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Fluffy rugs

The plaid is a necessary and useful thing, so it is just necessary to have such a warm product in the house. The advantages of this fluffy accessory weight. He creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house, and for any person it is important. Such textiles look good, you always want to touch, touch and wrap yourself in it.

Features and benefits

Blankets have excellent thermal conductivity and save heat well. The material from which they are made easily evaporates moisture, so that the whole product will remain dry and soft. Blankets can serve the family for quite a long time. Unlike blankets and bed linen, this is a long-lived thing, so you don’t have to spend much money to replace it.

The big advantage of such products is their prevalence and general availability. In the textile market there is such a large number of various models of blankets that sometimes the eyes diverge. Moreover, one or another product can have a unique pattern or type of knitting. They differ in materials. Many of them are handmade, which speaks of their exclusivity.

Perhaps the only drawback of blankets is the ability to collect dust. Since any fluffy rug has a non-uniform and long pile, dust particles on it are deposited very quickly. But this problem is easy to solve. In order for the blanket to retain its original appearance and always look presentable, it is enough just to clean it more often.


Blankets can be made from different materials. They can be used as a full-fledged blanket, which is very nice to be covered in a dream, and can replace a bedspread on a sofa or bed. It all depends on the type of blanket and the preferences of its owner.

Distinguish "shaggy" covers also for the purpose of use:

  • So, separately allocate home, road and hiking. Home Blankets may be of any shape, size and thickness. Materials for household products can also be varied.

  • Road bedcovers are chosen by people who prefer comfort in any situation. Blankets on the road should be light, so as not to create unnecessary burden for the traveler. Plus, they should fold easily and compactly in order to occupy a minimum of space in the baggage.
  • Marching Plaids are better to choose from dense materials that do not absorb odors and are easy to clean. Picnic blankets - an indispensable thing for outdoor recreation. Usually they are thicker so that they can be spread on the grass.

  • Baby "Fuzzies" are usually made of softer and more natural materials to ensure maximum comfort for the baby and reduce the possibility of allergic reactions. Baby blankets can also be used as special flooring in a room for a child to play.

Fabric structure

Materials for soft blankets are divided into three types: natural, artificial and mixed. In the priority there is always and was and is such a natural material as wool. Moreover, several types of it are suitable for creating plaids. It can be merino sheep wool, angora, popular at all times, cashmere, camel wool and alpaca.

And, of course, the list of materials is not limited to this:

  • Products made from sheep yarn of a merino breed are hygroscopic, they easily give off moisture and heat quite well. They breathe well. Merino wool blankets are resilient and keep their shape well, therefore, rapid wear and wear does not threaten them. However, wool blankets can cause an allergic reaction, which for many people is an absolute disadvantage.

It should be noted that all plaids made of natural materials have the same characteristics, so they are certainly better than artificial ones in quality. And everything would be fine, but the price bites them. Therefore, buyers often prefer artificial and mixed fabrics.

  • Faux fur products - A good alternative to natural blankets. Synthetic has good thermal insulation and is much cheaper. The strengths, hygroscopicity, ease of cleaning can be distinguished from the advantages of artificial materials.

  • Recently, plaids have become popular. made of polyester, acrylic and microfiber. They do not stretch and do not crumple, so they are quite practical to use. When washing plaids made of acrylic and microfiber do not sit down and do not fade, so they will keep a pleasant look for a long time. Artificial rugs are very light and take up little space. However, it is easy to absorb dust, so they need to be cleaned and washed very often. Acrylic is similar to natural wool in appearance and touch, so it looks expensive. Unlike other synthetic materials, it does not create static electricity, so that excess garbage will not stick to it. However, such plaids quickly lose their softness. But microfiber products will remain soft for a long time thanks to their thoughtful composition.

They are easy to care for, but it’s not recommended to iron them at high temperatures, since this material is very flexible and can easily stretch.

  • Fleece blankets tolerate high temperatures well and keep their shape, even if they are regularly stretched. They do not lose their color for a long time when washing in the sun. This artificial material does not absorb moisture, so mold and moth are not afraid of it. Plush rugs have similar characteristics, but they wear out faster.
  • Popular and products from organic cotton. From the obvious advantages of cotton blankets can be distinguished environmental friendliness and softness. But this material does not retain heat so well, so it is better to use it on slightly cool summer evenings, but not in winter. In addition, cotton blankets easily crumple.

