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Plastic ceilings in interior design

Plastic ceilings in interior design look beautiful. On the market there is a huge choice of material, so it is difficult to determine what you need. In the article you will learn what are the types of PVC panels and what are their differences, as well as be able to get acquainted with beautiful examples in the interior.

Special features

Plastic material is created on the basis of polyvinyl chloride. It is a safe and harmless substance. The panels for the ceiling and walls are different in size, coating and thickness. PVC - a part designed for the ceiling, has a lighter weight compared with plastic for the wall. Low weight allows it to better stay on the surface. If you use PVC for the wall on the ceiling, then the load on the created frame will increase. It's not safe. If you use the ceiling panels for wall decoration, the material will become deformed in a short time.

Plastic ceiling refers to a variety of suspended ceilings. To create the framework will require slats consisting of wood or metal. Then the baseboards fix plastic panels on the ceiling. Sheathing is attached to the base with hangers. The material for the ceiling should be chosen better in order to ensure a long service life of the coating.

To work with plastic, one particular feature should be taken into account: when choosing glossy panels in the joint area, the lines should hardly stand out against the general background of the plane. The appearance of the gloss is reflected and creates color transitions. Matt surface has no reflective effect. Usually it is plain colors or patterns. The seams will be visible more clearly, since there is no play of light.

Such material has no potential health hazards. Plastic is used everywhere: food packaging, children's toys, household appliances and much more. The material is a holistic structure, where fungi and mold cannot live.

If, nevertheless, a focus with microorganisms has formed, then it is necessary to get rid of them. To do this, treat the area with a disinfectant. In order not to inhale the harmful smell of the solution, care should be taken to protect it. This may be a mask, glasses, gloves.

The plastic ceiling does not have the ability to "breathe." In private housing should be an attic. It promotes air ventilation. Residents of a multi-storey building should check whether such conditions exist in the apartment. Usually, with proper construction of the house, air exchange rules are followed. In order to avoid condensate formation, it is recommended to install a ventilation grid in opposite corners.

Keep in mind that when installing the ceiling, the plane is not completely sealed, so in any case there will be a slight evaporation of moisture.



Ceiling panels are very light. They should be handled with care, as they are not difficult to bend with your hands. There are 2 types of PVC ceiling covering.


Designers pay special attention to this type, since there are many interesting options for ceiling decoration. The material can be of different colors, any pattern and different figures can be depicted on them - from simple white color to a tile pattern. Rack type is like a wall paneling. The presence of lines on the details allows you to hide the joints of the panels.

Assembling the panels is not particularly difficult for men. One by one the board is fixed with the help of prepared holes. Smooth surface allows you to hide the defects of the ceiling, as well as electrical wires and communications. If you choose a glossy panel, the mirror plane expands the room visually and creates the feeling that the room looks bigger and taller.

Long service life of the material allows it to be used in places where moisture usually accumulates. He is not afraid of water, does not contain metal particles, which can lead to the formation of rust. Moisture-resistant plastic allows you to opt for finishing the ceiling of the bathroom. It withstands temperatures from +30 to -30 degrees.

The ceiling of PVC material is used in the kitchen, because it is not capable of absorbing odors and is easy to clean with soapy water. Rack ceiling life lasts about 20 years.


Details when installing tightly to each other. They create a solid plane on the ceiling. The price of a sheet covering is higher in comparison with lath slats. With proper installation of a seamless material, an even and smooth surface is obtained. Especially beautiful is the ceiling in the bedroom, living room, in the kitchen.

For durable connection of parts, the holes are installed: on one side of the groove, and on the opposite side of the bar - a spike. Inside the profile there are partitions that are designed for the strength of the plastic construction. The main difference from the rack type is that there are no seams on it. The appearance of the ceiling is like a stretch.

For the lighting of the room will fit light bulbs of any power. For plastic, there are no restrictions, unlike stretch ceilings, which are made from a film of polyvinyl chloride. The maximum power of the lamps for them is up to 50 watts.

Install seamless plates on the ceiling is not difficult. To ensure that the parts lie flat on the surface, it is important to carry out the correct design of the frame.

It is easy to care for the sheet model, as well as for the rack, because they are made of the same material.


Plastic gives the opportunity to experiment with the design of the room. The stores offer a huge range of PVC panels. A particularly popular theme is imitation under the tree, as well as options with pictures, for example, a delicate rose.

The classic colors of ceiling plastic are white, beige, matte, neutral tones. Such a palette has a good mood. Choosing a color for the ceiling, you should focus on the furniture that is in the room. If you prefer bright colors in the interior, it is important that they are combined with each other and look harmonious with other objects in the house.

In the interior of the apartment a single-level ceiling is simple and beautiful. If you use plastic squares that do not leave the seams, you get a solid surface, while you also need to build in lighting to illuminate the room. In addition, these sheets are perfectly cut, if you need to arrange curly lines.

For the design of the ceiling kitchen fit rack panels. They resemble lining, and if you choose the colors of wood, natural stone or flowers, an atmosphere of nature and a warm and cozy atmosphere is created. In addition to the monochrome color or patterns, a combination of different colors is used.

For the ceiling, any type of plastic is suitable - both lath and sheet. A universal color scheme for visual perception is considered to be white and beige palette. This combination can be applied in any sector of the dwelling.

Bright tones give the house a distinct style, set the mood. Do not forget that the colors should be in harmony with each other. For example, white is the base, to which you can add one of the colors: green, red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, brown.

