitting in the living room on a sofa in the winter or if you wish to go out onto the veranda on a hot summer evening.

Modern sliding doors with large windows will help save space and will perfectly fit into the modern style of the room. Here even frames made of aluminum will be appropriate.

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