  • For children's rooms often choose blankets with a straightforward name. "grass". Such a blanket will not protect against severe cold, so it’s impossible to warm up in the country or in the countryside. But in a warm apartment, they can easily cover themselves for a short nap in the middle of the day.

  • A novelty among the materials for the plaid is bamboo. Bamboo fiber blanket with a long nap it perfectly protects in cold weather and at the same time has a beautiful appearance. Such products wash well, they almost do not accumulate dust, and you can forget about static voltage at all, because bamboo blankets do not electrify. However, this material is fastidious: it cannot be washed at very high or even medium temperatures, moreover, anyhow any powder will not work - the material will immediately sit down. In the case of machine wash, one should choose a sparing mode and a temperature of less than 30 degrees. It is also better to choose a powder or washing gel marked "soft".

In a pinch, you can purchase specialized tools for washing bamboo products.


In fact, there are several classifications of rugs with a large pile, and each of them is based on a specific characteristic. One of them is the material, but this has already been said earlier. It is worth adding only the specifics of fleecy rugs, which are made by mixing materials. Usually, threads of natural materials are added to the artificial base of the plaid. Most often, when creating rugs with a long pile, wool and acrylic are mixed, and wool is the basic material.

All blankets are divided according to the size of the grid. Conventionally, they are divided into adults, teenagers and children. Moreover, for the latter category, blankets are singled out separately for children up to two years old and for children from three years old.

Also, blankets can be distinguished by the method of manufacture. In this case, we deal with four main groups: these are knitted blankets (crochet and knitting needles), woven and patchwork products, and also woolly blankets made from a single piece of fabric. It should be noted that knitted plaids are both small and unnaturally large knit. Models of large knitting are a trend stylistic decision and are used not as a bedspread that can be covered, but as a decorating element of the interior.

Color solutions

In modern design, completely different textures, shapes, colors and prints can coexist, so there are no special limitations in color for fluffy bedspreads. The main condition is that a soft “plaid” cloud must match or complement the color scheme of the whole interior.

In fashion, as always, bright and noble pastel shades. Of the trends, such “expensive” colors as before have not disappeared. white, beige, milky and especially its warm shade - the color of baked milk. Products in these shades will fit almost any design. However, there is one nuance - they should be monophonic. Only in this case, these shades will look more expensive and noble. Despite the fact that white and beige colors are considered classic, they will be advantageous and unusual to look not only in classic interiors. On the contrary, they are revealed in a new way for rooms in modern styles or in original styles such as ethno.

It is worth saying that not only light beige shades are popular among manufacturers, but all beige-brown shades, ranging from the color of coffee with milk and ending with brown and coffee. A separate trend is the colors of champagne and noble olive and lime.

Do not forget about the lightly colored delicate colors such as peach, pale pink, sky blue, green, and lilac. Models in these shades look most gently and airy compared to the others. They are also perfect for a room made in bright colors.

For lovers of bright accents suitable products of darker shades: blue, purple, red and red. Turquoise, yellow and aquamarine colors will also help bring a fresh note to the interior.

Gray shades are in fashion again, but one should not think that they are boring in the interior. This is not true at all, because their spectrum is very rich. It includes both light pale gray shades and deep graphite. But with black and its variations, you need to be careful: it will easily fit into a black and white interior, but in color rooms it can become a black spot.

For the most part monochromatic textiles are popular this season, so it’s better to forget about active prints, two-color plaids and colors under the leopard in all its variations.

Special attention should be paid to blankets burgundy and eggplant flowers. These colors have become popular for a long time and still do not come off from their unofficial pedestal. That only is so beloved color Marsala.


The size of the blanket should be chosen solely by the size of the furniture on which you plan to place it.

So, for single beds per adult, the standard dimensions of the rug will be about 190 cm in length and not more than 140 cm in width. For cots for children under 14 years old, the width will remain the same, but the length may be less - up to 160 cm.

