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What are the curtains suitable for beige wallpaper?

Properly selected accessories create a holistic and harmonious interior. Which curtains fit beige wallpaper, this article will tell.

Color effect


Beige color is considered a classic. It is a neutral calm shade, which has many beautiful undertones. Cream, caramel, sand and other options are ideal for the decoration of residential premises.

Beige color relaxes, relieves stress and creates a positive atmosphere.. The interior, based on this shade, gives warmth and home comfort. Such a peaceful setting is especially suitable for friendly people who prefer a relaxing holiday.

Although from the point of view of psychology, beige is considered an unemotional color, it does not mean that a house decorated with such wallpaper will look dull and impersonal. The advantage of this shade is the ability to harmonize with many other colors.

Being an excellent basic background, beige allows you to create and expressive interiors in a soft, calm range, and bold projects for fans of bright colors. In addition, this color is universal. It can be used to decorate any type of room.

In the living room, this calm shade will look restrained and elegant. In the bedroom, he will help create a romantic mood. In the office, this color will contribute to concentration, and in the kitchen it will create a pleasant atmosphere for a good appetite. The main thing is to take into account the character of the subtone (cold, warm, neutral) and choose other colors based on their best compatibility.

What shades are combined?

Selection of curtain style depends on the style of the interior and particular windows. As for their color, it is worth choosing based on the type of room, personal taste and nuances of the shade of the walls.


Warm wallpaper (with peach or yellowish tint) as if fill the room with light, making it more comfortable. Especially this option is good for apartments and houses with poor heating. If the room is furnished with brown furniture, chocolate shades would be an ideal option. This combination will create a noble and elegant interior.

However, when choosing brown curtains, it is important to consider the size of the room. Dark curtains will be appropriate in the spacious living room. If the room does not differ in size, for it you can choose a lighter shade of brown.

For a beige wallpaper with a pinkish sheen, a “delicious” cappuccino shade will do. To the beige-yellow design of the walls you can pick up the curtains of warm brown tone. The same applies to beige-golden wallpaper. In the latter case, a low-key golden pattern on the fabric is allowed (if the wall covering is monotonous) or simply interspersing a golden thread.

Curtains completely made of golden fabric, will suit lovers of glitter and luxury. This option will give the living room solemnity. In this case, it is important that the shade of fabric overlaps with some elements of the interior (furniture fittings, paintings or mirrors in gilded frames, patterns on the walls or with something else). However here It is important to comply with the measure, so as not to make the room too shiny.

Yellow curtains will create a feeling of space filled with sunlight. Especially well they will be combined with the printed surface of the walls. In this case, it is better to choose soft, muted shades of fabric.

Tulle is suitable for all wallpapers. This can be a set of tulle and night curtains or a single translucent curtain. In any case, it is better to choose a white fabric. This will refresh the room and effectively highlight the window. Tulle dairy or other warm shades in this case will not work.


Beige shades of cold colors like those who prefer the atmosphere of freshness and coolness. With such wallpaper it will be wonderful to combine the shade "dusty rose" (dirty pink). A nice option would be soft purple fabric.

Curtains of light turquoise in combination with light wallpaper will create an atmosphere of a sandy beach on the ocean. To achieve a similar effect, you can pick up blue curtains for window decoration.

Pistachio color will create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and gray-brown will help create a neutral interior, in which color emphasis can be placed on other furnishings.


These shades of beige are universal. You can combine them with warm and cold colors. Both bright colors and pastel colors are permissible here.

The room in dark beige tones can be refreshed with cream-colored curtains. To the light beige walls, on the contrary, you can pick up the curtains of a darker tone. For example, a perfect choice would be a cappuccino shade (or a coffee with milk).

And in fact, and in another case, you get a harmonious neutral interior, allowing you to place in the room bright pieces of furniture or some kind of decorative elements.

Romantic ladies can combine neutral beige with a pure pale pink. Fans of bright colors can opt for fabrics of rich red, purple or emerald color. Such options would be appropriate in modern interiors.

In the classic design room with beige wallpaper, you can choose maroon or brown curtains. Connoisseurs of minimalist restraint can decorate the living room with plain gray-blue, silver or pure gray curtains. In the room, decorated in the style of Provence or Chebbi-chic, white curtains with blue, pink or beige flowers will wonderfully fit.

For the nursery, both delicate shades and brighter colors (pink or peach for girls, blue or blue for boys) are suitable. Juicy shades will charge the child with cheerfulness and positive, however too sharp contrasts are still to be avoided.

How to choose a picture?

If the walls of the room are decorated with patterns, the curtains should be plain. For wallpaper without a pattern, you can choose curtains with a print. At the same time, the fabric pattern should match the style of the room.

In the classic style will fit the curtains with elegant ornaments. Provence welcomes floral and vegetable prints. In a modern setting, the flowers also look good. Geometric patterns and always current strips will do.

Curtains for the nursery can have any cheerful pattern. Cars, butterflies, cartoon characters, animals or another interesting option will revive the interior and delight the baby.

Useful tips


Calm beige background becomes much more interesting with color details. It can be bright decorative pillows, carpet, paintings or some other decorative elements. Curtains with a contrast print or monochromatic bright colors can also become a stylish accent.

If you want to keep neutral monochrome, make the interior more textured. Use different halftones. Curtains should not completely match the tone of the wallpaper, otherwise any luxurious fabric will be lost on the general background. Let the shade be a few tones darker or lighter. You can also add volume to your surroundings with different textures. For example, it can be curvaceous multi-layer curtains or curtains of glossy fabric iridescent with light.

Add a calm interior originality and style can be another way. Complete beige with other neutral tones. Suitable gray, light lavender, pale pistachio hues. Do not forget about metal objects. Metallic on a beige background looks especially luxurious. This applies to all shades of gold, silver, bronze and copper.

Choosing the shade of curtains, focus not only on the warmth of the walls and personal taste, but also on the type of room. Bedroom textiles should promote rest and relaxation. Here, light and calm shades are appropriate. Light, barely visible patterns are permissible. In the business office, the curtains may be dark, but the color must be restrained. Prints in this room are inappropriate.

In the kitchen, you can use tulle or lightweight fabric curtains to decorate the window. As the color, you can choose white, peach, cappuccino, light shades of green or purple. In the living room are allowed bright colors and contrasts. For the nursery, you should choose delicate shades or moderately bright colors.

Beautiful ideas in the interior


Translucent white curtains make the bright room soft and airy. Lemon color pillows are a nice bright detail.

Beige-pink curtains - ideal for a classic interior. The combination of different shades of beige gives the situation a special elegance, and the snow-white elements bring an atmosphere of freshness to the room.

Textiles with soft blue flowers emphasize the romance of Provence. A sofa, pillows, a vase and a desk lamp are combined with a floral print, harmoniously completing the design idea.

Dark beige wallpaper successfully shaded with a delicate cream-colored fabric. Furniture and carpet print in turquoise colors - perfectly selected accents.

The combination of beige with blue is great for decorating a child's room. Red is the second bright accent. The perseverance of proportions allows shades not to conflict with each other and not to irritate with its brightness. Balances the balance of white color.

And here is an example of the design of the room with Roman blinds Brown patterns are combined with a touch of furniture, and also make the material interesting and textured.

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