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Laminate in the interior of the apartment

Laminate flooring is widely used in the design of modern apartments and houses. The advantages of this material do not mean that it can be chosen at random, it is necessary to take into account all the characteristics and details of its installation. Let's try to figure out what laminate should be and how to choose it for a certain interior.

Special features

Laminate belongs to the category of coatings of panel type, it fits very simply and is characterized by a variety of design. The raw material for the production of this flooring is fiberboard, to which layers of paper are attached by pressing. To make the texture look as profitable as possible, special patterns are put on the top layer, mostly imitations of various types of wood.

They try to improve the protection of the finished product against various damage by applying a thin film of acrylic or melamine resins. On the wrong side of all boards, a stabilizing coating is applied, due to which, even after considerable stress, the coating is almost not deformed.

In terms of stability and external beauty, laminate flooring is identical to parquet, but using it on the floor of an apartment will be many times cheaper. Even if someone walks on the floor in high heels, the surface will remain unchanged, will not be scratched.


Initially, the laminate was designed to imitate the look of parquet, but today this coating belongs to the 33rd category of strength. Even if the room is quite simple and unpretentious, the floor will be decorated very nicely and will become the semantic center of the interior. Widespread coverage reproducing the color and texture of natural oak.

If for you the financial issue is far from the first place, you can buy a laminate that looks like natural leather. True, this solution is recommended by designers only for lovers of exotic design. No other outdoor material will make it possible to imitate the surface of the body of an alligator. Panels with imitation of metal (the same shiny) are used mainly in kitchens.

Decisive in choosing laminate plays it strength that must match the loadrendered on the floor during normal use. In the bedrooms, such a load will always be less than in the living room or dining room, where people walk constantly, and not only the inhabitants of the house, but also most of the guests. In the first case, respectively, it is worth buying a coating of the lowest strength classes, and in the second - already medium.

Do not buy off-road laminate, it's just a waste of money. Such coverage is designed, for example, in the waiting room of the bus station and other intensively operated premises.


Natural laminate is already considered a classic solution, its protective layer is designed to create the impression of thoroughly polished wood. In many collections, it looks like lacquered. There are options for coverage:

  • With a particularly pronounced texture;

  • Subjected to artificial aging;

  • Maximum relief;

  • Covered with a glossy layer of a combination of acrylic and corundum (such are called laminated, they serve extremely long);

  • With chamfers - reproduction of connected natural boards, thanks to which it is almost impossible to notice the discrepancies between the individual panels.

An interesting solution in many cases is matte laminate. It does not create a special play of light, like glossy, but it is quite expressive and aesthetic.

Coating layout options


Initially, the developers assumed that this covering would cover the floors, and made maximum efforts to give it high strength. But on other surfaces of the room, on which no one walks, it is advisable to use the least strong and therefore relatively cheap material options. When placing the laminate on the ceiling, select the one that has the highest level of protection of the base from moisture. Yes, from severe flooding this will not help, but at least you will receive a minimum guarantee of calm.

Ceilings should be in harmony with the appearance of the walls and the floor, but not to merge with him until the complete loss of their borders. Be very careful, if necessary, consult with experienced designers.

The ceiling arrangement of the laminate can be further decorated with LED lighting, but it will also have to be selected with special care.

Color solutions


Specific color solution is more appropriate to choose according to the style of the room that you decided to equip with laminate. White oak optimally enters the interior of Provence, as well as various pastel shades. In such a room it is better to use chamfer coating, it will emphasize aged texture even better than usual.

For rooms in style country music a dark color of almost untreated and deliberately coarse wood is preferred. The closer the floor in appearance to the boardwalk, the better. The Japanese style is compatible with any tones - brown, cappuccino, wenge can come up very well.

Painting under the ash or walnut is appropriate in a Swiss chalet, because this style implies unique comfortable combinations of stone and wooden motifs. The only condition is the complete compatibility of the coating with other interior details.