For children from 3 to 7 years, the dimensions of the rug are 100-110 cm in width and 120-130 cm in length. Quite even babies up to 2 years old will feel comfortable in 70x90 cm rugs.

Variants of small blankets are suitable for covering chairs or small sofas. The size of such products ranges from 130x160 cm to 150x200 cm.

Fluffy bedspreads for one and a half-sleeping beds are 190x160 cm in size, for double beds from 200 x 200 cm to 210x230 cm. Euro dimensions can be slightly larger — about 220 x 240 cm for double beds and one-and-a-half.

For king-size beds, blankets are suitable in a resolution of 240x270 cm and more. There are more non-standard models, but they are usually made to order.

The shape of the most common are square and rectangular models with straight or rounded corners. Nevertheless, there are also non-standard models: for example, round or oval. But they are usually ordered from the manufacturer according to individual measurements.

Manufacturers review and reviews

At the moment, the market for the production of fluffy blankets of various qualities and types is quite wide.


So, for example, products of the Tango company enjoy undoubted popularity. This brand appeared in China for a long time, but still remains in the leading positions in sales in Asia, Russia and the CIS. Tango is known for a pleasant ratio of price and quality of products, and this is for buyers one of the most important criteria when choosing blankets.

This manufacturer uses to create its products only modern and environmentally friendly materials that are ideal for allergy sufferers. Note also that Tango bedspreads made of artificial materials can also be used by children from the very first days of life, since the creation of plaids uses natural dyes that are safe for human health.

These covers are hygroscopic and resistant to moisture, as they quickly absorb water and also dry quickly. Hostess is their quality will definitely taste. Moreover, these rugs are light and compact, therefore, when choosing a storage location, there will be no additional problems. Such a product will fit anywhere.

However, there are also disadvantages: the products of this brand are not crumpled or deformed, but due to the delicate material they are not resistant to high temperatures, therefore it is recommended to wash them in a delicate mode. It is better not to stretch the wet blankets, otherwise the deformation can not be avoided.


The textile company Paters produces knitted covers, which in their design combine the classics and motifs of modern textile trends. The brand is notable for the use of natural wool yarn for their products. Blankets are thin, soft and very warm. They heat such natural products very well, but buyers note that a significant disadvantage is the high price.. But the quality is worth it. In addition, Paters produce more budget models of acrylic.

A significant disadvantage is also care: plaids of this brand require hand washing, and not every hostess will like it.


Brand Arya sews rugs in oriental style. Accordingly, the drawings and prints are used rather motley, and the colors are deep and more often dark. Often used zigzag prints, possible images of the natural and animal world. Products are of high quality, which is comparable to the quality of European manufacturers.


Among its foreign counterparts was the Russian textile company Pantex, which not only manufactures rugs, but also bed textiles as a whole.

Most of the models of this brand are made of natural cotton with the addition of acrylic yarns, which allows us to give the product the necessary fluffiness and strength. Among the classic and road models can be distinguished less and more dense. Often there are rugs with three-dimensional pattern.

The size grid contains four main sizes - three adults and one child. I must say that Pantex likes to produce models for children. They are replete with all sorts of fun and bright colors, and may also contain a recognizable picture of some popular super-hero or Disney princess.

How to return the softness and fluffiness

Returning the initial condition to the rug is not an easy task, so it’s best not to aggravate the situation and start caring for the product as soon as possible.

To keep the blanket beautiful and soft, you should regularly wash or clean it. Recall that not all blankets can be subjected to machine wash. therefore Before you begin erasing, look for information on the care of the product on the tag attached to it.

You should never squeeze the blanket in the wet state, most models after such treatment loses elasticity and stretches.

Some models are best washed by hand and in cool water. When washing, it is better to use a special softening conditioner for delicate fabrics and wool, but you should forget about chlorine-containing detergents. Drying blankets better in a horizontal position. Some products need to be aired, especially if they are stored for a long time rolled up. It is better to keep the bedcover in a closet or a special drawer, otherwise it will quickly become dusty.

Examples in the interior

Plaid - an indispensable thing in any room. It can be placed on the couch or make them a bed, or you can throw it on the chair as a decorative element. Proper use of rugs in the interior can be demonstrated in the following examples:

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