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Narrow shoes in the hall

Everyone at least once looked through the photographs of stylish, uncluttered and functional hallways. They do not see the rubble of jackets and shoes, placed around the perimeter. However, in real conditions, you can create an aesthetic view of the corridor, which will help provide a shoebox for a narrow hallway.

Features and benefits

Unfortunately, small apartments everywhere today, and especially "delight" them the houses of old buildings. Five-story buildings with tiny corridors and kitchens again and again make the tenants count every centimeter when repairing. Narrow shelves of shoes stand guard over the extra flow of space, even in a small corner near the door.

Obuvnitsa in the hallway is a wardrobe or cabinet, designed for shoes. Her shelves can be open, and can be securely closed with doors, hiding from the prying eyes this element of the wardrobe, which is so difficult to bring in perfect order.

In addition, closed shelves can be slim, providing maximum capacity.

Smooth and open sloping shelves are also pleased with the opportunity to place a large number of pairs of shoes on them.

Unlike open wide shelves, narrow shelves for the corridor in closed versions take care of the condition of the shoes. External impact, dust settling and the possibility of mechanical damage by animals are completely excluded. The attractiveness of the pairs inside is enhanced by the external aesthetics of the shoemaker. Beautiful forged parts, solid wood, chrome steel - all this allows the owner of the bookcase to be proud of such a practical and stylish element in the interior.

Another advantage lies in the relatively affordable cost. Of course, the price may vary significantly depending on the material and design, but in general it will be lower than the cost of models of impressive size.

Unfortunately, even when we talk about the spaciousness of narrow pedestals, it is difficult to compare them with spacious and wide models. In the same slims it is difficult to pack bulky boots and shoes. Nevertheless, they may well serve as a worthy option, where roominess correlates with the possibility of saving space.

In addition, not always the necessary dimensions for a specific hallway can be found in stock, because every extra centimeter here can significantly impair the appearance and make the hall close and uncomfortable. It should be said that this drawback cannot be considered sufficient to abandon similar models.

Shelves and shoeboxes to order - a great opportunity to choose not only the desired size, but also the color and materials that are ideal for a particular corridor.

The cost of models to order slightly exceeds the ready factory cabinets for shoes, but, you see, daily comfort and order in the hallway is worth it.



Models of compact shoemakers are thought out to the smallest detail and are very diverse. So, conditionally all types can be divided into:

  • open;
  • closed.

Open models imply a base and shelves for shoes made of various materials. As part of the closed models there are also doors.

  • Among the open shelves also have their own units. So, the most common model can be considered an open bookcase with horizontal shelves. They can be made of metal, plastic or wood. The minimum depth of the shelf starts from 25 cm, however, it is more rational to use deeper models, suitable for shoes of large sizes, equal in depth to an average of 40 cm.

  • Shelves with horizontal shelves, as a rule, do not differ in height, and therefore some models can be seen with a seat. At the same time, the footwear is at the bottom of a convenient place for footwear, which can have a soft and pleasant base, similar to the classical banquettes for hallways. If the shoebox is angular and is a semicircle, the seat becomes more comfortable and roomy.

  • Another open shelf, gaining popularity, has a minimum depth and horizontal shelves that have a slope of about 45 degrees. They allow you to install even men's shoes on the shoebox, pleasing compactness. It should be noted that such a slope affects the height of the model, and therefore the really spacious shelves of this type reach a height equal to the table for the hallway. At the same time, they do not lose their external aesthetics, on the contrary, allowing them to decorate the upper horizontal panel with cozy little things.

  • An interesting and original look are shoeboxes-racks, instead of shelves which have shovels. One pair of shoes is placed vertically on each paddle, which allows the latter to avoid the accumulation of an unpleasant smell, and also to dry out faster and maintain its attractive appearance for a long time. I must say that such models can have long blades, indispensable for boots with an elongated shaft. With proper care for shoes and maintaining cleanliness, shoe racks look light and airy, without reducing even the tiny hallway and holding up to 36 pairs of summer and autumn shoes.