Minimalistic space always discreetly, simply and correctly, because the abundance of different colors here will be unnatural. White, gray and black tones are considered the most justified. To more accurately select the type of design, you should consult with the designer.

Decor in style high tech must necessarily be a contrast, and the combination of "black floor - beige ceiling" or the opposite is consistent with the spirit of this format. If you do not know, you are not sure what to choose finally, use the coloring under gray oak, it looks very elegant and elegant in almost any environment.

Refined and solemn gothic is even better combined with black color floor coverings, especially if they have a pattern of pronounced texture. Orange tones worth using to lovers pop art, they ideally emphasize originality and creative scope of the idea. No less worse will be perceived blue, purple or green paint, especially if you choose a stylish material with a bevel.

The color of the plinth is selected according to how exactly the furniture, doors, walls, and decorative elements are made (painted). The light black-framed floor is a very bold decision, but in most cases it is stylistically justified. Such a move would be most appropriate if the whole interior is built according to the principle of contrasts. According to experts, the gray laminate matches the color furniture harmoniously. A bleached port oak will take its rightful place in the setting of French Provence.

Room decorated in the spirit Art Deco, requires the use of black or white flooring. Or a different color, but always combined with the same tones and metallic paint (usually prevailing in such an interior).

When a Scandinavian style is chosen for the whole room, it makes sense to prefer a white or other very light shade of the floor covering. In the style of the country, it is appropriate to imitate the coloring of expensive woods (not exotic, but growing in our country).



Design opportunities when using laminate are large enough. If you want to bring the notes of warmth and comfort into the room, you should apply a coating that reproduces canvas. Make the room more original and interesting is not difficult if you choose scenes with imitation of rock art or abstract motifs. In the children's room, the characters of animated series and fairy-tale books, movies and adventure novels are appropriate. Laminate, laid out obliquely and resembling a stone or marble - this is a very stylish and competent decision.

The cover, made under the skin of a crocodile, invariably brings a sense of glamor and sophistication into the room and makes the atmosphere exotic, even if all the other parts of it are quite common. And the white wood variant is very different stylistically; at the same time, it creates a sensation of warmth and expands an unnecessarily narrow space. Oak or other wood species, imitated by the surface of the laminate, will look even more elegant if the furniture in the room has the exact same color.

In modern style, the most important thing is Avoid excessive brightness and do not use excessively saturated, energetic colors. Remember that modern is designed to create a space for life, and not a bright and variegated territory, which is not always convenient to use. There are a lot of variants of modern style, and you can always choose the one that is most convenient in a particular house or apartment. When designing the space, it is useful to take into account that modern style is best embodied when some of the motifs characteristic of the facade and external walls of the building are borrowed. This circumstance allows us to shorten the path to good design and simplify the search for original ideas.

The living room floor, decorated in a modern manner, will look more attractive if you use panels of two opposite colors at once in it.

When the room is very small in size, you should prefer a minimalist design. It can fit harmoniously even into a small corridor.

Tile coating can create a feeling of a variety of styles:

  • Mediterranean;
  • Japanese;
  • Moroccan;
  • Other ethnic "exotic".

The Japanese format is most accurately expressed by a coating imitating the texture and texture of bamboo or sisal; the choice of dark and light colors remains for you, just to not disturb the color balance of the entire space as a whole. There are on sale and products that mimic the zebrano, with their help, you can design your home in true African spirit.

Square or "Christmas" type of laying will help to arrange the floor covering under the floorboard. But you will definitely have to limit yourself to such an installation with a special coating - its slats will be small, and the locks will allow the blocks to come together at a right angle. Aged laminate is not only different in color. Developed methods that allow you to put irregularities on it, looking like on a long used board.

How to choose a combination?

Laminate can be applied even in very difficult operating conditions, if you choose a strong and moisture-resistant varieties. But besides the practical properties and its own appearance, it is necessary to take into account the compatibility of the coating with other elements of the room design. You can often hear that it is necessary to coordinate the color of the flooring and doors, but this requirement cannot be taken literally. A dark canvas laid on the floor looks quite attractive in the frame of uniformly light vertical planes. Under the white doors also fit perfectly rich dark shade of the floor.

