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Trellis in interior design

Trellis are versatile pieces of furniture with mirrors that never go out of fashion. They are appreciated not only for their beautiful appearance, but also for their practicality and usability. In addition, many models of this kind of furniture products today are considered ergonomic. What features of trellis, which designs should be best paid attention, will be described in more detail in this article. And beautiful examples of such products in the interior certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.

Special features

Trellis is a kind of mirror consisting of three shutters, which comes complete with a chest of drawers. Trellisers gained their great popularity back in the USSR, and have not lost their relevance to this day. To date, many manufacturers offer trills with thumbs and chest of drawers of various sizes, mainly such an attribute of furniture is considered feminine. Although not uncommon and universal models. Such products are very much in demand among makeup artists and hairdressers. The features of this piece of furniture are the following:

  • Trellises are considered very relevant for a variety of rooms and interiors. They look equally good in the bedrooms and in the hallways.
  • The trellis is a little different from the usual dressing table and dressing table in that it has not one mirror, but several. As for the tabletop itself on the so-called cabinet, there are no significant differences here.
  • The great advantage of this product is that you can consider yourself from all sides. That is why this furniture attribute is so loved by the fair sex.
  • Many domestic and foreign furniture manufacturers offer products of this type from a variety of materials. In addition, you can choose them in both modern and classic interiors. A huge variety of models of wood with carvings or high-quality plastic will surely please you for many years.
  • Trellis does not require specific maintenance and repair. It is enough to regularly clean the mirror. As for the installation itself, when this product is installed in a housing for the first time, you may need the help of specialists.
  • Trellis mirrors are most often installed on a special dresser so that they cannot be removed. The result is a one-piece design, in reality, resembling a dressing table familiar to everyone. In the dresser in the future you can store various inventory. The abundance of various shelves and drawers is an undoubted advantage.
  • The controversial points regarding trellis most often include its size. Such furniture is often considered overall, and therefore its location requires the availability of free space. For miniature rooms with a small area of ​​trellis often do not buy, replacing them with small and compact dressing table.

In general, we can say for sure that the trellis is a very useful piece of furniture that can be placed in almost any room in a house or apartment. In addition, it is a mandatory furniture attribute for any beauty, no matter what age she is. With the help of such a multifunctional furniture product, girls can easily create flawless makeup or hairstyles, show off in their clothes before leaving the house, or simply enjoy their reflection in the mirror regularly. The presence of free space in the chest of drawers will help to organize the layout of things and any accessories.

Constructions and design

To date, you can find several varieties of trellis. The most popular are the classic models with three mirrors and a rectangular tabletop. But frequent and angular models.

Of course, for spacious rooms it is best to choose rectangular options. Their tabletops can be both narrow and wide.

Variants of trellis "under the dressing room" with decorative bulbs look very unusual, but predominantly with a backlit make-up mirror, one thing is done. Such products with high-quality light are very popular with professional stylists.

For information on how to do it with your own hands with a back litter, look further.

Three-leaf mirrors with small dressers, made of wood and supplemented with carvings, are ideal for a classic interior style, such as baroque or empire. And also be sure to pay attention to the options in retro style with not very large table mirrors.

Trellis designs for modern interiors are almost the same as classic counterparts, but plastic, plywood and glass can be used as the main material.

Unusual forged designs with mirrors on sale are rare, most often buyers buy them to order. Many professionals include such items as elite.

One of the most original designs is considered to be a three-leaved mirror treasure, styled as antique. Vintage products always look more expensive, according to many designers. In various interiors, they look perfect. Some designers prefer to do the restoration of really old products, updating them, adding new elements and improving them. On the dressers of such products there is often a decorative ornament on the doors or carving.

Scope of application

As a decorative and useful product, trellis can be used in the most diverse rooms of a dwelling.

Most favorably such products fit into the interior design of bedrooms. Trellis can be for adults and for children. So, parents often choose a children's pier in the room for the girl. This feminine table for beauty would be appropriate at any age.

Trellises are often placed in various hallways. The main thing is that they fully comply with the style of the interior, and not contradict it. Look at the floor options, they always look advantageous.

Bathroom trills are most often not chosen because of the space savings in this room, but if you do decide on this purchase, then pay attention to plastic models that will not deteriorate over time due to the constant exposure to moisture. In addition, in the bathrooms, designers often choose triple mirrors and place them above the dresser itself, it can be said that this design is not actually complete, but it looks that way. The mirror turns out wall.

How to choose?

Choosing the right trill is not so easy. Many clients often use the help of professionals. However, you can choose this furniture product yourself. It is very important to consider:

  • the area and parameters of the room in which the product will be located;
  • lighting;
  • interior style;
  • material of the future product.

In addition, your preferences are also equally important. As for the price, then if you want this furniture attribute to serve for many years, do not save. And best of all purchase furniture from reliable companies and suppliers that give guarantees for their products.

Do not forget that there is a difference between the dressing table and the trellis, therefore, based on the area of ​​the room, choose the right product that will not hinder the room and visually reduce its space. Everything should be harmonious.

Beautiful examples in the interior

White and milk trellises in the style of country and Provence look very beautiful. They fit perfectly into the modern interiors of living rooms and bedrooms. It is very important to choose the right chairs or ottomans for them. If the trellis is white, a pink, milky or purple soft ottoman will do for it.

Mirror products made in the color of wenge or oak, always look attractive in the bedrooms of couples. The best option would be to purchase a furniture set in such colors. Thus, the interior will seem complete.

Truly elegant look modern trellis with a fully mirror and reflective surface. For such products, of course, you need to regularly take care of, but they look very expensive. Especially in the bedrooms of young girls.

And also pay attention to the trellis with high legs, large volume mirrors and only a few shelves for storing cosmetics and accessories. Such products look very impressive, especially if you place a beautiful vase with flowers on the table top. It is best to pick up chairs for such trellises.

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