Closed shoeboxes can be divided by the criterion of height:

  • low;
  • medium;
  • high.

Low models are complemented by a seat and are comfortable enough, although only a few pairs of shoes will interfere. This situation is caused by the presence of one or a maximum of two shelves, because otherwise it will be impossible to sit on such a model.

If the number of family members is large, and the narrow hallway does not tend to become wider, experts recommend looking at the middle-aged shoemakers. Their closed shelves are often completed with a mirror, allowing you to wash away the visual boundaries of the occupied space.

High shoe coasters are real shoe cabinets that hold a huge number of pairs. Especially organically, they look in tandem with a wardrobe, becoming a single structure. The top shelves in the closet are reserved for seasonal shoes, shelves that are at eye level for everyday shoes. An interesting kind here is the shoebox-case, which is a narrow cabinet with a retractable shelf. Their width is only 30-40 cm, which is a huge plus for the existing small area near the cabinet.

Closed shoeboxes can be classified by the type of door. So, they can be:

  • swing;
  • sliding

Sliding models are valued by designers to a greater extent than swing ones, because even in the open, they do not take away valuable free space in a narrow hallway. For slims, panels attached to the design of folding shelves and imitating doors are used.


The sizes of shoeboxes for narrow hallways are diverse, especially when you consider that most of them are made by individual measurements. On average, low models of open and closed shoemakers start from a height of 50 cm, which makes them compact and convenient for use as stools. Despite the stereotypes about the perfect impracticality of this size, provided that the models are long and reach 120 cm, it is quite possible for them to have shoes of two or more family members.

If, for some reason, over-wide shelves cannot be used in the hallway, then it is most reasonable to pay attention to the average height of the cabinet, starting with a parameter of 60 cm. The shelves with these measures equal to 120 cm also fall into the category of medium. It is in such models most often you can see the mechanism of slims with folding shelves and minimum depth. So, a depth of 13 cm and 16 cm is a reality with multifunctionality and practicality. For example, a wardrobe with dimensions of 1050 x 500 x 130mm allows you to place 6 pairs of shoes, which is not bad, provided that it takes up almost no space.

However, if there is free space, it is best to use a good depth of 55 cm. Of course, the desired is not always feasible in specific areas, and therefore a cabinet up to 220 cm high and 30 cm long can come to the rescue. shoes in which stands butt, well save space, and subject to availability in the hallway closet, it looks also very organic. A width of 40 cm can also be used for a pencil case.


Materials for quality shoes in various styles are:

  • solid wood;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • LDSP.

It should be said that each of these options looks organic and fashionable today, differing only in practicality and durability. For example, an array of wood is considered a natural, warm and cozy material, which adds to it a special nobility and stat. With proper processing of wood, it also has moisture resistance. Due to the quality and quantity of impregnations, the tree will be protected from gray tint, and therefore, when acquiring such a model, it is important to know all the details of production. The budget options are models of pine or birch, in the higher price segment you can see ash and oak.

An alternative to the array today are models of laminated chipboard and MDF. They can mimic natural wood or please with varnished coating and rich color. Indeed, a variety of colors and styles at an affordable price has and captivates potential consumers.

Although these materials are moisture-proof, directly the shelves are better to choose from metal. Otherwise, the constant accumulation of moisture on them can lead to swelling of the surface and unaesthetic bubbles.

Models with ridiculous prices are made of plastic. Durable and lightweight, it is suitable for those who have to rearrange the shoemaker, often moving furniture or installing a bookcase inside the main cabinet. Unfortunately, with all the strength, plastic cabinets can hardly be worthy of elegant interiors, and therefore it is better to save such a simple and practical option for the garden.