For lighting use bright light bulbs. If you want to emphasize the area, for example, in the living room, then in the center of the ceiling should be placed a chandelier. If it has a color backlight, it will look great on the background of a glossy plane.

Glitter and shine create freshness and lightness in the house.

Scope of application

Plastic finishing is a practical and inexpensive way to decorate a ceiling. PVC is used to decorate the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, corridor, bedroom, loggia, balconies.

Usually the corridors have a small area, but you also want to decorate this place. Plastic panels come to the rescue, as they can be easily cut and given the required size.

Since PVC is a very waterproof material, it is reasonable to use it for finishing in the bathroom. In case moisture gets from the upper floor, the panels withstand the weight of water. A great solution is to use polyvinyl chloride in the kitchen. Soot comes from the gas stove, which is difficult to wash off from other coatings. But do not worry about it if you have a plastic ceiling, because it is easy to remove dirt from this surface. This will help the soap solution or detergent with a sponge or cloth.

The use of PVC is suitable for low-cost repair of the apartment. Plastic make both durable and beautiful. If you want to create an expensive ceiling repair and at the same time incur minimal costs, then plastic panels are the best choice. Most people like to use plastic panels for finishing loggias and balconies. Common color stands white with shades of blue. PVC is not afraid of changes in temperature, sunlight and moisture. With such properties, the panels are very popular.

You can install the ceiling yourself if you have basic installation skills.



When choosing a product in a store, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Painting of parts should be uniform;
  • the surface of the PVC in appearance should be free of scratches and dents;
  • panels should be of the same color and structure, with no visible differences;
  • in the process of connecting plates hear a click;
  • panels suitable for decoration, do not have points and streaks;
  • To make the panels last longer, it is recommended to choose a stronger material. If you buy plastic at the lowest price, it will be very thin and will not sustain the necessary load.

Now pay attention to the recommendations before installing the ceiling products:

  • For cutting plastic, use a hacksaw for metal or a construction knife. Before such work, be sure to wear safety glasses so that small particles of material do not get into your eyes.
  • If there is a need to glue some areas of PVC, then liquid nails should be applied to the frame or ceiling.
  • It is necessary to work with a hammer carefully, as a dent or scratch will remain from the impact.
  • Cleaning parts from contamination occurs with the use of detergents. Do not wipe the surface with abrasive compounds and a hard sponge.
  • After you bring the plastic to the apartment, you should wait an hour for it to reach room temperature. To make the panels look like new, you can not rush to remove the transparent film that covers the surface of the parts.
  • In the case of deformation of the plate, its replacement does not require disassembly of the entire structure.
  • Plastic ceiling can be combined with elements of MDF.

Beautiful examples in the interior


Plastic panels are suitable for any design of the apartment. Perhaps, in addition to changing the appearance of the ceiling, you have the idea of ​​updating the entire interior. There are several popular options for such design at home.


Classic style is universal. Its main features are harmony and simplicity. A dresser, a wooden massive table, armchairs with a soft seat, a leather sofa are attached to such an interior. The special mood of this style is created by accessories - these are cold steel candlesticks, a mirror framed in a frame, crystal ware. The main colors of the classics are light. PVC on the ceiling should choose noble whites and shades.


This style is characterized by minimal room arrangement. Its distinguishing features are cold gray tones and originality. It will look beautiful ceiling imitating wood or natural stone, but that the colors on the PVC panel were with shades of gray. On the walls, you can stick wallpaper under the brick. Properly selected tones of brown and gray will create an excellent tandem. The furniture is dominated by light rubbing, reminiscent of vintage. Accessories that highlight the individuality of the interior: - metal bookcase, vintage look chair, old chest.

Colonial design

It is a blend of East and Africa, the sight of which resembles a traveler’s den The ceiling can be decorated in dark wood color. Walls in natural colors will look great in the overall color palette of the room. The furniture has rich shades of brown. The accessories are geographic maps on the wall, various pebbles in vases, a compass, and masks.


This style is suitable for those who want bright and rich colors. Its peculiarity is that designers combine objects and colors opposite to each other in it. For example, you can create a mix of nature with an explosive orange color. To avoid a blurry style, stylists recommend not to get involved in strange combinations. This style can be embodied in the kitchen. Let white color be present on the ceiling. Chairs can be glossy and variegated.


The dominant colors of the style are blue and white. This combination is perfect for decorating a children's room, bedroom, living room. For the plastic ceiling, you can combine the two colors of the marine theme and add lighting, chandelier. Furniture fit simple. If there are paints and a desire to create, then you can paint sea motifs on a chair or table. To penetrate into the deep element of the sea, you should place decorative masts, vases with sand and shells, figures with silhouettes of sea inhabitants.


This style is characterized by tranquility and tranquility. The main colors are green and white. The wood structure and base tones will be perfectly combined. Such elements can be applied in any sector: on the ceiling or walls. The main attribute in the room is living plants.


The main elements of the decor that are striking - glitter, gloss, fur, velvet, precious metals. Characterized by style, above all, contrasts and expensive-looking materials. If you do not follow the measure in the colorist and the number of accessories, then an apartment will be overloaded. Instead of admiring the interior, you will feel that chaos is happening in the room. The best ceiling option would be white, golden or silver with black lines and built-in lights. Furniture should be the same tones.

Plastic panels are a modern and safe way to upgrade your ceiling. If you have the skills of installation and understand how to do the work, then installing them will not have problems. Thanks to a huge selection of PVC products, you can create a unique interior design.

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