Often, designers use more original moves - use, for example, furniture as the main content, interior doors as an accent, and plinths play the role of a meaningful bundle of the whole composition.

It is important to note that in daylight a dark and smooth canvas will not hide dust. Under the light wallpaper darker coatings are suitable in the case, if the effect of contrast is correctly applied, so pay more time to the selection of those and others.

The light floor is very beautiful and elegant in itself; it is not for nothing that bleached oak coatings are introduced in many collections. Decide whether a certain type of laminate is combined with the coating of walls, ceiling, decorative elements or not, you have to do personally. Listen to the recommendations of designers, but do not perceive them as absolute truth, try to find something that is comfortable and pleasant for you. Consider and the cost of various options. Sometimes a very beautiful combination is too expensive.

Natural laminated wood furniture ideally combines laminate that looks like a parquet. On gray floors, interior items painted in the color of wenge and pine, walnut, ash, black and light oak look good. If it seems that it has become too gloomy because of the abundance of dark tones, simply enter into the atmosphere some bright and expressive accent.

Fashion trends

Nowadays laminating of the walls of the hallways is becoming more and more popular. This is due to its practicality and elegant design of most types of panels. Classic-style coating is most often made in white, beige and cream shades, only occasionally brighter colors as single accents are permissible. Light laminate is popular in modern kitchens. There he will not unduly attract attention, turn into an optimal background for other methods of decoration. Still often laminate light colors are used in combination with bright furniture, then he acts as a neutral basis.

Diagonal laying of the laminate is considered to be quite a fashionable solution, but note that you should not take it without experience of such work and without special training. Better to trust the experts, they just will not let you down.

In kitchens, the union of laminated panels with ceramic and stone tiles, which occupy the wettest and hottest places, is becoming increasingly in demand.

Vintage is perfectly demonstrated by various natural materials, preferably aged artificially. Vintage solutions always and everywhere look stylish, seem irresistibly attractive. It perfectly combines a particularly old-fashioned flooring with antiques and generally old things. This style requires to abandon any excess and pretentiousness. So if you need a room full of décor and decorations, you should look for a different style that is more suitable for your hobby.

In the vintage interior is preferred laminate, imitating the appearance of the floorboard, with inconspicuous and unobtrusive colors. Excessive energy and expression are completely irrelevant here. The original and expressive move - the use of floral motifs, on the contrary, fully complies with the canons of style.

Beautiful examples in the interior

When choosing a laminate for bathrooms, one should take into account not only its external attractiveness at the time of purchase, but also the maximum water resistance. The sealing part made of rubber on the longitudinal sides of the boards helps to preserve a pleasant view for several years. With the help of laminate it is easy to differentiate the premises of the house, although in most cases it is introduced solely as a functional decoration. Reproduction of a parquet made of light wood will be useful at country houses, in living rooms and in country cottages.

In the space of the bedroom, this coating is able to transform a very simple and undemanding interior, to make it truly original.

In different rooms you can put laminate, made not only for wood or ceramics, but also for stone tiles or bricks. Important: Do not bring too many dark and too many light tones into the room; this will either create a feeling of heavy gloom or cause associations with a medical institution. The lighter the color of the floor, the easier it will be to look after it. - dust will not be as visible as on dark surfaces. With the help of wide bands imitating floor boards, you can expand the room. Living room, which is made in neutral or cold colors, will be transformed through the use of bright and warm laminate.

If the room is snow-white, then the warm tones of the floor covering are able to add comfort and dilute the excessively monotonous space. If the drawing of the laminate contains several color combinations at once, it will be very easy to fit it into the interior, where there are already similar shades, but with good natural light, otherwise it will be very difficult to evaluate the merits of your idea.

As you can see, knowledge of the simplest principles of design space will allow the use of laminate in almost any interior.

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