Steel is considered the most versatile material. Correctly machined chrome metal footwear looks decent, allows the shoe to dry properly and has a democratic cost. They are ideal in minimalist styles and other modern directions. However, for the romantic styles of "country" and "Provence" iron models look win-win, provided they are supplemented with forging details.

Color solutions


Today, shoe coasters are not limited in color. On the contrary, designers recommend not to be afraid of bright colors that can revive any hallway. Of course, we are not talking about classic interiors, in which every detail should be amenable to style. Most often in bright colors you can see the shelves of chipboard and metal models. Pink, lilac, purple, white, burgundy and black are just a few of the shades that are popular and used today.

In the case when the shoebox is purchased already in addition to the finished interior and furniture for the hallway, it is combined with the main color solution of the latter. So, if the beech color is used for the wardrobe, then it is safe to use it for the shoe stand. Frequent combination of bleached oak and wenge in furniture is also actively used in designs.

A white shelf for shoes is a good option for romantic interiors. Especially the beauty of this tone is revealed in forged models with intricate twisted patterns. It should be said that black forged products look very stylish. Variants of wood or laminated chipboard and MDF are also painted white, however, designers are advised to look here for combinations with more contrasting shades.

Manufacturers review and reviews


Shoemakers, shoe cabinets, galoshnits, shoe cabinets and shelves are presented today in the assortment of each cabinet furniture manufacturer. However, sometimes it is necessary to run around more than one store in search of the narrowest model. And here manufacturers, known to each and every one, are in a hurry.

  • So, the brand from the Netherlands Ikea Has long established itself in Russia, where it has located its stores in every major city. As is known, the company's interiors are famous for their minimalism and practicality in every detail, and shoemakers are no exception. Shoe covers with a depth of 30 cm, with two and three compartments have a compact size and good capacity.

For example, today out of competition the Bissa galoshnitsa made of laminated chipboard, made in dark color. Having two compartments with a partition in each, it can accommodate six pairs of shoes. For winter and high pairs of places need more, and therefore the shoes fit less. Nevertheless, the feedback on this product is only positive, because it can be used both separately (for a family of two people) and by combining with the same model. Some even have three shoe holders next to each other, creating a real and roomy shoe module with their own hands.

  • Looking for a more classic model, you can pay attention to the Russian brand of cabinet furniture Vental. In its assortment you can see shoes with a seat, with closed and open shelves, and the most popular model can be considered a high mirror slim. With a depth of only 23 cm, it holds up to 30 pairs of shoes, additionally providing its owners with a full-length mirror. The reviews about him, however, are very controversial. For example, some owners have been using the shoebox for more than 5 years without knowing the problems, while others argue that all fasteners are unreliable and partitions fall from loads. In fact, there is some truth in this, because all the fixings for the laminated chipboard shelves are made of plastic, and therefore such a structure should not be loaded as much as possible.

  • If the furniture for the hallway should be refined and conservative, but at the same time with multifunctional elements, shoes should be sought from Italian manufacturers. To do this, absolutely no need to go to expensive boutiques, because today large online stores present products such Italian factories like Ferro Raffaello, Morello Gianpaolo, Sergio Tarocco other. Their cost is high, however, and the models are made of arrays with high-quality coating. The range is widely represented as a classic model with hinged doors and slim. Feedback about them is enthusiastic.

Options in the interior


White shoe-slim in a narrow bright hallway perfectly combines the functions of a module for storing shoes and a table for small items.

The stylish obuvnitsa-the case occupying a small niche of the main case allows to use any free space useful.

An open cupboard with sloping shelves hides shoes from prying eyes, while possessing minimal depth. Laminated chipboard material with wood imitation allows it to be used in classic interiors.

Compact cabinet with two open shelves for shoes at the bottom and two sliding cabinets on top allows not only to store several pairs of shoes, but also to place such necessary trifles as keys.

An open shoebox with a wide seat looks harmonious and easy in the bright entrance hall. Two shelves, separated by partitions, allow you to sort shoes without creating a mess.

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